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Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough [No Meds] - Lvl9 Thames Wharf

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Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough [No Meds] - Lvl9 Thames Wharf

Key Moments:

0:51 - Fast shortcut through the level

2:22 - Start of the full level & path to Secret 1

3:30 - Secret 1

9:00 - Flue Room Key

12:36 - Secret 2

21:40 - Flue Room

25:37 - Secret 3

27:32 - Resevoir Rooms

31:06 - Electrical Cart Room

41:18 - I finally die

45:30 - Secret 4

46:35 - Secret 5

47:35 - Closing Cutscene

Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough Playlist

Level 10 - Aldwych

Thanks to Zorbos for the thumbnails!

After each level, I inventory Lara's gear, add in what items I have used in the level, and subtract items that I started the level with to produce a list of total item pickups for each level.

Level 9 - Thames Wharf

8 Save Crystals

9 Small Med Pack

5 Large Med Pack

24 Flares

6 Harpoons

2 Rockets

4 Uzi Clips

10 Desert Eagle Rounds

10 Shotgun Shells

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What's up everybody I'm bad ass games the level I'll be doing is the Worf of James gonna burn through the stage and put it up in flames and it's time to make London my bitch like King James alright now that's enough of that crap sorry guys ah anyway today I'm gonna be doing James Worf and this is the first level in London you guys voted for London and yeah I got so many votes for London and it just blew into that out of the water so I appreciate that guys it seems like I'll be doing the battle ass and I'll be having no weapons for Antarctica or no ammunition at least so I'm gonna be looking forward to that it's gonna be difficult so anyway here we go let's begin this level alright the first thing that I want to show you guys is actually a really quick shortcut just straight through the level and yeah we're gonna get through this really fast hold on let me just show you this shortcut no you're right on to the rest of the game here no.

Yes that's what I wanted to do okay I gotta get down there's a platform boy on the fall there's a fall over here yeah. There's a platform that's on these on the side of this crane thing and I'm gonna actually jump and land on that thing and yeah this is like at the very end of the level I want to see how quickly I can actually finish this I did kind of screw it up in there a little bit but that's fine I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a really good time for the end of this walkthrough that hop up this.

And there's gonna be some guys at spawn up here but I'm just gonna ignore them. So no strain here I'm gonna run around this way hey excuse me. That's fine good there's the end right there so yeah that's a nice little shortcut okay guys I'm gonna reload and I'll see you guys back at the beginning well right well let me show you the stats first for that there you go one minute and 17 seconds that's a quick level oh man okay I'm right back at the very beginning of the very start and if you notice I actually was able to get over there without taking damage there's I mean there's a way to get over there and take a small amount damage but you know if I can find a way around taking any damage whatsoever I'm gonna take it so what I do is I take two right from the very start I take two steps little to the left and then I angle Laura or no no no I take two steps forward also and then I in go Laura and I aim her for that blue dot there just above that Ridge there and I just run and jump and. I Mabel to make it over without taking any damage at all it's pretty pretty minor I know but whatever no damage is no damage regardless there's some goodies over there on the right I'm gonna get those here in a little bit I'm like it I have to head back this way anyway so I'm gonna actually get those on the way back okay so we want to head down here we got to be careful there are there is barbed wire so we have to you know know where.

We're going at least okay so we see the barbed wire down there we want to do is want to aim for this central part of the roof and we're able to fall down here without taking without hitting that barbed wire and killing us instantly all right I did not want to light a flare so we get for walking and pressing select inside here living a couple rats to pounce and put some of those guys in it rid of them but this is secret number one and inside of here we have a rocket and we also have a small med pack since grab that stuff grab that stuff Lara and. Then head out of here that's all we needed now yeah we're gonna see that my little attempt to try not try to not take any damage at all it's gonna be futile here because uh yeah I have to take damage here that barbed wire is just gonna shred Lara when she jumps through it and I am figuring out how to get through that part without taking damage so we're screwed we're screwed and it kind of makes that small bit of life that I try to keep the very beginning very very uh just like whatever okay and we got to get back over to the beginning though and we got to do is we got a clamp on this crane and now I'm aim myself for.

That platform over there new writing John and there we go only come up to. Here and we were able to pull our up and she'll slide down back in this area now let's go over here and grab this stuff that was by passing it first so consists.

Of a safe crystal and some shotgun shells and we're still not all the way back at the beginning though we still got to get over this little roof part so.

Take a couple steps back and then angle ara and take it hop on over.

