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Warcraft III Reign of Chaos All Campaign Cinematics Interludes and Cutscenes

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Warcraft III Reign of Chaos All Campaign Cinematics Interludes and Cutscenes

Warcraft III Reign of Chaos full story walkthrough, cinematic interlude cutscene, and some gameplay, enjoy.

Note: this video is not a guide to passing the missions, it is only here to recap the plot.


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We never paid any heed to the ancient prophecies like fools we clung to the.

Old hatreds and thought as we had for.


Until the day the sky rained fire. And you enemy came among us.

We stand now upon the brink of destruction for the Reign of Chaos has.

Come at last.

The sands of time have run out son of. Durotan the cries of war echo upon the.


The remnants of the past scar the land.

Which is besieged once again by conflict.

Heroes arise to challenge faith and lead. Their brethren to.

His rush blindly for.

Shadow comes to ensue my school.

You must rally the ward and lead your. People to their destiny seek me out.


What kind of nightmare was that.

It was not a nightmare young muchif but a vision follow me but I will reveal what your future holds I don't know what.

This is all about but.

Greetings son of Durotan I knew you'd find your way it was you I saw in vision who are you. How do you know me I know many things young Warchief but not you and Yoli my identity at this time is on what is does that you rally your people and leave these shores immediately leave what's this all about human human I left my humanity behind long I am.

Something different now know that I have. Seen the future and beheld the great burning shadow that is coming to consume this world you sense it as well don't you the demons by returning and only by leading your people across the sea to the distant lands of Kalimdor where you have a chance to stand against them but how could we I will answer all of your questions in time young war chief for now rally your warriors and prepare to leave this man none of this makes sense.

But the spirits tell me that I should trust him.

It's been three days and this profit has yet to show himself I hope I'm not making a huge mistake by trusting Warchief the clans are assembling as you ordered but it will take them some time to reach us then we must prepare this camp immediately I want my warriors to have food and proper lodgings when they arrive yes war chief warrior has there been any word from Grom Hellscream he and the Warsong clan were supposed to have been here by now no war chief we haven't heard from he'll scream in some time damn it bro where the hell are you. You orcs are in violation of the Alliance internment Act we've already captured one of your leaders if you surrender now we'll spare your lives.

War chief they say they've captured one of our leaders maybe they refer to prom but if they have definitely made three credit we must drive the humans back.

Luckily the only injured great because we're getting out of him now we're leaving the human Lance for good final.

Set sail chirps.

Oh wait.

Sail west to the lands of calendar is there is there salvation.


We've received reports that the Hawks and certainly the recent attacks against the internment camps are evidence enough agree or horde is on the move this is absurd my nation will not stand by the orcs are not our primary concern.

Here how many times must I repeat myself King Terrace you must heed my warning this plague that has gripped the Northlands could have dire ramifications.

It is simple as I have said the Kirin Tor are already prepared to place the villages under strict quarantine i will not institute quarantine without proof of your claims ambassador the people of lord iran have suffered enough without becoming prisoners in their own lands.

Yet prisoners they are good King what is.

The meaning of this who are Humanity is. In peril the tides of darkness have come again and the whole world is poised on the brink of war enough of this man hear me.

The only hope real people is to travel west to the Forgotten lands of Kalin old ambassador I don't know who you are.

Or what you believe but this is not the time for rattling prophets our lands are beset by conflict but it shall be we who decide how best to protect our people not you now begone I failed humanity once before. Not do so again if you cannot take up this cup I shall find a mother.

The warning has been given their fate is.

Now their own.

Welcome Prince Arthas the men and I are honored by your presence can the formalities Uther I'm not King yet it's good to see you you too led I'm pleased the king tearin has sent you to help me father still hopes your patience and experience might rub off on me it is a Father's right to dream isn't it look.

Here's where we stand our scouts have confirmed that there is an orc encampment hidden somewhere over the next ridge as I suspected. It gets worse they're preparing to attack the nearby village of strong Brad as far as we know the village is completely defenseless I need to move.

Against the orcs base immediately can you handle strong Brad's defense on your own of course with her don't worry about me good meet me at the orc camp once you've saved the village be careful Arthas.

All these wretches off with the rest of them move them out.

Bless you princess.

Don't worry son we'll find them and bring them home safe. Bryn's office old coot son needs you with the orc encampment immediately never a dull moment let's get moving.


Good timing lad I sent two of my best Knights in to parlay with the orc leader they should be returning shortly.

Damn these orcs will never surrender then let's get in there and destroy the beasts remember we are paladins vengeance cannot be a part of what we must do if we allow our passions to turn to bloodlust we will become as file as the orcs yes if you're feeling up to it.

I want you to lead the attack me well of.

