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2019 Mega Marathon - Nancy Drew #18: The Phantom of Venice

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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2019 Mega Marathon - Nancy Drew #18: The Phantom of Venice

For a 2019 Mega Marathon, Michael plays Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice, Game #18 in the Nancy Drew series.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hello everybody Margo Fox the Nancy Drew dude this is the 2019 Nancy Drew games mega marathon where I'm playing all of the Nancy Drew games and this is game number 18 the fun to move Venice this is.

Kind of a cool game Nancy Nancy was hired basically to be a top secret government spy in Italy hi drew this is my center of operations my desk go so she's gonna explain the case right thanks to prudence Rutherford the wealthy socialite whose necklace I helped recover while solving that scarlet hand case a while back I'm on my way to Venice Italy apparently someone there has been dressing up in a mask and cape and stealing valuable pieces of art the news media call him the Phantom not only because of the way he dresses but because he leaves and we're gonna be.

Living with margarita so basically yeah Nancy's gonna stop the Phantom and she's working working as a spy for the Italian government it's pretty awesome.

It just starts with creepy music while Nancy looks at scenery. Let me out of here hey open the door.

What the heck happened this case started out so well I mean what could be better than waking up in Venice Italy several.

Days earlier Nancy woke up in Venice Italy ended it.

Was wonderful she's here in Venice let's see yeah this is her bedroom I believe we need to call we want to call for his record right away what's prince's phone number and phone number is here referred extremely.

Wealthy socialite who wanted Nancy Drew here to solve the case she has returned yes final appearance hello miss Rutherford.

This is but if you're calling because.

Yet another thingamajig is supposed to lose he wants it there in the Casa you might as well hang up right now the coast is yours but this is a margarita.

It's Nancy Drew about such things it's a.

True miracle of modern science it says margarita Faubourg because I'm calling from the Kaunas Costa it's not really a miracle miss Rutherford it's just caller ID caller ID is a miracle Nancy.

Of yours I see was your most charming feature no you sound like a common American teenager distracting I really.

Must go my assistant appears to be having some sort of connection non sir.

Yes mr. Rutherford it's me Nancy Drew you asked me to call you when I got to Venice my assistant covered the display.

With kerchief said he was going to say.

Actually I'm not sure I haven't checked yet you really must get to work as the chairman of the Society for the Protection of annuities and culture I'm.

Flattered miss Rutherford and I'll do my best but it's not like I'm a superhero or anything like I told you I just like solving mysteries just see that you saw this woman a timely fashion dear we leave on a cruise in two weeks and I shan't be able to enjoy a second of it until I know all those stolen works of art have been recovered I'll let you get back to whatever it is you're doing it happens I'm writing my memoirs and they should be called the principles of prudence unfortunately this is necessitated by hiring an assistant the.

Other day a poor ginger mistook the shapeless lump of leather my assistant called her purse for a doggy toy and moved it to shreds she still perturbed although believe you me ginger did her masa failure anyway if you ever cannot reach me it means we are hard at work well that's prudence referred she's the one who got not see this job it's so good to hear that she's doing well with her second house in in Venice she apparently no longer owns this house but she loves this place she's the one who got Nancy the job and we can dress up Nancy in crazy clothes in this game we have to buy the clothes she doesn't have.

That we can wear a hat that is that is a.

Terrible hat that's not what you should wear when you're in Venice oh and Nancy Scott well you call it bobby pins bobby.

Pins so the package is outside but when.

We try to go outside we meet another character so let's actually talk to this character it's Colin hello you must be the American Margherita mentioned that is if you try to go outside Colin will interrupt you I'm Colin Baxter I'm Nancy Drew if you're looking for margarita she's up on the Altana the rooftop garden where are you from Oxford England at least that's where I was born I live here now and intend to do so for a very long while although I say that with no small amount of guilt why do you feel guilty people like me in Hellena are the reason true Venetians are slowly going extinct we foreigners come to Venice fall in love with her and wind up staying high demand for food and housing results in high prices which in many cases means the people who were born here have to leave because they can no longer afford to live here if I could be granted one wish it would be to have been born here that way I would feel entitled to live here and I would know how to speak Italian you don't speak Italian much as it shames me to admit it no languages don't come easily to me and since I am able to do what I do without knowing Italian I'm a mozi right now I'm restoring this 14th century mosaic which means without getting overly technical I'm cleaning the tesserae that remain in place repairing those that have been damaged and replacing those that are missing with new ones custom crafted to match after wonder if he knows noise you'll annoyed you from you know Nancy Drew curse' Blackmore Manor how do you do on Nigel Mukherjee so once again we have in English experts is margarita paying you to do this she is indeed as little as possible of course but just between you and me I do this for free you know I have some slides of various tesserae not only are they enormous ly informative but they're also quite beautiful would you like to see them yeah it's funny it's like without getting overly technical and then he proceeds to get overly technical I had no idea what he was saying no thank you oh I see you're no more interested in my artistic endeavors then is anyone else around here I'm just some sort of handyman to all of you aren't I well far be it from me to take up any more of your time no no I don't think that at all I just meant maybe I could see your slides later but if this is a good time for you I can look at them now I'd love to in fact really really marvellous here. We go doesn't it Nancy you're just being too polite for your own good he's making you look what a beauty ad at tiles that go on mosaics that's basically wonderful Jade color paralleled I know it's most.

Of these have cracks in the middle blue never looked so exquisite that's the best shade of blue I've ever seen this one takes my breath away mm mm what.

Yummy shade of yellow it's so delicious I could just eat that tile green may.

Just be my favorite color no that's why you're wearing a green shirt right I think I've sweater bring a sweater well I thought I had at long last found a kindred spirit someone who shared my passion for beauty for art but you apparently are like everyone else interested only in what something is worth instead of what it offers the soul no no please I'd stay but I really do need to be somewhere believe me I think what you're doing is fascinating and you obviously really know your stuff in fact that figurine in front of you I've been dying to ask you about it it's exquisite what this statuette yes it is exquisite it's an example of late Etruscan bronze work no doubt cast some 2200 years ago I'm not sure how margarita came to own it but she's very fortunate it's almost impossible to find bronze Ettie of this quality outside a museum you see after they conquered the Etruscans the ancient Romans melted down thousands upon thousands of statues like this just so they could make coins interesting shoot I wish I had time to hear more no no no no you go on we can talk more later Oh apostle was just delivered for you it's by the door thank you yeah so we avoided columns Collins angry temper tantrum and when we go outside we permit oh shoot I'm sorry here I'll get those she has a letter to Hildegard Killian you must be my newly.

Allied roommates I'm Helena Burke I'm Nancy Drew sorry for all the commotion when I came in last night my plane got in three hours late no need to Valley about waking me up I can sleep so almost anything but I'm sure you have things to do and places to go so I don't keep you oh by service as a parcel for you in the entryway ciao so bye entryway she means right over here here's the parcel dear miss drew here's your bank card and the phantom of Venice the Phantom struck again it stole it stole this valuable chalice it's very terrible very very terrible.

Let's see we're going we're going to get.

Our our card set up because it's not really card it's part of our top-secret spy assignment I told you Nancy's a spy so we go all the way it's in Piazza San Marco when I need to buy this nancy has.

Money in this game although five euro for birdseed is ridiculous very ridiculous I need a card so here are my.

Instructions instructions I need to spy on the main suspect the main suspect he lives in the Argan building which is really close to my spot so whenever he's inside his office I will my PDA will flash telling me he's in Maya he's in his office and then I'll use my spy binoculars to spy on him so this is Antonio this is what he looks like Antonio de melius Pongo so these are the.

Glasses and the PDA.

And there we go chaos could come in handy if I ever need any reference books see I know I can buy some stuff here but maybe not yet yeah I.

Guess maybe not yet okay well I'll come back to you later and buy cool stuff from you don't you worry yeah so that was about one and six dollars for birdseed if you choose not to spy on him the game just doesn't proceed that's what happens he lives.

Here we're not actually gonna go there we're going back to the car actually you know what we're going there changed my mind I think if we go there we can see that his office is locked and that will let me get get the bobby pins from Nancy's Nancy's bedroom looks like I'm going to.

Have to pick this lock somehow yep so. Now Nancy King kids get those bobby pins.

Let's go upstairs that's my pager Antonio fungo is in his office time to go to work I'll get those bobby pins and then I'll very very quickly go upstairs so the bobby pins were here I just want to grab them before I forget and Helene.

Is gonna be hanging out here for the rest of the game I think we have to talk.

