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Dungeon Siege: Tenstone Run

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This video from: BoroMonokli.
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Dungeon Siege: Tenstone Run

Gameplay video of me running all the townstones to get the tenstone, the trial of gallus, and finish the maljin dungeon.

My character is a level 61-62 (modified to 66) fighter with 26 levels in combat magic (leveled after reaching level 59-60) for utility spells Haste and Triple strike, which dramatically increase my damage output. Haste for bosses, and triple strike to avoid getting overwhelmed. I wield the Utraean Guard's Sword, dropped by Gom, and wear the Mac Daddy Cap of Procurement for the 50% piercing hit, the +10 or so intellingence and the life/mana steal.

The video is meant as a tribute to for his world of warcraft guides and minecraft adventure. Audio used from his "Making of Powder Comic" video.

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