Course I'll remain here and ensure that none of the loathsome beasts threatened the camp I won't fail you I know you won't lie.

Paladin fool the warlocks of the Blackrock clan have spoken soon demons will rain from the sky and this wretched world will burn yes I've heard this rhetoric before you orcs will never learn was only a mirror image damn it what are these curse up to.

The hour of doom approaches let this paltry sacrifice appease our demon bastards you sick bastards never get. Away with.

Slavey orcs slayed him you've done well lad this was a sound victory I don't know the orcs were sacrificing Townsville I think they were trying to summon demons faith lad these orcs are trying to hold on to dying traditions we defeated their demons a long time a girl let's head for home.


You must a wiser than the king the end is near I told you before I'm not interested in this nonsense and I've wasted my time here.

You can show yourself now Jenna is gone I'm sorry for eavesdropping master but it's your inquisitive nature that I've come to rely on try that crazed fools convinced that the world is about to end.

I've heard the rumors of the plague spreading throughout the Northlands do you truly believe that the plague is magical in nature it's a strong possibility that's why I need you to travel there and investigate the matter I've arranged for a special envoy to assist you yes master I'll do my best I know you will child.

Prince Arthas we've been waiting there for hours are you sure this friend of yours is coming I'm sure Jaina usually runs a little late we must.

Help her stay you're playing.

Gentlemen meet miss Gina Brown special agent to the Kirin Tor talented sources it's like you haven't lost your touch it's good to see you.

Yes it has well I guess we should get underway.

Our sources believe the plague originated in the region north of here you should check out the villages along the Kings Road.

It's as if the land around that grader is for the grain itself be plagued. Let's hope not those crates bear the regional seal of underhall the distribution center for the northern boroughs if this grain can spread the plague there's no telling how many villages might be affected we've been discovered.

My brother's flee and continue with the operation I'm sorry I can't stand looks.

Like it was sewn together from different corpses let's study it after we kill it okay what was that. Who is that wizard dressed in black I believe that the robed man was a necromancer obviously he and his lackeys are behind this plague well it's a good bet we'll find him and the answers were looking for in hander halt.

Look it's those cultists who are with the necromancer what are they doing to that mine let's not wait to find out attack damn beasts intruders they must not interfere what the Masters plan let's build a base camp here with those cultists creeping around I'd rather not head in there without backup I couldn't agree more.

Hello again children I am kel'thuzad. Have I become leave well enough alone your curiosity will be the death of you are you responsible for this plague necromancer is this cult you're doing yes I order.

The cult of the Damned to distribute the plague grain but the sole credit is not. What do you mean I serve the dreadlord mal Ganis he commands the scourge that will cleanse this land and establish a paradise of eternal darkness and what exactly is this scourge meant to cleanse why the living of course his. Plan is already in motion seek him out at Streatham.

Naive fool my death will make little difference in the long run for now the scourging of this land.


Parce Glenn fine I could use some rest it looks like they're preparing for battle.

Prince Arthas during the night of fast army of undead warriors emerged and began attacking villages at random now it's heading this way damn it Jaina I'll stay here to protect the village go as quickly as you can and tell Lord Luthor what's happened go Jeanne every second counts.

Wait what did those crates contain.

Just a grain shipment from and oh ha there's no need to worry man it's already been distributed amongst the villagers No the plate was never meant to simply kill my people it was meant to turn them into the undead defend yourself.

Give me strength Oh.

Luther your timing couldn't have been better don't celebrate yet son this battles far from over.

I'm surprised that you kept things together as long as you did lad if I hadn't arrived just look I did the best I could do thir if I'd had a legion of knights riding at my back I would have now is not the time to be choking on pride here was over the beginning the undead ranks are bolstered every time one of our warriors falls in battle then we should strike at their leader I'll go to stratum and kill mal Ganis myself if I have to he's a man brave as you are you can't hope to defeat a man who commands the dead all by yourself then feel free to tag along loser I'm going with or without.


Greetings young prince we must talk I have no time for this listen to me boy this land is lost the shadow has already fallen and nothing you do will deter it if you truly wish to save your people lead them across the sea to the west flea my place is here in my only course is to defend my people and your choice is already made just women the harder you strive to.

Don't say it. Maybe he's right nothing he can say will make me abandon my home Angie I don't care about that that has seen.

Glad you could make it Luther watch your tone with me boy you may be the prince but I'm still your superior as a paladin as if I could forget listen to her there's something about the plague you should know.

Oh no we're too late these people have all been infected they may look fine now but it's just a matter of time before they turn into the undead what this.

Entire city must be purged how can you even consider that there's got to be some other way damn it Luther as your future king i order you to purge this city you are not my king yet boy nor would I obey that command even if you were then I must consider this an act of treason treason you lost your mind Arthas by law to Thur.

