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Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs PC Walkthrough part 7 - Surviving Sid

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Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs PC Walkthrough part 7 - Surviving Sid

Next, while Momma and her kids rest, Sid must give them a good night of rest and must silence every dinosaur that makes noises around.

Later, while Sid runs from Rudy's wrath, Buck and the possum brothers get a Pterodactyl and rescue the sloth!

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Well let me tell you about your Uncle Buck little pizzas oh he could tell a yawn like nobody's business Jim sorry about everything about how he got to the world under the ice how he got his eyepatch and even about the great white Dino room well meanwhile I was in a pickle of my own trying to get my babies to sleep far off in the jungle their mama needed her beauty resting Oh she'd be cranky and hungry if she didn't get it don't worry baby mommy's friend.

Here will keep him quiet.

And away with you.


Again now I'm the slapping flaw.

Go to bed.


Like it.

I'm kid.

Oh I'm so proud of you.

From leaf to roots ah okay help you over here if you need me.

Ah the dawn brought a new day full of.

Possibilities full dangers in an unfamiliar land yeah but it also brought the joy and wonder of life new friend yes what it also brought with it unwelcome foes yes but that led us back to welcome family but at that moment we were in some real trouble yes but together we could do anything I said don't you mean separately yes that's what I said separately together.

Come on you cranky old bird out of control do something okay okay I didn't mean it you're a sweet fine young pterodactyl that's a girl.

Birds like a sweet sock.

Clean coming Bobby.

Therefore the baggie did possums thank me.

Doctor back row.

Oh boy claiming off all the flyer.

And I was a jukebox Bob one time.

Hey come drown too.

We're running out of skies watch your fingers and toes oh shoot.

Isn't anything here friendly my ahead is.

It hot in here was that just burning lava the sky is falling.


And now for change more lava.

A better lawyer than I thought.

I'll take that you make fun.


Gaja so play there.


Ha hey Gaston.

But I wouldn't ride over the family. Awesome's rule that's great Knights don't get come so there we were peaches.

Your daddy and I fighting off dangerous dinosaurs we decided that since your dad wasn't in as good a shape as I was before any other mammal on the planet for that matter that I should go save your mama from certain doom excuse me what are you two doing Oh telling peach is a bedtime story oh all right well just as long as it's not too scary XO and remember nothing too scary Toki this part might be too scary you did not anyways let me tell you the other side of the story where brave uncle puck was riding a giant flying pterodactyl through the caves to come rescue me.

Where we go this is a shortcut is it a shortcut filled with horrible danger that's I'm sorry.

Bogey's or a sex I aim for the stinger.

They told it's just won't quit.

- dangerous.


Okay ready here they come.

Head is buzzing that's not your head Harken finish.

Holy hotcakes we're in deep.

Keep shifting that line.

Get rid of all.

We're free and freedom feels good nice boys oh wait not after the words yes.

The box.

Damnit girls.

And that's why we metals on a superior species.

That's it what's a safe my friend Bitola whoa whoa we need to shake it off.

Behind us he's getting closer by the second see closer ditch Dave.



We really need to take this guy.

Tracy's most common today.

Come on I'm running out of lung here. But a longer Walmer somebody doesn't like your daddy saved your mommy little.

Pizzas and well with the help of your uncle diego so not only was she needed by his family but he had also never losses hunters eggs thank you meanwhile things were looking up for your Uncle Buck or rather pulling up he which is exactly what he did at the last second before hitting the lava he and your uncle's crash and Eddie we're okay yes which is more than you could say sit who at this time was still running for Rudy.

You. Did ya.

Oh you don't want to eat me I'm Chuck.

Yes Oh.

Hi pinecone oh my poor hands in LA.

I'll be running away expert I'm here running away in burn money of the bitch.

Wow got it my top of the hull.

Leave me alone I'm allergic.

The floor is missing.

Oh things are really heating up now lava ho.

Cold hot pink clothes.

I really could do with them no right now.


I knew you'd show up you love me don't you go back I didn't say goodbye the kids sorry it's out of your balls this birdies heading home this is how vandeman issues start

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