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KINGDOM HEARTS 3 [PS4 PRO] English Walkthrough Part 4 - Toy Box (No Commentary)

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KINGDOM HEARTS 3 [PS4 PRO] English Walkthrough Part 4 - Toy Box (No Commentary)

Hey guys. Apologies. This took a bit longer due to an editing snafu. and I also fell asleep lol. But here is Part 4 and we get to experience the Toy Box level!!!


Feel free to message me anytime :)

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I was watching Mac sorry but this is no.

Time for television Rex gotta say that gig is pretty impressive really I like.

You Sora most Morty what gives.

Are they bash alright guys today we take.

Those mask intruders whose boss is everybody in position wait hold on I don't think I'm emotionally prepared would you calm down don't worry here got you covered.

It's go time.

What in the world where are we hmm oh my.

Gosh have we been shrunk and and look at us.

Well I am footprint around border goers.

Rick what is gonna protect the order from whale headless okay we go on three.

One two wait what are you doing who are.

Those guys.





Are they new wait I know this your your.

Oh Zahraa huh my name is Sora Oh stay.

Back for all we know the intruder said.

Slow down there Rex we don't know them but we can trust them they're the number one selling heroes in the country yeah it is mom was the Water Forum hams right did you see how easily they took care of the intruders I bet they're here to figure out why all our friends have gone missing and why buzzes laser started actually lasering and all the weird stuff that's been going on I mean that's what heroes do right let's not jump to conclusions hmm I gotta be smart woody.

So you're Andy's new toys fleece you.

Sure did a number on those intruders those are the heart was we've been.

Fighting against those intruders for a while I knew it hmm okay.

Huh in that case you're all right by me my name's woody put her there hey now hold on I'm sorry.

Actually my name's Sora well I'm goofy and I'm Buzz Lightyear.

Call me him it's a real honor and I'm. Rex I'm your biggest fan in fact I've been playing your game for months now and I've already gotten you all the way up to level 47 but that the comet boss is really tough slinky and I can't figure out how to beat him oh I wish slinky and the others were here they'd be so happy thank you all troops and attention sir strangers.

From the outside welcome they're all.

Toys so that's why we look the way we do huh excuse me you said that you battle those intruders before tell us where and why oh well uh we are well you must have.

Come from somewhere take it easy buzz what matters is that they got those intruders out of our way for at least a little while no need to interrogate oh yeah buzz Woody's right noted but still hey mmm-hmm had those.

Intruders the heartless been a problem around here no they just showed up a little while ago in fact those heartless materialized. Right after all of our friends up and vanished yeah dad what well gee it can't. Just be a coincidence hmm it wasn't always this lonely one day we woke up and we were the only toys left here nobody's heard from mom Molly or Andy.

We keep waiting for Andy to come home. You really care about him.

Yeah he's the best friend that toys like us could ever hope to have all right we better start looking huh have you got any clues we can go on any other strange things that happened well. Mmm there's one fairy one big thing huge.

Thing after everyone went m.i.a the intruders didn't come alone they arrived with a guy wearing a hood dressed in black just like you as a matter of fact he's the only other toy we've seen outside of you three a black hood but. That would mean you know who it is yeah they're bad news it seems like you. Have a lot of enemies we may have a hunch what's causing all the weirdness would you mind if we handle this I'm sorry but we're not gonna leave this to you huh if that guy had something to do with our friends vanishing then he's our problem too we've got to work together right so then.

Where can we find that guy Sarge any word from the recon team the latest reports place them in town sir at galaxy toys then galaxy toys is where we're going Sora huh follow me it's out the window and down the roof not so fast cowboy mm-hmm. You seem pretty gung-ho about going but shouldn't we stay here and wait for Andy well you've got a point but we've tried.

Waiting look if we go with Sora we might find a clue are you with me buzz of.

Course okay let's move out come on let's head. Over to the toy store.

Helpers from the outside welcome.

You ready Sora next stop the toy store I certainly hope.

We find some answers at galaxy toys.

Let's see hey I think that's a lucky.



Okay the first thing we've got to do is head down the street galaxy toys is on the other side of town.


