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Lego Batman Video Game DS Walkthrough - Part 1 Gotham Streets

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Lego Batman Video Game DS Walkthrough - Part 1 Gotham Streets

Lego Batman: The Video Game DS Walkthrough Episode 1 Gotham Streets part of Chapter 1 Bullion Dollar Riddle! Can Batman & Robin Stop The Riddler, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Clayface and Mr Freeze? FIND out in this Action packed Lego Adventure!

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Hey what's happening gamers welcome to.

The let's play of 2008 Lego Batman the.

Video game as we hype up the release of the Lego Batman movie coming out oh my.

Gosh we already have our tickets bought we are going at 1 o'clock I'm so excited and it's going to be awesome so anyway Lego Batman on the DS aside from Tim Drake having kind of the pompadour hair it's a really really fun game pompadour he's a person look at his head he's got like yeah Japanese anime punk hairstyle and they gave it to Tim Drake because they were like how on earth are we going to do Tim Drake's hairstyle in a video game this was 2008 so this is primitive primitive technology in here but no this game is he's a delinquent really really great and I am so pumped to show you guys so we have chapter one there's Wayne Manor there and I believe there are other things that is penguin and then Arkham Asylum is over there and Joker is number three so just like the Wii version there are five stages in one chapter with one vehicle level so and I. Completely forgot how the vehicle aspect works but it's time for us to hit Gotham streets super excited nice so anyway in the comment section below we want to know if you are going to go see the lego batman movie and if you are super hyped like we are yeah so let us know keeps the batman hype train going also back punch the like button oops I broke my computer by trying to punch it I know so the story is pretty much the same as Lego Batman. 100lb water is I mean the revenge the Riddler green and the question mark I know it's confusing but there's no clown maker that was the riddle Who am I so Hitler is holding a little soiree and someone forgot the Tostitos and the Pepsi so two-faced he dropped the ball and Riddler's like you know what I wanted to have this immediate continual party and you guys just totally failed so now we're going to take over Gotham then he got help from Pepsi and Tostitos and it was all better this video is not sponsored by Tostitos and Pepsi but we have Lay's potato chips and some kind of red dip wrench I don't. Even know what that is examples how many things give me okay top of the product places oh my gosh just because it's 2008 we can't act like it's 2008 YouTube or we'll have another one of our videos pulled down wait we get videos hold on my kidding no we just have our videos pulled down because we have brought in look I know Clayface I know I am sills are fading he's like Oh Clayface you forgot like wait they took down bat or spider-man versus black suit well they didn't know there's a look at Angry clayface's he's like this is unacceptable they removed our ability to make money on it see this is why they took it down because it was too funny we're evil we broke the internet a husband and why I can't get along on the internet it's unheard of wait woohoo we're not here that happens I don't know so this is Riddler's master plan he's making a nice bridge they're going to walk over to the vault and of course Batman doesn't show up in this plan because Riddler has an ego so Poison Ivy's involvement is to get the spores and looks cute yeah I like this.

This looks cute oh yeah this was before the voice acting I forgot although there is voice acting Clayface you have to get the key to the bank you know it's all locked up tight and we have to go back and get the cabling videos back up and put them back up so that they can be enjoyed with firm awesomeness to the world okay so the keys go in everybody gets the gold and then they have a better Super Bowl party and then the K Wings will get a million subscribers and one of those gold buttons I'd be fine with 500000 I'm a humble guy to infinity and beyond Clayface attacks the Gotham Bank using dynamite I need to Billie although he kind of miss me set up to face and RZA are like ooh monies but Batman and Robin are like oh my gosh what's that noise somebody's stealing the secret stash of ice cream Robin the bat-signal gee willikers Batman what are we gonna do now we're gonna answer the call for justice that's what a piece of place Batman holy okay people that isn't it careful.

