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Dungeon Siege 2 Gameplay/Walkthrough Part 1

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This video from: Benb998.
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Dungeon Siege 2 Gameplay/Walkthrough Part 1

A long but cool gameplay video of Dungeon Siege 2!!!!!

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Hey YouTube the suspend basement and this is my first gameplay walkthrough video of Dungeon Siege 2 this is a pretty old game it's very fun though and I thought you guys might like to watch me play it so let's start it up.

All right so difficulty I guess what's mercenary time for characters level zero to 39 40 to 69 or 70 200 I guess I. Should start off on mercenary and then go and then we might go back or something a thousand years ago when.

Arana was young but not innocent the first age of man came to an end by the meeting of a sword and a shield. The sword of Zahra Moss the unmake ax powered by a subterranean river of magic had ruled the age by unquestioned force until the shield of as you know the defender became the swords only. They were destined to meet on the field that would forever be known as the plane of Tears.

Zehra moth command control of the power as yoon i long to disperse it both zealots could not win but unbeknownst to either warrior the sword and shield at destinies of hello. The sword shattered machine and sparked the great cataclysm the land split open and the souls of the Warriors ripped from their chests rushed into the river of souls that flowed beneath the land splintering it into a thousand ley lines the shock wave was felt in every part of a runner even the lives that were spared were changed forever the Stars shifted.

And the Second Age began all this was.

Forgotten for centuries the magic that was scattered on the plain of tears was fractured under the world waiting with its unpredictable power until a young prince named Baldus followed powerful visions to the mountain fortress called Zara moths horns.

Dark wizards mastered the magic and granted Valdis access to the lost sword of Zara moth the very instrument that ended the first age in that instant the. Second age fell under the swords ominous. Shadow.

You all right then well once this loads up I.

Believe there's another cutscene so yep.


You're worthless max you're light you're nearly the front immediately check in with Martin lieutenant Jared at the tower now get mine I've had a bad.

Feeling about this ever since we left arm on Lou there's something I don't trust these more alright so act one chapter one the siege of grayling beach so looks like we got a. Adventurers handbook the quest log yes.

It says quest log alright get your orders from Warren Luton gerund all right so I'm guessing yep it's a click in play I guess you'd say hey that rhymed anyway um what are you standing around for check in with Morton lieutenant Aaron at the tower got Rover Oh fine man all.

Right so that's C R there he is this guy has info thing over his head you lot are late cuz I feel like they're scrapped in the barrels break them over my right-clicking them now get out of my face maggot I sort of like how they actually talk.

Instead of just the text and I like how they use right click the right mouse button or whatever so I like that too so.

Mercenary gloves and mercenary gloves.

All right so I guess all depends wait what do I have mercenary gloves on I can add stuff to his gotta give these to him.

And now he has mercenary gloves too all. Right I'm school mark reporter modern fighter.

Talk ahead pure combat lesson get moving now fine guys are pretty much jerks but.

All right so talk to this guy do you know which I never played is rich maggot let's see if you can destroy this training coming with your dagger how do I attack or easy enough farewell I'm guessing to attack as the right mouse button and I was right kill these.

Guys it's money and what's this guy a.

Ranged weapon if you want to get paid worm destroy this training dummy with your bow no fine and re not equip stuff.

So I'll do that.

And what does the sky want me to do I can't imagine you worms have the winter cast spells but it'll be amusing to what you try the SOI is training give me with your virus out on your I shot spell how do I quit a spell I don't know this can't I not even teach you the basics your spells are already equipped maggot left like a spill and a character panel on the left side of the screen are ready for casting you're not build a merc like you should be able to understand that geez let jerk alright. Still whistles scum if you manage to stay alive long enough to find a new spell you'll need to put it in your spell book before you can use it the first four spells on your spell book on your active spells which show up in your character panel got fine all right so I'm guessing it's thieves fire shot and eye shadow use fire that's.

Cool hmm I switch back to my melee attack. Though no marks playing at wall you.

Probably don't even understand how to gain experience in the four classes do you scam you mercs won't survive the night you may make it to sundown if you pay attention you only gain experience in a class by fighting with its associated whippin type if you fight with a melee weapon you'll gain melee experience and if you fight with a combat magic spell you'll gain combat magic experience doesn't get any simpler than that well that's pretty easy to understand before your procedures a class and stick with it if your switch weapon type too much you'll become a weak jack of all trades and then those Carson triads will eat you for breakfast not that you wouldn't deserve it all right let's move on ahead.

Um I guess I will for this game I guess I'll just stick with melee attacks being a warrior Chuck your long offline yellow marks are the frontlines already a couple of cows must be taken by nightfall now got over wait I have a bad feeling about this my medallion feels heavy as if it's trying to tell me not to move.

You are being paid to stand around get moving now those filthy drones are.

Summoning another shell yo mark scanner and destroy on 3rd those must be the bracken we learned about his children let's take it out these are pretty tough looking her maybe 9.

All right I saw they someone dropped something back here a few things I'm.

Gonna switch this guy over to a bow and arrow I think just I get this stuff removed actually no I'm gonna give this and this to my guy because I think it does a better damage yep it does I got sorting to shoot or a hammer and a shield I should say all right I think we're good.

These back in are his weakest Cal raffia nail we can kill them faster if we spread out we should switch to rampage rampage mode.

Had no idea what that did but okay.

These bracken creatures are pretty easy actually oh nice these creatures remind me of our scuffles with the tackle app we focus on fire they'll go down faster let's here mode how do you do that all right.

Oh this guy's over here Oh what what.

What's going on you're fighting but I don't see any guys.

All right I don't need help so that's useless at the moment.


Please schedule a tap next time we see one used by brutal attack power on it that'll surprise them.

I press 2 and nothing happens so I guess. I will normally attack this guy.

Taking forever to kill them.

Oh geez oh geez.

Ameren don't die or oh wow I don't know white just call them Ameren in those name is I actually I have no idea what its name is it's my partner and I didn't really pay attention to what his name was that's that's kind of sad drivin.

Drivin I remember that how much crap do. I have in my inventory well it's been.

Skill point certain powers breastfeed open your specialties tab.

All right doing good so far I believe.

You're turning into quite the warrior keep in mind you should choose a class and stick with it if you want to approach by oh yeah it's that I had specialties ooh nice all right fortitude critical strike I.

Guess I'll add two on to that two on to that and firm nice I have a brutal. Attack okay fuck your line up arm let simple a through the pain come over no right moment I'm Italian I know how you feel about it but I just can't shake this feeling that something is going to happen closer we get to the temple is stronger I feel honestly drivin we were we are I came and read today screw this I look.

Forward to that but for now I want you to take my medallion please it's important to me more than you know just promise that you won't ever let folders take it okay I have no idea who vol this is so let's go.

Well this guy looks tough.

I've Tim pretty out pretty fast put that.

On me is it's tougher.

I don't know.

Continue up here most people fight continue on man or you can fight.

All right.

Ooh blew them up I leveled up again nice.

I'm moving one you marks a leg get to the temple now all right.


Congratulations oldest we have completed our task when can we expect our pay lookout.

All right well I guess I'll save and that's gonna be it for today um if you want me to continue making these videos on Dungeon Siege - um please leave a.

Comment like the video dislike it if you. Don't want me to do more videos on this just please somehow tell me if you want this video series to continue well see.

You guys next time

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