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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Walkthrough PART 1 (PS4) Gameplay No Commentary [1080p] TRUE-HD QUALITY

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Walkthrough PART 1 (PS4) Gameplay No Commentary [1080p] TRUE-HD QUALITY

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[PART 1] Welcome to my HD walkthrough for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, played on the PS4 under Normal difficulty settings. This is also my first attempt at the game.


Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC

Genre: RPG

Publisher: Namco Bandai

Developer: CD Projekt

Release Date:

US: May 19, 2015

EU: May 19, 2015

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (also known as The Witcher III Wild Hunt) full game Walkthrough. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is in 1080p HD and available on Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Walkthrough includes all Chapters, Story Missions, Side Quests, Ending, Review and Final Boss Battle.

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I see you gather before me.

Hungry terrified clutching your babes to. Your breasts Emperor Amir has marched his legions into our lands laid siege to every fortress from here to the Blue Mountains rabid and ravenous he bites and bites away men of the north you.

Stand at the precipice your kings have failed you so now you turn to the gardens and yet you do not plead you do not kneel to dust your heads with ash instead you wail why have the gods forsaken us we must look into the trials. We failed long ago in a time past our. World intertwined with another through an upheaval scholars call the conjunction of the spheres the gods allowed unholy forces to slip into our domain the offspring of that Cataclysm was the nefarious force called magic yet we did.

Not banish it instead studying the fire king for our own power and wealth and. The monsters the unholy relics of this conjunction the trolls the co-op's eaters the werewolves did we raise our swords against them I have relayed this burden on others what so-called witches straight children.

Thought the ways of foul sorcery their bodies mutated through blasphemous ritual sent to fight monsters though they could not distinguish good from evil every thicket of humanity long extinguished her within them yes their numbers have.

Dwindled through the years but a few still roam our lands offering their bloody work for coin to this day that famous with their very existence the Northbridge logged by war the battles are the gods with chastisement for our sins and let us not forget the terrors the scratch is from beyond our world the wild heart rides the sky with every full moon the dark Raiders abduct our children into lands unknown some say they Herald a second conjunction can we chart a course back into the light will we find the strength to banish the mages from our kingdoms unite the warmth of the eternal fire is the time of the sword and axe none will fight this war nyehhhh is the time of madness and disdain.


You know I don't find that amusing it.

Wasn't meant to amuse but to prod you to hurry it's mid girl you promised the Serie you train with her go before Besame aboard her to death with those etchings.

So later then hmm see you later.

You're any out of juice my nan you might bring me some more once you're done training.

Nothing but silver gold clashes with my complexion you should know that.

Got any clothes that aren't black or white hmm undergarments see I thought.

Ciri could stand to wait a little it's uninstructed not to mention unreasonable.

I missed you a lot and I missed you have plenty of time to make up for that go and train with her then come back it'll give me a chance to put my face on all the women I've known we had the only one who does that before you've known many what's it matter only ever thought of you.

Shit mountain pass is beautiful as ever.

Old witches fast asleep series disappeared somewhere of course.

Because she prefers practice to fearing hmm why time to wake up master these.

Lessons so boring they put you to sleep too dammit but are taking notes on ghouls and al Ghul's wanted to rest my eyes a bit making her slog through that brick now wonder she took off john abruzzi lacks flair true but he's reliable not like the hogwash they print nowadays she's tackling the pendulums right.

How many times do you have to tell her don't train alone it only embeds your errors bring our young damsel to the lower courtyard she wants to practice she'll get to practice.

Don't get mad at her why the hell not the whippersnapper refuses to do as she's told you like that about her look fine I suppose I'm partly to blame but this has to end now killing monsters is. Not something to be taken like ciri must understand that there seems to be koalas I'll see you below.

Wrong now I see why you were so eager to. Practice strike.

You're not in the circus billet wrong.

Footwork enough get down what a flip.

What do you think all right take off the.

Blindfold you've got work to do your.

Reflexes are still slow maybe for a Witcher think grounders or Stricker's we'll go easy on you because you haven't undergone the mutations though in your shoes I'd fear vesemir more than a nice trigger disobeying his instructions unwise yes I know and you know that's no.