Once we get about to hear shimming to the left we're able to slide down safely we won't take any bold image right back at the beginning and now we need to start going and pressing some buttons and stuff some annoying camera angles and stuff we'll always get your way and I'll show you how I did the heads hair when I come back to you oh there's a crew there's not a crew we want to pull. This switch here on the wall this is going to cause one of the platforms to raise and it's gonna let us climb up into that area now I'm gonna go there here in a little bit but as soon as we land on this platform here we're gonna have some creepy music and there's a guy that spawned down there so I'm actually going to take him out as safely as I possibly can to try and minimize my damage so in order for me to do that I actually come up here there's a small med pack right here and now I'm gonna launch up to here and shimmy over to the right there's a Ledge. Over here that I can stand on and fire at him pretty safely I suppose he can still hit you but it's fine because by. Time he realizes getting shot he may only get one shot off on you before he dies so good all the way back as far as I can and then I'm gonna flare like yet another flare that's not what I meant to do all right uh-huh.

Got him I don't know if he got any life away from me but maybe you did maybe didn't that's fine okay now let's head back over there and then I'm gonna go into that area I believe he also dropped a small med pack that we can pick up when we get in there.

Yeah and then shimmy over to this edge here and then we're able to slide down catch the ledge let go and catch the next ledge and this is the platform that we raised earlier and here's the small med pack I was talking about and then this switch is gonna actually lower that platform we're gonna need that lowered.

In order to get down to the bottom okay.

This place is pretty dark here one thing.

About the lighting levels is that they're very dark and usually people will come here after they do the Nevada. And so you lose all your flares and you end up coming here without any flares well luckily for me you guys didn't send me to Nevada yet so I still have every single flare that I had to begin with I've got a crapload of flares so yeah I'm happy about that you guys are suckers I'm kidding I'm pretty sure I'm gonna pay for that later because I'm gonna be an anti Rica without any ammo alright there's some raps there's some rats over here but umm they're probably around this corner okay now also there is a guy I.

Don't have very many shotgun shells there's a guy around this corner and he.

Has a key so we need to kill him to get the key and what am I do is I'm actually gonna lure him out and I'm gonna try and fight him around the corner here someone be like what up here I am and then he's gonna come around the corner and I'm gonna blow him up with my shotgun oh yeah there we go.

And the key he dropped is somewhere around the body he disappeared did you see that holy crap here's the key well we have that.

Let's head on back well now we can go to. The bottom of this area here there's some goodies down there so I'm gonna go down there want to pull ourselves up.

Here cuz there's a switch here that's actually going to raise another platform in this world sorry lower another platform in this area and that platform is gonna let us get out of here so yeah that's good you definitely wanna get out of here eventually don't forget about the harpoons here of course if you don't if you're like me you don't like the harpoon gun then you can bypass it okay grab the edge here fall off take a little bit of fall damage oh that's fine now underneath this stone thing that I sent down here earlier you can see it now there's a small med pack so let's grab that over here in the corner there are some flares. And then up over this thing there's a safe crystal I don't think there's.

Anything else in there now okay I'm long on this wall there is a.

Button that we're gonna press and it drops another platform and that's above me like straight above me right now that's gonna let us get out from the bottom here get us let us get back up to the top where those rats were.

And once laura has her hands about level with the ground we can do a back flip to get out of that will almost fell off should probably save it oh my goodness I. Probably should save it I'm not wait till I get out of this area though I probably regret saying that but yeah it's light a flare you can see what's going on here we do a running jump over to here and jump and grab the ledge here.

And climb out sweet um yeah I think I'm gonna fall down here and as soon as we jump like.

This oh goodness it's gonna spawn a crow or squawker as I.

Like to call him cuz that's what they saw me they go squawk squawk we just take our pistols out and take care of that guy he's up there somewhere I don't want to I don't want him knocking me off in this ledge though so I want to get rid of as soon as possible my guy Orion.

Now one thing that we can do is we can actually get the next secret secret number 2 and what we do is we actually shimmy to the right here you can great you can actually shimmy along there and let me pull myself up and I'll show you why you're actually able to do that wrong button if you notice that wall there are some shotgun shells here it's kind of raised okay and that means that you can actually shimmy along the wall but we can continue on over actually and this is the way that the wall was in temple of Pune and the last level that I did wall was raised that same way in order to get this to seeker 1 I didn't happen to show that to you but yes that's true and here's secret - oh no Laura do not ok that flare is about to kill me I know it is alright unless shimmy back to the left.

