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Saving Little Girl From Nazi - Call of Duty: WWII

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Saving Little Girl From Nazi - Call of Duty: WWII

Saving a little girl from Nazi soldiers and bringing her back to her family.

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Hey Stiles a little hiding spot for you screw off annex Daniels get the door.

Lights off sounds like a kid Daniels you.

Still got that chocolate bar yes sir.

Bet y'all are hungry go take it alright.

It's alright we're not gonna hurt you I'm not gonna hurt you no food my sister.

Please help us no no kraut reinforcements will be here any minute we don't have time to be babysitting civilians it's only two of them sir you better come see this oh just.

Perfect we passed that truck a few hundred yards back you can drive it here when you get them all out with all due respect our mission was to secure this hotel first deutscher kein saga it's not.

Good you speak German when the hell were you gonna tell us that it wasn't alright we're gonna get these people out of here Danielson I owe you take that truck rendezvous with us on the west side of the hotel get moving it makes me wonder what else you've been hiding from us Harry's Iceman Cometh some slack search and not on your life private not on your life looks like you me Daniels.

Even leaves us meat didn't tell us he spoke crop his family's german-jewish he just didn't want anyone to know about the German part I guess we all got something we're proud of they got a kid in there old folks - can't save everybody they're civilians we send them to the rear that's what we do there's the truck.

Come on okay just need a minute to get.

This baby started all right we'll cover you.

German troops ain't kill me.

Hopefully sees incoming takeoff.

They stopped coming in looks like they're pulling back okay you got a.

Running thanks for comfort I think they might be recruiting on the north side God elects partner we got to get these folks out fast back again too risky we don't want them caught in the crossfire just hurry because it's right Daniels we don't have time to worry about these people there's civilians they need our help work it on the street yes sergeant all right get the civilians out of here.

Let's go let's go let's go we got to move reinforcements are on the way oh yes Yusei takes your sister with bats.

In the basement well then that's where she's staying we got to get these people out of here come on lieutenant let me nobody's going you got two minutes I'm going with you nope just Daniel it's too dangerous I need everyone here to cover the perimeter yes sir you get back here fast will do sir.


Oh fuck.

Got a fine Anna.

She's got to be here somewhere I hope.

She didn't go upstairs hey kiddo.

Come on let's get you back to your sis.

Coming it's alright.

You're doing great Satsuki.

Like one point is Anita lying.

So does tiburtina off come on Gus my.

Mother you have an angry girl from gulf support the zoo Kentucky Monday he had land elephants I must get Hawkins are kotas a leaf of the Switzer theaters hotels problem girl they are force nuttin.

Huh this is nurse leave at 9:00 good day. Bud yo you're doing great.

We're almost there just need you to be brave a little longer you box you're.

Doing great just a little further where do they keep coming through we gotta keep moving.

Thank You Mac exactly so make him pass back come on become this to look okay they can take it from here let's go we're escorting them and that's fine Pearson is right sir if we go with them chances are they'll draw fire seems like a risky private Sussman we are clearing this street and then getting them out understood I understand sir I just think they might be safer on there and if we let the Germans we occupy this hotel every squad that comes through here will be in danger it isn't Kasserine we have the upper hand get them on the truck sure sure.

Suspension positions.

Okay everyone accounted for Daniel see if any of these people can drive this thing Kanye minun lost the father vien I.

Named break annoyed and he's got five come on look at what she's done go on go.

The hell are you doing following orders everyone back to the hotel move move oh.

Hey there's nothing we can do

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