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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 28

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 28

The ending of the game.

In case anyone's curious, Jacob Levy really did exist and the information about him wasn't made up. Furthermore, he was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment back in 1886, but was instead sent to the Essex County asylum. Additional observations during his term at Stone was that his wife had complained that he almost ruined her business: "he also feels that if he is not restrained he will do some violence to someone; he complains about hearing strange noises; cries for no reason; feels compelled to do acts that his conscience cannot stand; and has a conscience of a feeling of exaltation". His wife also revealed that he was formerly a shrewd businessman and that "he does not sleep at nights and wanders around aimlessly for hours". On 29 July 1891 Jacob died at the asylum from General Paralysis of the Insane brought on by the serious sexually transmitted disease syphilis.


So, was it Levy who killed all those women? In my opinion, that certainly isn't impossible.

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I do believe we are not alone.

I hope these men went prevent us from passing me no but you yes Watson your journey ends here tonight ha you are sometimes a little hot-headed a more of a mr. Solomon bitch has a few things to tell you I won't be long you.

Can come in mr. Holmes he's waiting for you inside everything was organized according to your instructions I don't know how the back later later dr. Watson is waiting explanation from you.

Hello Watson Holmes have you the slightest idea of what you are doing I think so Watson leaving this bloodthirsty pervert at Liberty and hiding his existence from the London police what folly certainly the police will never find their man but with so many men deployed this affair will indirectly have a benevolent effect on the crime in the vicinity but Holmes wait justice hasn't been served and we are accomplices to the fact justice but I don't deserve justice Watson I serve truth and incidentally I served my country and I don't think that I have ever served it better than today imagine if after months of terror and a murder as abominable as that of Miller's Court we deliver to the English people a man of the Jewish faith a journey man and head of family as the guilty party a man who forced members of his own people to eat human flesh all of this contained tension would have exploded in a myriad of anti-semitic acts which would have thrown Whitechapel into a rage of fire and blood ants this man's family who are completely innocent and it suffered more than their lot would have been the first in the line of sight should we condemn an entire people to shame and promise him a thousand wounds because one of their members committed an unmentionable crime neither I nor you have the right to do so Jacob levy Jack the Ripper is now in the hands of his own people I have complete faith in mr. Solomon bitch and the members of his community who I remind you courageously helped us they took great risks and acted with the most salutary discretion and oh yes it is understood that you cannot chronicle this investigation it would be best to invent a story that takes us far from London during the summer in pursuit of let's see something challenging a ghostly dog that glows in the night don't be ridiculous Holmes but what will happen now the police will endure a serious setback and a real loss of credibility and and this this man well a few months after. The murders have ceased the police commission finding themselves at an impasse will come up with a story to tell and everyone will vow that they know the secret identity of the killer without having the right to reveal it as for Jacob levy Jack the Ripper he will be imprisoned by his own people he will pace like a lion in its cage until the end of his days haunted by his crimes and his insatiable vengeance until finally the disease which drove him to kill those poor women will finish its work and make him its final victim

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