There's nothing in this cubby above Lara right now so yeah don't even worry about it and you can actually climb up here.

Though and make our way back this way this is going to take us to another area and that's large vertical is a large vertical area luckily we don't need to do too much in that area but yeah it's there and you got to be careful because if you follow the ground you're gonna kill yourself and we need to come over here because there's a button that we need to press press this button and.

That's going to open this glass case that's protecting another button so now we can access that one and I'll show you where that one's at.

Oh No haha what did I save no I didn't.

Save of course not alright guys I will I'm gonna have to do all that over again and I will see you guys back at that spot and I will save when I get there I promise see you guys there okay guys I have returned back to the spot I'm just now pressing the button and let me save my game here because man um I've died ooh my fraps is showing up there I died several times coming back to here oh my gosh a couple CRO deaths a couple of plummets to my own death a couple actual flare death again yeah flare frickin flares okay let me make sure I've got this jump lined up finally this time oh yeah right on Laura you're.

Up you're in the groove this time what am I saying here okay yeah so let's get on with this okay now that we have that button press that raise that glass that we can now access another button which is somewhere else in this level I have not come across it yet okay let's back up out of here now. We're gonna head down to the bottom of this area because there's some stuff to claim down there save crystal some loose eclipse and there's a guy we can kill and I'm gonna use my mp5 again I was my screen doing that on the pause okay instead I heard.

Him I heard him die okay around this corner there are some boos eclipse so don't forget to get those and then umm behind these boxes.

There's a save crystal and the save crystals also hovering over some flares and like I said before. When you come to London after Nevada you're not going to have very many flares whether you go to coastal islands or not because the coastal islands coastal balance South Pacific Islands does not have very many flares inside of it either if you go back and you look at my my inventories there's not very many flares you can get in the coastal village or in the South Pacific Islands so and this is a London is a very dark place like I keep saying and it's only gets worse and as from what I remember okay now we want to climb our way up to the top back up to the very startled level but now we have some things arranged properly where we can take another route and continue on basically with the level.

Climb lara climb.

Okay and here we are pretty much back at the beginning of the level now we want to fall off here and there is a trick here that I used that I didn't mention I have not mentioned in either of my 203 games or 2 meter games at all and I don't know what it's called I guess I'll call it the walking jog and basically you pretty much run but you stop at the very edge like that and what you do is you press forward to start running then immediately press the lock button after she starts moving and then she'll stop immediately at the next edge what you have to make sure your back your your one tile back like one hop back otherwise you'll all fall off and yeah I've not mentioned that yet I don't know why but a very good trick to get to the edge really quickly now in order to do this jump all I do is I walk off the edge and hold the jump button and then she does a backflip up to the to the ledge here so it makes it pretty easy and you know really easy oh we don't need to flip that switch already flipped it once ok so let's hop back over here.

And yeah the zipline likes to tempt you and I'm at actually I'm not gonna use a zipline at all in this level it's just there for me honestly it's to only if you didn't want to come up here and kill the guy you would have used it to get across but oh well now we actually went. Ahead this way this is where I came to shoot the guy down ledge and there's a secret this way and there's also that switch that that was behind some glass that we can now go go and press so that's what I'm gonna do right now I'm actually not going to get the secret door yet I have to come back this way again anyway so I'm asking that save the secret for that for that time around and if you want it's up to the Lars left before I walk down this passageway okay now over here you pull my this is just. Yet I want to grab that edge cuz that's.

Gonna spawn a crow just want to get rid.

Of that guy oh what'd I do that for um yes and if you notice my life I actually think I lost more life this time around than I did when you guys watched so I'm actually a little bit behind from last time okay so here's that swish that was behind glass we can now press it and the switch is going to it doesn't show you what it does but what it does is it raised some scaffolding in this area back here and I'm gonna go stand on it here just in just a second whoa goodness. Gracious um whoa yeah this scaffolding down there.

That was actually lowered before now they know it's raised up a little bit higher so now let's hop over to that we take a little bit of fall damage you can go the long way if you want but I'll go ahead and settle it the fall damage and um there's gonna be a crow that spawns through this and he's gonna try and knock you off this thing so I'd only get rid of him before he does that come on pull it with your name on it.

Okay now that he's gone we want to hop up into here there are some more flares and a keyhole and that keyhole accepts the key that we got from the guy the flu room key so um yeah place that key in.

