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LEGO Batman 100% Walkthrough - You Can Bank on Batman (HD Let's Play)

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LEGO Batman 100% Walkthrough - You Can Bank on Batman (HD Let's Play)

Time to dive back into the LEGO Batman world.

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All righty what's going on everybody my name is boots burger and welcome back to a Lego Batman and today we begin a brand new adventure as we head off to 100% town that's what I like to call it but of course what we're going to be focusing on is getting 100% ranking in all the different chapters of Lego Batman but nonetheless just a quick little warning as to why and then make a video that was yesterday right basically over this weekend my computer froze up by at first I thought it was a basically an SSD drive problem whatever it was just technical stuff at the end of the day I just replaced my memory stick everything is great now it's functioning knock on what everything is awesome and nonetheless let's get rolling so that's why there was an episode of Minecraft and things like that just because I didn't have access to the computer because all the like minecraft and things like that are all obviously on the hard drives and then if I don't have access to them I obviously cannot record them so nonetheless let's get rolling and let's hop into this Batmobile and of course head off to the first level in our 100% Walker and that is you can bank on Batman so we're going to go into free play of course so that we have access to any character we choose and let's get a rolling shall we here we go up up and away so the interesting thing is you still get kind of the introductions that you did previously so that's I always found that to be a little kind of interesting how even when you go into free play and all that you still get access to all that stuff but nonetheless let's go ahead and read the little description here the difference is that of course now instead of a having a clay face in a little animation on the right there we've actually got Batman so that's pretty cool alrighty so extra basil Karlo turned into the murderous Clayface a creature of shape changing protoplasm he now possesses an incredible strength and concerns for his clay-like body into any form I've always thought it'd be really cool to see like Clayface fight the Hulk that would have been a really cool fight I know that they're from two different companies like DC and Marvel but still that would have been something that I would have loved to see and would have been really really cool alrighty so as far as changing characters let me see.

I forgot which button don't need to hold oh there we go so you just use your triggers to switch into whatever you want so right here we've got our heat reduction suit basically you just switch to whatever outfit you see fit which is pretty cool and then of course you've also got some other stuff in terms of not just outfits but you've got characters so once you skip Rob and all that then you get access to things like for example Killer Croc right here who likes to punch these silly little minions we've got the Scarecrow who's awesome we've got mr. freeze of course poison ivy and the whole plethora of a whole bunch of different cool characters which is really really fantastic so for now let's play is the Joker that could be kind of fun and just to keep things a little fresh right already so now by the way guys I did not read any guides or anything so I'm just going off of what I think we should do so as we obviously progress and stuff like that we might skip something or something like that so I apologize but nonetheless I also wanted to keep it to not so much as a just kind of an educational aspect even though I do like to keep the educational component in its of course but this is a both an educational video and at the same time I want to make sure that it's an entertaining video as well so it's not so it doesn't just feel like a dry instructional video you know what I mean like I don't want it to be like ok now you want to take a left now you wouldn't take a right now you take a left again and now you jump up and no down no I want to keep it fresh so of course right up here you would have a mini get some of these we've already got so that's why we're going into this would I believe for mini kits so just a quick little warning there for you and now yeah I'm gonna do what Robin just did oh come on well if I don't fail that would be really kind come on Batman there you go buddy okay so now we're going to just hop across grab some extra studs in the process and head over to here I'll wait we got a we got a drop down and say hello to these guys plus we're gonna need the assistance of well Clayface could work just fine actually he's got strength come on Clayface no clay please jump throw in your poops at Robin you gotta lift that there you go now the other thing is we're gonna need to start sucking up some of these pieces here so let's go ahead and start working Robin to get some of these collected because we're going to need that obviously for something later down the line for now though let's head over to this side I think to have obviously a couple more things to do over here including getting some extra studs which is awesome now of course we still also have a red power brick to collecting this level which will be our first red power brick so that should be pretty fun for now let's go ahead and smash in here rescue this citizen there we go and now we can switch to of course our glass shattering Batman which then allows us to get a brand new mini kit oh sorry we had three mini kits now we have four okay so we're done with that stuff and now over to get across all this junk well first off I guess I could just use where is he come on bats oh where the heck did you go Batman Batman did I just call in Batman okay so that will give you a ton of studs and if you switch to a character they can walk on the poisonous stuff such as the Joker you can actually go ahead and run all this Scoob which doesn't kill you anymore which is pretty cool okay so we're going to assemble that truck there and then also assemble this thing Drive this sucker way over to here for now drive that just for a second over to here now we need the assistance whoops that was not smart of me fell into the goo didn't I Hey look at you you're fighting yourself why would you do that that makes no sense Hey how could you shoot yourself you guys are shooting your own selves that makes no sense okay so we need the Riddler or if wasn't Riddler we need scarecrow so here we go either scarecrow Riddler where what will work just fine in this situation which is why they basically always provide you with the proper characters that you would need okay there we go got ourselves another medical component now I don't recall if I I don't think that was all up at the top there at least I think so if we need to get up there we'll just climb on up with that okay so for now I guess I'll just smash up some of this stuff over here ha use. Mr. fries to pull that off and then switch to Batman demolition suit Batman actually I hope that Robin still has the whoops okay that's not good wait this Robin better have it okay thank God okay I just wanted to make sure that we had the five pieces we collected before remember okay for now let's switch to demolition suit Batman like a terminator Batman blow that up and grab a simile birria what was that I didn't even talk right now did I that was horrible that's what happens when you don't record for three days even though you tried to but the other thing is it was 83 degrees and the thing that you guys should know the kind of torture I go through I put myself through just so you know this room gets up to about 88 degrees which is insane and I cannot record with the air conditioner on I mean it doesn't get to that level regularly it's just when I don't have the air conditioning on and in this case I don't have it on because I need you guys to be able to hear what I'm saying obviously so yeah it's not fun let's just put it that way that's why what do is I basically record an episode and then whatever I'll take a break cool down the room and then basically record another episode following that so that's basically my approach right now as far as how to do this so definitely a long process but it is a process that is both and tedious but at the same time rewarding because you guys are flippin awesome and you always leave awesome comments so it's worth the hard work and I hope it's worth the wait to a certain extent okay so let's blow that up as well go ahead and smash this thing smash some more stuff over here there we go Robin go ahead and suck those pieces up over there come on isn't there one more piece okay I guess I'm incorrect about good whoops okay back don't be going down there okay go ahead and put a bomb down and now it's time to go boom boom pow you know you're Jack my style okay come on bring it suckers how you doing how is your day my friends hope you're having a good day and if you're not it's only gonna get worse for you so I'm sorry okay so Killer Croc should be just fine to get rid of these two trash cans give us a couple of extra studs there in the process go ahead and use Robins ability to climb on up there and now we need someone with a higher.

