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What An Epic End!! - Devil May Cry 5 Ending Gameplay Walkthrough Part 16

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This video from: Suzy Lu.
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What An Epic End!! - Devil May Cry 5 Ending Gameplay Walkthrough Part 16

Devil May Cry 5 is an action-adventure hack and slash video game developed and published by Capcom. It is the fifth installment of the mainline Devil May Cry series, and was released on 8 March 2019. Devil May Cry 5 received a positive reception from critics.

The gameplay features the return of Dante and Nero as playable characters, along with a new character, named "V". The gameplay is similar to the other titles in the Devil May Cry series, focusing on fast-paced "stylish action".

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What is up everyone and welcome back to more Devil May Cry 5 shit has hit the fan basically I was like do I want to swear that early on in a video and then I was like I don't care Devil May Cry oh my god things have gone to a shit so my voice is broken oh my god V I told you V for Virgil oh man I can't.

Even deal I don't I feel like they they took a long time to to tell Nero that Virgil was his.

Father and here's the mother and how is any of this possible am I just gonna have to find all this information out myself at some point okay it's a lot to.

Take in at this point there's two missions left and I'm gonna be super sad but we are nearly at the end of the Devil May Cry marathon I'm not gonna be covering DMC I don't know if I said that you guys are not but I'm not gonna be covering DMC so when we finish Devil May Cry 5 that's it.

Hey Virgil your board opening days are over give me the Amato if you want it then. You'll have to take it but you already.

Knew that I had a feeling you'd say that.

How many times have we fought too many hard to say it's the only memory I have of us since we were kids.

Time to finish this virtual one Safra.

I'm not ready.

Ah you got the same news us before bitch.

Oh No.

Oh God.

Fuck oh fuck. As per usual Virgil is hardest fucking now.

Again please tell me I can make this.

Stuff Oh oh my god oh shit you can use more than.

One orb in a fire huh okay.

Ah oh it means a lot Virgil it means a.

Lot I swear can you hurry up and come out. Your shit-stained already.

Oh my god where the fuck keep still.


What is happening.

Oh my god I am literally getting my fucking ass kicked as I mission 19 what's in the next mission.

I can't even get out of this.

Let's end this.

Oh my god fucking doing the same maybe.

You pray.

I don't think I we would do not move on me.

Oh my god I can't even keep up you're too fucking fast Baba Wow.

And as per usual virgil strikes again.

Hira it's my son yeah ms we can't remember.

Through that thick skull of yours well wow that was a long time ago I guess you.

Were young once too as much as I'd love to hear that story I think it's about time we ended this.

Excuse me.

Excuse me who the fuck okay we won't we.

Won't look at the rank okay we won't look at that is that Nero does he somehow got a devil trigger yeah Nero.

Has had his own reasons to fight comes between his father and uncle there will be no frat frats aside today.

Excuse me I mean I suppose he would he would have that because you know he's related to them both but still.

There's a phone yeah he's like Union.

Cutie a when I was a kid I I was alone.

You and create over all I knew and now all of a sudden I find out I have a family what am I supposed to do with that there's no thanks I guess.

That's all I needed to hear.

I have one last thing to take care of.

Then I'm coming home.

No one ever say goodbye in these games I'm safe in by I couldn't protect crayon.

To this day I hate myself for not having enough strength but this time it's different.

He looks like the thing from Avatar this is curious Nero.

What form of power is this what.

This ends right here.

Listen to me I told you already this is not New York. You listener deadweight I won't let you.

Kill each other there are other ways of settling your differences I'm putting a stop to the sibling rivalry.

Ah you came all this way just for that. Virgil v whatever you call yourself Dante's not gonna die here and neither are you you have a problem with that no not gonna die my ass Oh bitch is like. Nearly kill me if I beat Nero then by.

Default I beat you agreed Dante whatever I don't really.

Care I'm just missing out when this is.

Over I'll make you submit father.

This might be the fucking bottle of the century right here stand down do with me.

Buster press r2 near a staggered enemy.


I think that's like the coolest guy I've ever fucking seen.

Interesting oh brother.

You cut off your own son's arm for more power and you still lost enough damn it. The underworld is taking over we need to do something before it's too late he's.

Right we need to close that portal Hey you lost so you better do what he says yeah I can still fight.

But if those roots continue to spread through town they don't just interfere with our business no that's the smartest thing I've ever heard you say better hurry up we still got a score to sell evidently wait where are you going we need to sever the Clive fog routes from the underworld itself then we'll seal the portal with the Yamato not if you do that you can't come back why do you think I'm going someone's got to keep an eye on the old man you can't just expect.

Me to stay here while you both go because you're here we can go we're trusting you with things on this side capisce make haste Dante yeah I know they just buzz family back hey wait.

Take care Nero adios.

I won't lose next time hold on to that.

Until then.


He literally just got family and then.

He's lost them again now that they will ever be dead I mean the fact that Virgil can go to the underworld and be totally fine and that shows to me that it's not the end for them hooey.

I'm still freaking shocked about what duh your arm who the hell grows an arm back it's just weird it's like a lizard tailed or something look I don't know it just grew I mean are you kidding me lots of weird stuff happen they were demons and scary plant roots in arms growing back lots of stuff do you know much love and care I put in that devil breaker nope.

