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Castlevania III by MikeKanis in 31:51 - SGDQ2018

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Castlevania III by MikeKanis in 31:51 - SGDQ2018

Runner introduction starts at 00:32. Run starts at 00:47.

This speedrun was recorded live at Summer Games Done Quick 2018, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2018 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2018, find us at:

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They said had to donate during the castlevania block one of my favorite series and I can't wait to see more Castlevania and possibly some blood-stained next gdq thank you so much for your generosity.

All right are you ready everyone it's that time again let's send it to the main stage Castlevania three Mike Camus coming up right now alright alright without it further ado let's do actually I'm gonna press the start first and then do the countdown so Brodie we got three two one. Go.

All rights this is Castlevania three Dracula's curse it looks pretty similar at the start to Castlevania 1 which comrade just ran but probably the biggest single thing that separates this is that this hit this game has branching stages that you can choose path through along with a total of four playable characters you have Trevor who he's currently playing as and then three different spirit helpers and then this is going to be a cypher run so I'm using Trevor for the first couple stages then he's going to recruit Sipho and use her for most of the rest of the game was totally different abilities so golden. Stage one is to get the holy water and then a triple shot multiplier for it so we can use that to to quick kill the first boss the skull Knight yep and to power up the holy water all you need to do is destroy ten things with it so I've already destroyed six there and on the tenth that I'll drop the Roman numeral which means you can have two on screen at once and yes life oh you're.

Gonna see some pretty cool things she has the ability to freeze things and those are going to be used for some pretty interesting skips but we won't actually see her use until the latter half of the game because holy water is extremely overpowered do we want to introduce the couch. I guess we can i'm camera i'm pourcel. I'm skybilz he probably just saw at. Least half of us all right so coming up as a coming up on pillar all right yeah that works just fine I was trying to land on the right half of the fireball there yeah bone pillars have a lot of health for regular enemies and he's gonna try to be trying to skip as many of them as possible without actually fighting them yeah at.

The first boss here hopefully it goes well all right yeah we and like and then also.

Like in Castlevania one he wants to end stages with zero hearts so he doesn't have City speeds up this score count down as much as possible yeah it's like a frame or two lost for heart at the end yeah so this was a grant run he'd be going up the up path here to go to the clock tower and get grant but for all other categories go to the bottom path to the forest can do a quick donation if.

You like absolutely we have a $50 donation from keeper two.

To one this is good my cat woke me up for the castlevania block i forgot to set the alarm also i usually donate 25 but forgot to donate last year so yours double to make up for it so I like to hear alright so this screen is the screen one of the medicine yeah so these all's he has a little bit of control over as far as when they immediately spawned but then they they're basically random after that so he's kind of just trying to control the randomness as best he can with his cross as far as Heights he's throwing the mat on a pv attempt i would just hold right and hope for the best but they have a random chance of dropping sub-weapons and I really want this cross so at all costs I wanna make sure that I don't kill something when it is to the right of me in such a manner that I can't stop my momentum to pick up the item yeah cuz getting a bad sub weapon is pretty much a fate worse than death in this game in a lot of places because not only do you lose the sub weapon you have but you also lose your shot multiplier yeah that's actually easily the thing I'm most worried about in this run is just random drops now it is important to note that once kind of starts using Sipho so if i actually does not contain multipliers because our weapons are so okay holding onto the ice is going to be very important because again there are several sequence freaks that take place because of psifas ice so that is the number one one thing he does not want to lose later in the run again another branching path this was an elder card run he'd be going down to the swamp but for other categories go straight to finish the forest. One movement mechanic I do want to point out is that I'm always whipping on the way down from a high jump and the way that works is if you finished the whipping animation at the same time you land you actually reduce the animation hold on you focus it on the landing animation you'll normally land real hard and sort of sit on your knee for a second there but by whipping at the right time you kind of trick the game into thinking it doesn't need to do that animation anymore that's one of the few movement mechanics you can actually do okay that's what I'm talking about I almost punched out and walked right into it yeah because you can kind of tend of kind of have a feeling when when you're due for a drop in this game but but it's it's random as far as which specific enemy is going to drop it and if you're killing the same ones every run though when you do get one I think there there's at least eight enemies where you don't have to worry about it again so it's a it's almost a relief if you see it and you don't get it because that means you can relax Ekans then we have Cyclops the next boss this is a big part of why you switched from the holy water to the cross just because the Cyclops you have to hit in the eye that's not very easy to do with the holy water and you can do a good only water kill for that so it doesn't really say much spine at all.