Jump such as poison ivy for example to. Be able to get some of this other stuff so we'll just hop on up make the tightrope walk across terrific can I not. Smash that I guess I need a different outfit for that and that would be whoops where is it okay well that's not working.

Ha that is bizarre I must say okay um.

Let's try this maybe it's silver bit there we go we got in and we got ourselves a mini good component like a boss but don't tell anybody guys cuz we gonna keep it secret we're gonna keep it a secret okay that is pretty cool as you're walking down the rope whoa look at him he's a King Kong music my name is Killer Croc not King Kong do not call me this I don't know why he turned Russian all of a sudden but nonetheless he has okay so we got another blue stud right up to here and got another phone booth to smash up over there all right let's stick down all these fools oh my god look at these umbrella dudes coming down hello guys how are you doing let me give you a little kiss and a little punch to the face sucker okay so I think we are good there actually I forgot I missed out on this right here so is this the Robin that has the pieces nope okay of course it wasn't there we go got some more pieces over here to collect there are a lot of rats over there aren't there there we go I think that's about it so we've got 12 pieces going to the next area I bet you Robins look at himself he's like what the heck is going on Batman what kind of drug did you add to my drink this morning to my chocolate milk you don't understand Batman I'm seeing double of myself Batman would probably pull off a joke like that who dress up as Robin once and just tell him yep you're just seeing double you're crazy you can't no longer be my partner or something all right so let's go ahead and blow all that up goober shows some extra studs in the process which is terrific and hoppity over to the next area we go now we're going to just use Robin to suck up some more pieces over here oh my here we go here comes the cavalry my goodness there is a ton of you aren't there hello guys are y'all doing you guys want autographs sure just wait for me to drive up the Batmobile you could just wait here that would be really really highly appreciated you know come on come on did. You see that one last piece it's like looking at like nope nope I'm not coming I'm not coming it's like please just give up the last piece I beg you okay so speaking of last pieces now that we smashed that one last little bit there we can actually access this I forgot those are blue studs behind there I guess not okay so now we can whoops use the magnetic outfit too Robin get on. Up here and and grab some extra studs Oh whoops-a-daisy oh I forgot oh look at that I never noticed those posters up there those look awesome and well actually what I need to do is I probably need to switch to this ramen to grab those extra few pieces even though I believe we only need to deposit 25 right away I think it might be two deposits though or something along those lines so just in case better be safe than sorry as I like to always say and we're going to collect those extra few ones right there okay so we smash that let's go ahead and give this a good little pull allowing us access hey what the there we.