By my right of succession and the sovereignty of my crown I hereby relieve you of your command and suspend your paladins from service this you can't it's done those of you who have the will to save this land follow me the rest of you get. Out of my sight you've just crossed a terrible threshold Arthas Gina. I'm sorry Arthas I can't watch you do this.

I've been waiting for you yellow Prince I am Alchemist.

As you can see your people are now mine I will now turn this city household by household until the flame of life has been snapped I won't allow it mal Ganis better that these people die by my hand than serve as your slaves in death we're going to finish this right now mal Ganis just you.

Brave words unfortunately for you it won't end here your journey has just begun gather your forces and meet me in the Arctic land of northrend it is there that we shall settle the score between us it is there that your true destiny.

I'll hunt you to the ends of the earth if I have to do you hear me to the ends of the earth.

I can't believe Arthas could have done this Jana Jana Proudmoore ah Jana I.

Thought I might find you here where is he gone girl where has Arthas taken the fleet he came to me before he left I pleaded with him not to go I told him it sounded like a trap where Northrend he's gone to North.

Wren to hunt Morgana's damn that boy I've got to inform king tearin as' don't.

Be too hard on yourself girl you had nothing to do with this slaughter.

The dead in this land might lie still for the time being but don't be fooled your young prince will find only death in the cold you are 'this is only doing what he believes is right commended is that read be his passions will be his undoing it falls to you now young sorceress you must lead your people west to the ancient lands of Kalimdor only there can you combat the shadow and save this world from the flame.


This is a light for second isn't it you can barely even see the Sun this howling wind cuts to the bone and you're not even shaking man old are you all right. Captain are all my forces accounted for nearly there were only a few ships very well our first priority is to set up a base camp with proper defenses there's no telling what's waiting for us out there in the shadows.

Ah a goldmine we'll set up our base there.

We're under attack take cover bloody hell you're not dead you're all alive burden burden Bronzebeard is that you da boy I never imagined that you'd be the one to come to our rescue rescue Muradin I didn't even know you were here oh just the same lad dying I could use your help my mates and I were attacked - we caught separately I'd appreciate any battery of course I'll help Muradin let's move.

Alright Muradin what were you doing up here anyway well what there's an ancient way gate that lies somewhere in this palatial wasteland supposedly transports you to a hidden vault with a moonlit name Frostmourne as hell we came here to recover frost moon but the closer we came to find in the way gate the more undead we encountered Prince Arthas we.

Haven't found any trace of mal Ganis no matter you can't hide from me forever captain I want you to establish this site as our primary base yes my lord.

I apologize emissary but the prince is.

Away on an errand what brings you to this desolate place bar oil edict you men are to return to Lord Iran immediately Lord Luthor has convinced the King to recall this expedition we should just pick up and leave that's correct my men report that the roads from here to the shore are held by the undead you'll need to find an alternate route back to your ships to hell with the undead we'll cut our way through the woods men.

Captain why are the guards not at their posts well milord your father had our troops recalled that Lord ethers request luther had my troops recalled dammit if my warriors abandoned me I'll never defeat mal Ganis the ships must be burned before the men reach the shore isn't that a bit much Lud burn down to their frames no one goes home until our job here is done.

Prince Arthas quickly my warriors these murderous creatures have burned our ships and robbed you of your way home slay them all in the name of Lord Aion damned beasts kill them all.

Our ships are ruined what will we do now listen to me all of you there is no way home for any of us safe through Victory in this land we will stand or fall together now return to the base and man.

Your posts.

You lied to your men and betrayed the mercenaries who fought for you what's happening to you office is vengeance all that's important to you spare me Muradin you weren't there to see what mal Ganis did to my homeland.

The Dark Lord said you would come this is where your journey ends boy trapped and freezing at the roof of the world with only death to sing the tale of your doom this looks completely surrounded.

There's still one chance help me claim Frostmourne if it's as powerful as you said it might tilt the scales in our favor I have a bad feeling about this light but I promised I'd see this through.

Captain I'll leave you to organize our defense let's move out.

Turn back mortals death and darkness are.

All that awaits you in this forsaken Gorge I doubt there's anything down here more terrifying than what we faced already.

Still trying to protect this sword are you know trying to protect you.

Behold Muradin our salvation.

Portlet there's an inscription on the dais says whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal just as the blade brands flesh those powers Garver spend I should have known the blade is cursed let's get the hell out of here I would gladly bear any curves to save my homeland leave it be Arthas forget this business and lead your man wrong damn the men nothing shall prevent me from having my revenge old friend now I call up the spirits of this place I will give anything or pay any price.

Save Prince Arthas.