Excuse ah I'm sorry won't happen again.

Better not bez Amir said if it does it'll make you eat a bowl of slugs covered in salt exactly see you best.

Behave come on we'll practice with the others down below shall we run the walls.

Of course there's a Witcher swore an elven bathhouse maybe if you fall.

Yeah what did I tell you about breathing through your mouth in rhythm with your steps Siri cut it out.

I win.


Anything to say for yourself young lady I'm very sorry uncle vesemir Youngblood craves action I understand that but when you fight a beast knowledge counts as much as your silver sword at the very least you want to be able to tell a goal from an Algol by markings like unto the panthera tigris that in zurich Aeneid wells and by the sickly paleness of its visit so you did read the chapter still.

You should have asked if but you were asleep uncle vesemir don't try to weasel your.

Way out of this a witch I must know how to trick his opponent you said so yourself might've but don't use my words of wisdom on vesemir got it that's playing with fire fine we've talked enough you're out you're with me Lambert with Eskil ciri with a dummy again stop groaning and grab a sword.

What do you think should we start by reviewing the fundamentals ago right to free training.

Should work on the basics even skilled masters need to hone the fundamentals and series barely a novice draw your.

Sword garrote.

Quick cuts one two three never lock your.

Elbow when striking them play duh. Position Siri footwork remember.

Ceri see how Geralt hold a sword attack.

Come on come closer.

Riposte strike oh yeah bring the day to.

A close we'll go over a few witches signs let's start with point.

Ceri Gwen is sometimes called now watch.

Carefully to see what. Whose neck a snitch Nietzsche wrote I want to see sparks fly if not for the.

Quinn signed plane by now.

See that Siri heart will knock anyone or anything off palette time for AXI damage.

I hate this feeling actually can really.

Muddle your mind to a certain now show a.

Girl this serie couldn't move if I.

Wanted to throw a bomb.

Don't worry Siri gwendal dampen the blow.

Fine enough continue telling it will.

Whoa you really showed him kid Ceri get.

Down here a little she-devil.

As soon as he's back we'll set it appalling all the swords at care boy. Find that helmet ciri.

I'll make sure to find every last blade for you.

What that.




You all right uh-huh had a nightmare about. Take forever to explain darn some way.

Off we've got time.

Started in the guest room at Karen Warren I was relaxing that table and next to me Bruce Jennifer funny isn't it she's never been there seems so real in my dream though was she nagging you about something hmm through the life indeed we'll find her.

In the dream I went and found ciri then we trained those were the days hmm little she-devil I've trained kids who were faster stronger but none had her character didn't end well did it your.

Dream no the Wild Hunt appeared attacked. Sirree I couldn't move stood there like a stump. It was just a dream.

That's the problem it was more in the past when seaweed appear in my dreams something was wrong she was in danger we taught her how to defend herself from anything wraiths included.

Be downing soon time to go.

Wait show me the letter from unifier might have overlooked some hint in there didn't overlook anything we were meant to me in Willoughby that's what she wrote meanwhile one army our nether burned the village to the ground all we can do is follow our trail so stop talking for a minute and give me the letter how about that it does smell of lilac and gooseberries we're gonna weed it not sniff it they must meet soon will it be.

Near vizima hmm nothing else to guide us there what's this PostScript I still have the unicorn stuffed unicorn.

Used it once or twice certain situations.

The things young folk get up to these days back on topic how's it look how far behind yennefer are we two or three days trails fresh but it looks like it leads towards the main road would be muddled there.

Wait yeah that.

Of course when armies passed macrophages fine let's go before any more show up.

Ever tell you about this sorcerer I knew couldn't stop talking about how useful they are as creatures the Gopher can.

Brew potions from their blood now because by eating rotting corpses they prevent epidemics hmm did he know they eat the living as well no really upset into his theory collapsed.

More it's not exactly going our way we have a side of northern realms we're out of its rounds don't you mean tomb area and Dedan are no more proud of its pledged to restore the old quarters as soon as he wins war believe that gotta believe something that's what keeps us going come on now we going.