It's never gonna change that for cypher here and again with as with any of the spirit partners Sipho and all the other partners actually take one extra hit of damage then Trevor does so again that's something to be aware of not only for damage boosting but for health awareness as well mm-hmm yeah and it's really worth pointing out too at the wicket since this Candice is playing on the US version of Castlevania 3 the amount of damage he takes per head is tied to which stage he's in as opposed to what kinds of enemies hit him like up until now it's been 2 damage per hit his Trevor and when he gets to the ghost ship that goes up to 3 or 4 for Sipho.

So this level is probably one of the first ones that they'll think is really hard on your first playthrough it's about as far as I got as a kid actually here again I'm most worried about as the random drops but this next room is actually kind of hard - there you go if you don't do that jump from the correct location the Islam bee will poke you and you'll go into the pit much like cv1.

Anyone input can kill you in this game this room just a game leaves no room for error whatsoever.

There's gonna be a nice little damage boost contriving this ghost just hesitates yeah he just wants to make sure to hit the right half of the ghost when he jumps because which direction you get boosted is based on which heck and a half of the enemy sprite you hit exactly yeah it doesn't make sense as far as like which direction the enemy is going or anything is just to which side of the enemy to you touch you can damage boost all that Ghost as well but I want to allow for mistakes in the end of the level and this room is about where we start missing grant his grant can actually confirm and I so I look up there and sequence breakthrough so basically the whole room same thing here you get a.

Little sequence break in this room with grant as well because of his drum.

Pack it. Isn't really a ton of room for error on those platform cycles too just because of how kind of how stiff that jumping controls are for Trevor alright say hi to Medusa and say bye to movies.

I was gonna mention that this stage had two bosses but I don't think Medusa's fairly mentioning with the triple cause believe it or not at one point in time I thought that it was really but yeah I didn't the crossed back then yeah cuz the cross turns around when it hits the edge of the screen and he's got both he's able to throw a three of them and get two hits per cross and just blow through Medusa's he'll throw really fast.

All right so the room after this one is a potential run killer you can try to.

Take us safe but even if you do you can still have a backfire so I'm just going to hold right here and hope for the best.

Okay I did change my plan there a little bit the birds are very random and the way they move these Ravens here and you know in this game one of the biggest dangers is simply being back boosted after something hits you and the bird can knock you into a pit quite easily all right so all right so then the bus of the ghost ship is actually two different fights you have this you have an a pair of mummies pretty similar to the mummies from castlevania one and you have another Cyclops Cyclops might play a.

Little safe here because he actually hits for more damage than anything else in the level like yeah I know you mentioned the mechanic where yeah so how.

Much that you take is dependent on which level you're in but the there are two exceptions the Cyclops will do extra damage when it hits you with its hammer or body and the boss of stage 7 as well will hit you for extra damage so at the very start of this level is actually one of the most difficult things to time in this entire run wouldn't be doing a damage boost off a fireball hopefully to the right let's see what happens here animistic so he does have a backup if he doesn't get the reverse damage of this though it's not too much slower but it does cost a bit of extra hills yeah that's not that's negatory yeah so. That teeny-tiny fireball I'm trying to aim it the right half of it is not easy.

As for these flying guys their pattern. Is predictable based on how you move throughout the area so if he moves the same way every time then they're not too much trouble but as soon as you get off the script it can get kind of crazy there we go at least one of the damage boosts yeah that one he had to kind of adjust on the fly depending on whether the first acts the night through was high or low as far as how he set up the damage boost so if all goes well I will. Keep this holy water until I'm done using Trevor but there's plenty of opportunity for that to not have it.

So this little autistic girl area the area and it you tend to get one or two random drops in here so gotta be real careful besides that this is a pretty boring area so feel free to toss the donation up there we received $100 from sex vault two three three who says love to see so many games from one of my favorite game series being played at this gdq good luck on your Ronnie Mike and Eric h-here chiming in with the important questions why does Dracula only keep pork chops in his castle because he is afraid of snakes twenty-five dollars for me there's always everybody gets one.