Where is Muradin we can't hold out for much longer Muradin is dead but take heart captain the enemy will not stand long against the might of frost ball so you've taken up first born at the expense of your comrades for just as the Dark Lord said you would you're stronger than I thought you waste your breath mal Ganis I heed only the voice of Frostmourne now you hear the voice of the Dark Lord he whispers to you through the blade wield what does he say I'm human what does the Dark Lord of the Dead tell you now he tells me that the time for my.

Vengeance has come what he can't.

Possibly be it is finished.



Ah my son are you no longer need to.

Sacrifice field people you no longer need to bear the weight of your crown I've taken care of everything.

Do my son.

This kingdom shall fall.

From the ashes shall arise anew that'll shake the very foundations.

What trickery is this mal Ganis I don't know how you survived but how you're saving for instance I aren't I Congress like mal Ganis I had it ready but I am. NOT your enemy in truth I've got to congratulate you. Congratulate me by killing your own father and delivering this land to the scourge you have passed your first test the Lich King is pleased with your - yes yes I've damned everyone and everything I've ever loved in his name and I still feel no remorse no shame.

Pity the rune card was forged by the which came with an empowered to steal Souls you're the first one had claimed they. Now make do without one what is the lich king's will the cult of the Damned must be rallied once again and many of the acolytes have been in hiding amongst the populace once you've rallied them I will give you further instructions well done death knight the.

Coat is nearly assembled loader on lies in ashes what good are these cultists to us now they remade you in your next undertaking and what's that you will go to underhall and recover the remains of the acolytes former master the necromancer Kel'Thuzad.

What the hell is that.

This crude contraption would allow you to transport the remains of our master can you not simply raise the remains when we find them pardon Lord but a being of Kel'Thuzad power can only be reanimated at a nexus of powerful ley energies and there are no such places in this land very well then let's move out.

Come along now necromancer the powers that you once served have needed you again told you my dad would mean what am.

I hearing ghosts now.

I was right about your service it took.

You long enough these remains are badly decomposed they will never survive a trip to quell fellows Panthalassa yes only the energies of the High Elves son wealth can bring Kel'Thuzad back to life then what must be done you must steal a very special urn from Providence keeping place the necromancers remains within it and he will be well protected for the journey as you wish your father.

Ruled this land for 70 years and we've grounded to dust in a matter of days very dramatic Luther give me the earth. And I'll make sure you die quickly the urn holds your father's ashes Arthas what we are hoping to piss on them one last time before you left his kingdom to rot I didn't know what it held nor does.

It matter I'll take what I came for.

You will know endless torment there's a special place in hell waiting for the office we may never know.

Now your journey to quell philosophy tell me nothing the dreadlords cannot be.

Trusted they are the lich king's jailers I will tell you all.


Is everything proceeding as planned I countries nor dark amount demands a report to discourage Lich King giong death knight has been performing world.

Champion the human means nothing in the long narrow wouldn't dare undermine our efforts now our only concern is that the scourge accomplishes what it was created to do ari come on we'll have all our heads if we do not keep control of this situation believe me brother neither the lich king nor his undead lackeys will jeopardize the legions return see that they do not Lord argument has little patience for failure.

You ah the wondrous eternal wealth alas I.

Haven't been here since I was a boy are you weary the elves likely waited them the frail elves do not concern me necromancer our forces are strengthened with every foe we slay don't be too overconfident death knight the elves must not be taken lightly.

We shall see bring forth the prisoner.

Where is the entrance to your land health you will never enter club the loss falling Prince the woods themselves protect our borders and the enchanted elf gates protect our capital your precious gates will not stop me any more than these trees elf bring up the meat wagons we'll make our own entrance.

The energies of this place are strong Joe the elves never their structures this location is perfect for your mace it'll be a pleasure the undead are advancing alert the sentries you are not.

Welcome here I am Sylvanas Windrunner ranger general of Silver Moon I advise you to turn back now it is you who should turn back Sylvanas death itself has come to your land do your worst the elf gate to the inner kingdom is protected by our most powerful enchantment.

Fall back to the second gate fall back the elf gate has fallen onward my warriors onward to victory.

Well back to the trees.

You've won through this skate butcher but you won't get through the second the inner gate to Silvermoon can only be opened with a special key and it shall never be yours you waste your time woman you cannot outrun the inevitable you think that I'm running from you apparently you've never fought elves before.

Damn that woman we must find a way to cross the river.

The gigs have been opened once we've dealt with Sylvanas the inner kingdom shall be ours.

Damn you monsters what will it take to drive you back the manger woman is starting to vex me greatly.

You've done well so far but the true. Task still lies before you I was wondering when you'd show up I am here to ensure that you do your job little human not do it for you I will reach the. Sun well on my own dreadlord be warned it is pool of mystical energy through which the elves draw their immortal powers not given up easily.