The hole it's gonna open this door and we're safe for now we are safe for. Now so we can claim the safe crystal and turn to the left there's gonna be a button here on the on the wall that's gonna extinguish a flame that we it's going to allow us to access another area but also ignites this room so we have to be careful trying to get back out of here without water flames can kill you not instantly but they will kill you mmm-hmm all right now a wreck out here. Let's get back on that scaffolding and we want to head to the lars Reich I'm gonna head down into there but I'm careful we don't want to fall down at the bottom wow that's gonna suck if I. Don't want to use a med pack I may have. To end up using a med pack guys or I'll just reload I don't think it's worth reloading if anything if I do this is.

What I'll do I'm actually gonna try and not use a med pack and when I do die I will just reload back at where I started and then I'll just replay up to where I was at and try not to take as much damage as I just did it was quite a bit of damage wow that's not okay yep I'm high this level is really easy to get through without using a med pack so I was able to do it a few times and I was sitting here trying to learn the level so yeah every single time I did the level I was actually will get through without using a med pack so very unfortunate that I took that to fall damage this time around though okay so.

That's my plan I'm going to get up to the point where I actually end up dying and then I'm going to reload the game it doesn't matter how far into the level it is I'll punish myself I don't care but it's not gonna be punishment for you guys like I said I'm just going to reload the gameplay up to that point and then start recording again alright so I'm heading back to the very top again yes all the way back to the beginning this is like the fourth time we've been up here I mean we started here so that's one we came back to here from secret one and we went down we press some buttons we came back there for a third time and then we went around the corner and then we're coming back again for the fourth time to the very beginning of the level and here we are this looks so familiar alright now I'm doing that little trick. OOP there we go now we got to get over to thing.

Screw the zip line because if you take the zip line now you'd actually fall too low you wouldn't be able to get to where you wanted to go you want to be up here so you can shoot me across this ledge here.

I know for a fact that I have to take some more damage too there are a couple of barbed wires that I have to hop through in order to end the level so this is gonna be fun I'll probably I'll probably happen in the very end because that's where the barbed wires are at too so oh that's gonna be so bad for me.

Man if I all it was was that one jump that screwed everything up so if you play through this that's all you got to do is to not do what I did that jump and.

Oh I should have mentioned this down below is the fire that we extinguished by pressing that button in the flue room and up here there are some shotgun shells but this is not all that's up here and it doesn't chime anything because it's not the secret but there is a secret right here this is the third secret and all of it all it contains is a rocket. Okay let's climb on up here.

You know by the way I have to take damage here too not very much but it is damaging any type of damage right now is a whole lot okay so here we are we come.

Into this area now we're finally done those verdict those large vertical areas there's a safe crystal and there's also a large med pack and down below here there are also some rats two of them to.

Be exact and now I'm actually gonna pull out the sexiness that is the desert eagle and because down inside of here it's gonna be a guy that I need to kill before he kills me I don't I do not want to take any damage from it at all too bad I took.

A lot of damage oh my my on your own. Okay yeah so let me do some explaining here well my life bleep to me man there's a switch here and this is the only switch that you can pull and when you pull it it makes a rather nasty sound it sounds like my dishwasher. Uh-uh yeah okay and what the switch does.

Is there's these two rooms here that have huge water reservoirs okay and it fills them this one was actually half full okay and if it's full now and there's a hatch down there green hatch that we need to open and there's the lever for that hatch is actually over here in this huge reservoir so this.

Could be known as reservoirs one and two respectively so this would be reservoir number two there's also a large reservoir down that passageway that's empty right now we can't control its lever we can't control its level with that switch that we just pulled let's hop in this water and come down here and claim these items there's a some ooze ease and there is a small mid-pack and.

Over here on the wall is the lever that's going to open that green hatch that was in reservoir number one so now. Let's go over to the reservoir number one and go down that hatch but first the thing about that switch that fills these reservoirs it also controls some of the fan blades that are down inside of that hatch so what we got to do now is we got to go all the way back to this beginning of this little area here and pull that switch and that's going to cause the fans or whatever you want to call them to turn well not to turn off but they'll go slow enough that you can actually get past them without taking any damage at all otherwise it's like instant death so. By putting the switch up we drained reservoir number two completely and reservoir number one is now half full again so here's reservoir number one it.

Is now half full let's go into this world there are no items around in here I don't believe I can find any at least we can swim down here and then we'll notice on this side we have these large fans that are now going slow we're able to swim right past them okay now when I pull myself up give me another gun guy I make sure you got my isn't Eagle selected well I'm gonna tie.

Here oh god um now there's also some. Rats down this corridor space alright.

Deal with them and don't forget to come over here and pick up some shotgun shells that are here at the end of this passageway alright now let's go into.

