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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (Part 1) - Charleena

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (Part 1) - Charleena

A video walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. In this section, the game starts with an introduction to the plot and the characters. Lori Girard mysteriously disappears, and Nancy speaks with Charleena Purcell about it. Then she talks with the Hardy Boys about it. She explores the first train car, and talks with Charleena Purcell about Jake Hurley.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hey Nancy Drew clue crew my name is Michael gray and today I'm playing Nancy Drew last train the blue moon canyon well senior detective dear Hannah Here I am at the railroad station along with a handful of other detectives about to board a train bound for who knows where knows where we're going is Laurie Gerrard that's the young woman who invited everyone actually she didn't really invite me she invited Frank and Joe Hardy and they invited me and I've always wanted to join forces with the Hardy Boys I just hope this doesn't turn out to be another one Laurie silly attempts to grab publicity some people can be a little too rich and a little too things for their own good wish me luck love Nancy well people now that our little orientation tour is over let's get started okay I again and Laurie Gerrard and the first thing I want to do is thank you all for coming John Gray I am so thrilled that you're. Taking time out from that TV show of yours to do some ghost-hunting here with us I mean ghost chasers is like the best cable show ever and Cher Lena Purcell I cannot tell you how much I adore those romance novels you write four characters just seem so real and all that stuff you know about the Old West you are just awesome and Tina Belle teaching only the most famous police detective to me and then there's Frank and Joe Hardy yeah yeah amateur detectives my dad and their dad are old friends and you must be the other amateur detective their friend Natalie Nancy Nancy Drew whatever all right I'll bet you're wondering where we're going well we're going to copper Gorge Colorado right to solve the mystery of what happened to Jake early the man who originally owns this train because see one day in 1903 his train this train was found in a place called Blue Moon Canyon which was out in the middle of the Nevada desert only the engineer was on board and she was dead as usual curly he disappeared from the face of earth and.

Two more things before he disappeared Jake was rumored to have found the richest gold mine in the world in a dream he owned this train his wife Camille died on it while they were going to the gold fields it was rumored to be haunted people should never go tampering.

With things they don't understand oh brother it's okay everybody just stay calm no need a pen I'll get to the bottom it nobody is panicking Tino well Nancy you're up on all that social etiquette stuff what are you supposed to do when your hostess managed to spit in it I'm not quite sure actually well I don't seem concerned because I'm not Lori Gerrard is a young woman whose only goal in life is to be famous she craves attention habitually uses her father's considerable wealth to games okay so that's how the game starts and this is charlena Purcell so you think her disappearing like that is just some kind of publicity stunt yeah I just think she couldn't resist showing off in front of all of us minor celebrities what was your name again Nancy Nancy Drew you and I have actually met sort of I called you not too long ago when I was at shadow ranch you gave me some information about dirt Valentine ah Nancy Drew you remember me no oh well in any case here's a picture of Charlene of Purcell from that game which is a Nancy Drew secretive shadow ranch.

So quite clearly she has changed her hairdo what else do you know about Jay curly Nancy huh oh come here. Ronnie boys want to talk to us team detective moments all the team detectives are getting together where have you two been I followed Tina Balducci and I went after John Gray he went straight to the room in the car that used to be Camille's and didn't come out again I could hear all these weird noises coming from inside interesting any idea what he was doing I was just about to go in but the next thing I know Joe's got my arm in a vice grip and is dragging me back here babbling about how Balducci's our guy he found something on the floor right where Lori was standing when the train went dark I saw him pick it up and put it in his pocket then he left hmm did you see what it was when I tried to talk to him he just kind of brushed me aside and said something sorry like I'm on the job your jr. so just go back to the playground and stay out of the way in case you two hadn't noticed we're not getting a lot of respect around here yeah we at least tell Balducci that we do stuff for a tech you know the rules ATAC American teens against crime we do a lot of undercover work for them one yeah probably never even been undercover Joe let it go what charlena have to say she thinks Lori is faking this whole disappearance thing she's not the only one how can you say that you heard Lori scream anybody can scream Joe especially girls whose fathers have given them acting lessons along with everything else they've ever wanted what about you Nancy what do you think I think I'll agree with Joe I kind of agree with you you've got to be kidding hahaha do you think maybe one of Lori's other guests is in on her disappearance yeah certainly possible and the way she talked it didn't sound like she knew any of them maybe that's what she wanted us to think or maybe that's what one of them wanted her to think well whether Lori disappear by force or by choice what we've got to do now is find her yeah absolutely has anyone talked to the engineer not that I up then I'm going to head up front and tell him what's happened maybe he knows something we don't good idea in the meantime we'll take another look around in here great catch you later okay so that's the Hardy Boys Nancy's friends they're also super detectives like her Frank and Joe Hardy ah I didn't want to talk to them again okay and this is the little dining car here oh it's a square and a dog but how.

I was settled for just a dot or just a square but a square and does that move that awesome okay so this is steam valve do not open unless all pipes are connected basically that's your hint that you're going to have to connect a bunch of pipes in this game and this is the thing that leads to the engineer what do you want hello I'm one of the passengers and I just thought you should know that Laurie Gerard has disappeared so I just thought you might want to call the police or something well all I know is I take orders of mr. art okay right now my orders are to get this train to copper bars non-stop until mr. art tells me otherwise that's what I'm gonna do yeah but Louise not here train anymore mister are may not be a rocket scientist or anything but even she knows better than this jump off a moving train now if you'll excuse me I got me a train to run oh oh so the engineer isn't much of a. Help let's explore this room here there's three things I think you can look at we've got this Sadie Crawford shoes that belong to Sadie Crawford large shoes well it looks like there's something behind this painting but I can't seem to move it doo-doo-doo-doo and this which I'm not sure what that is it's a salmon advertisement thingy macabre let's start to charlena hey charlena I hope I'm not disturbing you you are but I'm quite used to disturbances you see I'm writing my next book I'm on a deadline so until I write those two most wonderful of all three letter words V everywhere I go my laptop goes and every chance I get I write okay so let's ask her about Jake early what else do you know about Jake early you know the man who originally owned this train wealthy imaginative adventurous stubborn egocentric and most importantly he was spittin at the age of 35 by a young French woman named Camille boule who died about a year after they were married was he from East Coast Philadelphia I think his parents were British aristocrats sometime in the 1870s he decided to seek his fortune out west so we had this train custom-built so that he and some years later his wife could traverse the mountains and plains in relative comfort where did he meet Camille ya know that the circumstances surrounding her passing are a bit of a mystery to all anyone knows for sure is that years after Camille's death he showed up in Denver with a pouch full of gold nuggets and semi-precious stones which he used to purchase mining supplies he refused to say how he'd come by them which of course led to speculation that he had found a fantastically rich vein somewhere although to this day its existence remains unsubstantiated and its location quite unknown my thing Laurie invited you on this trip because I'm such an authority on life in the Old West then because I'm so good at using old information to unearth new information my knack for research is well it's a gift okay I'll touch bases with you later my publisher thanks you oh we've got thanks from her publisher well that's your Lena

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