Do you think he suspects that you've been hating me necromancer I'm sure he suspects quite a bit it is his nature to assume the worst now steal yourself the power of my. Rebirth draws near did you forget about.

Us you wretches I salute your bravery.

Health but the chase is over then I'll make my stand here Roger Inara laboratory.

Shit I deserve a clean death after all.

You've put me through the last thing the piece of death no you wouldn't dare.

Citizens of silver moon I have given you ample opportunities to surrender but you have stubbornly refused know that today your entire race and your ancient heritage will end death itself has come to claim the high home of the elves now arise Kel'Thuzad and served a lich king once again.

I am reborn as promised the Lich King. Has granted me eternal life I've upheld. My end of the bargain Lich are you ready to tell me about the dreadlords now certainly but not here they have eyes and ears everywhere we'll talk where it's safe.

So you're not upset about me killing you that one don't be foolish the Lich King told me how our encounter within the Lich King knew that I would kill you of course he chose you to be his champion long before the scourge even began if he's so all-knowing that how can the dreadlords control him like they do they are agents of a once who created our master the fiery Lords of the Burning Legion what is this Legion because they're fast demonic army that has consumed countless worlds beyond our home now it comes to this.

Our master was created to pave the way for its arrival the dreadlords were sent to make sure that he succeeded.

So the plague and loader on the Citadel's in northrend the slaughtering of the elves it was all just to prepare for some huge demonic invasion yes in.

Time you will find that our entire history is being shaped by the coming conflict we have much work to do.

Isn't it time you told me about the second phase of the plan Lynch certainly. The first phase of the Lich Kings plan was to engineer the scourge which would eradicate any group that might resist the legions arrival like the forces of Lordaeron and the High Elves exactly the second phase is to actually summon the demon board who will spark the invasion so where are we going now.

There is a nearby encampment of Blackrock orcs who maintain a functional demon gate I must use the gate to commune with the Demon Lord and receive his instructions.

I called upon the Archimonde.

Your humble servant seeks an audience my.

Name and I have come are you not yes.

Great one I am the summoner very well then there is a special tone you must find the only remaining spell book of medivh The Last Guardian only his lost incantations are powerful enough to bring me into your world where should we search for a great one seek out the mortal city of Taliban it is there that the tome is kept at Twilight three days.

Wizards of the Kirin Tor I am Arthas first of the Lich Kings death Knights I demand that you open your gates and surrender to the might of the scourge.

Greetings Prince Arthas how fares your noble father Lord an tinnitus there's no need to be snide we've prepared for your coming office my brethren and I have erected auras that will destroy any undead that pass through them your petty.

Magics will not stop me and tinnitus pull your troops back or we will be forced to unleash our full powers against you make your choice death Knight.

I sensed of three separate Wizards are maintaining these auras if you find and kill them the auras will disperse it pains me to.

Even look at you Arthas I'll be happy to. End your torment old man I told you that your magics could not stop me the spell.

Book is all yours Lynch let's take it and leave before the Wizards of mass for their final attack indeed I will begin summoning Lord our command at sunset.

The circle of power has been prepared for your instructions Lynch are you ready to begin the summoning nearly has been reading through Medivh spell book his knowledge of demons alone is staggering I suspect that he was far more powerful than anyone ever realized.

Not powerful enough to escape death that'ss was certain suffice to say the work he began we finish today let the.

Summoning commence.

At last the mighty infernals have been sent to aid us rally them quickly death night they are yours to command come forth Lord are evolved into this world and let us bask in your power Lord.

October all the preparations have been made very well by Congress since the. Lich Kings have no further used to me you bread Lords will now command the scourge as you wish Lord Ockham on.

Soon I will order the invasion to begin but first I will make an example of these portrayed wizards by crushing their city into the ashes.

This has got to be a joke what happens to us now be hatred young death knight the lich king for solve this as well you. May yet have a part to play in his grand design.

Who knows.

I feel God's pizza.

Donovan startled he tossed dokku with.

Looms afar a seminar and thumbs.

There are some - as a rapper look us.

Then Lord our Lord our Allison and are in a more nor far Lois.

Warchief our ship sustained heavy damage when we passed the raging Maelstrom its unsalvageable I knew it can we confirm our location is this calendar we traveled to West as you instructed this should be it very well has there been any sign of Grom Hellscream or the other ships no war chief not since we got separated prepare to move out if our comrades did make it here we should be able to find them along the cove I fight.

Of savagery and I have dreamed and these are my brethren we've combed seating the Destiny students.

Water my village is in danger your tribe is safe old one thanks to you war chief but.