Yeah a Griffin ham with $25 donated as well as as always donate for the castlevania block donation goes to Jonathan Morris and bloodlines because Dracula is one of my favorite books Thank You Griffin ham and then during.

The autoscroll he was able to farm enough kills to get his triple shot back for the holy water too so assuming he keeps it all the way to the top Frankenstein the bus is gonna Frankenstein's monster the bus is gonna have a pretty bad day so normally you. Would do actually three damage boosts in this room but I've been playing this little support leave can I skip those I also want to have a little room for error here for these birds again birds being jerks yeah he needs to come down like pronto.

All right good so here comes Frankenstein's in the monster and having the triple holy water makes this a pretty trivial fight especially with the mead in the room.

So quick note about the Ravens really quickly we're gonna be seeing them again here in the mote level one of the scariest things about the Ravens yes we do have the kickback but there's also the ability where if the raven hits you you have the potential to get another random item drop which we don't want to see emily yeah cuz they do they do die if they touch if they hit usually please.

Shortest checkpoint in the game right there and this room can be a little.

Crazy the lizard-men mermen whatever they are they can show it they like to show up whenever you commit to a jump and this game has middle jumps which means as soon as you jump to the right you're going right and you can't stop yourself yeah so what happens it oh oh that's pretty bad I'm gonna go back and get another one actually fortunately this oh wait I destroyed that ax or camel all right so this'll be fun guys this is this is what Castlevania games are all about tempted to just use it to attempted to actually just die here so I can get more holy water but we'll go on an adventure here see happens if you don't have holy glory so on the viper ballasts are coming up one of the backup strats especially if you're under grant in the past is there's actually really good strategy with the axe just make sure you stay out of the line of fire it's not too bad it's much slower than the holy water but still attractive because the Vipers do have a fixed pattern.

It's been so long since I've done this part this room is deceptively hard too for how house shortages do so much stuff here.

Yeah so they don't really way to get back up stress for this as far as I'm aware like if you don't have holy water you're just gonna be flopping along over here yeah cuz the normal row would be damage boosting through the bone filter and at night just because as late as you're seeing just how much help they have we have to stop and seconds to actually fight them fortunately.

Shouldn't affect the run too much longer because we'll be switching to sly fest and actually that could make the boss the states--even harder even.

It says except more interesting actually I like do you guys get to see kind of worst case scenario what do you do things don't go according to plan so this is certainly a lot of the challenge of running this game in a no reset setting like this.

That was very much off script nice job had a really nice fight in Galax so now.

We switch to your cipher and you can show off with the slight flare out is all about which is her ice abilities yeah casaya is three different spells fire ice and lightning all of which are extremely useful in the right situation.

Let's go ideally you really want to maintain this ice very far into the run.

Until the end of stage 8 so it's very important I don't die oh no too low this.

Will be fine though there we go that was our first ice clip we're kind of like you just saw frozen enemy and then used that in order to be able to kind of clip into the ceiling and jump through it oh no that is pretty bad sure I I'm.

Gonna actually do that I want to show off the ice here so that was very unlucky and he came is trying its best to ruin this room so yeah that you know.

Obviously dying his time loss but so is continuing without the ice cream.

Something else to keep in mind those that death did cause Trevor to lose his whip power-ups and sub weapon - so that's something he's gonna have to keep in mind when he's getting ready for the boss of this stage again could have.

Continued that way but I mean really the ice gifts are the most interesting thing about this route in my opinion so if you don't do that it's like what's the point might as well go back and get it now forget another random drop then screw this game it could happen but one nice.

Thing to know is that when things are killed while they're frozen they can't drop anything.

And it's only one hit to to kill a frozen enemy regardless of how much health it normally has to say he's able to just blitz through all these bone pillars and mates really tough jump.

Coming up in this room I like ants do it but you have to inch ever so slightly up against it close for everyone to see this insect should I stop that is a mandatory five pixel jump very difficult to do in a marathon shoutouts to the coroner underscored now I need to be.

Thinking about how I'm gonna deal with this boss without holy water so thanks to a random drop I lost the holy water then at least had the whip up great but then thanks to a random drop and okay so I'm gonna power up on in this area right here is Trevor yeah there's her cross in this room and that should aid with the boss definitely. I believe the crust has also become.