Mr. Kona yeah it's come out.

Gulps that was close I was sure I'd end up like my man provided you got lucky your horse died quickly but Griffins like to toy with their prey leave it alive piece by piece oh you'd you'd like a reward I suppose.

You don't owe us anything you are in need we helped and they call which is heartless say they won't lift a finger without pay they also say my sir born of rotting straw back to the trail like I.

Said leads to the main road and ends there muddled you seek someone yes a.

Woman medium height long black hair seen anyone like that no but there's an in here in Y tortured soul one around gets its share of travelers perhaps you learn something there besides the in keeps my cousin tell her Bram sent you there she'll treat you like family not a bad idea especially since that wound needs cleaning beasts barely grazed me but sure could use a good RIE nice and cool you know straight from a cellar let's go.

So the Griffin this close to the village strange I thoughts exactly and the forest of the mountains sure but here and there the main road maybe it's the war of corpses everywhere the stench of blood burnt flesh drives monsters crazy sometimes.

Madam - you need to watch ourselves in white orchard and we should leave as soon as we learn it.

Look take that down before this trouble that you do coat of arms the Tamarian lilies they were right to hang there they say to marry a gnome all our men it's still gone now.

My are cities.


I'll not drink with Weaver those freaks.

Beg your pardon for those thugs no need we're used to it folk who jump around here Army's just passed through now a Griffin's prowling about mmm-hmm already had the pleasure ran into your kinsman Bram Ryan how is he alive sends his. Regards master wages food and drink on the house what can I get you.

Show me where you got behind the counter.

Looking for a woman raven-haired violet eyes dresses in black and white writing in from Willoughby and strange as it sounds are violet in gooseberries I have smelled that I've not seen or smelt such a lady believed odd remember yeah especially hard to forget this one plenty travelers about though hope from all over that might be worth your while to ask after her.

Thanks for everything.

Master witches would you be of a mind to kill the Griffon beasts a scourge on our land only killed livestock at first it's got a taste for human flesh of late we're here to set foot out doors if someone will pay us won't say no.

Now if you bandage that up please I'm not decrepit yet then I'll ask about yennefer mm-hmm just remember we'd rather not draw any attention you hear.

Black ones been out measure in the fields let me measure pair that man burning the harvest I'm looking for someone and we take some peace and quiet out on my face freak for your breath sounds might be a rich woman dressed in.

Black and white scener talk folks say. The lady rode through the village a few days back galloping so fast she not read a bore into a ditch which way did she go I don't know lots of tracks leading off the main road could have gone anywhere boy people the freaks taken my cos mind and I'll take your tongue if you don't shut up.

Once there are four factions for what.

What a waste of time the earth shall revolve around the Sun before you comprehend these rules clan a minute.

Why not al dirt get assistant professor in contemporary history at oxenfurt academy Geralt of Rivia Witcher with tenure I'm looking for a woman long hair dressed in black and white seen anyone like that of course not unlike the populace I know the horse woman of war is pure poppycock horse.

Woman of war what's that about folks a an omen a beautiful phantom rides the fields at night looks as you described her armies follow her and all who cross her path meet with misfortune I can doubt to the last bit know where they saw her no facts interest me not fairytales not a place I'd ever expect. To find a scholar take it you're fleeing the war quite the opposite chasing it I'm headed for the front tired of life I seek knowledge which I value more than life itself I've a thirst no dusty old tomes can quench I wish to see the nilfgaardian invasion with my own eyes understand it and recorded all in my Chronicle my magnum opus.

Interesting we need somebody to describe war what it's really like not colorful banners and generals making movement speeches but rape violence and thoughtless cruelty ah I see you lack the polish of the academy rape and cruelty are details of no import to the war's course trinkets on the garment of conflict one might say mm-hmm tell that to the people whose houses burned down.

War reached novigrad yet nope but it's only a matter of time nilfgaard and one bank retainer on the other drooling over the city like dogs are reducing bone many rulers choked on that bone true we value our liberty in novigrad we know how to fight for it mmm the scholars especially the sword is not the only weapon do not forget two architects from our Academy designed the city walls walls no war machine has ever crumbled got a girl so long and then.