Descend hard Rove off all the game in this region and I cannot allow my people to starve soon we must head north to the. Verdant grasslands of mole dog and you fear the Marathas will overtake you yes the Devils speed cannot be matched upon the plains if you tell us how to reach the Oracle in this bubble then my brethren and I will escort you on your March I am intrigued by you and your people you are more than welcome to join us.

This land is rugged and beautiful much like the place from which my people originally covered yes Wade Warren have. Always held a great respect for the works of the earth-mother a far worse fates than living freely on the open plains perhaps but my people deserve a land to call their own care Warchief we've spotted her herd of marauders bearing down on us can the kodos are overburdened and must rest why don't you remain here and protect the caravan while we search for a suitable oasis ah there's no need to coddle me boy I may be old but I'm not helpless.

Chaired the caravan we'll never make it in time let the fury of the earth-mother deal with these wretches as they deserve.

They will trouble us no more fuel not. Warchief afraid continue your quest to. Europe what is it bedroom say that it saw the strands of fate they were woven by the earth mother it alone can show you your destiny where will I find it far to the north near the shadow a base of Mount Hyjal lies stonetalon peak you will find the Oracle within the peaks Hollow I will send my finest kodos to aid you in your journey thank you can I will not forget you Oh with honor young war chief in the earth-mother smile of.

Hey my team on or off how those the information these frail humans offered.

Resistance than the scourge did its job well.

Discipline them myself yes actually that's why I've called I thought you might like to know that the orcs and Obama here watch a certain certain as.

Ever not allowed my agents at least are always dependable they told me that the orcs have landed on Kalimdor Kalimdor but what could they be the orcs are mine.

By right and I will claim them wherever they choose to run and you are mine.

Mannoroth you will do well to remember that fact we will watch the wayward orcs and wait despite their failure they may still prove useful to us.

Warchief we've been shrugging through this wasteland for a week with nothing to fight but centaurs and pig men we need real enemies to test our mettle yes boredom and the beatings son had put us all on edge but we must push on all will be made clear once we meet in the Oracle as you say chief humans what note.

Our Warriors Hellscream needs help wretched orcs how dare you follow us to this land save your breath human who did screwed when I start tearing off your limbs.

With these we can move stonetalon Pete by morning a true warrior would simply take the pass from the humans have you lost what's left of your mind Grom I gave you a direct order to leave the humans alone what the hell is wrong with you don't lecture me pup the wretches deserved death. To feel it for it's like the old days like the demons are near I don't know what's come over you in your manner but this bloodlust is a my ability that I can't afford. I'm sorry thrall you're right hey I can.

Handle it I can't take that chance around take your clan into the northern forest and build us a settlement I'll come and find you after we've reached the Oracle.


Damn thrall for sending us away he chooses to use his greatest warriors for manual labor chieftain there's something strange about these woods it's too quiet almost like we'll be watched are you all afraid of spirits now there is no fan of.

You here that this place is haunted I fear no living enemy but my axe cannot cleave lecherous spirits still you're taller and get to work the WarChiefs new settlement will require a great deal of lumber this section of forest must be cleared.

Yes chieftain Warchief those dancing.

Lights are strange perhaps they are the dread spirits that you've all been so afraid of Jeter we're under attack.

You were right sisters these green skin brutes have no respect for life slay them in a loons name.

Women there women yes they almost look.

Like elves but they're far too tall and far too Savage.

I should bail forest after 10,000 years.

I still recognize this cursed place is.

The Battle of our ill-treat enemy the Night Elves demigod Cenarius yes more.

Archimonde demands that cinereous be destroyed before we launch the invasion of Kalimdor i would relish the chance to.

Face him again in combat but he is crafty and rarely appears in the open.

Faithful as it sounds your pet orcs have recently despoiled these forest lands and incurred his wrath Lord our command and I believe that the orcs are capable of killing cinereous for us they would.

Have little chance against scenarios if memory serves his powers were quite formidable yes but so are yours the.

Blood lack that you made with the orcs long ago still binds them to you you need only recharge their energies.

Just what are you suggestion dredge or.

Spill you're burning blood into this pool its corruption will lure the orcs to it and once they've tasted your blood again they will be unstoppable.

Who dares defile this ancient land who dares the wrath of cinereous and the Night Elves a forest is coming alive we're under.

Attack I defeated your kind in ages past and I.

Shall do so again.

Remember to great we must fall back to the other side of the river.

Who cannot defeat me I am the heart of the land.

It's hard wretches you will all die.

Cleanse these fruits from the wilds I will watch over you from the forest the.

Rule emanates brave power but I smell the stench of a demon curse above it I am cursed already if I must drink from these waters to defeat Siderius then I. Know that goes against everything the Warchief teaches us we can't let rage overcome us again no research as never.

