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Nancy Drew: Tomb Of The Lost Queen Walkthrough - Hidden Room [4]

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Nancy Drew: Tomb Of The Lost Queen Walkthrough - Hidden Room [4]

We find a hidden room in a very odd place. Enjoy everyone!

Game by Her Interactive.

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Whoa what just happened I should see if I broke something. Is it my imagination or did the columns move.

I bet I could translate that.

Got it.

This looks important.

Foolish and irresponsible you have no idea with your authority you have no idea what damage you have done I'm sorry I didn't know you didn't know ignorance is not an excuse it is the problem you are off the side please I will never even come near your work again I'll help.

I promise please I'll do anything to stay did you see that are you talking.

About the columns I knew there was something about design that didn't add up this is unheard of the technology required to move the columns maybe aliens were involved very cute.

Why are you so hard on Lily it sounds so cruel right I am NOT her friend I am a proving ground if she survives me no one would ever stop it not ever if she does not then she does not have what it takes to begin with may you be so lucky as to have a mentor who pushes you still you could be nicer I learned to swim fast not because I was taught well but because there were crocodiles in the river bye bye goodbye.

Hello do you really think this is never Tory's tomb it better be otherwise I'm very lost what does that mean she's why I'm here as a tour guide I loved the sights that tell a story and Ramses the first and Nefertari have the making of a classic love story if we can find it you mean Ramses the second right I do I mean yes I do of course strange life being a king you get everything but your own name I'd better get going come back anytime.

Nanci things are moving I heard the pillars moving this place is seriously messed up I noticed that but I don't think we're in any danger and you're basing this on what previous experience call it a hunch at this point I'd rather call it a day I need to calm down this is a huge opportunity and probably not a death trap right right I have to admit I. Overheard that argument between you and Abdullah are you okay you did what did you hear I'm not sure really it just sounded pretty bad it was he can be rough to work with but he's the best I just have to get better and not make such stupid mistakes all the time is there anything I can do yes I need your help sorting amulets this has always been the thing I've been worst at please say you'll help I'll help you out whenever you need it I promise sure thing great thanks they need to be sorted by what they represent and by what power they had there on the table in the other tent.

I need to sort these amulets by type.

A missing one I'd better check that out.

Someone cut the tent I need to fully investigate this area.

If you wanted to sneak something out of the tab without anyone seeing you this would be the perfect spot to do it if I had the right tool that I could see the thief left anything behind.

What's this what's this mean.

Yes bye-bye see you later.

Hello I saw something very strange near the tomb you did.

Another coffin and it's locked ancient Egyptians did not mess around.

This could be about the Queen's children.

Hello do you know anything about.

Nefertari children can you tell me their. Names boy sure how do I spell that I come back.

When you're ready for the girls.

Can you tell me the names of never Tory's daughters I need you to do some searching for me I've decided to restart my book project can you gather some information for me if it means you'll tell me their daughter's names then sure.

Isis thank you.

See ya how'd you get out

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