This crawlspace we light a flare for you guys it's kind of dark in here will should light a flare no are you suck all right there we go there's a small med pack here and now we come into this.

Area here and it's going to show you that well I think freaked me out it's going to show you that little panel that panels right there and the idea well hold on let me actually go turn the lights on in this area that's the only thing that this switch actually does it turns the lights on so that you can see and I don't have to light bunch of flares for you guys to see okay so that little electrical thing you get that be careful because it will kill you in one hit so we don't want to touch it and we can avoid it by running up along here.

Yeah okay now we want to actually move this block right here we want to get.

Back on the other side of it because that thing is going to come down through here again and we definitely want to be on the other side of that thing I keep. Saying the idea is we want to get that little whatever the heck it is electrical mechanical thing into that area that has the box it's right over. There in the box that's the whole goal here is to get that thing to touch that thing and we can move this box to manipulate the path in which that electrical thing goes now if I can remember correctly that thing will always take it looks like it's always going to take a left turn it'll always turn to the left yeah it always goes to the left and always bypasses right turns so you knowing that you can manipulate the thing into going in the place that you want it to go so let's push this movable block um into the proper spot and that proper spot is actually just up ahead.

We're down here.

Okay so now with that thing heading back in the other direction we can continue to push this thing so notice it's coming.

Down through here and it's actually making the left turns and bypassing the right turn to go back down that passageway okay now by putting this block right here this is the perfect spot in order to make it in to make that thing turn into there and press the box and so while it's on its way doing that I'm actually gonna head out of there because it's pretty unsafe in there and I'm gonna head up this way and what that's going to do is is actually going to open up a hatch that's just above me.

Yeah I'm definitely gonna die because I have to take um some more damage in order to finish the there's barbed wire like I said that I had to take damage from so here is the button a button that was behind the glass some of the glass and then there's another button that's behind the glass over there I didn't mention this Oh God I mean shot just use my pistols hey this might be it maybe I'll die this time maybe not okay but what this button did is that actually filled the third reservoir so now we can actually go over the third reservoir now we want to fill reservoirs one and two one we really don't care much about but - we need filled so we can actually go get over to reservoir number three so let's get down this hallway head down to reservoir number three.

So here's two.

And right here is three.

Now as soon as we get into the water it's gonna set off some sirens and everything I don't think there's any way you can prevent that so don't worry about oh gosh this guy's trying to kill me and also spun that guy or whatever oh gosh you pushed me back in the water a jerk is that any way to treat a lady let's.

Pull out the desert eagle you see how far I can get oops you see how far I can get without needing to reload Wow.

I do not have very much life left okay let's press this button and that button is actually going to drain reservoir 3 and also allow access to that final button in that area that final button is going to refill this this reservoir this third one and that button also opened a hatch down there you can see the water reflection down there light reflection on the water it's a hatch that they open that and now we can't get to it actually so we have.

To refill this reservoir in order to get to it which is unfortunate.

All right and then standing here there's actually gonna be some more rats there's.

A save crystal here but um the only reason why I came down is get closer to the rats there is a small med pack underneath this crawl space all right.

Now let's head over to here pick up the large med pack.

Fall into okay we're in reservoir two right now reservoir three is still empty so we gotta go press that button but we gotta come in here I believe that there may be another guy yeah pull out my Desert Eagle I could be still alive guys I'm still.

Alive haha he's dead though let's see if I can.

Actually make it all the way to the barbed wire before I actually need to reload the game okay so that other switch that opened is this one right here and this is going to refill reservoir three and also make that nasty.

Nasty noise.

Sweet so reservoir two is still filled and goodness and over here reservoir three. Is now filled and we can now go down inside of that hatch that we opened.

Earlier sweet and now don't forget about.

The harpoons that are right here in the water that's all that's in this water or at least in this area.

Okay let's see um I know that there's.

Some stuff in this area oh it's on this other side there's an opening there that's the proper way to go but there is a small med pack and some shotgun shells in the water down over here.

Okay and now we got a fight a big guy that actually takes three shots from the desert eagle to kill hopefully I can get rid of them before I need to reload because I want to see if I can't get the barbed wire oh ah yeah he also drops a.

Small med pack but like I care not gonna. Use it. Okay now be careful down underneath here some barbed wire don't want to fall down there looks like I will make it to the barbed wire without needing to reload. The game sweep.

And this isn't the part that I'm talking about I believe I can get over to this platform without taking damage oh maybe.