Before we must become the vessels of destruction that we were meant to be.

Yes feel the power once again come my.

Warriors drink from the dark waters and you will be the bar caster I'll consider.

It what be war seek me then need something.

Faster time - what you shall not defeat.

Me I am the heart of the land.

The demigod has fallen the war song is. Supreme.

Mannoroth it can't be I've come to bring you and your brethren back into the fold failed you will now serve us once again.


I alone empowered you to bring chaos to.

This world and by the endless boy.

Warchief we scouted the peak as you ordered the humans have entrenched their fortifications all the way up to the summit what are they up to they're looking to pick a fight they've had ample opportunities before this ish.

Nello for our young war chief can what. Are you doing here our debt to you or can only be repaid with blood we've come to help you reach the article however those metal clad pink skins look like trouble those pig skins are called humans they are our enemies from across the sea they seem intent on keeping us from the peak. The Oracles wisdom belongs to all. Perhaps through items that live nearby can be abused to us they have no love for hostile intruders hobbies have.

Enslaved the widens the war vote stone.

Talent peak is hard neither these brutes nor that humans will leave this place attack my sisters these proud beasts.

Will now aid us in reaching the summit.

Hold war chief that's the young sorceress Graham told me about it appears that she seeks the Oracle as well be wary on one that cave is the. Perfect spot for an ambush don't worry.

I was raised by the humans I know their tricks and stratagems there's no way that I let them stop me from reaching the Oracle.

The path cuts off in different directions hmm either of those caverns could stretch for miles perhaps we should split up very well be. Careful young one there's no telling what ancient creatures lie within the mountains depths I will care good luck.

Box I knew that we were being followed defend yourself stop there will be no violence in this place that voice you know Oracle you're the Prophet very. Perceptive son of Durotan I am the Prophet and now that I have lured you all here I will tell you what destiny holds what the hell is going on here thrall this is Jaina Proudmoore leader. Of the survivors of Mordor survivors what are you talking about the invasion of the Burning Legion has begun Lord Iran has already fallen and now the demons come to invade Kalimdor only together united against the shadow will you be able to save this world from the flame unite with them are you mad have you heard nothing that I've said the Legion comes to undo history and end all life Thrall your friend Helsby has already fallen under the demon's influence and soon he and your whole race will be lost forever I'll die before I let that. Happen then you must rescue him immediately he is the key to the destiny I promised you however you will need help wait this is insane you can't possibly expect me yestiny is at hand young sorceress the time to choose has come for the fate all who live humanity must join forces with the Horde.

If the profit was correct and the Warsong encampment lies just over the ridge should ready ourselves for battle I know it's just that I never thought I'd live to see the day when I had to fight my own people just remember through with this soldier you can capture your friend Hellscream spirit without hurting him but you need to bring it back to my base immediately so we can free Grom from the demons control appreciate your help miss Proudmoore yet another day I thought I'd never live to see that makes two of us I'll return to my base and age it was best I can good luck gentlemen.

The spirits rage around you young war chief they sense your anguish your grief.

He'll scream is like a brother to me care but he and his clan have fallen under the demons influence if I can't save him then my people might be damned for all time.

Everyone brace yourselves.

My god we must retail three before it's too late.

You've got to come with me and where would you lead me boy destiny is at hand Lord Mannoroth is our master now who you're not talking sense ah thrall you always believed that the.

Demons corrupted our race but that's only half truth we gave ourselves up willingly entrenar the other chieftains who died we drank Mannoroth blood fault we brought this curse upon ourselves you.

Did this to our people knowingly.


Sorry to hell with your apologies right.

Now I need you to help me save our people mana Roth we must face Mannoroth in the. Canyon then let's go I don't want to keep the bastard.

This blood is mine.

Misbegotten race.

Through the blood haze has lifted.

The demons fire has burned out in my veins.

No old friend you've freed us all.

Pardon priestess but you've been staring out across ashenvale for hours I sent something dark stirring within the forest Chandra's it feels as if it's heading this way the green skins who killed cinereous perhaps perhaps. Something more.

Put your backs into it Jana and the orc war chief expect this base to be built swiftly we shouldn't. Even be here or siding with yours we're here to hunt the remaining demons human you're lucky our goals are the same all right you men mind your business back to work so these.

Orcs and humans presume to run rampant through our lands they will regret ever stepping foot into ashenvale we will establish a base and deal with these Outlanders as they deserve.

It's your head defend yourselves.

They must've followed us from Lauder on.

Pants quickly like this back to the trees we are no natural force this fast.

The undead are tireless there's no way to outrun them you see Lord Archimonde we need not fear the Night Elves the scourge Kendon Archimonde after 10,000 years how is it possible.

The Legion has returned to consume this world woman and this time your troublesome race will not stop us.