Robin not everyone is in a gang except those guys definitely are so it's time to put tribe of the Fang maybe they're just exercising their right to bear arms as concerned citizens well as a concerned citizen I'm going to show them hammers of Justice my right to bear arms of muscular punches this is justice this is Liberty now meet your face yeah exactly so it's really easy to find out who the bad guys are I mean they wear you know matching uniforms to work I mean that is so considerate of them nope so the combat in this game is really fun it's a little bit different than the we build as far as I know you can't grab and throw people so I mean they've really stepped up Lego Batman 2 for the 3ds you know the DF had its limitations but this was one of my favorite es games so I'm super super psyched to be able to play this yay you notice that Batman is not wearing the Keaton suit though oh right even though it appeared in pretty much all promotion for this game wait is this more of like an animated series suit or um this is more kind of like a gym lika okay yeah it's because it has the prominent fat symbol on his chest I kind of like just maybe it's just because the video is square it would be where but it feels like I'm actually seeing the characters a little bit closer and the other ones I hope there's a post what route like the last time I thought they were a little further away like they were tinier oh you can see him closer up like I mean they had a different camera angle for this one so what makes this different than the Lego Batman Council version is there's a lot of exploring of the rooftops more and things like that whereas you know you would do some different things in Lego Batman one surprisingly Lego Batman 2 really didn't have a lot of rooftop adventures whereas the original Lego Batman they kind of did but this one has more adventures with my Robin and me my Robin and me yeah Robin has his own theme song so hi Robin sighs this isn't that's amazing I'm so excited wait I've not been the best wait what do you mean he has his own theme song in the upcoming movie Batman has the theme song - yes he does I don't believe this if he does and he says because I'm Batman No well you did a how it should I don't think we should watch the Sun I sense the serving Batman isn't such a thing except for I actually recently saw a Michael Keaton movie in which he's saying really recently wait Michael Keaton can sing he's a triple threat he can sing oh I just heard him he was harmonizing and I don't know if his character was just playing the piano but I saw him playing the piano and singing wow and he actually started really good and I was watching that founder will be so that's incredible I mean Kevin oh yeah so I mean to Batman that can sing you're gonna have to watch the movie just to hear that dancing oh I'm sure though sounds good his voice is mellow I mean Hollywood why aren't we getting a Batman Beyond movie with Michael Keaton is old Bruce Wayne I mean if you're sure to put George Clooney in the role right I know right are you waiting for Ben Affleck to get up in years before we get a Batman Beyond because I mean Michael Keaton is he's old he would be awesome of that yes he would he could do the whole grumpy Came thing very well totally he could totally be grumpy because I mean he was grumpy in the original Batman plus he still has the eyebrows yeah yeah totally he still has hair kinda scary yeah I thought you would really like this game I mean I was contemplating because we finished new Super Mario Brothers and it's like you know the Mario series didn't do amazing but it was a lot of fun so it was like what could I do that would be really short and a lot of fun for me to play Lego Batman Lily I know I'm type casted I don't care yeah oh you do Batman games sometimes I hadn't noticed yeah I'm kind of known for it all right I just never get the notification oh you're mute video you gotta hit the bell oh gonna hit the battery to say that but I have no idea what you mean I can actually show people an open broadcaster how to do it oh I know it's pretty serious thing I need to hit the build beside the subscribe button to get notifications they I know YouTube kind of terrible so I'm subscribed yet I will be notified at all interested in Gotham I make sure you subscribe and hit the bell so crime can be punched in the face that would be cool instead of a bell if you could change your vegetable exactly man get out of my hair oh my god I'm in your head anything wrong I'm dancing around alright floors are shiny in your even red lock thingy you would think you need a key for that but actually you need a Batman gadget yeah it's not a shark repellent there we go we open the door for Batman I love this music well. So they give album or the love theme me. Demolition suit allows Batman - destroy red and black reinforced Lego objects me holy explosion Batman yep so this is the. Demo suit so it looked totally different in the console version this one Batman is tanning way out in the open wearing red so he's calling it Robin yep and in order to detonate stuff TV a little button on the 3d SBS we have them rent it with my cold fingertips piano said that a physical is enough there's no other way to set it off the same sense that a wing is a human being I know he's part vampire because he's stays indoors but come on I'm sorry but I don't glisten I'm like the you know you know I think I don't have glitter no no glitter on this skin this is pasty white wasn't close it there we go see that wasn't such a chore now was it it was great I know so Batman is decoys for himself he's a decoy totally built building machines generate new objects find blue Lego bricks and take them to build it machine to create a new object build it build in the builded machine yeah Batman the Builder no no no no no it's not dude let's not do that Candido bit so right away I'm going to address the elephant in the room we haven't done the free play of Lego Batman 2 yet so sorry I had to lik Skype down I know people want to see Red Hood and they want to see some other stuff so during the Lego Batman stuff while we're doing this game we are also and this is going to blow your minds people well we are doing Lego Batman the Lego dimensions movie packs the full story and the free roaming all this month well plus we'll probably get some Lego Batman 3 DF by the third one because this games can be real sure also if you don't have more Lego Batman the movie games no need to have a Lego Batman 4 though it's already been you know a couple years we need more Lego Batman yeah cuz I'm running out of Batman games to play actually you really think about I know they should make it just for us so we have something to play I don't want to uh sure the names of the games that are left that I need to do before I've done all the Batman a hundred - I'll just call it DT I actually made like 10,000 fake accounts and then kept harassing you telling you that I needed free roam of leg 11 to apologize well people want to see Red Hood because we unlock them and they want to see Nightwing and stuff like that but for the life of me I can't remember where 49 is and we tried to record a free playing episode we didn't 100% it because you needed poison ivy and loli is rated for I mean it can work out very well I don't like free room for that very aspect well I don't I don't like how they do it in Lego Batman like 3ds because you would literally have to go jump to another level to get the character that you need to complete the very first level and free play yeah like no they should have done it that way so there are some cool characters in it so I mean if only characters that are immune to toxins can pass through green toxic gas view without being armed those are very important you know things to know those are life lessons only certain characters can walk tax toxic you have a pumping toxic Crusader or you know yes well.

