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Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough part 8

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Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough part 8

Solving the Chinese box puzzle, finding more information in Fargo's office.

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So what's going on take can't say anything to you before he left no when I came out of my room this morning she was gone odd that he left so abruptly he did have a crush on you did you two have a fight no maybe Mac avetis out him either way no good loss I'll leave you to your writing one one.

You've been relative for filling for the canoes with the hospital means if anyone making people have been decadent enough freedom.

Think I'll grab a little shut-eye.

No one's there he must have just missed him.

If you have recovered from having that locket ripped from your neck that is what happens when one leaves the door unlocked after one is being told not to I didn't leave it unlocked I am positive what you need from me I found this card over there do you know anything about it no it must be trashed the wind blew up here from the street I was thinking maybe the Phantom dropped it it was the wind but think would you like I saw you coming out of the Aragon building do you have an officer no but I. Know someone who does I wanted him to set up a wireless network here in the car my friends they all say it is something I must have you saw me that is strange I did not see you I was in a shop across the street I saw you through the window so when will he set up the system never he said he does not do that kind of work anymore which meaning is very angry because I found this flyer here in the car just last week look at it why would he print that and give it to people if he had no intention of doing what it says it even came with a discount coupon ah I do not like it when people who waste on my time.

Where did you find this where it belongs in the wastebasket I was not emptying it I just saw it from a cross room so it's alright if I keep this fence all true that is all you.

Wanted to ask me how many people knew you owned the Etruscan figurine at the Phantom stole everyone who came to my parties hundreds of people they like that figure in very much it is a great loss but the insurance company is going to pay me more than I thought it was worth I will just have to buy something else my guess we like it looks like.

Colin just suddenly up and left I know I just found out that instead of using the cheapest material he could find do my renovation the like he said he would he used the best I just got the bills it is going to cost me a fortune he left so he would not have to face me the coward I did not want him to use cheap materials of course Jimin Carrera ultra I am just angry that he lied to me of course I'll stop pestering you now Bella.





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Now the raid you denarii is missing according to the list I found in that puzzle box the raided Inari is code for the Palazzo or pillow I'll bet that's the next place they're going to hit the Palazzo or pillow.

Nancy what happened long story short I think I know where the Phantom is going to strike next where tell me I'm pretty sure he's going to steal something from the Palazzo or pillow you are pretty sure I'm really sure as an almost positive and I know his name is Niko that's what toddler called him anyway Niko could you see if we are very familiar with he's not very smart which is why we did not think he could be the Phantom but if he is taking orders from someone that is different here is the plan I will call the gif and have them send off some agents to stake out the Palazzo or pelo you must be there too I must I mean okay sure but first you need to do two things you must give everyone at the Commerce coaster the objects which will allow us to track them already do that although I think Colin may have left town word is we will worry about Colin later second you must brush up on your Italian so that the Rings take up you can understand what the agents are staying over the radios I'll take another look at the guide to basic Italian that's in my room good when you feel you are ready call me and we will move forward you got it ciao.

You're Somali means that the kettle of Acholi developed I'm Jennifer Granick with Gino.


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