Twitch you strike me as a man of the world are you familiar with Gwent no and I don't have time to learn but the rules are quite simple come let's play hmm why not.

Splendid here's how it's done.

Hmm it's not a game for everyone requires an analytical mind if you ever find yourself in oxenfurt and wish to play a true master ask for stepper a simple in keep by trade but a true maestro when it comes to Gwent I'll remember that Thanks.

Looking for a woman the lock everyone not like everyone and not just any woman mine smells of lilac and gooseberries dresses in black and white to snap seize.

It'll lift your spirits fine I'll have a.

Drink give me cut to the chase you seen her or not yennefer of vengerberg never.

Mentioned her name yet you described her perfectly once I hear something I never forget come helping how do you know yennefer.

Water question master dandelions balance of course the only way a humble merchant might hope to rub up against greatness unless that is he's as lucky as I am and runs into a very patient Witcher it's a Geralt of Rivia himself the butcher of blacken you seen yennefer.

Deepest apologies but i must ask is this about love none of your business. Yes as a vagrant I deserve no explanation what do you know tell me before you appeared it never occurred to me that might have been yennefer who would have thought get to the point a nilfgaardian scare from the local garrison sewer where at their camp she. Rode in the dark of night black and white gooseberries and yes I know that a terse exchange with the garrison commander raced off where to I'm not a Missy n't asked at the garrison thanks we men of the road must.

Stick together that's one day I'll be in trouble and you'll be nearby to help.

Done drinking then fuck off don't want.

Your kind here.

I haven't done anything to you so just calm down course no I done nothing horses working. Which Croft get him.


Whoa would you write the cross for me.

It's Durban now.

Place of power should draw from it.

That's it.

That's so fast River.

Snow now whoa Hey.

Decently that's what you.

Military camp no locals allowed without the express consent of the garrison commander I look like a local to you you look like trouble dead wrong I make trouble go away I'm a Witcher The Witcher captain Peter sug will levees in the tower turn right past the gate you black.

Ones aren't so scary after all can even be nice if you want to don't get a custom Nordling to the tower go.

Goat ice Gryphon is an absolute mystery.

North s port heiden and Maris as.

There is little left in your granny's but soldiers are meant to and so they must be all right.

How much grain will your village give whatever you say your eternity look at my hands look see the calluses these are not the hands of excellency but of a farmer so we speak peasant to peasant how much can you give hooey bushes they be more sir but our lads it's Mary's that is took from us earlier you will give 30 that will do let us settle on it and I wish to see the transports soon thank you sir thank you kindly I summoned only the alderman and the Smith Willis but that is said he is a dwarf you are too tall to be him.

Very perceptive of you Geralt of Rivia. Witcher not the girl this explains why I did not hear your footsteps what do you seek here yennefer of vengerberg where was she headed that this is a military secret haven't thrown me out yet haven't called the guards so go ahead what's your price there is Griffin in. The area slate and then I shall see what. I can do it's a deal some questions before I start know where the Griffin has its lair it kept to the vulpine woods at first I sent a patrol there five young men a hunter found them two days on they. Only recognize them because they wore our plate since then the Griffin has grown bold attack seen villages fields on the main road meaning it's abandoned its lair I'm gonna have to set a trap I judge from your tone this will not be easy what do you require I'm Ebates a specific herb buckthorn scent should lure the Griffon from 10 miles off but buckthorn I do not know this but I am not yet fluent in the common tongue probably mastered the basics though hands up kill them no first came idioms don't.

Play with fire for example go to Tamara. An herbalist she lives near the crossroads she will aid you need more information.

About this griffin it's sex why it's abandoned its lair shall I bring you witnesses they won't say anything I don't already know I need to go where your men died look around what's the name of the hunter who found them MS LOF he has a hot south of the village very near the wood helpful fellow a little strange.

Tamira and miss love thanks there soon. The actin.

Said it's dialectic.

As some more.

If you lay dead at again.

The embrasure guy doesn't weigh too low

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