Because he's immune because he invented the internet that's some type of immunity isn't it he he'll man this red suit is really throwing off my bat mojo well all I need to know to succeed in life I've learned from Lego Batman I still can't believe how amazing the original Lego Batman was I mean you had the Burton score you had great gameplay you had co-op I know you know it was like one of the best Batman games and then a year later Arkham Asylum came out it was just like whoa and then not long after that you had Lego Batman 2 and it was like boom it's really hard for me to believe that that man isn't even a real person because it's linked it's pretty popular discovery's Riddler clearly people like Batman so much I know like he has to be real I mean I don't know I guess when Spiderman comes out we can look at all the Lego Marvel portable game plays we have them we just never played them we didn't have time enough to okay so. This is kind of a neat feature she didn't have time you see that arrow that was there when the switch was there yes like we use our finger to move the switch so it's like interactive kind of so this is a not relation to your active team and your hand SM worms for you to continue the game but you can't aim the Batarang that is a Lego Batman 2 so this game is kind of discriminatory to robots because they're old filled finger really wouldn't be able to make an impact on the touch screen it'll also Robin can use the grappling hook in this version even though he can in the console version that we played also mr. Frese wouldn't be able to play this game um yes Mr Freeze you know he would probably have to boycott this game and say some nasty things on social media why did you do this I can't play the stupid game because I have an icy grip an icy patch to the touchpad doesn't even recognize what I'm doing yeah he could just make a whole new demographic of people people who are frozen in suits frozen people for some people it would make he would be a lobbyist rise people there we go see that's we're gonna go investigate that creepy door because that's normal right yeah I always just get creepy and let that man in this is the monarch the year by the way whoo you. Know the significance of the monarch theatre right yeah you bet there's something sad happened yes what does I mean yes yes trivia and.

Hates you right now he says late well here it is my baby brother why in the world are using the same border that you used for Lego Batman 2 it's like because it looks so cool I like it yeah we're going to use it for all our Lego Batman I thought I could probably put like two little figure out like put two little bars with that on the side oh if you could find some columns like gothic Col I could probably do that and then put it on either side mm-hmm and then do an overlay yep that would look cool I think that could happen actually because I mean Batman's kind of a High Gothic guy so I mean it would make sense to have something dark and because you don't want to have something bright and colorful yeah I wouldn't know I was thinking hello kitty but no you know don't even all right so with something else we're gonna blow this to kingdom come okay you want to touch that for me thank you my hands are cold and so no problem I appreciate that the ever sworn blooded and I you know can't enjoy the warmth of her hand on a great summer day it's basically our lives are basically almost exactly like the movie Twilight I was going to say like you know - me wearing this how these my containment figure yeah you're mr. freeze or Edward and I'm whoever this girl is wait Edward why am i Riddler from 20 late Oh vampire I think his name was Edward that's kind of disturbing that you know what that is and why I mean once why light and I've still never seen I watched a few the movies in theatres and I never will kind of a movie for chicks hmm you think so oh no offense to people who enjoy it that are not chicks offense taken I read Robin do your tan hey I like movies that are supposedly just for guys well I know what I don't like about this game though there's one thing and it's just a small little thing what Robin is very smart whereas for whatever reason sin became dumb and Lego Batman 2 3 is one he moves away from the explosion but I don't like it oh I like that all right smart maybe people just like him being goofy another significantly different e to the console version guys and gals you can't aim the Batarang oh and this is something I don't.

Remember why maybe it was in Lego Batman 1 but you can tell me in the comments section below did Robin have a magnetic suit or was that just an Lego Batman I mean cuz I don't I don't remember him having a magnetic suit in the first game playing my gosh sure unless the gerbil ball was new or something like that because I love the human gerbil balls imager below was great there always reminds me of Mabel when she had heard a human gerbil ball oh no she had her dream about having a human gerbil because the stuff that existed for the the change suits for Batman in Lego Batman 1 II had that weird glass shattering one where he was all blue it have demo suit which was essentially the Keaton costume yep it is I don't think he had acolyte maybe he did and I thought he had like a suit that like my gosh I can't remember now.