To margarita first one journal and again welcome to Karnas Costa I see you finally decided to get up actually I've been up for a while good for you I got up shower can came straight up here if it's the daytime and it's sunny no matter the time of year this is where you will find me they say the Sun gives you wrinkles and words and that may be true but it also makes you tan to me to be tiny is good your recommendations they are to your liking actually the room is a little more quaint than I thought it would be all of na ta is quaint must get used to it most tourists think that it's decaying walls are what gives the city its charm you do not mind having a roommate it's very charming when it looks like the walls are about to fallen on you I love it well sort of but at least she doesn't snore I won't prudence that you would have to share a room with cheese so you had to come to vanity this week and you had to stay here and as we both know what prudence wants prudence gates have you gone outside the car yet yes in fact I have just do not forget to take your key and lock the front door whenever you leave this is not a Palazzo Grassi but I do have a several valuable pieces of art and with el Fantasma this phantom thief running around and stealing everything I prefer not to take any chances met the guy who's restoring the big mosaic in the main room he's pretty intense : Baxter I do not. Know how any man can find happiness looking at pieces of painted rock all day talking to him it's like taking a sleeping pill okay Barbra but I say he's good and so he works for me who are they everyone I know all my friends on casas like this one and since something is always in need of repair we are constantly on the lookout for good workmen and when we find them we trade them back and forth like you Americans thread recipes for cookies aliyev on hashtag raved about the work he did for her and what is good enough for the Countess of Schlussel Beck is more than good enough for me guess I'll be going ciao and Nancy that blouse you are wearing you should change it how how I am.

Wearing a wonderful blouse it makes me look fantastic what is my blouse yeah no that's a good plows I like it I like it I think I think you just you've just been out in the Sun too long and it's messing with your brain margarita now so margarita is basically just a socialite all she does this tan all day and all she wants to do is become as popular and as rich as possible while doing basically nothing well anyway I guess it.

Makes sense that's the kind of person for disrupt the third word would know you know she probably tries to become friends with prudence because she thinks prudence would make her you know more popular so here we go we're gonna be spying on Fong go Nancy what are you doing I'm bird-watching bird-watching it's one. Of my hobbies you Americans always busy doing something get Noah.

This is fascinating he's just drinking coffee so we're just supposed to sit.

Here all day okay suddenly being a superspy is not as cool as I thought it would be but wait what's this this looks.

Interesting it's a bird I am bird-watching see haha he's getting.

Messages via carrier pigeon I better go.

Somewhere private and report this okay yes is this detective Liberace si but please to you I am just Sophia I'll remember that Sophia you have something to report I think so while I was watching Fong go a pigeon flew to the window outside van Gogh got up from this desk went over to the window and took something off the pigeons leg something very small he removed something from the pigeons leg you are positive yes he removed something kind of studied it then left the office maybe he is using a trained pigeon to communicate with someone yes this could be true because we know that by phone he talks to almost no one here is what we will do I will deliver to you a tracking device you will sneak into fungals office when he is not there and feed it to the pigeon after that you can use your PDA to see in what direction it has flown you want me to feed a tracking device to a pigeon it will be very very tiny but I do not want to leave it at the ATM if you go there too much people will get suspicious yeah it's totally suspicious for tourists to need money I mean yeah very very suspicious so we will leave it for you in the costume store in Campo Santa Maria famosa it will be hidden among the things there you will have to find it oh I know what it looks like very soon I will send a picture of it to your PDA but you must locate the device quickly if you do not find it in time it will destroy itself if that happens we will hide another device ei will show you where we had hidden it you want me to feed a tracking device that self-destructs to a pigeon stroke mechanism will automatically deactivate when you pick it up and do not worry the device will not hurt the pigeon after this world and what happens if it explodes while it's in my pocket am I gonna be safe and I'll be able to track it using my PDA sounds like this thing is going to come in very handy it is from the GDI F military equipment is good well guess I'm on my way to compost Santa Maria Formosa after you have said the tracking device to the pigeon you must do two things you must find out where the pigeon goes when it leaves fungos and you must discover what it is carrying call me when you know these things you are a good to help us Nancy we are a very short-handed Carnivale i keeps the police very busy I'll do my best ciao so yeah well she just told us what.

The two things we're doing are ciao Bello nope do what we got I don't.

Know what that means it's like hello many things we could go into the bathroom in this game we finally are living in a place where there's an actual bathroom it's fantastic money won't get flushed down the toilet yeah.

I've got a steady back huh Wow Nancy's.

Doing her imitation of Dave from secret of the shadow ranch why I don't I don't.

Know I don't want to I really don't want to find out either so let's just keep going hello Nancy do you live here at the car no I have a room in a building on the other side of the Grand Canal a very small room but I spend so much time here and so little time there I suppose technically I do live here I'll let you get back to work what's his name what's whose name the bloke who gave you that locket you're wearing Oh Ned goodbye Nancy capaci I can't talk to you anymore because you've got a boyfriend and that makes me very very sad hello Nancy right so how do you like Venice oh it's incredible I think Venice is the most fascinating city in the world its history its art its layout everything about it is so rich and so beautiful and there's so much about human ingenuity I absolutely love it where are you from I was born in Austria but I'm from all over really England France Germany on Sunday Venice will be my home every time I come here I make an effort to meet new people having friends is very important to me you see but I don't want to move here until I can afford my own Palazzo so until that day I shall have to content myself is staying here wherever I can and as often as I can what do you do for a living I'm a journalist right now I live in Hamburg because that's where the offices of Yerevan magazine are I do most of my writing for them but I know far more about Venice than I do about Hamburg in fact I know more about Venice and most Venetians do I know there's a best souvenir stands are the nicest glass shops yeah I'll make you a list of the cheapest cafes no no that's okay you don't need to do that you don't long to know there's a cheapest cafe sir are you sure you're American I'm just not into touristy things that's all I see but you could tell me what your very favorite spot in Venice is I'd love to know that oh well let me sink south would have to be compass and Paolo there are something I don't know something very avant-garde about it that's quite charming so what do you think about all this Phantom thief stuff I probably shouldn't say this but I think it's quite a--quite figure darting down walkways beside moonlit canals melting mist like into the shadows escaping not with stolen money but stolen art it's all just so wonderful II venetian you condone what he's doing no of course not it just captures the imagination that's all as far as crime squeeze goal sees funnies wazzle flashing ear Fantasma hasn't physically hurt anyone and has some very interesting ideas when it comes to votes for stealing in fact it's all it took is a possible this phantom could turn out to be a woman whoa that would be a story I'd write for free I should get going it's been a pleasure pretty lookit thank you my boyfriend gave it to me boyfriend you do have it all don't you Nancy Drew everybody comments on this locket like she's wearing a rain hat when it's not raining but nobody cares about that it's all it's all about this locket.

It is a very pretty locket okay so we needed to go to combo Maria this one here and in the costume shop we're gonna.

Pick up a tracking pigeon device so it's. Right here oh and there's just trash all over the ground there's just Euro trash sometimes you can pick up the Euro trash and get get money but looks like that's not the case today so let's find a bomb it's actually right over here found it let's get Nancy's costumes let's see I.

Think that's it let's see I grabbed this.

These are cool full outfits too.

Let's see I also need to pick up a sunglasses from later yeah forget.

Eurotrash I'm gonna convert it into Euro cash I can't get sunglasses yet come on.

Nancy should get sunglasses sunglasses are pretty awesome and yes there's a. Skeleton man costume it's pretty crazy.

So we needed to break into his outfit not his outfit break in his place and we. Also needed to figure out where that pigeon was going okay so I'm just doing those doing that in this order we're gonna break into his place then we'll figure out where that pigeons off to.

Now I forget this one.

I think we need to get it so it's like level with this at the bottom I could be wrong about what level we need to get all of these pins at but we need to get them all level.

Got it okay so two from the bottom let's see.

Fungo has a fax machine which will be a long long puzzle later on it's got a.

Carousel horse which is part of the fax machine puzzle.

London's School of Applied Technology she graduated in the year 2000 and the University of Bologna also thinks that he's a good person that sounds like a little Bologna to me huh.

Copy tano is this password oh I can just mess with his his computer but unfortunately we can't contact Gina yet so it looks like he's got a standing reservation for planes out of the country but he's cancelled both of them and he likes playing chess see I know.

One of these things it's a robot it's a robot from Richard Tom's house and secret of the old clock what is that doing there looks like some cards are missing creepy oh and it's a kitty cat.

Very cute well anyway the pigeons here actually so I don't need to worry too much about the tracker that's good we dumped the the birdseed and then we dumped the the pigeon tracker in there so the pigeon eats the tracker and we'll use the tracker to figure out where exactly the pigeon is going the tracker says the.

Pigeon is left right up and down while that pigeon is everywhere oh my gosh Bongo is coming back oh no he's coming right here I need to hide otherwise.

He'll see me.

Oh no no why is he near the closet no no.

No no no is he with the mitten okay yeah.

I guess the pigeon was just waiting there all day for him to come back yeah.

It's kind of scary anyway well this fell off so ill daughter is the leader Capitano that is that's this guy's job.

Fungus job we've got brighella the thief and then i guess this person must be.

That ones who tells you how to get in the various places that's Gina and then this one is gotta move she who plans the.

Thefts will be beating him later yeah. Good thing he only stays in the office for a very short period of time okay the tracker says down and left the pigeon is.

Down and left's not that one yeah try to.

Recognize the correct pigeon that's not the one gotcha got it okay yeah I know is somewhere there what kind of message is that I better call Sofia.

