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The Sims 2 Playstation 2 Walkthrough Part 1 - Back Home!

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The Sims 2 Playstation 2 Walkthrough Part 1 - Back Home!

The Sims 2 Playstation 2 Walkthrough Part 1 - Back Home! So we get another sims game even though we still haven't beat the other two, i Hope you all enjoy and For more information be sure to follow me on Twitter.

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All right welcome back everybody just the crew you know how to do we're going to be playing some things to a lot of people seem to enjoy sevens one so I'm going to go ahead and play sims to win head and back in store for you guys should be fun and exciting see how we can rest and all that good stuff the. Sims 1 we progressed it pretty fast like this because I'm going to play this game somewhat now I played I think I beat it I got up this place where there's like a old-school saloon and then after that I.

Forgot what comes next a cool thing about this is if you don't like the character you could press that button and then two different families make a baby and then those babies make your sim which sounds kind of weird but.

Okay this is what it looks like actually nevermind we already had a sim like that but I didn't how to take off the gloves and I don't want no gloves you can also be an alien in this game but hopefully that doesn't happen to us okay see we're.

Going to have glasses my guess correct no as long as we don't.

Have gloves I'm fine she's a fashion change the Hat okay.

These are all the different hats you can get just sailor hat and brain good John.

Cena's hat different color now we're not. Going to get no hat this looks kind of like a female character but we're going to make it work probably has something to do it eyes sins eyes are always weird in the skin.

Let's use these sunglasses look like alright why not you know where they need that bling around our neck but we do need to change your pants for sure they look in raggedy we're going to change them to now not baggy it shows.

Too much underwear on that one okay can.

We go a different color I can we're going to go black looking snazzy now we got some converse on but the green just some high tops down here how to be unlock these doesn't say at the moment here's the converse that we're wearing change it. Three colors I guess would go in equipping all right here shirts change.

The shirt over shirt hopefully there's.

Something cool no I mean that would make.

Sense because he has bling around his neck uh you know what why not let's see.

What that's the sleeves rolled up a bit okay whatever it's not exactly the. Coolest looking character at the moment but later on we're able to get some more gear and stuff your change the hair from. You again let's see if there's some cool hair oh this is what my hair looks like this spiky hair but we can't go preview that unfortunately I could go with the fro it's a little too much though.

See what this looks like huh no.

I mean I like that hairstyle don't get me wrong I have worn that before but not for this character we're not going to have that okay the black hair accessories why would I need an extra pair of sunglasses on my head we're going to use the sweat.

Band like it looks nice the shirts throw me off though my aspiration is romance because you know you know you now you're now if you don't.

Know when I you know just go all the way. Over to plot it kind of lazy mostly.

Serious there we go got to be more.

Outgoing because we're home empty all.

Right first name crew okay there we go.

You got changed shirt one more time you know I got it's just not doing it for me.

Let's get rid of that from his regular.

Shirt looks alright but let's see if this looks like shaking my head right.

Now guys shake my head let's check out the check this is getting worse all.

Right no definitely don't want a button shorter sleeves oh my goodness all right.

Why not this what I shouldn't gun look like.

Trust me bush I got some better looking clothes you know I only had the basic stuff at.

The start hopefully you enjoy if you want to see more be sure to leave a like let's get it dirty on the first episode that would be amazing let me get now that you guys want to see more of the Sims series it's pretty good series so far it's the series that's.

Doing the best on the channel that in the juiced series which is always. Interesting.

Now in the Sims you can actually control your character unlike sims 1 and that's what makes it great you're able to do whatever you.

Want whenever you please the songs you're still going to work and you know compress it with the goals so we're going to try to do that as fast as possible alright get a new crush.

Nobody's over here yet so we can't do that alright you press triangle to stop.

Doing what you're doing now we got to go meet some new people there's this guy what's up how you doin where's the other person up dishes.

Socialize I think that was part of our.

Goals it is it's me someone new we got.

To get up to 40 in order to become friends you got to get like baby to become love us all that good stuff I.

Mean I guess she's big in the outfit kappa majin it was nice not the worst but i don't think i worried like a compliment bugs likes my jokes enough you're positive and Chris oh ok impressive let's see if you like sock puppet ok she likes to make Foley sock puppet kappa mile another joke's on me and Crotty rosen are we getting in there guess I got me now I've made a new friend I'm talking about this charm you know.

You gotta turn based before you hit on them you know you know now how goes there's still a little bit of talking one of my fears is using the bathroom or myself all right let's hit on it.

How you doing how you going my name is Enzo hi hey we got the double plus we're.

Going to talk just relevant and grow things again but he did serenade change.

Was machining all right let's make out.

Hey we did it that's a scale before we get rejected we got to clean up some stuff we got to buy a double bed make whoohoo with the sim.

Game already wants us to gated in I think we could do that on first episode I'm not sure let's buy a bed though. By catalog office chair single bed.

Singles bed brass bed here we go.

Got that double bed gotta pay attention.

To the fire code otherwise there might be a fire whoops we're going to go relax.

In the bed here people outside don't.

Know it's gonna call over you know.

Felicity or whatever your name is oh the music start playing at the right.

Time to this I'm talking about help.

We're : not bad I met let's do the.

Whoohoo Hey very nice we got a thousand points for.

That thousand two hundred actually all.

Right we got to buy a single bed that's a socialized so she gets out of our pit we need to sell it it's been used hope we can use the by catalog.

Can't sell yet she's still talking to us now we can push got a good grab mode bed.

Alright so bed my single bed place it to.

Resell it right after you place it best part and we unlock a new location so we.

Made it past the first level pretty quickly hopefully the second one goes just as well thanks for watching I'll see you once we get to the next place actually let's go ahead and do that right now. In this game you don't drive yourself you get driven by a taxi and completed.

Another goal got some more aspiration points probably going to end it off here and plate a different day so if you enjoyed definitely let me know we'll. Continue the series do own this game but.

You know how to save files on free actions and they save over a file you get screwed over hey we made it.

Use my guy you know the compression all symphonies Somalians time to get a J will be pop there's a newspaperman so I'll do that next episode picture question so how's this up.


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