Hope we find some ingredients around here for the whoopsie at 13.


Yeah I bet you there's a lucky.

Pam bomb here.


Hey why doesn't that toy move I guess it. Hasn't figured it out figured what out I can make it move for you huh you're from the dream the first.

Of the Saiyan orts I'm so honored you remember me.

Oh no he can look out one hearts shadows.

Fill the emptiness of another see how they bring him to life like heartless and nobodies they fit together enough why are you doing this there's a darkness we are missing it must reclaim the way hearts connect in this world can provide us with a clue so we made a copy of the world and then pulled those hearts apart I wonder how you'll handle the strain wait what does that mean don't let me down buddy.

What is going on is this boy a friend or foe I think we've got our answer.

Yeah if the Heartless know how to do it there's no reason you can't do what.

Brilliant I'm on.

He was being controlled he wasn't as switched into battle mode by accident buzz it's nothing I'm confused that guy.

In the black coat did he say he made a copy of the real world what's that mean it probably means they split this world in two your friends in one world us and the other only one of the worlds is real and the other is just really convincing you can't be serious oh that's right you're from a video game. Well maybe in your game that's how things work but here in reality you can't split worlds well this is ridiculous hey woody let's go I admit it does sound just a little far-fetched but say we have been taken to some kind of alternate world that would explain why your laser is real and is it really that crazy worse than evil Emperor's and protecting the galaxy any of that ring a bell hmm point taken but that just means these strangers are part of the delusion and I say it's time we parted ways in what home thought we were friends not strangers look I get that it seems weird. But we know something's wrong with this place we should stick together soraa's right they helped with the intruders so they might help find our friends they have been there for us so far you can't deny that come on every. Toy deserves a fair shake am i right tell it to that toy over there.

Hmm Sheriff sir Rex has just been Dido. Napped what's that my men saw him get. Hauled up to the second floor sir and Hammond the aliens are ma come on we. Have got to find them please let us help ya well buzz do you really think we can.

Save our friends on our own we didn't get very far before we got to take all the help we can get don't worry Sora can be reckless and Donald grumbles a lot it's talent you can trust them it's true oh he does see.

You they don't seem bad am i right buzz okay fine we do need the extra help but just so. We're clear I remain skeptical about this I'll work with you till we find our friends oh okay thanks for the help Sora Donald goofy my troops will return. To the belt sir.

This ascent is gonna be rather tricky too bad were not strapped to a rocket huh Hey think. We could use that oh it's perfect come.

On guys.


I better find some ingredients around.

Save this looks like a weigh-in yeah.

Hmm three rails yeah and each one leads.

Somewhere different.


Wow Oh rats where'd he go you sure you saw.

Him yes he just do you guys hear something.

Hmm what's that.

Something feels wrong another toys being.

Controlled. Buzz you sure if it wanted to play nice and it should have stayed away from my friends.


Nice moves Rex that was great great really would you say I was impressed very impressive Rex we couldn't look away all right oh that makes me so happy were you watching you did you see what I did listen would you something close dirt to rocks do you know where the others were taken what do you mean did something bad happen back to square one oh great huh Sarge have you got a status report sir one of my men just located ham forward of our position in babies and toddlers the Corporal was debriefing him but something must have gone wrong all radio contact has been lost anything more specific we can go on right before I lost contact I heard music with some sort of sonic interference music you think it could be the heartless let's.

Find out I agree actually I think I'll head back.

And wait by the entrance I'm sure those Finn's are going to be much too narrow for my big dinosaur tail really I'm sure. You'd fit Rex is right besides we need a.

Lookout at the entrance it's an important mission can you do it yes sir.


Now go go go.

We gotta slip through.

Here we go come on yeah yeah.


Let's see.

Let's see.


Ready when you are you know time.


This is babies and toddlers where do you guys think we should start.

Sorge didn't you mention music affirmative goofy hmm all right why.

Don't we look for things that make noise sure what do you mean for me hey I think.

They really are good guys well you wouldn't have trusted them otherwise and I know that your trust is a hard-earned treasure hmm well for all our sakes.