After it left Fong goes at flute Ocampo Santa Margarita it landed right next to this place called Casa de jokey Casa de jokey you are sure yeah is something wrong Casa de oke is a private club on binary code tatse the police suspect that he senses stolen goods for big criminals like Leo Miyano fungo is working for the Phantom perhaps tops I was working for him to look around the Casa de GOG Nancy talked to Tata if you can get on his good side see how much you can find out without making him suspicious with the pigeon carrying a message yes but all it says is hello in English followed by an exclamation point that is at the bottom of this. Exclamation point yeah you must find a microscope and examine the star fancy if fungo was sending a message to Tata microdot of course I'll do that I'll find a microscope and take a look at it I do not hear from you you hear me so I believe we've got two storylines here we can follow up on the microdot are we can try it no no I oh wait it's the Eurotrash anywhere I want to get my yeah there we go I got I got some euros I got euros just from the trash oh man pick up the trash here this. This is this guy has the best trash the best trash ever okay so this is a propanol tank we don't know the code yet.

And I'm just gonna dig inside the trash in the middle of nowhere I mean in the middle of the public everybody will see me going through this guy's trash it's no big deal so Colin apparently used to be a criminal his real name is Justin Beaumont born an Oxford stole a very.

Valuable thing and now he went to jail.

Like that's it I guess that is it so I.

Use my dictionary here it's saying Samantha quick they're looking for Samantha quick with the red dress white gloves black sunglasses and blonde hair so I got most of the disguise my name is.

Nancy Drew poor Colin okay so we need to.

Get our sunglasses and maybe now that.

Nancy knows she needs sunglasses you'll she'll get them are those not sunglasses.

Where are those sunglasses everyone where does Nancy buy sunglasses here the. Sunglasses stand aha not that that I'm just kind of stupid oh.

And fall goes out his office oh no oh no we we've got to go there well I mean you. Can easily recognize Nancy as an American because she's wearing that amazing locket so the locket Justice USA on it and it's got a big American flag followed by an eagle that's that's like punching someone so that's why we know she's definitely American.

Another package when it's a box of chocolates for Nancy and think no it's for a likes are talking about me I.

Shouldn't listen she doesn't bother many know me in fact I rather like her I'm going to anyway this is because she spends most of her time on the roof bothering me she was always out there looking through binoculars I watching.

She doesn't strike me as a type I'm a bit of a good water myself just this morning I saw a flock of ibises near san giorgio party one fire bearing the water name red not all he talked about was grosbeaks and jonquils and cows he'll have died of the boredom anyway I apologize for the trouble she makes if she bothers you you tell me and I will tell her oh she's fine she's quite fine actually if you change your mind you know where to find me so gret not in margarita we're at a party together what sort of social function would they both attend they are not at all people in the same country or continent it seems weird that they would be going to a party together this is margaritas room.

Hello Nancy would it be okay if I used your microscope I have a very strict policy when it comes to my equipment no one touches it but me and now you I trust you Nancy please be my guest thank you I trust you Nancy I don't know what you've done to earn my trust but I trust you so deeply so the microdot says ILDA Toure says we're gonna change the safe room lock to four three five five six so cool that's great hello Nancy do you know who that box of chocolates in the entryway is for no I didn't really look at it because I assumed it was for you it's not no it's for someone named ill dottore oh I was afraid I mean I assumed they were from that locket fellow of yours ile de Torre wonder who that could be I need to get going drop by again colin is so obviously happy that that it was not for hahahaha not not from Ned ah the conversation continues I need to get going ciao still here I see I have kept you long enough ciao still here I see I'll let you get back to work drop by again yeah he has a name and it's Ned ah the conversation continues I'll let you get back to work drop by again alright let's buy on fungo.

We'll talk to uh Colin one more time we'll confront him about his secret identity what spying are you gonna do today Nancy its funcle' doing anything cool stop really doing anything cool who's gonna be resending that message because i intercepted it this looks interesting I believe Sophia's just gonna tell us.

Yeah let's forget it let's forget it let's just don't touch the don't touch this message the pigeon is flying in the wrong direction poor pigeon Oh and it.

Immediately decides I'm bored bored now leaving bored now oh I think this is a. Way we can make extra money is by playing that wasp game again hello again do you always wear that locket do you like it it is just that well when one lives in Venezia one becomes so used to true beauty that anything less tends to stand out like dirt on the white rug my locket is amazing and you are just jealous that nobody would ever give you a present I'm running kind of low on euros you are not asking me for a handout I hope or alone do you know anyone who might loan me the money no um but do not stop with me there are many ways for people with energy and volleyer to make a money in this city go to rialto market and see what people are buying use your eyes use your brain you will think of a way you sure that eyes use your Eagle ears are you aware that Colin Baxter once spent time in prison for art theft how do you know this I did a little field research his real name is Justin Beaumont so you know about his past his past is not important I believe everyone deserves a second chance because I am very open-minded but my. Friends most of them are not it a new Colin would never find work in vanetti again so please Nancy you must keep what you know to yourself who is ill dottore the Torah means dr. what doctor are you talking about there's a box of chocolates downstairs for ildo today someone must have left the mirror by mistake has anything else for ildo today ever been delivered Here I am appeared all day something gets delivered something does not get delivered I do not know I do not care I'll talk to you later Bella roba so these flowers well what we.

Do is we can spray the flowers to the market for money okay let's confront Colin hello Nancy I need to get going come back anytime still here I see who else besides margarita knows you went to prison in England for art theft what I don't know what you're talking about you wouldn't lie to me would you Colin I thought you loved me Colin my real name is Justin Beaumont two years ago I removed a Renoir from the private collection of a man to whom it was nothing more than a financial investment I took at home so it would be appreciated as the masterpiece it was its former owner took issue with my actions I was arrested and I was sent to prison for a year as for margarita she's the only one who knows she says if I don't continue to work for her for next to nothing she'll tell all her friends I have a criminal record which would essentially end my career here in Venice just like it ended my career back in England if that were to happen I'd be lost so he's claiming he accidentally stole the art because the owner did it like it and I really liked it so I wasn't like stealing it or anything I just wanted to be in a place where people could like it it's beautiful in other words she's blackmailing you what's worse not only does she keep trying to get me to use substandard material so she can save money on the renovations I'm doing for her but she wants me to cover it up by lying to the restoration Council about it and for someone in my precarious position let's just say resisting has been very very difficult enough I insist we change the subject I should be running along ciao yes he has a hard time resisting margarita but he has a harder time resisting Nancy still here Isis that's a wonderful curio alright so we are going to. Disguise ourselves we're gonna put on that Samantha quick disguise I wish we.

Get to see that locket I guess we can kind of see that locket that Nancy's wearing and she's blonde now yeah you.

Can only kind of see the locket it's very very tiny there's my red dress and.

Let's put on the fancy shoes I got pointy shoes beautiful beautiful nobody.

Seems to care that Nancy's wearing a wig and looks completely different we cannot take the we cannot take the teddy bear I can get the Easter Egg if you want right.

Nancy's fighting the shower that's very cute as I fight the power from from Game five I dress up just to go to the bathroom wow yeah this game was made.

This would have been the tenth year after the Nancy Drew series started that's crazy in ten years they made eight games.

Yeah no one will no one will notice her crazy outfits everyone will just notice the locket so I'll get the Easter egg here the Easter egg is pretty simple we just open up Margarita's door let's see.

This is - oh that that last one is out.

Of place this one's out of place.

Hello Nancy I do not hear from you have you examined the microdot the pigeon was carrying yes I have sorry I should have called anyway the message which was written in English said ildo today requests you to change the safe room lock combination to 4/3 556.

Yes which is really interesting because in his office phango has a poster of comitia del Arte masks he's crossed out all but five of the masks and among the ones that aren't crossed out are their brighella masks right and the mask for.

Ildo Torre wasn't crossed out either and it was in the middle like it was more important than the others Oh bring it back to the place where I'm staying a box of chocolates had just been delivered for someone named ill Doctore which means it's very possible that he'll Doctore is one of the people at the conness costa wow what a coincidence the culprit is living in in the Condors Costa so it's one of Nancy's three roommates are going by the names of.

Commedia dell'arte characters this would make it easier to secretly communicate with each other yes that's true perhaps those chocolates are a message of some kind and they filled the thorry was at the center of that poster you saw perhaps the person the message was meant for is the ringleader just what I was thinking here is what we will do I will have a technician hide tracking devices and objects these people are likely to carry around with them then when we know which of them is ill Tottori we will activate the appropriate device and be able to follow him awesome let's see Helena's always writing so for her I could plant a bug in her pen maybe and margarita is always sunning herself so you could hide a bug for her in a sunglasses case but for Collin for Collin you could bug a mosaic tile you know a tessera if it's from me you will long.

Story he's creepy and desperate and the device. Which he will hide in the pen then leave them for you in the bunker the Laura ATM you shuld give them to each will do keep your fingers crossed my fingers are always crossed I don't need your encouragement Nazi okay so that's now that we're disguises Samantha quick let's do the Samantha quick thing and then I'll work on plugging everybody. Else unless you want me to bug people first none and I'll do Samantha quick and then we'll bug now I'm pretending to be Samantha quick I've got my disguise he'll let me inside Samantha quick ah so.