Psifas lightning spell that would be another option for the buzz but then he wouldn't have ice for the doing more skips and future stages yes stage eight the next one after this becomes nonsensical with the I skip and it's really great to show so I agree with what kind of stadium.

Nice baseball yeah so we've got two mummies and other Cyclops and then a twist we have a Leviathan gargoyle in the third coffin it reminds me a lot of the the boss of Castlevania one actually I don't know if they intended to refer to it seemed like that but your extra life Cyclops actually dead this time I wonder by the third time we see him.

And then normally he'd just spam holy water to kill this guy like one or two jumps.

Real quick fan gamers chimed in with a $700 donation they said what a wonderful.

Day to have a gdq donation great block of games on deck today good luck everyone everything is back on track now we're gonna be using Slifer for the rest of the run I actually have ice and then stage 8 is where all of the different branching paths you can take through the game join back together and then you play the same stages from here on out and then this is also where the amount of damage you take goes up again another notch to you're gonna for most things for for Trevor and five for other characters.

So we're gonna see a couple I used to give just coming up in the side they're gonna skip large large large blocks of this I'm not gonna see much a stager than death this is exactly why I died in stage seven I really wanted to show this right here Thanks.

All right one more for this room.

I was picking up the lightning orb take.

A spear bomb this is a very powerful spell yeah shoots three orbs that homed. In on enemies sometimes I'll be fine.

Oh my goodness okay so you just have an audio cue he needs to do for this fight so we're going to be quiet normally do.

It damage boost there so there we go alright so we were talking earlier about.

Lightning spells sometimes humming and the Jay version it has way better accuracy but for whatever used it in the US version sometimes it likes to find a projectile and just stay on the screen so for this stage I'm waiting to meet the guitarist who can shred the arpeggios that happen in the background.

So this section right here will always be the same if you move the same every time which I did not so can I have to react to drop fire fire spell drop sort.

Of minor concern here but nowhere Newell's big a deal in the earlier stages yeah this stage I think is the.

Hardest stage in the game casually but most of the enemies here on predictable patterns except one particular is spending this screen here is gonna hesitate just a little bit here in order to delay that second spike crushers we can just jump right over it and this next room is very difficult if you're playing as Sipho Trevor.

Fortunately there's no randomness I mean all both the gargoyles and the bone pillars are very predictable taking a.

Damage boost here is actually plenty more dangerous to go up against that guy and Slifer is when you're on the stairs you're basically glued to the stairs and you can't be damaged boosted backwards but once you're off the stairs if you try to fight that guy then you can be knocked right off into the cliff and it's happened many times so I just damage boost though it's another. Autoscroller if you want decent donations all right we received a $10.

Donation from Yuriko who says hi gdq Yuriko here I ran home from work to be able to catch the Castlevania segment which has been a staple segment for me for four or five years Thank You Eureka and James The Bard donated $100 said.

While I might be a work there's nothing better than catching my favorite block at sgdq also might have missed a lunch maybe there's food in these walls thanks.

For minding me they're actually gonna get that not very good timing Ken McDole. Donated $20 and said I am a simple man who loves his gdq i see castlevania three i donate in fact i see any cafe me i donated here's two more donations because of castlevania block so coming up here coming coming up is the last ice skip in the run and it's a big one too and it's it's random how this setup goes so the run kind of lives or dies and like a PB attempt by this scoop coming up here he has to use one of the randomly moving birds and her just set up the ice skip that might be. Too high no okay well that was good I wish my TV yeah it's not over yet though.

I have to fight the doppelganger with fire which can be problematic sometimes all depends on what kind of mood and doppelgangers and good mood oops come on.

Stay still buddy don't move thank you.

So what happens there is if your placements right all doppelganger will do and the cypher form is just fire it's wrong that you and not use the fire spell so very important that the Kanes being thrown at you instead of the fire spell so this is the final stage here and not.

Quite as bad as stage 9 as far as the stage itself goes but Dracula is no joke.

And on this screen here is gonna hanging out near the top as much as possible to get the Medusa's to be spun and reduced leg.

One case where you actually want the stopwatch in this category it's going to be used just in one spot.

Right there I'm gonna use this last.

Fireball here to D boost right through here we've got the last checkpoint of the game in the US version unfortunately they should have given us one right before Dracula liking the meat.

