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Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones - All Bosses (With Cutscenes) 1080p60 PC HD

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This video from: CaleoGaming.
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Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones - All Bosses (With Cutscenes) 1080p60 PC HD

A gameplay video showing all of the bosses of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones for PC in 1080p60 ! Enjoy!

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Boss 1: Klompa - 0:01

Boss 2: Mahasti - 3:39

Boss 3: Twin Warriors - 11:11

Final Boss: The Vizier - 15:43

Dark Prince - 22:58

Ending - 28:05

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This was once a man he was there on. Calina died.

Go for the eyes great see.

Now bring him to his knees.

Move in and attack him directly.

We're Freddy Nero.

Keep away from me.

Farah what do you want.

I have thought about what you said and you are right can't you see we're in the.

Middle of a conversation if you really do desire death kindly wait your turn. I have killed most of the guards it should be safe go and find the women free them I will deal with her wonderful.

Work you returned to save Farah and then send her back into the thick of it while you run after this one my hero you know as well as I do that the brothel is no longer dangerous if I do not kill that sand monster she will pose a threat to federal.

You should consider following her.

We're planning on giving chase or do you want your enemy to escape.

She mocks you princess don't punish her.

You waste your time the Vizier has already begun to transform by yourself.

If I had some sands for every time someone said that to me the women are.

Free and headed to safety it was right of you to return prints you you're one. Of them no Farah this is not how it appears you're a sand monster you lied to me all this time no I have.

Been tainted by the sands this is true but my mind and my heart are my own please believe me stay away from me all.

Right I will admit I was not expecting that.

Turn your attention towards the one with the sword.

It seems I chose the right moment to return thank you lucky shot we should move I'm sure more on the way.

Be on your guard I always am.


You cannot kill these creatures but we can slowly no Prince I'm the machine finish him so that this night there might be.

Now where did I put those what is it in.

Case I don't get the chance. Impudent pig I offer you life eternal but this is how you respond oh I shall George it's not like the homecoming you.


Immortal perhaps but not invincible.

You will pay for what you have done to my people they live among mindless monsters in service to your madness progress.

This world was not meant for me but there are others and I will find my place just as you have found yours.

Be free now Prince your journey is at the end.

What is it.

All that is yours is rightfully mine and mine it will be what did you expect that.

When you slew the Vizier I would simply disappear oh the power so light rage your selfish wins they give you harm and substance even with the sands gone I have the strength to remain and with the Vizier gone I can taste your place and rule the kingdom and there is absolutely.

The ability to manipulate time itself you had the chance to be the greatest king the world has ever known what wars you kind of fun monument you could have erected in your honor what women you could have kept.

You failed matrons yoo-hoo soft and sympathetic my attempts to convince you to seek glory fell on deaf ears and so i bided my time waiting for the proper moment to strike you do.

Not deserve what you have been given control of the world's greatest empire with the power you could rule the world you have squandered it Prince I would do it justice and so it should be mine you are just a parasite you deserve nothing but don't die have I not earned it do you think he would be here now if not for me how many times did I say how many times did i unblock your path take down your enemies remind you of your mission about your father and Kylie and Farah how everything bad always happens to you oh great your words are empty have always empty you are just a desperate selfish spirit. If I am selfish princely it is because you are if I'm ruthless and reckless and lacking in morals it is because you are spin myself out of the ether I was not conjured by some madness Here I am you know I have seen the error of.

My ways and I have atoned for the transgressions of my past I am no longer that person seasons change tastes change.

But people people never change if you delude yourself believing otherwise do not fight step down your sword embrace me.

You'd kill me then cut me down like all your other enemies swing that sword Prince we've seen how well that works.

Such violence your hunger sets only to impede me so I have to ask have you really changed after all I am still right here standing before you.

Prince leave this place it reeks of.

Sadness and cruel intentions chase this shadow turn away wake up I.

Will leave you.

No what are you doing do not ignore me.

Do not leave me be wake up wake up.

Farrah are you all right I think I think.

It's finally over.

Prints there's still something I don't understand how did you really know my name most people think time is like a river that flows Swift inshore in one direction but I have seen the face of time and I can tell you they are wrong time is an ocean in a storm you may wonder who I really am and why I say this come and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard

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