No Larry katana benvenuto vineet Sarah I'm sorry but if it's all right with you I'd prefer to speak English of course whatever you wish what the pleasant surprise I wasn't expecting you until after carnevale I know but I just can't wait to get started so you're not only young and attractive but enthusiastic as well tell me more about yourself Samantha well I'm from the States as you can tell and I'm going to school in Switzerland and now I'm here and I think that's all that matters don't you because frankly telling my life story to someone wearing a mask is just a little too freaky for me I understand besides having never met you before I would have no way of knowing if what you tell me is a lie or the truth well that's convenient for me this guy has never met the real Samantha quick I always wanted the same costume for Carnevale why because I'm a very superstitious man I believe that always doing things a certain way brings good fortune for instance I never discuss business with anyone unless and until that person beats me at the game of scopa are you familiar with the game yes but it's been a while since I played just to be safe I will review the rules of the game as we play it here at the Casa de joking there are four suits in our scope a deck coins cups swords and clubs each suit has ten cards seven the most valuable card six five four three two and ace there are also three face cards Val a knight King when you are taking two externa game each card is worth what it says with ovale worth eight a knight nine and a king 10 however for scoring at the end of the game sevens are the most valuable followed by sixes aces fives fours threes twos then all face cards for scoring these are called primes to play the game three cards are dealt to each player then four cards are placed face-up in the play area if three kings appear the cards are read out the player who did not deal the cards goes first when it is your turn you must play one card and one card only from your hand now you have it - and there is a - in the play area so you will play your two and take a trick i discard a valet worth eight you cannot make a match so you discard your three I discard the tool now because you have a knight in your hand which is worth nine and there is a six and three in the play area six plus three equals nine which means you have a match and you take a trick I discard my ace and because we are both out of cards ideal us both three more cards ah you have a seven in your hand you also have an ace which is worth one a four and the two in the play area which add up to seven but there is also a seven in the play area so which do you match with your seven the three cards that add up to seven or the seven the rules say when presented with such a choice you must take the take by collecting the single card and so you match your seven cards in the ballet and take a treat you have.

Yet another seven in your hand now you match it with the ACE the four and the two and take a trick and since you have taken the last card in the play area you say Scapa and get a point we continue to play by discarding and taking tricks until all 40 cards have been played at that point we count the points we have won by taking tricks and getting Scopus the first person to get 11 or more points wins if no one has 11 or more points the deck is shuffled the other person deals and we play another round are you ready to play yes let's play you. Bet it was kind of silly that Nancy's Nancy's icon has her name on it she's. Supposed to be working undercover he's gonna know Nancy he's gonna know okay so eight plus one equals nine I can't do.

Anything with that four oh no scope ah. He got a scope uh what no school oh come.

On forget this game okay I'll put down the nine and then I'll take the nine yeah I.

Guess I guess they really needed to put Nancy's name there so players don't forget which character they're playing as I can understand that what scuba this.

Is the worst well he's just gonna beat.

Me this round of scopa the guy who's dealing the deck is obviously cheating.

This guy is rigged just rigged the game in his own favor.

Let's see I can put down the I can take the six and here I can get at least one.

Point forgetting the seven of coins I'll.

Have to put down it - oh I can take this one we've played all our cards I took.

The last trick so you get one point for.

Having the seven of coins I get one. Point for having the most tricks I get one point for having the most coin cards now let's add up what each card is worth and see who got the highest number of primes you have the most valuable tricks so you get one point and lastly we score the Scopus soluble tricks you have.

Changed their mind about playing scopa okay we start over of course okay so yeah we get to start.

Over that's good I see can I get a ten than any combination Asst yeah here I'm getting ten yeah ooh scopa scope bar oh.

Yeah put down a two sir oh yeah I was hoping to get another scope ah.

I put down this one and then I'll take the three to one so good that game.

Started off well I like it my mask is cooler than yours Enrico so that means I'm a cooler person than you I can't do anything with this so I'm.

Gonna put down that and he took it okay and I can't do anything with that I get.

One point because I'm the only one who knows how to play if I put down my one.

And I will immediately take that one back take the seven here put down a.

Three here.

Okay so let's see I'll take this nine because it's a coin card oh and he got the seven of coins or would have been cool if I could have I'm losing we've.

Played all our cards I took the last trick so I get all the cars left on the table you get one point for having the. Most tricks at one point for having the most coin cards I get one point for having the seven of coins now let's add up what each card is worth and see who got the highest number of primes you have the most valuable tricks so you get one point and lastly we score the Scopus I still I still never quite understood. What he means when he's talking about who's got the most primes let's put down.

Let's put down the one he stole my one. Okay let's put down the four and maybe he'll put down a two I don't know I can.

Make no matches this is terrible actually oh no what what on earth are we.

Gonna do now oh I guess I could take this five I can take this three right.

And again there's no real matches for me to take I'll put on my three and then pick it up later I get one point because.

I have the cool background the picture I.

Can take these eights Crazy Eights.

I was gonna take that nine but he took.

It instead I'll take that nine yeah and.

Then that's got to be the end of the round okay we're great fantastic you get one. Point for having the most tricks I get one point for having the most coin cards I get one point for having the seven of coins now let's add up what each card is worth and see who got the highest number of crimes you have the most valuable tricks so you get one point so I'm still.

Ahead that's good I guess ten five and. Five take this eight thank you sir.

I can't do anything with this one I'll just leave it alone so nine put this.

Three down scopa think about that I just.

Got a scoop ah I can't do anything with.

Any of these things um yeah put down the five and pick it up again what's this.

Scooper scooper.

Is there anything I can do with this 9 9 minus 6 is 3 so I can't do anything with that I could put down the 3 and then do that we'll try this again oh come on Scoob ah.

What scoop ah I hate you so much.

Enrico stealing my Scopus needed to win.

The 7 2 plus 7 equals 9 there's there's.

No one on the board so I can't do 7 plus 1 equals something I can't take the 2 either so he stole the 70.4%.

No points for me no points whatsoever I get one point for having the most tricks I get one point for having the 7 of coins now let's add up what each card is worth and see who got the highest number of primes I have the most valuable tricks so I get 1 point and lastly we score the Scopus so am I really we're tied at 8 it's just amazing that we're not I just find it amazing that we're tied that is.

It's a complete shock well this was a.

Good start I made three matches the game felt bad for me and so it gave me some matches this is terrible because I can't I can't make a match at all.

Let's do the nine now let's get that we'll take those then I'll take this ten this could be it this is good this is a good round I like it I just need a scope or something to make this make this round complete put. The one down three to 104 one is five.

I'll take that take this three put down.

This - yeah say I put down the least valuable - just in case something silly like that happened you took the last.

Trick so you get all the cards left on the table yes yes one point for having. The most tricks you get one point for having the most coin cards you get one point for having the seven I did instance I did it no points for you now let's add up what each card is worth and see who got the highest number of primes you have the most valuable tricks so you get one point it appears you have one Samantha quick and because you beat me we can finally talk business I have a client who desires the saddle Melek sapphire have you heard of it I'm not in the mood for a quiz Senora tatse forgive me the saddle Milic is said to be the largest and most beautiful star sapphire in all of Europe it's current owner is a man named Vladimir Thanatos who keeps it at the palaces artery guarded by one of the most sophisticated security systems ever devised even someone with your youthful energy and talent will find steel at the challenge which is why I suggest you contact Gina as soon as possible Gina who's Gina you Americans and your.

Sense of humor but now back to business.

Contact Gina soon the more time you give her the more details on the system she will be able to give you their business is over back to place do we have time for another game of scope no I'd better get going good luck Samantha as soon as you have the Sapphire bring it to me we're done.

Okay we're finally finished with scope okay so we need to the send a message to Gina.

Let's open this let's see hopefully it's.

Easy this time is this the same one as.

Last time I have to imagine they wrote out like three or so different scenarios for how those work and then they they just went through it I I mean the game just randomly chooses between the three it probably would it make more sense if.

It's not just three it make more sense if it's like seven but that would take forever to make what are you gonna do.

Now Fargo please don't look at me he.

Goes to his office he pulls one thing out of his drawer and then immediately leaves I swear this guy wasn't a criminal I would have no idea how he makes a living because he never works in his office he does nothing ever and.

Actually I see that he stole one of these cards another card is missing.

So now we're gonna contact Gina Capitano. We play chess with her so we're sending her this message z hey t t be our B so.

With this puzzle what you're supposed to do who are you supposed to do is buy the book on chess which is available at the market and she says she'll shall shall leave the instructions for us tomorrow but we're supposed to do is we're supposed to buy the book on chess which is available here at the Piazza's on Margo and we're supposed to use the information from that book to connect letters with different spaces on the chess board and we're moving things to the spaces on the chess board to spell out those letters or spelling out the words enter a real-life chess is better than fake chess yes that is true time to use my Italian dictionary we buy. Flowers these people buy flowers.

