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LAST LIFE UPGRADE + WATER SWORD - Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within - Walkthrough Part 30 (1080p)

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LAST LIFE UPGRADE + WATER SWORD - Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within - Walkthrough Part 30 (1080p)

Dahaka In Past

The Removal Of The Mask

Life Upgrade #9 (last life upgrade)

Water Sword

Fight With ... (next episode)

Next one is already recorded, I failed horribly! :D But I finished it.

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Hello or welcome to prince of persia water within so let's go back to tower.

There's the speak monster but I'm not gonna fight him he's too weak when I I.

Will like do this and he will fall down or bet yep.

So we're gonna get the black great winner when we are going to the tower oh shit.

Shit happens die Prince no you're not.

It's no it's never mobile off the mask.

That's not fun I'm gonna call this video I'm gonna call this life of great number something uh I'll get princess back ah.

So nice oh so so so I can't go that.

Right now it's gonna be a big big journey and I'm boring one because I've done it already where do I have to go memories memories.

Oh sweet memories back when I didn't talk that much it was only two months ago okay maybe a little a little more I don't talk now that much either but a little more sorry oh yes killed I'm stuck.

I can't run anywhere. There's nowhere nowhere to run.

Oh memories with my health bars to go.

Down if I use this yellow sword because it went down a lot with sand Wraith or.

Whatever it was the mask you know not.

Going straight there I know the doors open but can't go that far great is.

Somewhere else it's here right it's not.

Here shit glove wing weapon my favorite weapon here is booyaka I don't know what.

I'm saying that Alzheimer destroying something not work yep brain dismissed.

Eclair tongue is weird I've to go.

Wait oh no it is it is how can I get.

Inside can't see anything oh yes it is here all around to the most.

Obvious place and see anything so I.

Can't even see anything just go straight. And straight.

Well shit I have so many health is that.

The way I'm supposed to say health life. Did I don't give a shit anymore I just got it feel scared.

Spoiler alert they have to fight the dehaka in the end it's gonna be a blast.

It's gonna be very very bad actually. I'm gonna lose so many times I mean I've.

Done this like in medium this game with the haka ending down on hard never on hard let's see if I can go back I guess.

I can monsters out here. Oh you're doing me a favor can you speak.

Clearly I can't understand just be like.


There we go the last time I did that I ended up doing the whole big circle let's go back it's just boy just a.

Bigger circle.

At this.

My fingers I don't know I have the.

Yellow sword everything is possible with that I remember there was this place.

Where I could go down here whoops.

Yep thank God they made that people say.

It's sandbox game yep double fail and beg to differ I can't even.

Wait going back wrong way into this how you.

Just cock-blocked me okay that's not the. Right way to use it it just blocked me.

Oh what a sword heaven.

Time is running low you ready cut her throat right now I've been thinking kaileena there is little for you on this island and there will be less still once I stood before your mistress come with me to Babylon you'll have a chance to begin a new life free from the evils of this place I'm sorry but I cannot take you up on your offer.

Ever look I don't know what the girl is. What sword or knife upgrade haha I know.

This I know where I'm gonna call it call.

It and now make it up when I'm done with.

This okay thanks for watching take a.

Like and subscribe and have a great day.

Ashes left I have to sail again because it's took the water source same combos.


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