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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 16 (re-upload)

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 16 (re-upload)

September 29/30 , Whitechapel

As Holmes

October 7, 1888, Whitechapel

As Watson

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Careful Watson do not walk around here until I've inspected these marks I know Holmes I know I understand your methods ah you have your roll and magnifying glass I thought that you had forgotten them Holmes I never forget the essentials My dear Watson.

This isn't water going by it sticky texture and odor I'd say we're dealing with formalin right foot lights trails the man was running size 13 these are the footprints.

Of a tall man who'd recently stepped in formalin and who left this room in a hurry well can I walk on it and enter the room now Holmes.

If this doctor Tumblety seems to be attracted to men more than women that much is clear so the doctor has a handgun and he would use it to restrain young men perhaps.

If this letter is addressed to him it would appear our doctor is a veteran of the American Civil War Vicksburg is the key now now that is interesting.

Going by its size this enormous trunk must be a wardrobe these brackets are rather unusual what you think Watson let's see Holmes these are the names of the battles from the American Civil War.

Let's see five latches each fitted with a six number combination system.


Mentoring this is dreadful homes this.

Trunk contains four jars in which organs are floating Watson can you tell me a glance what these organs are I would say that they are parts of female reproductive organs are these specimens fresh no and I am quite certain of it from the color and appearance I'd say these organs have been in these jars for several months if not years let's go to Baker Street is there someone here yes.

What's going on filly who seemed to be in a panic the two police officers wanted to know if someone suspicious had entered here the Whitechapel killer has struck again and if I understood correctly he killed two women in the past few hours where I don't know the police they didn't tell me anything quick Holmes we must catch up with them certainly not Watson mr. Finley do you know if the doctor had any other pieces of luggage up there apart from this trunk one or two I think do take care of the doctor's laundry my wife does laundry for the tenants once a week the sheets likewise would you be kind enough to let us know as soon as possible if the doctor shows up again certainly I'm just worried that he won't be back you see and I'm annoyed about my keys Holmes I don't follow the Whitechapel killer is at this very moment very close by whom here to stay in Port twiddling our thumbs the Whitechapel killer has always been there by and what will we do go back to the scene of the crime or crimes and mix of the onlookers and trample a crime seems even more know our time will come let's return to Baker Street let's go back to Baker Street home sweet home.

We were less than 200 feet away from the first victim a few minutes before she was murdered we might even have heard the murderers voice and we haven't done a thing for the past week you're the one not doing anything Watson for my part I have been working and as you know I've made good use of this week by tracking down and verifying all of the solid facts on these two murders to write up the notes that are on my desk read them over again and try to gain a bit of perspective.

I have read and reread them but give me something to do then a task where I can get stuck in because find me a slaughterhouse that will give us exclusive use of its block for an hour and find me in your opinion which common animal shares the most characteristics with humans from a physiological point of view pig I don't even know why I asked that question pray find a dozen fresh pigs heads Watson not big heads I prefer small ones sounds that's it.

Watson as soon as you have done the heart let me know I request to do search in Whitechapel who knows perhaps you will learn something about where dr. Tumblety may be hiding but there is also no shortage of slaughterhouses and pigs heads in those parts.

What a ridiculous idea to have asked Holmes for something to do where on earth am I going to find what he wants perhaps that kind Lucy will be able to help me good evening Lucy but is.

Something wrong good evening dr. Watson yes it's my. Uncle is no longer with us please accept my condolences my request may sound.

Rather strange but do you know if there is a butcher source water house in the area where pigs are killed yes Fletcher's the man he was a regular clients owner of a little butcher's shop not far but miss Bella didn't want to come so as the demon reaches all for sickness can you point to his shop on my map certainly do you know anything about the two latest murders oh goodness me no all the girls in the neighborhood are terrified it will be next that's what everyone is asking goodbye Lucy until next time wrap stopped.

Haha there's Fletcher's butcher shop closed due to illness if the proprietaries ill the butcher's block is probably not being used as I can use it now where could sick butcher doctor. Yes deflector Raziel he should be here.

Good evening dr. Watson good evening dr. Gibbons I have come to see you because I was wondering if by any chance you happen to have a patient by the name of Fletcher a butcher who would have relinquished his shop due to illness an illness court during nocturnal encounters if you catch my drift Fletcher is one of the regulars at the clinic mercury treatment against syphilis a night with Venus a lifetime with mercury he left London a fortnight ago for the fresh country air why is he Ventris to you oh no reason I'm more interested in using his shop only for an hour or so would he have left his keys with family in the area he has none left but he must have left Hardiman the cats made seller to oversee his shop they're in business they're good friends do you know where he can be found no but wander around the neighborhood and listen for his beat beeps he often passes in front of the clinic besides.

It's me that you're looking for sweetheart actually no I am looking for.

The cat food seller Hardeman Hardiman Paul Hartman it isn't quitting time for him yet that gives me some time to wander the streets before he shows up and with him all the cat fear about do.

You know where he lives and I might even tell ya here are a few coins you're too kind governor well these days are knows that he lives with his mammy on Henry Street in the same place where dark Rani bled to death why did you call him.

It's in grieving of course just a few weeks ago he lost his wife and three months before that his girl poor fella he was in tatters even came to cry on my shoulder believe it or not well I must leave him I must go to handle Street this is the building in.

Which poor Annie Chapman was killed maybe

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