And that cost me 20 euro but I will use that for the flowers what's this carbo.

Drinks in Italy.

Apparently Italian carbo drinks are fantastic there they've got new blue blasts actually does look kind of yummy and gelato okay sorry let's uh let's go.

To the let's go get the things to bog people with unless I'm mistaken this place is open we can already go there even though we don't know why yet nice this is not the place I wanted to go so. Nancy's diary quality diet lots of gelato and just just euro carbo's it's great I need a card so I've got to tesara.

We've got the pen thing and the sunglasses case.

Let's go back.

Yes this is definitely yeah we can go here even though we don't know why yet oh that's beautiful oh no Eurotrash here worth any money that's not fair.

Okay so where's Elena Elena's gone so unless I'm mistaken we can well we've got a phone call oh I.

Wanted to oh whatever let's listen to the ball hello do what again who is this.

Mansa do what you have to do but who are.

You where are you how did you know it was me good question.

She said Samantha quick she is creepy. And strange and somehow knows Nancy in it because I was trying to go into the bathroom so yes you can.

That's where Elena is when you're when you're spying on her she is in the bathroom well I guess we're not spying on her as much as just dropping a bug on her luckily Colin appears not to notice this thanks calling your friend and.

She's got information about sunny June so if you pick up the German translation book you will be able to use that to see what she says about sunny June and Nancy and other people hello Nancy I came across this Tessera and thought you might like it it's quite beautiful all the more because it came from you Thank You Nancy I shall treasure it I need to get going that is a wig you're wearing right oh yes it is good because there's nothing wrong with your real hair nothing at all you like my hair don't you well I like your hair too Justin I mean Colin you can't stay away this is good this is bad I'm going away I need to get going come back anytime.

Is that a week you're wearing call us ouch hello Nancy I saw this case and.

Thought you might like it to keep your sunglasses in you are giving me a gift you do not have to do this Nancy but I like gifts and this one it is very nice. Grazia I hear you've been using the fact that Colin has a criminal record to try to get him to do things that may not be totally legal who tells you this Colin he stays with that because I do not such thing it is him he is the one who wants to break at the law Marguerita he says pay me a thousand euros and I will find a way to save you ten thousand euros on your renovation no I tell him the shell must re but he keeps bringing the table yeah the exact opposite how did you find out he was a criminal how did she find out he had a record he told me when he asked me if I wanted him to lie to the council he was trying to prove he had experience in such things and could get away with it and now he is telling you that Cheeto and the renovations was my idea who wants a liar and a thief always a liar and a thief this is what I get for being a nice even when people find out I hired such a man I will be the laughingstock of Annette SIA so once again I tell you Nancy please keep what you know to yourself I just don't think I can trust I'll talk to you later trust me I just don't think we can trust her on this at all would it be alright if I picked some flowers a go ahead Golden's got to them from a plantation in hawaii the Healy Research Center they grow like weeds.

So yeah this is just like the wasp puzzle in the previous game this time I pick flowers and they buy flowers I wonder how much money I can get for those flowers yeah if you're low on money I guess just go back and forth between the flowers and this area and then we're good to go we'll do that tomorrow right now I'm going to sleep I'm going to sleep I'm gonna go to sleep Betty buddy here Ike I was robbed by the.

Man in the mask and screamed at by the woman in the mask you're enough expendable I know he took it he stole my locket my wonderful locket he stole it I can't believe it why would he steal my locket they didn't.

Find a thing and they were here for hours they're not even sure how he got in believe me miss Rutherford after what.

Happened last night I'm more determined than ever to catch this guy agreed and.

Margarita when I reminded her what's.

Wrong are you all right definitely not a.

Minute original.

I think heaven she came in the back door if the neighbor saw oh the scandal enough tomfoolery Oh would you Nancy McElroy get stolen quite enough I insist you find him walk with alright ok not.

See oh you need to stop the thief that's what I want you to do it's not my fault.

That figure in the stolen this could be interesting it most certainly is you lock the door a lot I most certainly did not you're the last one to leave last night I always lock the door it's part of my routine just try to blame something else so do you want it fine since you're not about to blame land fee indeed I am not. Stolen oh don't be ridiculous you're the one who's being ridiculous.

There goes my pager now somebody's pointing out that credit Rutherford is not much nicer than margarita she's just a lot more likeable than margarita well.

Now no now that it's the next day of the. Game we can grab those top-secret instructions everybody's worried about the Phantom coming in through the door when he clearly seems to have gotten in through that back window near Nancy.

Hi okay so we'll need those two things.

To break in break into the area so hi obviously is another microdot so we're going to have to use the microscope to look at it.

All right so now what we need to do is we need to go over to mr. : and ask him please please let me use his.

Microscope hello Nancy that box it wasn't there before was it no in fact I just wanted in a card game it's a Chinese puzzle box beautiful isn't it Wow I just played that card game it took me forever why did they call it a puzzle box because to open it you must solve a puzzle something which so far I have been unable to do it's very light so even if I were able to open it I doubt there'd be anything valuable inside the baroque is a bit of an air do well so I'm not surprised however Margareta has taken a fancy to it and is thinking about buying it that's why I haven't taken it home yes by coincidence Colin just happened to play a card game with the Phantom of Venice and won a puzzle box off of him would be okay if I tried to open that Chinese puzzle box I'd love for you to have a go at it but it seems a bit fragile and until margarita makes up her mind about buying it I'd rather no one muck around with it sorry I should be running along drop by again oh no and.

The microscope is broken Colin microscope the conversation continues I'll let you get back to work ciao I guess I have to use the microscope to see that it's broken okay.

It's broken your microscope isn't working I can't see anything it was working fine a minute ago how could you break it Nancy something so vital to my work so critical how could you be so careless whoa calm down I'm. Pretty sure it's just a burned-out bulb oh well I'll just have to find you another one in the meantime why don't you have a go at the mosaic use the tes array from that bin and create a mosaic that looks just like that photograph with any luck by the time you finish that I'll have found us another bulb how could you be so careless you broke it just like you've broken my heart Nancy why did you break my heart.

Ah I'm sorry Colin I didn't mean to destroy your heart okay so the impossible tests are a challenge let's see if we could do this.

See I can't tell if this is red I think that's gonna be an orange there yeah I.

Know there is an achievement if you get this puzzle correct I have never gotten. That achievement ever.

I've never gotten the achievement it still pains me to this day let's see I.

Think we've got those random Pink's there I don't know why pink is there so.

This is the game this is the reason why nobody wants to become a mosaicism real life is because of this game.

I find it helpful to just to do this.

Just to have colors I mean just all use.

Like I'm getting all the black pieces on the board at once next I'll try to get all the gray pieces on the board at once that seems to be pretty helpful working from right to left or left to right also is it's a it's a good strategy you know.

This is a lot like doing pixel art.

Okay you got all those in a way okay.

Let's see.

All right hoof.

And over here it's more of these greens.

Three greens in a row yeah also I have to take a picture of every single tile before taking taking down the mosaic and. Then they put every single tile right back where it was.

Okay that's about as it can be kind of tough with areas like this because I don't have much of a reference so I have to go like like like an invisible area I don't know why I called an invisible anyway this is just rough.

Did did one.

Oh boy okay.

Yes No there we go.

I think we got the middle part all done.

Yeah we got the middle part all done okay now let's do this part this out of.

Nowhere we get this really happy happy-go-lucky music dududududu are you having fun yet no maybe we'll get back to the game.


Yes okay one two three one two three one.

And then this is going to be green it be.

Um so that's two way okay great.

Let's get these orange pieces into place slightly orange I'm trying to be extra.

Careful I'm going for the achievement of a perfect Tesar a tetra puzzle we'll see.

I imagine everybody who's just watching.

This video is just gonna fast forward like 10 minutes they're like okay I'm gonna skip ahead ten minutes oh he's still doing he's still doing this puzzle oh okay skip ahead another 10 minutes.

Good and I'm just halfway through yeah.

Colin is allegedly a professional but he's just laying some random teenager do it for him well he really trusts Nancy he really does trust her.

At least this is really easy we've got a row of red and white it's it's really hard to miss miss this one you know mess up on it this is one two three okay.

Those two go there that piece goes over. There okay great.

And then these look like black pieces there okay got it.

Oh nonono messed up there this half of.

The video will be just just scopa and this don't worry everyone there's going.

To be more scopa there is definitely more scope well you have to play two rounds of scopa in order to beat the game because once is not enough and.

Everything else is gonna be this dark green right nope that's not a dark green there so you can make a limited amount.

Of mistakes in this puzzle I forget how.

Many I I mean I've never looked it up but.

You don't have to get it perfect the game will accept it if you get several things wrong which is great because if you had to do it perfectly this this puzzle would be even more of a nightmare that currently is this piece goes here.

Oh those pieces on the far right are kind of impossible to see I'll save them for later I'll save those for the last pieces.

Yeah Nancy sneezes she'll have to restart this puzzle don't sneeze Nancy.

Let's see one two three four five there.