This is our it's nice so uh how does it feel how does what feel saving the man who killed your own father heard Dante killed Virgil once it.

Doesn't matter they're both gone now anyway it's okay to cry if you want Nero.

Over a loss knock doesn't make you a crybaby does make you a little bitch though there it is.

You think I'm a demon.

I didn't cry with my asshole daddy died but yeah I know I know I would be here without him that's a biological fact right all I'm saying is the tough guy it's okay to cry if you want cry devils cry I'm not gonna look at you you're nobody's coming sharp shoulder I know you usually cry again Devil May Cry and.

I said hey yeah yeah yeah I'm coming.

Home oh yeah I don't want to spoil it but I got a surprise for you oh yeah he's got a huge surprise you shut up Shh no no kitty eh not you Nico you know in her big mouth what the hell's your.

Problem where'd you learn to drive yeah.

Sorry I got to call you later it's time to get back to work got an are you good.

It's a prototype and this is the perfect place to check it out look you're gonna use it and it's a work of art gotcha and it ain't complete without you well how sweet I swear their relationship reminds me of me and my best friend growing up not that I used to build him arms alright okay everybody you'll get fixed as soon as we get back Devils cry.

Do I get to fight again or.

I want to test that yes badass.

I'm so sad I can't believe that this is is this the last time I'm gonna play Devil May Cry I'm sad.

So I guess now it's a good time to talk about my thoughts on the game did no. Number on this so I don't know fasik kill like a certain amount of whatever but I'm I thoroughly enjoyed this game I. Still think that for its maybe my favorite but I really love the story of this one I wouldn't know you guys what.

Is your favorite Devil May Cry now that you played them all guess something forward like there was something super bad asked about for I loved it.

Yes that's in there no so all we got to.

Do is cut this thing down that's right I'm more than capable of handling this on my own you're gonna need some help and someone to keep an eye on you.

Please tell me I get to fight alongside Virgil right now please give me this.

No I'll be so cool everybody so cool if.

You would do that yeah I'm so freakin.

Happy oh my god someone actually these days oh my god Dante dies at the end and I remember being like you're such a troll Dante wouldn't die but then I don't know if this counts as death. Being that they're not technically in the same world.


Yeah I don't know if I've accomplished that.

I still would like to know mother.

Well they're mixed others I will never. Miss this is a lady.

And I can't Virgil haha.

Did I not kill them fast enough they only disappeared the other guys.

That was all so it was nice to fight alongside them so yeah I don't see that as Dante died definitely not so can I. Skip this just to see if there's anything after now I know you guys have said that it is possible to defeat Ritson in Chapter is it chapter one and you can get the secret ending now obviously I'm I don't have that so this is what we're getting needs ah that's why I'm bobbing for dinner tonight pizza is just the best yeah no sign of him nothing hmm yeah then can I have this.

Office cuz I've been thinking it's almost time for me to settle down somewhere hmm no I don't think so I'd. Rather quit I hate to spoil your dreams.

Ladies but that shit ain't gonna happen what do you mean Morrison see there's this D to this place and I have it why do you have a little devil came to see me right before his last job said something like my dearest friend I know you'll keep this safe cause them crazy bitches did I say crazy bitches I'm.

Sorry I meant ladies anyway the rest of the story is not important you get the gist who on your team plans on coming back me what is important is I have a job for you two.

Cuz the rainy free but no one's been there so surely I don't know I don't know.

Oh come on.

Score for Dante I'm up weren't you learn to count we're even.

You know I'm starting to think this is.

Never gonna end maybe you have plenty of time.

I love it I love it so much it various siblings to adore it is those too I got an a wreck on the final one that is not bad at all I am happy about this I just said this is the last time I'll be playing Devil May Cry but there's an update coming on two weeks time on the 1st of April so that's pretty good I would like to be able to play as Trish and Lady at some point for Devil May Cry 5 I know a lot of people have expressed that as well so that would be awesome overall this is such a good game son of Sparta Nero's demonic right arm has been restored oh that's cool so he can now finally do Devil Trigger the enemy reports have expanded costume changes oh I can't. Believe it's over let me just say it's been tricky The Devil May Cry community hasn't always welcomed me with open arms but honestly I have had so much fun learning these games I'm not the best at Devil May Cry but you know what I had a bunch of fun playing through this and having this marathon and stuff like that and I'm sad that that's it done it feels like yesterday that I started Devil May Cry 1 and I struggled with that but this is the end guys so in regards to things on the channel I'm gonna be playing sick hero and I'm gonna be playing jak 3 as well so that'll be another challenging game so yeah I probably just played those two and I'm thinking about chocobo dungeon as like a cute little like kid-friendly game on the channel cuz I like to have a kid-friendly game on the channel it's nice for that different audience as well so this has been Devil May Cry 5 fantastic game loved the story loved to combat loved to see just how it was just nice to see how Devil May Cry has improved over the years and the fact that I've got to see it first hand where it started and where it ended you know with Devil May Cry 5 will they make another one well I hope so that would be nice anyway thank you so much for all the support on this series and I will catch you all in the next video bye

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