Black explosion. Flight I think you only like three or four suits and is basic and then Robin had the one where he had the vacuum cleaner that could like vacuum up like weird pieces just yeah weird that is oh yes the head oh I remember that the magnetic food I don't know so many suits I mean I'm trying to remember something from 2008 I mean give me a break guys and gals but please tell me if you remember the power-ups without going to our Lego Batman One series which is actually in the description enjoy it it's fun it took us two and a half years to finish it because we dropped the series after one point uh-huh but we did eventually finish it we are getting so much better at that I know yes nobody else notices what we do alright this is actually a free play puzzle I'm going to Pat myself on the back don't break your arm doing it though okay so this is actually a free play thing with the batarangs so we'll have to come back later those are actually for somebody that has a gun oh and that man doesn't like guns I use Batarang neat isn't a logo they're just sticking people's Lego flesh totally fine oh if I could do a Will Arnett voice I'm training right now because you could do so many memes with that boy I mean it I know Batman has thrown. People off with white old a tiger so you have to have done it true hero status already too many hero is what winning looks like kids but except you know being a shot thank you for illustrating what winning looks like take that identical goons ugh so that's thank you there like a blast in the walls like a boyband yeah totally so you can actually use the Batarang to disarm thugs which is cool but in the Wii version you could actually control the Batarang just by pointing at the screen and amber and I could make Batman Robin Batgirl Nightwing dodge attacks by holding in the Batarang which we showed people a lot now there's no defensive ability in Lego Batman on the DS you have to take punches bulletin Joker flowers whatever.

To me to the face yes Joker flower to the face ah well I mean it makes it kind of happy though yeah I don't really like those focus loans no there's nothing else for us to do out here until free play so we're gonna go take the fight to Clayface who's ready to make it withdrawal Oh Clayface looks cute and small I mean they didn't really know how to make big legos back then everybody was the same size I mean like I guess things and you're right I think they didn't really make giant one second nope this is the first ever Lego super heroes game they were simpler time by me not not this one I mean the Lego Batman video in general ooh yeah I totally know aliens I still remember the slogan that the game had like it had a really cool trailer mmm Batman fighting all these goons on the rooftop and they're like being broken and stuff like that oh it had the Danny Elfman music play yeah I think I could remember that a little bit actually it's included in the Lego Batman Wii game to have the original like promo trailer I don't never remember what the slogan was but also looking back at it also watched it in I think it was like the big thing about the game was playing all the way through as Batman and Robin and then unlocking the villains and doing their oh yeah play as heroes and your villains is well you get two different stories you get guys so how we would do it when we did great you bet to see both points of view exactly so whereas in one of the things people are upset with Lego Batman 2 & 3 is they drop that yeah you could go through and play from the bad guys perspective yeah yeah sorry I totally enjoy it either ah go big so all we have to do with Clayface is throw a Batarang at his face there you feel like it would really harm Clayface knowing how he is like in the comics obsessed but yeah well it's a Lego game what do you want I want it to be too specific yes I need I needed to be authentic I'm throwing this in your face so yeah I have to come up with some kind of scheme that involves chemical reactions to destroy Clayface and bring him down okay how about we use water and water is actually a compound oh and I hate the switches in this game because you go to pull the switch and then the NPC or your you know AI buddy he waits too long oh there it is yes all right ask one two three pull there we go Clayface the bat oh no water and okay.

Working game water effective Oh water I haven't showered in a month Riddler's like oh man they just got Clayface and we found out it's not Clayface it's just a really dirty person somebody needed laughs a mud Roger that Batman I'll take bath regularly remember to take bath every night Judy over here kind of a way to become this guy man I'm glad that I'm not like him yeah I'm glad over here I'm glad I listened to my mother what are you doing over there I'm not lurking I'll crap I'm lurking I better run yeah I'll get you lurker oh man how is he so quick I mean I was just there I got you wait how did you get the truck ah so log that sells like gold r2 please. Enjoy this puzzle Batman it's pretty puzzling hey bud I'm going to sit here look cool silhouette style well I'll show you to something first try he doesn't even need to say anything but he throws a Batarang and sticks to the top just like that they have the key to the bank they're all happy completely oblivious to the bat tracker attached on the vehicle he's always got the tracker out Batman I got Clayface I put them inside this trashcan good job Robin I've got this Riddler cube it's a rubik's cube it is well I mean it and we will never sell level complete I'm terrible at those you want to know the best way to solve a Rubik's Cube hammer yeah X is late face unlock order take all the stickers off I still can't believe that we already got true hero status I mean that wasn't suitable sweet now there aren't that many unlockable characters in this compared to later installments but actually I think our friends it is so much fun cocaine used to do rubik's cube stuff professionally anyway guys ago that does it for this episode thank you so much for taking the time to watch check out our previous Lego Batman series and join us tomorrow for the second episode and go see Lego Batman the movie in theaters tomorrow god blessed ever gaming see

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