And this has to be a read making this a blue.

Okay yeah.

Okay good we're getting close to the end of this terrible terrible puzzle okay poof almost the right half of that board.

Completely filled out.

That piece goes there that piece goes there not just the center let's see.

That's one two three and then one two three and then I see yellow next to it and there's a yellow here yeah the yellow goes like that so then these three are all darker yay.

You've done it good for you while you were doing that I replaced the bulb in the microscope so you're all set remove we did it so now we can actually look at the microscope I guess I have to.

Use the Sun the microscope this is kind.

Of complicated so he is gone for the.

Month da da da da da we need to enter this key sequence and there are robots that we can only get if we're wearing a specific cat suit so let me go with tesserae hi I'm Nancy Drew so I've got.

Bad news everyone the good news is that that was a perfect tesserae puzzle I actually get the award at the end of the game for beating the puzzle perfectly I got every single piece in place hooray ah the bad news is that the the rest of the live stream was really awful so now I'm recording I just failed on every single puzzle every puzzle and it took a super super long time so that's why I'm recording otherwise this video is going to take forever and my Patriots been beeping for a while let's see what's going on with Fong go.

Is getting into a fight with margarita that's margarita what's she doing there I don't know what they're fighting about hey did you send me this love letter it wasn't me I did not send the love letter well then who sent me the love letter look look you it must have been sent by accident whatever I believing I'll have you know I have 100 boyfriends that is not a very good margarita impersonation I apologize anyway can I turn off my tracker yes I will turn off my tracker I don't need to track anymore all right so unless I'm mistaken we just finished reading the the note this may see me I read the note right oh I need to house exactly actually let's follow up on margarita let's follow up on margarita so with the with the margarita storyline all we have to do is go to sleep time to hit the sack we go to. Sleep and then and then margarita will be there the next day and then we can ask her hey what were you doing in pongos office was he really sending you love letters and there's there goes my pager.

Let's see but no one's there he must.

Have just missed him ah what a shame what a shame well we didn't miss margarita well let's be honest when margarita is gone nobody really misses her from having. That locket ripped from your neck that is what happens when one leaves the door unlocked after one has been told not to yeah well one is being mean to the two which is three more than I'm putting up with you the police say it's very possible that the thief picked the lock the police know nothing what do you need from me I saw you coming out of the Aragon building do you have an office there no but I know someone who does I wanted him to set up a wireless network here in the car my friends they all say it is something I must have you saw me that is strange I did not see you I was in a shop across the street I saw you through the window so when will he start up the system never he said he does not do that kind of work anymore which made me very angry because I found this flyer here in the car just last week look at it why would he print that and give it to people if he had no intention of doing it I can't read what this says I don't know Italian what it says it even came with a discount coupon ah I do not like it when people are wasting my time where did you find this where it belongs in the wastebasket I was not emptying it I just saw it from across the room so it's alright if I keep this since altro I always grab dress which I see from across the room I go all the way across the room and I try to grab the trash that is all he wanted to ask me that's very very strange that she decided to pick up this random piece of garbage but you know what you do you a margarita I understand you're thinking about buying Collins Chinese puzzle box I am thinking about was such a thing spend good money on something so plain as that box it would be like buying that silly locket you used to wear not to offend ow well I'm offended I'll stop pestering you now roba oh you know Nancy was digging through the garbage earlier but at least Nancy had a good excuse what's your Excuse margarita that you're creepy and strange I think that's her excuse she's just creepy and strange Nancy and it doesn't look like we can talk to Colin about Chow so bad news I don't think I can get all of the achievements for this game because one of the achievements is solving the sausage subplot and it never appeared I. Never got a thing of sausage on on this on this table so I can't actually do it because that only appears in like the first or second day of the game so I'll check every single time I go back into the Cobb but I think I think that storyline is over I think we missed the window of opportunity for getting the sausages and therefore we missed our big chance of getting all the achievements and that makes me very very sad but you know what I do when I'm sad while I look around for garbage I don't get any darn darn no no no I go dancing if you here.

For the dance audition take a look at the dance instruction book what do you think you're ready put the cat suit on and get on stage got a cat suit fits me. Perfectly I'm gonna dress up like a kitty cat I'm a little kitty I'm a.

Little kitty and I'm gonna dance okay.

Let's see what you got.

That's a great dancing shoes just dancing please Wow I don't have to do anything else moves yet.

Still some rough edges though so take that costume home and practice what's your name Nancy Nancy forget it.

From now on you names punchi punchi LaRue but next okay so now Nancy is a.

Dancer now and she can dance whenever she wants to but she still disguised as Samantha quake and I don't know how to get her into her cat costume from here I can't dance without my costume so I think we're gonna have to go back to Nancy's apartment we're gonna go back to Nancy's room and we're gonna see we're gonna get changed and we're gonna become we're gonna dress up like a cat because Nancy is a cat burglar yeah oh and you want to look out for this Nancy could get hit on the head so it's very dangerous you don't want to get hit on the head you want to back away so was that an accident or did someone try to kill Nancy on purpose I'm not sure see are those sausages there.

Yet no no yeah like I said I'll keep looking for the sausages every time on the other side I just I don't think I don't think we can make the sausages appear I think that's something that only happens towards the beginning of the game that makes me very sad okay so Nancy's just gonna wear a full-body cat costume because hey why not why not why not I.

Think I need to take off that wig yeah let's put on the cat ears there we go I believe Elena talks about it if you if you if you if you're wearing the costume oh great mask I like it oh I like it too you talked to Coen Baxter very much I tried to talk to him but he's so focused on his work having a decent conversation person is virtually impossible once out of politeness I feigned an interest in what she was doing on the next thing I know he was showing you his tesserae slides yes David on and on and on it was nightmarish I felt like a sea bird that had landed in an oil slick one couldn't flavor than fascinating which.

Hurt his feelings terribly I'm afraid but it couldn't be helped yeah the same thing happened to me some man is obsessed which is a shame really after all he's not bad-looking and there's a touch of intrigue about him what do you mean funds while he was working he's there for nine he immediately left so home to takes a call but as he was leaving he picked up by things this is Justin not Colin Justin he's using a fake name either Justin or Colin one of them is fake I'll come back later okay come back any time I will okay so yeah now Nancy's just wandering around town in a cat suit and nobody seems to really notice her care her besides Elena does she's the only one who says hey Nancy why are you dressed in a cat suit actually no we saw what she said she's like a nice cat suit I made a my a dancer or a Maya detective. I'm gonna get a reputation as the dancing detective now okay so um we're gonna go inside does the TA place so what we do is we put this in we're following the instructions in the microdot so the microdots instructions said we're gonna press these six in this order and now we have.

To get past the robots of Doom's so these robots have lasers attached to their heads and the robots will shoot. You with their lasers if if they catch you so if you get caught by robot you're forced to restart the the room again.

It is possible just to sneak past all these robots and what we're trying to do is we're trying to get the four corners of this grid it's a 3x3 grid so we're. Trying to get to all four corners and. Every corner we have one of these things so we're gonna pull pull these levers please levers are just sort of random you just have to guess you need to pull all eight of them in the the proper order just just sort of guess so this time it's six eight five four seven six.

Eight five four three two seven oh six.

Eight five four three two one seven yeah.

That's not so bad so we need to disable all four of them so that was just that was number one we need to disable disable the others.

Let's see I think here in order to reach.

The down area uh I don't do that I don't do that yeah oh well let me let me try around.

Let me try moving around this way.

Try to get the the one in the upper right corner.

Actually hold on a second let me turn off the music here.

So the reason I turned off the music was because there's there's an issue with the music last time I tried to put this on YouTube YouTube basically canceled the video they said this music is not good its copyright of The Simpsons or something like that and so I'm just turning off the music so this video can be uploaded let's let's pull these.

Levers so this is 1 1 4 1 5 1 5 2 1 5 3.

1 5 4 1 1 5 6 7 8 1 5 6 7 3 1 5 6 7 2 3.

4 5 6 7 2 3 8 4 yeah I don't think her.

Interactive views Simpsons music but it was that the Simpsons musician right Danny Elfman I believe is his name he's done music for other things obviously but he will forever be known as The Simpsons guy just like I will forever be known as the Nancy Drew guy it's it's it's just inevitable you did this one thing 20 years ago now nobody but nobody will know you as anything else.

Okay that that was kind of tricky there but I managed to get past it yeah The Nightmare Before Christmas that was the other big project that Danny Elfman worked on so let's go one two three four.

Five six seven eight no sauce 5 5 6 5 8.

5 4 3 5 4 2 1 5 4 2 3 5 4 2 6 5 4 2 7 8.

5 2 7 6 5 4 to 7 that you can see how.

This can be kind of a pain 5 4 2 7 3 1 so it's 5 4 2 7 3 6.

Nope five four two seven three eight six.

One okay so we managed to escape through.

Here we managed to get through yay I mean hopefully I don't get caught right now. That's tough good good good I think I.

Made it through.

See I think I've got a clear shot over here.

Good oh wow this is going this is going pretty well so two three four five four. Two four one three four one two four one.