They're definitely not necessary but we played safe and there is actually a last ice skip that he could do with off one of the bones the bed top skeleton throws but it doesn't really save as much time as you think because of having to kind of wait for the throw and it's a little risky - yeah for sure another nice boost right there but the ice from the bat see some time from having to climb the stairs here I almost jumped again there which is what I hit the bat alright so yeah. Dracula has three three forums all of which he's gonna be fighting with fire yeah with this much health the only thing I'm really worried about is falling in the pit and of course being slow you don't want to do that pretty straightforward with fire another audio key here it's.

Basically trying to time that his first shot so that it hits the right head and he's able to do enough damage to kill it before it moves up I'd arranged nicely before and then time isn't on the last. Hit on this farm it's when he collects the final order but it's a few seconds after health reaches zero.

Okay that's not good oh that's fine it's still a one fight yeah there you go one.

Cycle is very difficult I mean face flew there all right time that's not bad is to hang.

All the random drops in thank you guys the game definitely had it in for you in a couple spots but you recovered cool I hope you all enjoyed one more time for my penis everyone that fantastic castlevania spree run showing the adaption throughout at all summer games.

Done quick 2018 we'll continue with more speedruns soon as we finish set up for our next run in the meantime let's get. To some of your donation comments baz myth donated $25 and left a comment saying I've honestly never played any Castlevania games but this run is making it look fun also SAPO exelon the couch and had to donate for final fantasy 6 - if you're wondering how to get your comment read on air just go over to games done 'quick calm slash donate or go to games done 'quick calm and smack that donate button and then when you fill out the form and give your money to Doctors Without Borders also known as MSF you can leave a comment on there and it might get read on the air we don't have the time to get to all of your comments but we certainly try to cover as many of them as we can for instance we received a $5 donation from a $5 donation who said a $5 donation thanks gdq thank you a $5 donation in fact you remind me of another important point $5 is our minimum donation amount so to keep that in mind as well.

This is summer games done quick 2018 powered by twitch got some comments in here recognizing me so I'll read them sure why not Daichi with a seventy five dollar donation said prolix great to see you at sgdq reading donations and giving sidebar commentary I seem to notice the GDQ orphanage is empty after agdq when PFC adopted all those daughters sons and other various orphans here are $25 25 sons and 25 RPG jerk birds to help start the orphanage off Primus f soon to be adoption of them thank you so much you don't know what they're referring to check out the burnout paradise run from agdq 2018 that was fantastic they had a lot of a lot of fun with the donations of twenty five daughters instead of twenty five dollars thanks to a little slip-up at two kiri with a $10 donation.

Said I was so happy to hear my favorite announcer come on that I had to make a donation I'm looking forward to hearing Pro X's commentary and watching what I can at the castlevania block before i have to go to bed hype from japan.

Adam donated $500 and simply said. Donation kitty kat donated one hundred.

And fifty dollars as they kill the animals and the vampires kill everything except the frames of course save the frames.


We're scrolling by the available prizes and the upcoming runs on your screen right now but friendly reminder in an audio format Castlevania bloodlines were in by Klages up next followed by castlevania circle of the moon and then after that we'll be getting into Dragon Warrior 3 that'll be in any % run by facts heard in the meantime let's read some more of your donation comments mystery man 39 with a $50 donation says command that joke was so last gdq we. Need our new hero donut or referring to the Dragon Warrior 3 incentive for your hero name where donate or is currently in the lead good luck getting your choice there DPS 2002 donated one hundred and fifty dollars and said shoutouts to clay gin the entire team poor life choices community put this toward the bear in the man suit Gian Morris good luck lage and please don't fall through the steps well you may have just had your wish granted there DPS 2002 cig Matic sake.

Donated $15 and said every gdq I wait ever so patiently for the castlevania block to watch my favorite game series getting destroyed along with my bestie from the other side of the globe so shoutout to guiltless you are the blade to vanquish all evil in my life heart thank you for your donation and the comment and it's awesome to hear about people from across the globe coming together just to watch the castlevania block and enjoy that together that's that's great a one.

Hundred and fifty dollar donation from anonymous here who says long time first time finally able to attend and donate just a tiny donation for john morris thanks anonymous glad to hear you're out there in the crowd that's awesome.



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