Let's hope you're right cowboy I'm willing to give him a chance at least for a little while longer especially if it means getting Andy and our friends back agreed.

Galosh I'm kind of worried about our new friends.

Here we go.

Like it.

No time.

Find out.

Thank God there.


Let's see that was close.



Is this it.

Come on Sora you've never used a record player huh like this.

Breathe it's working.

We're in wait did that sound off to you.

Hey Sora there's some kind of strange.

Noise coming from the orchestra got it woody you keep the record going whoa.

This is the one.

Hmm someone seems to be stuck in this tube of I'll get it out almost got it.

We're car pro.

You all right son yes sir that's the soldier sart's lost contact with so you found him yes but while I was radioing in a giant hand grabbed me and it stuffed me in there they must have taken him to another location we have to hurry.

Wait corporal you're not fit for action but Sarge your tour is over son and it's all right our trusted allies will take over I will.

Move the Corporal to a safer location good luck gentlemen huh.

Hey hey hey what is going on oh right.

Woody mission complete.

Why didn't you tell me a little sooner.

Oh sorry there's no time to rest and.

Meets us.

Talk about cabin fever thanks for the save you okay Pam yeah aside from being locked in the accommodations are fine whoa who is.

What's wrong she's back that's the donut big fit me ham take cover they're coming in one stay the drip breakfast was enough for me not another possessed toy guys look alive.


So long.


Like this.


You know time.

Yeah thank you.



Yeah see there.

Wait then what if we end up just like. Her forgetting ourselves and attacking each other no way buzz that won't happen Wow Wow you guys are too strong you can't be sure what if I get taken over then attack you buzz you're overthinking it yeah the Heartless the darkness can only.

Creep in when our hearts falter trust me you'll be fine if you don't lose heart well that's good because I know you buzz.

You'll never lose heart when it comes to your friends true enough cowboy sorry to.

Have worried you all no problem now let's go find the others.

But flying saucer I think I know who that might lead us to come on guys yeah.

Okay hey woody I just slowed you down. With all the loose change I'm carrying I like by the entrance no problem be safe ham yeah hey thanks buddy you.

Just take care of your old self now let's follow that UFO that was close.

They have come for us the mystic portal.


Oh no wait stop it's getting away don't.


No time.

Well done friend.



Go time.

Perhaps if we use the cannons all those mechs.



Almost there.

We're our ship is no more Nirvana will.

Not be reached sorry I trashed your ride.

Fear not we still have our new home the.

Chamber of Andy there right this isn't.

Where we belong we've been in this toy store long enough it's time for us to go home to Andy's room but Zayin ort told us that room isn't even his real room can you prove that any of that nonsense is true and even if that Andy's room is fake it doesn't mean he's not somewhere in this world with us I'm going home to wait for him no more debate you with me woody hmm you're right buzz now that we're all. Accounted for we should meet up at the entrance and go home okay we could have used friends like you for the final showdown but organization 13s our problem to solve I'm not so sure about that.

Guys can we see you off that would be great.

Much obliged.


Sarge roll-call sir yes sir roll call all toys.

Fall in Sarge. Army men times four am aliens one two.

Three wait where's Rex he took off. Said he wanted to prove to you you could trust Sora he's up there by the video games well here we go again huh huh this.

Is about us he's not safe the Heartless.

Are out there you're right Sora Donald goofy any chance you could help us one last time sure thanks guys.

Val said rats was in the video game section.

All right look look I found it.

See Sora well I never looked this good.

The clothes kind of match button.

What do you know they are videogame figures see I told you buzz they're toys.

Just like the rest of us well I suppose Donald I thought your. Magic decided how I look explain say. Rinku would make a great action figure oh no it's me I've got the black clothes.

And we're all right all right everyone now that we're back together it's time to return to Andy's room now but can I at least check the strategy guides I want to know how to beat Mohammed next.

Time all right now we need to go home oh.

But you needn't rush off say you nort I have more to observe I.

Can't let you leave yet it's us that you really want leave the others out of this.

You would say that champion of light very well let's get to the final stage.

Oh what's the matter.

Come on buzz quit fooling around I can't.