Five two four one five three four one.

Five six seven four one five six eight.

Four one five six which one is it.

Four one five six I'm just not good at.

This four one five six - okay it's four. One five six two eight four one five six.

- seven eight done.

Yeah this this is kind of impossible okay that was a really tough tough one to dodge let's see if I go all the way up here maybe it will be easy and I'll know because that one robots over there.

Now I'll try to sneak sneak all the way to the sex it oh wow that is a long.

Distance robot capture.

See this this is the tricky one obviously because we have so many of these robots going after that diamond.


Let's see okay sneak in through there.

There we go oh come on. I think I got twice I think I got hit by.

That one twice at the exact same spot. Which is kind of embarrassing actually so went up it went down I needed to go left some more and I I don't I don't.

Hmm I don't see where the weak points in.

That particular robot is maybe maybe you have to try to attack this room maybe it's best to attack this room from the left yeah I think.

I go up here I hide here we did go left.

And now okay so we got the Sapphire.

Everyone we finally did it I know it took me forever I apologize for that but I finally got out of here kind of.

Amazing I did not get hit by that one robot there but you know I survived because I'm amazing like that and now I'm just gonna run straight to the exits.

Should not be particularly tough oh yeah I'll just have to watch the agro phone for walkthrough to figure out how to solve that puzzle yeah maybe maybe that's why I should do I'll look at barb will um see what that guy has to say ah.

Wait for blue to pass and then I should just be able to run straight to the exit here and done hooray we made it out we solved the puzzle we have the Sapphire and now I can turn the music back on so what we.

Have to do now is get changed into the Samantha quick costume and give the give the we have to change back to the Samantha quick costume and give that sapphire to Enrico and I believe this is.

Gonna be our last time if we do not get those sausages here then that's it we just missed that subplot because once you see Enrico Collin is going to go away forever and it's going to be very very very sad and yes no no I mean yes yes and no I I don't know what I mean any case is good dressed up well darn darn darn I really wanted I really wanted to get all the achievements in this game because that tesserae achievement is super impossible to get it takes forever and it's very very difficult so III I was really excited at the possibility but it looks like I will never never never get all the achievements I will never beat this game as a 100% oh well so here we go back to back to back.

To Enrico.

Please come in in the rico's that disculpa table you have the Sapphire.

Nope you do aha excellent work and now he's just gonna talk about important plot information right in front of me pronto you know the rules Niko I cannot tell you what your next target is you keep a list in that Chinese puzzle box no when you shake it that compartment opens up Niko know how could you have lost it never mind go to the Capitano and get him to tell you and when you go after the target do not wear that costume you are trying Hilda Taurus patience okay ciao where were we ah your fee.

Unfortunately that is business which means we cannot discuss it until you have once again beaten me in a game of scoopa yeah that is kind of cute it's like do you have the Sapphire Nancy throws the Sapphire at his face you have it now Punk actually going to play the.

Scope of game I'm actually going to leave our conversation he's over so I.

Mentioned I mentioned that part of the reason I'm refilling is because I did really really terribly so I played scopa oh my gosh so he beat me 11 to 10 and it was a tie over who had the most valuable tricks too so it's like oh he beat me by one point.

And we tied on the one thing so it was like I should have won I should have tied him at least whatever and I think his only point was that seven of coins cards too but that makes even a little slightly more frustrating let's see we want to get all these things into place we could technically. Do this later but I think we can do this now now that we've seen margaritas thing. Not that one not that one this one so we're gonna actually dial this number one one one one one one pound.

Oh for six yeah all those poor villains.

Just revealing their plans right in front of Nancy now to be fair Nancy did just steal a sapphire for him that really makes it seem like Nancy as a villain just like him I can't I can't blame him for being fooled by Nancy's trick but what you're supposed to do here is you're supposed to write down all of these notes all of the musical notes from the carousel horse uh yeah that takes forever but once you write down all the notes you have to play the musical notes on here so can I use my own keyboard no I cannot I have to actually click the button so it's 2 9 1 pound star 9 9 1 star 7 0 1 2.

1 1 0 0 2 6 9 9 9 star pound 9 1 another.

Thing I messed up terribly on when I was playing the game the first time around 4 times to get that right that's like 20 digit phone number and yes yes the villains have their own phone system which which you can call this seems like a very bad idea on the villains part what stops the police from our acquisition partners where they're.

Keeping this tolling all on the culprits part another card is missing okay so I.

Notice another card is missing and here.

We go so now we're gonna go back to the conozco stuff and we're going to solve the puzzle box now that Colin is gone forever I'm gonna miss you Colin I'm not gonna miss your test erase stuff that was boring and awful but I'm gonna miss you you're the only person who sincerely liked me in this game okay.

So one two three four the radio mati is.

Code for the Palazzo or pelo and that's one of the cards that's missing from Fargo's office I'll bet that's the next place they're going to hit the Palazzo or pelo whoo so we we actually solved. This mystery hooray we know where the culprits are going to attack next we're gonna lay a trap for them see I'm just gonna double-check yep nope no chance of us getting those sausages from Colin what happened long story short I think I know where the Phantom is going to strike next Wow Pammy I'm pretty sure he's going to steal something from the Palazzo or pillow fight come on I know his name is.

Nico that's what Todd's I called him anyway he's not mom which is why we did.

Not think he could be the Phantom yeah I mean he lost it he lost the important evidence gambling with Colin he's not very smart and have them send off some agents to stake out the Palazzo or fellow you must be there too I must I mean okay sure but first you need to do two things you must give everyone at the Commerce coaster the object which will allow us to track them I already did that although I think come on may have left town with his I love that that line is.

Like well Colin might be the culprit we don't care if he's gone he's probably not the culprit but we'll worry about him later so that the Rings take up you.

Can understand what the agents are saying over the radio I can do that good when you feel you already call me and we will move forward you got it ciao worry about him later worry about him never you know well my dear Nancy Risa Gunn full scene events have compelled me to leave Venice rather abruptly I fear these events coupled with my hasty departure will cause you to think less of me than you perhaps already do I tried to be honest with you but I did not always succeeded for that I apologize unfortunately the mistakes I made in the past until dick see much of what they do in the present but here's the truth meeting someone has kind spirited and inquisitive as you was an unexpected joy I will treasure your memory always just. Yes you can have the Chinese puzzle box because it's important to solving the mystery thanks Colin all right so we need to take a look at these common Italian phrases that's what she's saying.

See good steak up will take place at midnight tonight you and the GBI f agents will allow Nico to enter the Palazzo Othello then capture him when he tries to get away with whatever he is stolen and so I ask you Nancy are you sure you are ready to go on the stakeout I'm ready I am ready we will talk again after Nico's capture nothing reform of our agents will be hiding the forces agents the four of us agents apparently speaking English but we're not going to do that zucchini for the sake of the fossil we're here and we try to catch him but don't give away our hiding places so.

This is an example I'm by the white flowers that person's white white flowers I'm by the fountain and this.

One's by the car so they all they're all shout out where they are and we need to figure out where they are because the eCos not going to be in the same place as one of these people right he's gonna sneak around them so what's in the statute what's in the car ones in the red flowers and birds in the tree so everybody's gonna look out here. He's next to the gondolas so you saw.

Somebody with scooping her way there by the gondolas in the middle of there and that was that was an eco so we click on the person who's not in one of these more locations so by the statue the cat the tree and the blue umbrella.

Is behind the fountain puzzle three.

Times in order to catch them I believe so red yellow I mean red umbrella in middle here over there and by the tree this one agent just loves that loves the tree is always hanging up by the tree.

Okay I didn't really see it was a statute was the statue all missed so car.

And statue white flowers I need to look.

At all the places that are not that.

I didn't see a few hours again this area.

And then hit it in the middle so statues trees all it was the cat so one way you.

Can kind of cheat on this puzzle is just run the game inside a window and then just click outside the window to sort of pause the game and that way look the game is paused I can kind of see everything now this isn't I didn't click at a very good time you'll notice all I can see is somebody by the red flowers and that's the agent but you can see clicking right here means whoa whoa whoa all of a sudden I've got two or three people on screen at once one of them is behind the statue that must be Nico he's behind the statue although we missed him.

Oh one more try one more try I guess we. Need to find him four times okay so here.


The tree tree statue cat statue flowers.

Behind the statue oven so we arrested.

This we arrested the Phantom but sadly that's not the end of the case so hasn't admitted anything he does not admit that he is the Phantom he does not even admit that he is Nikko petty the policeman the GT is has been questioning him all night but have gotten nowhere so we still don't know who will Doe Tory is and we do not know where any of the stolen artwork is this is not good Nancy now that Nikko has been arrested the theft ring may break up and we may never recover the stolen goods but Nancy knows where they keep the stolen goods Nancy just tell detective Sophia prudence is not going to like that was he carrying anything that might help us a wallet an address book report among. The items as were taken from him were a silver trumpet that he had just stolen from the Palazzo Hotel Oh some coins some matches a youth tissue or a seat for Papa no I should say propane-gas on the back of this receipt were some numbers three four four seven well I guess I'll just have to keep snooping around let me know if I can help how so just like Fong go Nico writes down important passwords on the backs of random pieces of paper Wow Wow these are not very smart culprits they they get foiled by writing notes to them and really Niko's excuse was oh I'm not Nico I don't know what you're talking about I'm not a thief this trumpet in my pocket I brought it to the party doesn't everybody bring trumpets I always have a trumpet in my pocket no matter what seriously I'm not a culprit please don't arrest me.