Fools let her slip away find her damn.

You fine.

I must cross the rest of my sisters were farmers most.

Ta'rhonda prese loon you've made it the undead appeared out of nowhere and attacked our village without warning issued RDM Chandra's we have a greater problem the undead was sent here by the Burning Legion our ancient enemies of old against such might we have only one option we must awaken the Druids.


With cinereous dead it falls to us to awaken the Druids we must recover the demigods horn from the sacred moon lay dial only its clarion call can awaken the druids from their slumber but priestess the orcs have established a crude settlement upon the aisle we'll need to fight our way through them to reach senarios his horn priestess Tyrande thank a loon we found you the undead are advancing upon the nearby Barrow dens the den seemed abandoned but there is one druid sleeping within them sister Furion Stormrage he is the wisest and most powerful of all the Druids he must be warned that the Legion has returned then we'd better hurry if the undead overtake his den before he's awake let us make haste my sister's all our hopes rest on fury ins awakening.

At last the Horn of cinereous now we can.

Awaken Furion.

The horn has sounded and I have come as. Promised a smell the stench of decay and corruption in our land that angers me.

Come for few defenders of old crushed easily as you did in ages past.


It has been a thousand years since I last looked upon your Tyrande I thought of you every moment I roamed through the emerald dream my heart rejoices to see you again fury but I would not have written Jonas the new novel sergeant.

In the dream I felt our land being corrupted just as if it were my own body you were right to awaken me the Burning Legion has returned few scenarios is dead and Outlanders roam freely through our most sacred fails as was foretold no doubt dr. mantle make his way to highs all summit and attack the world trade if he succeeds in draining the trees energies this world will be doomed my only thought was to awaken you and the rest of the Druids the Druids of the talon reside within the barrel dens at the end of this rally if we can reach them we may have a chance to stop Archimonde and his demons.

We've driven them off let's regroup back at the base and tend to our wounded so the Outlanders battle against the undead as well they could prove to be powerful allies against our command and his ilk they are mongrels and nothing more they are responsible for cinereous death I will be damned before I stand with them perhaps you are right my love we will establish our new settlement here keep your centuries alert I doubt that we have seen the last of the Outlanders or the undead no the outpost has been.

Corrupted and the treants have been driven mad they do not deserve this cruel fate come no further weakling nor attack Andria's commanded us to kill anyone attempting to enter this place and we shall. Pathetic wretches that pains me that you once called yourselves night elves.

Come forth druids of the talent let the storm crows fly once again upon the winds of war ich new alarm my brethren.

Calendar has need of your powers once again the hour of doom is. Yours to command thunderstorm rage now we must delve into the earth and rouse the ferocious druids of the claw from their slumber.

These Barrow deeps have remained untouched for nearly 3,000 years still there is no telling what creatures may have taken up residence after we sealed these tunnels shut there is nothing to fear in this place the only enemy that has ever given me pause is now corrupting the lands above us let us be done with this business and get back to the surface agreed just be careful there is no telling how the Druids of the claw will react to us after all this time so be it.

These cave spiders are enormous I sense a strange darkness tainting them they have been transformed by a great evil someone that means the while.

As the goddess wins by anyone immediately by ailment as the.

Goddess works.

This must be what cursed the spiders if the corruption can do this to these simple creatures I dare not imagine what it could do to the beasts who live above we must put an end to this corruption no matter the cost both priestess we need your help our Shaymin was bitten by a strange spider and has become deathly ill our tribesmen have run off leaving us to fend for ourselves what would you have us do the waters of the nearby Fountain of Life can save him but we dare not leave him in this state if you can fill this mile with its waters and return it to us the shaman's life will be saved if his wisdom will prevent you from turning fellowmen contrives me a global solution. Alone be praised priestess truthfully we doubted that you'd return now our sim has a chance.

Again I must thank you for your help take this talisman so you require our aid it will summon us to fight at your side the pathway cuts off to the south but this doorway looks promising how could I.

Have forgotten what is behind this door that worries you my love this door leads to illidan's prison Tyrande we should go now Illidan it's been ten thousand years could he still be alive we should free him Furion he would be the perfect Ally against the undead and their demon masters no Tyrande that beast must never. Be set free but he is your brother be that as it may he is far too dangerous I.

Forbid it the goddess may forbid me anything I will free Illidan whether you like it or not the Druids of the claw are awake already come my brothers we have much to do they have lost themselves to their animal aspects their mindless and feral in the Ravens name Oren's call might work it would reach only a few of them.

To storage I don't know what came over us it's been so long since we remembered who we were all Israel Pharaoh Sean I have need of you and your mighty brethren once again after these many ages the Burning Legion has returned and only our combined strength can drive them back then we roa

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