Believe it buzz has been taken over what did you do.

To him I thought I made it clear I am.

Testing the strength of their hands in this world toys have hearts and those hearts come from a powerful bond so what happens when those bonds are stretched to their limit when they are worlds apart can cloth and plastic hold on to their hearts all I needed was a wedge to widen the divide someone like you to fill the mistrust and doubt and that chasm you created can be filled with a vast darkness witnessing for yourself.

Do something on my way.

Not this time.

Where am I haven't you heard in this world you come from a video game so now you can watch my experiment from inside that screen that is if he managed to find a moment's rest there's got to be a way out buzz woody hang on.


Frere you alright Sora yeah I'm just fine and you wait where's buzz he disappeared into a.

Dark corridor Oh Sora how do we get him back I don't know.

My power won't open those yeah sir.

Did I hear you say dark corridor that's right Sarge any ideas well it might be a long shot but we've sighted a shadowy portal in the kid Corral we can infiltrate from a window inside babies and toddlers I'll head there and get it open Sarge you're a lifesaver you guys in yeah please promise you'll bring buzz all the batteries included journey safely don't worry we're gonna get our friend back.

Come on fellas.

Let's see.

Surah loss. That must be the window Sarge mentioned.


The entrance was blocked by blocks can. You use the gigas to move them yeah maybe I'll try.

How we gonna reach that well there are some more blocks here.

We'll need more than that.

Either some over there.




Plant a cactus yep and it's our way up.

To the dark corridor.

It looked like this yep.

Here goes.


Stay in nort what do you want with my friend look such tremendous darkness all.

Because he was ripped away from the boy who cares about him most does that mean.

We'll all be like buz if we don't find Andy wrong distance doesn't matter Andy's part of their hearts just like my friends are part of mine no you can't rip that apart huh.

What your friends are your power how.

Very true but if the light of friendship is a form of power the darkness of being. Alone is a power even greater darkness is the hearts true nature whatever. You're talking about I don't care put buzz back the way he was then get lost or else what toy yeah I am a toy.

And a friend my guess is no one's ever.

Loved you before because you know nothing about hearts and love.

There are hearts all around us trying to connect your loneliness only made woody and buzzes connections stronger that's the hearts true nature to never ever let go wherever they are Andy and the other toys haven't let go either yeah you can't keep us from Andy we're going home no matter what and taking buzz sayin ort.

You're so caught up in finding the shadows you forgot about the light that casts them.


Woody now.

Giddyup partner we gotta get this wagon train a moving.

Woody wait how did I get here hmm oh I.

Don't know maybe somebody switched you into dark and stormy mo but I don't have a.

Thank You woody good to have you back buzz we can't hold me much longer don't.

Give up guys so even empty puppets can be given strong hearts I am going to have to remember that remember this our hearts.

Will always be connected to Andy's no matter what you do and that's something you'll never understand because your hollower than any toy but now I know a heart can be placed in the vessel of our choosing for that let me give you a parting gift to play with wait find the.

Hearts join to yours.

There careful.

Here goes. Thank you.

Yes yeah what yeah here we go.

Back off go time.





Come on sir.


No. Come on.



Yeah yeah yeah.


Back off yeah.


He'll jump.

So say an ordinal way again I'm sorry.

One I wanted to get you back to the real world it does seem that we're trapped.

Here we'll never get home yeah stuck like pigs our position appears fixed Oh a shame we'll have to.

Stay a little longer with our new best friends well after all the adventures we've had we're not quite ready to say so long you.

Guys I'm sorry that I was being so stubborn please forgive me.

Hey you were just looking out for your friends no biggie yeah somebody's got to be the sensible one huh especially since Woody's always getting in trouble gawrsh that sounds a little like Sora donut besides if we do go back.

To the real world we'll never see you again right but what about Andy you care.

About him so much and he's still right.

Here with us well if we follow our hearts we'll find them again yep yeah so Sora are you.

Going after the guy in the black coat something tells me we can't join you on that mission that's okay because you become part of our hearts.

Oh so let us become a part of yours.

Thank you now off you go to infinity and.


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