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Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary Specialist HQ (FireBreak)

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Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary Specialist HQ (FireBreak)

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Review

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Are you can Savannah we wanted to make the world a better place I chose to do it from a lab and a boardroom but Jessica wanted to fight happy birthday mommy you have a beautiful heart Lucy just like your. Mother and that's what got her killed.

With a bleeding edge it's waiting for you to come at that mission break it.

Lucy you will live to see a better world.

She died for what she believed in.

She was my little sister. I miss her as we did your mom was.

She was very brave just like her grandpa.

Until we. Me too Ken.

You and you make this content I want to pilot their bodies light enough she's. The real deal what are we getting into here with what she's paying anything she asked for me.

This kind of shit doesn't exist she's.

Planning some battle more like a war.

Vision holes and portable fuck I'm.

Thinking bigger than battles and Wars I brought you here to change the world what do you have in mind.

Welcome to the immersion your instructor.

Has been activated his methods are unconventional and often nuanced but if.

You want to fight innovation there be goddamn good woke me up sergeant Frank. Woods you look like hammered shit it's on your mind Mason the real world I'm pretty get the hell out of here I got this talk later.

All right like the lady said my name is woods friend of the family. You don't know who I am tough shit you.

Will alright here's your deal you come equipped with special issue weapons and gear I will train you up and.

Get you squared away now maybe you feeling frosty want to get right into the shit fine by me select combat immersion we often mix it up with the box come on pick something either way I got your back.

Welcome to the immersion your instructor.

Has been activated Sani alarm man your callsign is fire break the purifier the flamethrower quick cook the enemy with a hefty side of devastation the reactor core emits deadly radiation which even penetrates walls want some area denial you've got it master this shit man it's like bringing a nuke to a knife fight fire.

Break look at those guns on you man you are built for area-denial all right you psycho approach the objective marker and break out the purifier look at this guy.

Light them up hey even if a hostile.

Survives a grilling this max health takes a major hit. Alright torch you got a messy room up ahead go clean it up make your mama proud.

Everybody loves a good barbecue just depends on who's flipping the burgers I like mine extra crispy but you got to be careful you have limited fuel in that weapon all right. Use your mini-map but find the enemy's cooking shit I remember the purifier has limited fuel juice flame away.

Good work soldier so what do you say we go make friends with the reactor core hmm I love this. All right let's keep this simple the reactor core is a nuclear weapon hold the button and fire it up press that.

Button all night long baby double a little gonna fuck up the new baby enemy keep your eyes in your help man if this wasn't a sim be a fucking glow worm right now next trip to the red zone you're gonna be toast you need to get a feel for the effects over time and distance move near those ugly fucks over there is why you had the core deploy the RC is a two-way player man now over.

There for two please and we have two.

Moving on to the genius round and behind wall number one we have knuckleheads camping out so unleash the dragon and fast in the glow of your enemy's demise with your tech note for you the.

Radiation does vertical work two turns a sniper overwatch position into a smoking pile of goo I got pictures.

Like that torch baby you got incoming.

Now go fuck some shit up.

Your enemies using cutter can we burn right through that shit.

Are you magnificent bastard peewee and his camp buddies think we can't make weapons free.

So little boy blue.

You imposed your will and took the hill but P we ain't going away though try to regroup though try to recoup but your scorestreak is now and playing earn points reach kill reach the limit you will then a thruster it will be yours but if you die back to zero you fly but losing fucking do it again man.

Nice day one spice you know.

Is there a fucking reason why your just shoot something now you see the light.

Show well fucking done your ass that.

Alone was worth the price paid nation.

Hey torchy.

These are not merely weapons of war he possess you must burn it to ash you are.

To pass through the gates of Valhalla is there no dream can remain this trial by fire it's just begun my friend what's.


You fucking dirty little days your worthless maggot just like a brother.

Hardpoint basic shit occupy the hardpoint repeal all enemies gain points for you team survival inside the hardpoint takes discipline soldier be smart find a sweet spot and use your tools heads up our point will change positions throughout the battle you adapt or you die a man trust me reach the scar limit first cuz good shit happens when you do.

Hardpoint I secure the objectives a.

Hardpoint identify.

Seraph dropped Sackhoff can be Oh sorta.


You may be available for tasking.

One lockdown be established in 50%.

Lockdown back home establish that's a kill.


He's done rcxd heading out don't be.

Complacent to finish the mission.

That guy cropped hellstorm available for.



Hope you brought SPF 5000 boy lost.

Boy lockdown down.

Ohayo pacified government forces take a win.

It is out of your hands now we will take.

Care no I will take care of this she's. My problem it's too late remember you.

Came to us just try it

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