Yeah he must have giant pockets if he can fit an entire her you know an entire.

Trumpet inside so according to you know.

The note on according to the fax machine their secret hideout is in compo Santa Maria Formosa this is their store room for fenced goods but this is the safe and secure store that was mentioned on that fax machine what Nancy said and now.

We're going to have this puzzle okay so so the the capturing Nikko puzzle took me about mm 15 to 20 minutes last time obviously went much faster this this time and I also got stuck on this puzzle so what you want to do is go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 so um yeah it's possible.

Oh this puzzle is really it it can be difficult it's normally difficult but on on junior.

Mode which is just the mode we're playing on you get that what's in your mouth there is no map okay so we just basically want to hit those spots they basically indicate the various locations that we are going to spin the wheel so we're on blue right. We're on circle so now we want to go across and that one was kind of easy to figure out because if I spun the wheel the other way I wouldn't be able to cross so that makes sense you sort of you get a sense for this puzzle and which which bridges you can go across anyway let's just solve this puzzle as quickly as possible okay number two is spinning the wheel right so now we need to go down the levels so let's go down level I'm going over here.

I'm gonna go left I'll go forward twice to the next location basically I'm.

Crossing this bridge and then I'm spinning the wheel let's see what.

Location of my at now I'm at three or four this is I'm at I'm about to triangle so I just did number four the step number five is going to be just simply go across from triangle to diamond.

Now obviously diamonds I can't go across diamond right now so I'm going to need to fill this well so I know I'm spending the wheel left instead of spending it right so right forward right I'm gonna. Spin this wheel right it's like I'm going across it and then I'm immediately draining it so which tip in my own now. I'm on step number six so I just did step number six which was go across and immediately drain it so now I could go down to seven.

You turn we're gonna go across the bridge this bridge we're gonna drain.

This one. So now we've almost got everything ready for circle to be filled up all the way we're gonna whichever one we're trying.

To fill we're actually trying to fill Dimond all the way isn't it yeah yeah okay so I'm gonna go up I'm gonna u-turn.

Here I'm gonna fill this I'm gonna go up.

Again I'm gonna fill this again.

Basically my recommendation for this puzzle play on junior mode have the map are just follow a set of instructions like I did which are instructions which have been worked out okay so here we are at their safehouse hooray so we've got they have a conveniently located flashlight use the conveniently located flashlight and this is the opening scene of the game as soon as we press Start Nancy goes so the code NAEYC should have.

This on her note somewhere so it'll.

Deter a request that you changed the safe room lock combination two three four three five five six.

Kilian where have I seen that name before Nancy has an amazing memory on this crate is the same address that was on that letter Hellena dropped dun dun dun Hellena she's the culprit let me out.

Of here hey open the door and now Nancy's going to be droughts she's going to drown unless we solve this puzzle to open up the open up the exit so this is very much like the the.

Key puzzle that we've done multiple times over the course of this game where we want to get everything to the exact same level.

The real difference between this is if we get anything too high or too low it will I mean that's an automatic end to the possible so that's an extra extra layer of difficulty to the make all these things the same level puzzle and that's one solution I understand there are multiple solutions but that's an easy solution that maybe is the easiest solution Elena Elena burg she is ill de. Tori you are sure yes and I think she knows she's been busted so you have to activate the tracking device I planted on her and find her before she escapes I will activate her device immediately but because of carnevale there are no officers available to follow her you will have to do this Nancy you want me to trigger after I have activated the tracking device your PDA will show a picture of what method of transportation she has taken whether she's traveling on foot in a gondola or by vaporetto from time to time it will also announce where she is why can't it announce where she is all the time so please Nancy watch.

Your PDA it will tell you her laners method of transportation and her last location basically we're going to go all.

Over the map to find her fingers crossed so we can do it okay food and food I did.

Not like the cheap or not yeah once again Nancy's doing all the work come on police can't you can't you arrest Elena yourself I'm just joking the police are.

Gonna show up as soon as we as soon as we capture her the police are going to show up so they just sit around and let Nancy do all the work and they wait for her to capture the cold written oh she's right there huh gotcha yeah whoo making very little.

Attempt to hide Elena what are you doing here getting my locket back what are you a cup a government agent a thief but what do you want I'm just an amateur detective who wants what all these and people want justice okay the feeling you were up to something your sudden arrival at nas Costa your feigned interest in Venice always asking questions you've been watching fine go from the antenna all this time haven't you yeah well now's the little spy once I lock it back very good because you're not getting it back ever don't be too pleased with yourself.

Nancy - it's not over between us not by a long shot no it's totally over this is the end of the game the game is over yeah why doesn't he call herself an amateur detective she's working with foreign governments that's how great of a detective she is Nancy you're selling yourself short and can you believe the nerve of Hellena stealing Nancy's locket true to her word Hellena didn't go quietly after she was arrested she insisted that because of me us but seriously she's walking around in public with the jewelry that she had stolen from her roommate like was did she expect Nancy wouldn't notice that's the locket when she walked back in home that day you know to go to sleep silly American teenager a terrible mistake had been made she claimed that not only was she innocent but the locket around her neck was hers but after I showed the authorities everything I discovered it became clear that all the thefts attributed to the phantom of Venice were actually perpetrated by a gang her game it started with Hildegard Killian a wealthy pork-belly heiress in Chicago who gave Hellena a list of the Venetian art objects for which she would happily a small fortune should Hellena somehow obtain them for her inspired by what she had learned while covering the trial of criminal mastermind glioma Keano Hellena suddenly pumped her sources in the police department for the names of known or suspected criminals who could serve her purposes which enabled her to put together her very own theft ring.

Notations two chocolates he made sure everyone in the ring Tina.

Skaara mu Chia a civil engineer familiar with practically every security system in existence she determined the best way to steal an item and via ill Capitano passed this information along to Nikko Patti brighella who did the actual stealing it was his idea to wear the mask and cape while pulling the heists something of which Hellena ildo Toure did not approve he delivered when installed Enrico tatse alakina he hid the items and paper mache carnival costume heads and stashed them away until they could be shipped to Hildegard Killian but thanks to Sofia and me they're all on their way to prison prudence Rutherford was so delighted that all the stolen objects were recovered undamaged that she's decided to include me in her memoirs which I guess I'm supposed to consider a great honor I think Nancy should get at least three chapters in prudence Rutherford's book one for secret of the Scarlet hand one for danger by design and one for this game I'm just saying that's how it works prudence met Nancy three times Nancy gets three chapters in her book margarita is delighted - everyone thinks that because I was staying at kindness Costa she was somehow instrumental in solving the case no she was it but she is looking very snazzy here she's suddenly the darling of venetian high society who which for her is a dream come true as for Colin he called me once out of the blue he had read about the Phantom's capture and had just one question somebody says ah Margherita photoshopped herself a new boyfriend ah and she made herself extra tan obviously Oh too bad too bad Colin can't photoshopped himself a girlfriend did I get my locket back when I said I had and was wearing it there was a long silence then he just hung up for a while I felt bad then I remembered all those slides I.

Felt bad for him but then I remembered he's actually kind of crazy and weird and I don't like him so then I felt better about it yeah so there's a person in the corner of the screen with Colin who is that I don't know who that is I can't recognize that person by their outline so what did the box the box spelled out Kokhba safe so all the awards we got was uh see I got the perfect Tesori award I had a perfect mosaic I did it perfectly now unfortunately I wasn't able to get all the awards because like I said it was too late in the game to do the sausage mini game that's not a mini game but that subplot just never appeared I didn't get the sausages so it was impossible for me to get all of the awards and that makes me scream like so close but yeah I am still very proud that I got the Tesori Twitter that I got this achievement for the first time in my entire life Wow Castle Malloy has.

Stood empty for almost a century she stopped calling but crumbling work all of told tales of.

Devious fairies ghostly lights and a cursed spirit haunting the ruins an old friend of mine insists on holding her wedding Mary is struggling to unearth.

Its secrets secrets which may have already cost the groom his life but join me as I make my way to the Samantha point doing with Colin maybe she got him Nancy cellphone number maybe that's it that's kind of weird that he would go so far and you know tap into his criminal connections just to be able to call Nancy that that seems creepy and strange and streams it alright here we go bloopers Pamela Venice pump puzzle take.

Three speed action not funny guys it.

Almost fell on my toe Pamela Venice pigeon fly by take 8 speed action hitting your mark you okay.

Vandals Venice be puzzled Vickie.

Hi Bernie I'm here - Petey Petey Petey come on come here you stupid seeking a statue.

And repair.


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