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DarkSiders Wrath Of War - All In One - Part 1

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DarkSiders Wrath Of War - All In One - Part 1

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Here we go Darksiders Time BABY!


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Alright guys and go just let you know before I start I'm starting from completely zilch so I've got no armor no abilities to grab certain artifacts so I'm playing as a newbie so to speak so I'm only grabbing the clay balls what I can grab on the way on my journey through Darksiders so after I get a certain equipment I'll most likely go back to the artifact that I missed hence I couldn't grab it because I haven't got that certain requirement to get the I fact so you'll find out more details in the video once it's plain so here we go as me here from need to achievement NT a game guys calm this is now Darksiders one this was a requested guide but I'm sorry I could not remember what enabled I deleted email back didn't and I couldn't remember your name was so you know who you are who requested it so here you go so the first thing we're going to get is on the very very very very very very very very very very very very first level it's called open air pocket so you get to cut scene with the the road breaking up and the spikes come behind you pick up a car quickly and look up okay just Steve you heads up the way I'm going to do this I've axe and is on some artifact you cannot get because you haven't got certain equipment so you're most likely see the eye facts but you cannot get them yet so you'll see me go straight past em and you'll probably think why the hell out gone past it it's a quick right there that's the reason why so one shoe um fine ball ring and you're getting the cheaper so if you're looking at vulgrim take a left and go past the building on the left side and you'll notice an art for you like just a very very very very small one take left down the stairs and you'll notice some water very soon okay now.

Head into the water and you'll notice your first eye effect and this will be a soldier one so here we go pick up the soldier so this I'm also doing a requirement thing on the bottom left or underneath the artifact come telling you what requirement you need so requirement you don't need nothing for this one so the life stone this is in the library area jump into water soon as you enter. Library area go into the water and go through the hole the only hole possible in the water area and go all the way through here once you get to the end you have to surface and you'll see the life.

Shard one or life stone shard that's. Number one okay now we're going to head. To a place called sky scaling scaling. Gallops thing is called so as soon as you enter this place go straight and take a left well you have a choice go left right or forward go left and once you go all the way down to the bottom you'll start noticing these like blue little medallion things hanging about that means vulgrim is nearby so find the vulgrim location pick up the chest on the way so now if you looking straight out vulgrim turn around you'll notice a wall you can climb so turn around and climb this wall here and go grab the Wraith shard number one well after you've got the rave shot just continue on with the story and eventually you will get the shadow of flight ability and also as soon as you get it you will get the achievement called a chasm Jumper chasm jam bar right as soon as.

You get that head down this hill here and go directly straight we're now going to head back into the lively area where we couldn't get one of the collected we're going to head back into Crossroads so we now back into crossroads right now so head back into the library and go to.

The bridge what's broken here we go just.

Head back into the hole here and climb up jump to the top so yeah I'm not sure.

If every time I get something new I'm going to head back I'm not too sure at moment what might save it until the very end then I go back for them all and get them all again but I don't know see how it goes so yeah jump across the broken bridge so double jump then hold the a button to activate the shadows flight and you can get the artifact that's number two so now heading to the choking grounds so this is less than Ishod at number two the requirement is to you gotta smash all the tombstones but you don't have to draw the tombstones as I've been reading on the forums it's only the main tombs. They've got a big cross like these ones here you've got destroy all the big ones of the cross. I'm going to speed up very soon but I'm going to show you one more time during a cutscene you'll notice what I mean I've just destroyed the big tomb with a cross on it that one right in front of you there cannot miss them so now I'm going to speed the video up now so it goes quicker so here we go so eventually um after I've decided to go back into the gravesite so yeah the big tombs will only be in this area that will not be outside the grave area or outside the em cemetery so.

Soon as you destroy your last one then you will notice a cutscene will happen and you'll see the life stone shard number two about from nowhere all you need to do now is head to the quake just off to the right hand side and there it is we got to now yay now from this last.

Location looking at the crate off to the left slightly go to the middle tomb and drag it head down the stairs and you'll.

Find the artifact soldier number three this requires no skill abilities to get this one okay for the next one from the last location then you want to turn around after you grab that head up the stairs and head towards keep pulling Virgil is not easy vulgrim so head to the middle of the grave site you'll see vulgrim location keep going straight you'll notice a another little stairs here going down and you'll notice also in the distance another I fact that is soldier number four okay now we're going to go for an achievement cool hi flyer so during your choking grounds so this is when you get to the big massive gate and he tells you that he's not moving until you get everything killed bulb destroyed the curse so.