Go that's what I thought I'm like wasn't there supposed to be a area that that leads to excellent so that leads us to eight out of turn done up awesome oh my look at this looks like there's a waiting committee down here for us alrighty so once we get down here should be able to smash that up right I'm not certain as to what it was exactly okay well nonetheless we've got our Robin pickup right here let's go ahead and come on Robin suck those pieces up there you go there's too many of them to give up okay and now with this I am gonna change to scarecrow say hello to this fellow which then will unlock the gate I hope at least I think maybe come on aren't you gonna aren't you gonna there we go okay so I'm going to push that open and now I believe we have to deliver a car over there I'm pretty certain of that so we have to go upstairs now so let's get rolling whoops okay I forgot scarecrow can't walk on that stuff so poison ivy should be able to go okay so now we work our way back up to the top and that would be our what ninth I think so right that would be our ninth brick I mean not break minikit so that's pretty cool which means that there's still one more to go after this so still plenty of work to be done. By the dynamic duo of poison ivy who's now beating up her own partner in the form of Killer Croc because I made an error ok so just gonna destroy some more of this stuff here oh my alright killer let's take care of these suckers let me give you a kiss come here oh I guess you don't want a kiss well that's your own choice yeah alright I'm gonna grab some extra stud there of course you would want to assemble this but since we're playing free play we don't really need all that stuff because we've got access to everything so what's the point okay so I'm just gonna switch real quick to Robin pick up a few extra pieces right here well actually not few there's quite a few I should say look at this I mean we have got I don't even know how many it was a lot that's all that matters okay so let's work our way over here now and I'm gonna just switch to Batman with this glass shuttering Batman come on come on Batman shatter that glass considering we break like trees with our fists in this game you would think we could shatter some glass without using a special thing but I guess not it's kind of a strange thing but yeah what I think about it it's weird because we literally we get to smash like absolutely everything but then when you have like this silly little thing um you can't do it like it's weird okay so come on Robin load up another set which has a big explosion it's got a big explosion I think it might need to be blown up boom boom Shakalaka red power brick no oh I thought that's where you get your red power brick huh I guess I was incorrect about that hmm a false assumption wasn't it alright you got another fool to smash over to here okay there we go that's how you do it like a Batman bolts alrighty so for now I guess I'll switch to Robin again and go into my control suit Robin boom Shakalaka better nice already and now let's go on ahead and use this to get our little car here drive that sucker of course we know we're right into here get some extra studs press that button press this button and guess what there is one more button to press and that leads us to the trifecta the perfect trifecta of three smash through that boom ginormous explosion for the win and now we can head on inside stop the robbers come on suckers alright so now we've got the cars that we needed remember how I said we needed cars to bring down there at least that's what I remember so that's what we're gonna do gonna bring first car oh yeah Robin's driving and he's probably terrified he's like I'm not never done this before in my entire life okay so once you load that up that then closes that gate up allowing you to then go pick up the next vehicle and of course once the third um little gate opens up that gives you your final mini kit which is pretty awesome okay so let's go grab another cool come.

On there we go there's our second red car and of course if you're playing co-op you could go ahead and actually have your other partner drive the other car so that could definitely save you some time which is pretty cool whoa that was a cool trick huh and all right so let's go ahead and Park this sucker in there whoops okay that wasn't good that wasn't a good parking job there we go okay thank you very much we got our final mini kit so now all we need is the red power brick so we still need to figure out where the heck to get that thing I did it I definitely do not necessarily to be honest recall where it was so I hope I get to defined it as we progress onwards and forwards and hopefully we get to find it I don't know why I thought the rocket there were supposed to give you the red power brick but I guess it was incorrect about that and so for now we'll just head over to here well actually this is where the final boss fight is so I really don't think that this is where the red power brick as which kind of makes me feel upset with myself that I couldn't find the red power brick that's kind of silly okay what if I changed the clay face would he attack me he wouldn't even know like what he's attacking he's just attacking himself what's the point in that right okay come on get out of here jerk.

Okay I guess I have to face them so.

Let's blow up some stuff yeah boom Shakalaka hey there we go.

That works alright giant explosions for the win come on okay come on blow up penguins.

Whooping under the Penguins want to blow up I'm holding be ok I guess I do have to play it's demolition suit Batman don't I okay whoops okay well first of all let's. Was I not supposed to take those down by imagine that completely I might have all right yeah yeah yeah yeah come on get out of here jerk okay. Um let's go to demolition shoot Bob my own oh there's the red power brick I see it now do you guys see it okay that is flippin awesome for now she'll be able to grab it shouldn't I. Okay get in there yes fantastic we got.

It guys you did it thank you guys so much for the amazing support I'm sure some people are screaming the whole time they're like it's right there bullets when you're can't you see it oh yeah Down Goes Clayface and victory goes to us which is awesome we got our fast grapple red power back which is awesome because that's gonna save us some time during our next challenges we increased our stud tool by an additional 100,000 points which is pretty gosh darn cool indeed and we let's see oh yeah Dominica I forgot let's take a look at what we have assembled for the first level okay that is lipid awesome we got ourselves a golden Batman which is very very very cool in video so there you go guys that concludes of course this level of logo Batman I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did of course smash that like button right below the video there is the absolute best way to show support and the best way to show that you guys want to see more of these of course this is a daily series meaning that tomorrow I'll meet you guys again here on the Blitz wing your channel so if you don't want to miss out of course subscribe so that you get updated up-to-date and of course do not forget that once we're done the 100% walkthrough there are two very very special episodes that are coming up as well so thanks up for sticking around with me for this episode guys I promise you that the commentaries are going to be back to normal the videos getting back to normal I've just had a little bit of a stumbling block so for those of you who emailed me saying oh you could YouTube no haven't we still had videos going up so that was a good thing because I could work from my mom's laptop I borrowed it so thanks mom and yeah thanks all for watching guys and I guess you guys next time have a family protection gate and I'll see ya later

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