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7 Tips To Make You a Pro at Darksiders 3

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7 Tips To Make You a Pro at Darksiders 3

It’s true, folks, Darksiders III has opted to take the more Dark Soulsy route than previous iterations in the franchise, which means the game can be a touch harder – especially on Apocalypse mode. So you know what we did, right? We took our experience of the last 20+ hours and boiled it down into seven handy tips to ensure you’ll be kicking ass on whatever difficulty you choose, in no time whatsoever.

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It's true folks Darkseid history is up to detect the more Dark Souls II route than previous iterations in the franchise which means the game can be a touch harder especially on apocalypse mode so you know what we did right we took our experience of the last 20 plus hours and bored it down into seven handy tips to ensure you'll be kicking ass on whatever difficulty you choose in no time whatsoever you're welcome so without further ado folks here's seven tips to make you a pro at Darkseid history.

There's a tendency when playing games with progression systems such as Darksiders threes to try and create a character with evenly distributed attributes plowing skill points into all three categories and creating a nicely balanced character well don't do that just focus on strength until at least you get that to level 30 put in the odd point into health along the way the truth is that pointing a lot of points into arcane is a bit of a waste when only really accounts for your counters and Fury's heroic mode which you won't necessarily use all the time smashing throws with that whip and using your other hollow weapons is where you'll be doing most of the damage so focus on that if you're playing an apocalyptic you might want to put the odd point into health now and then but focusing on strength is the key as is using the salvation weapon to aggro single enemies in packs to lure them out and fight them one-on-one.

As you progress through darks artistry you'll get rewarded with hollows which are essentially Furies different elemental forms it's only natural to find one you'll gravitate towards stick in with it throughout the whole game but trust me when I say this there's a time and a place for all of the weapons the barbs of scorn should be your main damage dealer and crowd controller the chain to scorn allows you to sidestep big guys get behind them and do tons of damage really quickly they're actually probably the strongest weapons in the game while the length is great for covering long distances quickly while doing damage on the way the mallet is good against shield carriers and smashing enemies of ledges and the edge can be good at crowd control too with a long press of Y or the triangle button or at dealing damage with a standard combo it's a tad slower than the chains and the Lance so be wary of that the other thing to consider is the wrath move once your meter is full we highly recommend the chain is your main hollow weapons for the most part switching it out in the aforementioned situations but immolation the chains raft signature move is a bit weak we reckon personally baduk for either using standard Fury's Wraith AoE damage dealer or the Lance's relentless storm wrath move bearing in mind that that can actually make it difficult to see so maybe only use it in large open spaces where there's enough room to maneuver.

Throughout your time at docs ilustrate you'll come across more than a handful of enhancements for your weapon and even though it's tempting to just whack once into your main weapon and be done with it it's worth bearing in mind that each of the enhancements for your weapons have active weapon perks and also passive perks meaning if you aren't using that weapon you'll still get in bonuses we highly recommend the following four enhancements as essentials Marauder which improves drop rates and increases the chance to drop health when you kill an enemy whack you on your chains and you're golden this can be found by the blistering bridge serpent hole once you have the stasis halle Leviathan which when fully upgraded can give you 75 health pack a second which is actually a life saver and apocalyptic difficulty chaos is decent - as it can give you the damage dealt back as health and this can be found in the small area where you'll complete the three sword statue puzzle on the left and finally fortifier found super early on in the game when you fight the big beastie by the camp put this one on your barbs the scorm where as when upgraded fully it not only gives you 15 percent damage output with that weapon but also gives you an extra 18 percent health which scales as you put points into your vitality obviously put some on the other weapons - just for the passive perks even if you don't use them focus on acquiring and leveling the aforementioned 4 though before you do anything else.

This one is a simple one but one that only actually comes from experience and that's not to waste your souls on any consumables one consumables are 10 a penny in the environment and two the prices just keep going up and up and you'll effectively just be throwing cells away if you need help sometimes it's better to just die so long as you checked in at vulgrim recently rather than use consumables for instance there is absolutely no point using an undead shard which resurrects you the first time you go into a boss fight it's a waste especially if you're playing the game blind and an apocalyptic your best are focusing on the aforementioned enhancements and searching out the upgrades for your nephal homes respite both capacity and the amount of heals and then spending souls and actually leveling up.

Havock form is ace well it looks nice and because you've not put many points into arcane that's about all it is the damage dealt out in havoc mode is directly linked to your arcane damage output not that it matters anyway as how it takes bloody ages to build up anyway we justified ignoring arcane enough in this video but the beauty of havoc is that it's essentially a free heal whenever you decide to use it so either save it for when you have low health and are out of rest bytes in a bus fight or when you're about to die and you want to keep those souls your call our advice though don't just waste it use it tactically see that little skull symbol.

On your compass well before following that go the opposite way first seriously the best way to become opie in darkside history and perhaps the least stressful way to deal with apocalyptic difficulty is to explore bloody everywhere not only we file a ton of humans started around the map which in turn means you'll get the riders mercy relic from the makers which shall upgrade every human collection milestone but you also find something worth having whether its enemies to farm angelic and demonic artifacts or even soul crystals if you're lucky you'll find enhancements or even on the odd occasions and luminous visage which are free level ups basically all of those will mean the difference between failure and success especially on the harder difficulties there are a house to crawl through hidden every bloody where as well so keep your eye out for them whether it's behind pots or crates or whatever oh and if you see a waterfall try and walk through it gunfire love hiding secrets behind waterfall I loves it.

Like every good Souls born game there are a few choice optional bosses dotted throughout their world and Darksiders 3 is no different not only are they good boss battles ones that should only be tackled if you're relatively strong or bloody amazing at dodging but they have good rewards too namely the essence of a chosen which can be used to fully upgrade your enhancements which you're going to want to do for as many of them as possible if you're uninsured and want more who doesn't want more I then seek out vulgrim in the latter parts of the game and he might have one he can sell to you you're also going to want to seek out at a man time chunks as well and which there are not many discovered at this moment in time the easiest of which can be found beneath the drill in scar near the grass optional boss fight double win right there.

And there you have it pokes seven bloody wonderful tip so you can get the best out of darkside history and hopefully conquer it on apocalyptic difficulty too thanks for watching folks don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and we'll see you next time bye.


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