A little bit of damage holy crap I don't have any life left okay guys. This is it though this is the jump that I've been dreading this is the jump that I've been not looking forward to cuz this is going to kill me I have to jump up here and I cannot get hit any damage all is gonna kill me so here we go nice alright guys I will see you back at this spot and I will have a lot more life I promise see you guys there okay guys I'm back on the scaffolding where I took the insane amount of damage I'm actually going to take this a lot safer this time just to show you that you can do it safely unless you're dumb like me and yeah so I. Have that much life now and so I will will see you exactly how much life I have when I get back to the barbed wire I will see you guys there I'm that's so close to the end of level 2 so I got a long way to go I'll see you guys there okay guys I'm damn near where I'm supposed to be so I should show you some statistics I haven't used the health pack and my life is halfway so yeah just.

So you know and also I had a comment on temple of Pune by mud JMC who has been a subscriber of mine for quite a while now since back January 13th of last year so he said that it was too dark to see the handstand in temple of Pune so I'm gonna go ahead and do this for this guy right here hopefully this isn't too dark for you to see oh nice and booty shot - there you go.

Man alright I hope you're satisfied haha okay now let's go finish off this level don't drop that flare alright so.

Here's the jump where I previously died yeah I made pass it okay now before I head up there it as soon as I get up there I'm gonna spawn two gunmen I'm gonna avoid them for now I'm gonna come down here because there are some Desert Eagle clips I can climb now I gotta be careful here because there are there's barbed wire and yeah so what you want to do is you actually wanna stand backwards and then hop backwards but grabbing the air like you're gonna try and grab the ledge and you'll land safely now make sure you walk through here to the other side of this thing and right there at the end is the Desert Eagle clips so that's ten more rounds of that Desert Eagle it lets sexy sexy weapon to mine that I'm gonna lose when they get to Nevada but regain before I leave so I'm happy with that but I lose all my animals so I might as well use the gun up as much as I possibly can oh let's see what do I have selected make sure I have it selected and as soon as I like I said since I come up here I'm gonna spawn two gunmen I'm gonna come in here and try to blow them away they take three shots apiece now I find. Out other one I think it's somewhere out here probably went back inside to try and get me but yeah it's probably where you in are probably running circles around this thing trying to find each other I mean I got a bullet with your name on it man done that there he is.

Haha you want it bring it that's how we take care of.

Those guys around here in London actually I have no idea what goes on in London I'm from America oh maybe my. United Kingdom subscribers could tell me if that's how you guys take care of business and London with desert Eagles desert Eagles to the dome did they drop anything I don't think these guys dropped anything no anyway that move will block was in the center miss coloured figure thing move it out twice and you're able to hop up it here and this is kind of important because this is where we're gonna find secret number four well we haven't chimed it yet but right here is this is a large med pack and though you guys couldn't see that that's what was oh my gosh I took damage from that mmm and okay let's go up here again it's try. It again or slight overshot the jumps will happen there now we want to get into that that cubby area over there and do that you actually want to run and jump and then continue continue to hold forward and she'll actually fall in there and we'll get something we'll pick up something very peculiar peculiar and that's the cathedral key yeah but it chimes a secret which is good enough for me cathedral key not too sure what it's for because I haven't figured out where it goes in this level and as soon as you go to the next level it disappears so it says black man get out of my way thank you okay um so straight ahead is the end of the level but before we go there we still have one last secret to claim and it is down here oh I almost fell off that I haven't saved yet I was such a horrible saver at these games I never saved my game all right um the secret is in this crawl space a. Large med pack yeah I would have been a shame for me to kill myself this close to the end of the level I mean I am there I just got the last secret and I. Am just like a few feet away while I guess would be meters for those of you that use the metric system a few meters away from the end and to be honest I wish America would switch to the metric system this American system is old and outdated metric is so much nicer all right and as soon as we cross this plane sideways we end the mission we get a cutscene then we'll get some stats.

Who you working for what you heard me but then honest what did you say I said two employs you mr. Farley who's she.

What does she do I don't know really I don't I just shoot people for a commendable work ethic I guess yeah I put me out into it as my father did in his father dinner for how old is this is Lee Martin no late 20s early 30s right here for some people like yourself we get a special bonus I'm flattered I mean I couldn't be retiring from you then you might like to mind the bell happy.

Retirement I mean that guy went flying okay. Everybody that was tames Wharf and here are my stats I got all the secret Student News medpac I will see you guys in the next video you guys are watching tumor 3 I'm badass games have a great night

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