Eventually in one of these um much recording boys or something like that you'll notice this cutscene here and.

They'll tell you that it has some mats and you have some ground creatures so you cannot miss this part because you have to do its part of the story so the easiest thing to do here is grab onto the bat and press feed but do not press B straight after if you do that you'll probably most likely missed the grab because every time the wall grabs the bat he does like a little cat pole to wear off the bat he kills him so it gives you a little bit extra to wait and press B at the right time to be close enough to a bat again so make sure you don't press B too early if you press a B then as soon as you kill him you press B again you most likely miss the jump so just let them war does it look at poor action and press B again there we go okay in front of me was the big massive gate so on your map still in the graveyard area so fun of you should be a big massive gates morph blocking your way so turn left go in the hole drop down the requirement for this one is a shadow light they should have had that already.

Say should be fine pick up the reef shard of to where it's.

Raffinate r a foie de nada I know so at the start of the broken that stay you're known as a big ramp going up halfway out the ramp your nose a wall broken off the right hand side head down here and you'll see the artifact soldier five this requires a no skill whatsoever to get so requirement is none so from that last location we're going to get the live stone shard number three once again the requirement is none because hence you've already got the the shadow flight as well actually sorry. That's the next shot my bad yeah for this shard you don't need no requirements whatsoever so as soon as you go back up the road there take a ride and you'll see bowl Grim's like little I'll call them by like.

Decoration hanging about you know is nearby when you see them I'm going to show you where he is just so we get an idea where to go so keep following the decorations of gold rims and place as soon as you find him I'll tell you where to go here we go as soon as you found him turn around and heads directly straight and you'll see some water in front of you keep going straight to afraid to grab that um that magic or the souls on the left-hand side go through the water and go to the other side of it you'll notice a life stone charge number three also just let you know I should have told you to start the video but I didn't but I'm gonna change that quickly um there's a few unsure that you cannot get until you have a certain amount of money for vulgrim but I'll give you the details at the start the video so don't worry about it you should know by now okay once you get on the bridge so after you use your shadow flight requirement but this is part of the story so you have to do it so I'm going to put this requirement as none but it's part of the story where you've got the shadow flight once you get on the bridge you'll look left and you'll see some cars blocking the light stone or life stone when to call it so this is now the Cathedral so.

This will be your first artifact in this level requirement requirement requirement is none so this is part of the story you have to go through this area anyway so you probably much like me see it during the area if you don't if you happen to get the I believe it's the sword piece or the the key you've gone.

Too far head back but you put much like you see it anyway right here comes the life stone shard at number five requirement is guilt so pick up the UM explosive Chuck it's visible there you have the fire common bad guys as well and new creatures well in this area and you'll see the lifestyle that is five okay from.

That last location we're going to get.

The artifact champion this is sort of like the the soldier but instead it's called the champion so I'm going to do a separate list for that way as well so artifact champion number one requirement is zero but you'll need the shadow flight I'm going to editor help a heart leap over to where we play the recorded so just say requirement shadow flight for you there we go that's the champion.

As soon as you drop down from the last location actually no it's not actually my bad so once you get into the area where you have to find the three swords.

In one of the puzzle rooms you'll notice this cutscene here this is part of the.

Main story so you have to go this way anyway so now go across the bridge and you'll notice the artifact off to the right hand side so jump down and grab.

The height back this is soldier number seven move it on to the next one so now.

After you grab your second sword you.

Will get a cutscene of a door opening once again the requirement for this one is none you don't need no special ability to get it so now go for the door that recently opened there's this door right here in front of you in this door you'll see a rap shot three and you will see a key in the main chest in front of you behold as do all that and you'll get ambushed before you get to there so kill all the guys and you'll notice another cutscene with this door being vanished and you'll see the main chest that you need to do for this story rise up from there but ignore that chest for now look left and you'll see the rave shot three great here we go I'm going to show you a.

Bit extra just so you know where you are and you can go pick up the key so now.

Once you get all the three sores in its place the part the main story you have to do it and you'll get this cutscene here once you get to the top you'll notice this door here get north at door we're now going to get the armor piece set this is number one and we can't get the rest just yet but don't worry I'll let you know when so you should have this crate already here jump up so jump up here the requirement for this one is to cross blade you should already have it this store related and can't be missed go for the door and head down.

So you'll see the magical chest for the armor pset1 this is one of 10 so now.

From this last location just drop down where you are and you'll see another chest and that will contain your very very first Wraith call number one right.

Now I forgot I was recording so the reef core is right there so from the starting point of the armor set drop down and you'll see the Wraith core right here in this crate that is it for this video

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