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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - Walkthrough Part 1, Gameplay Xbox 360

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - Walkthrough Part 1, Gameplay Xbox 360

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 for the Xbox 360 in 1080p HD.

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, known in Japan as Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Storm 2 (NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝ナルティメットストーム2?) is the second installment of the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, is the sequel to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Namco Bandai Games. It is based on the popular anime and manga series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, and it was released during 2010 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is also the very first Naruto game to be a multiplatform title.

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Hey guys what's up my name is orgy bags welcome to Gerudo that's Whitney just hiding in the bungalow she fell so young the night she was much younger than the other feel like a prisoner there.

Now this world shall know almighty push.

No assisant this can't be happening.

What why no nope Naruto come hurt Oh.


So you came on a gust of wind did the.

Young man come home once more to the crisis looming over his hometown he offers limitless strength to the farewells of the distant past he offers fresh hope.

Now this takes me back yeah it has the.

Village hasn't changed a bit.

Man I'm feeling so nostalgic now.

Honestly you're not a kid anymore so quit bouncing around like that who cares I mean come on it's been forever mmm always rambunctious hey so where we going now I figure the first place we should hit is ichiraku right huh.

Naruto Naruto thank you huh is it Sakura.

When did you get back I haven't seen you in ages I know right Wow.

So you must have made it through your training all right then yeah I've done way stronger so I'll take any missions you've got what irresponsible self-confidence of yours sure hasn't changed alright save the catching up for later for now we're gonna go see tsunami if we don't stop it for a probable oh we're sure to get an earful later listen pervy sage do you think I could go look around the village a little first hmm it's been so long the waiting is doing me sheesh just do it later or.

At least that's what I should say but you've never been away from the village for so long County hmm it's all right master Jiraiya I'll go with Naruto too I'll make sure he gets to the mansion whoa I just got back and now we're going on a date in your dreams well in that case I'll go. On ahead to the mansion you two catch up after you're through wandering around the village all right you got it.

Prologue homecoming of Naruto.

Okay why don't we head to the mansion and check out the vicinity on our way over this is gonna be awesome all right.

Guys welcome to some naruto ultimate ninja well should i say naruto shippuden right ultimate ninja storm 2 on the Xbox 360 we're back home now I felt a little bit weird playing on PlayStation but you know we're in my castle now what up my dog's inside out this way so about maps map types and switching there are three kinds of maps during free movement a map of your current location is shown at the top right and pressing the back button shows a region map and their start menu you can check a world map of altura territory covered mini-map on the mini-map you can check exactly where you are on the current map and the regional map will give you a higher level info such as for shops locations and so on are available in the current area you can open this map by pushing the back button in free roaming now select world map from the Start menu to view a map of the entire world and ultimate adventure mode so the exclamation mark shows the regional map and the world map indicates the location of the next main storyline event if you're ever unsure where to go next just open one of these maps and check your destination now saving sometimes the games will autosave blah blah blah yet toriel's in the main menu up here we go now I really really really like the fact that this game actually has proper voice actor because storm 1 was a mess it really was dude you really haven't changed you know are we still talking Oh soccer's just admiring my beauty because I'm I'm a strong man right now look-a-here she's blushing Broca she is playing with her hair and everything you know it's funny because in the anime well in the manga too I believe uh this Inara went down in socrata sights naruto like oh you've changed so much and that it was like you still look the same you haven't changed at all now I'm like ah man come on bro you ain't never gonna get no punani like that bro so I'm like I don't know I thought I was funny kind of funny because it was a little bit of a state of relatability cuz excuse me relatability because when I was younger that happened to me a girl told me all Bax you change so much and I was like yeah well you're still the same and I was like oh my like now I say oh my god like facepalm bro so we got a me twister not into hokages room it's hoping the regional map let's look at the the stuff that they were talking about this is nice okay nice it really. Does show us all the shops and stuff like that so if we go to the Start menu we can look at the world map and a bigger map and stuff like that so the Start menu it holds all sorts of menus to help you on your adventure in confirmed members you can check all sorts of informations just as such as excusing the status of the friendship levels of characters who you can become friends with I wonder what that before I haven't played this game like i play this game i beat it i believe i think that's it that's my issue with storm games like I play them and I completely forget about them like in turn I kid you not completely forget the story motor or what like the games about and stuff like that so anyways you can go into the world map and look at our knives is this I don't know man this looks beautiful so far I'm really liking how the game looks and what you have mind you I've only looked at the dialogue and the stuff like that but looks pretty good now by the way I want to let you know that in this walkthrough series I am testing out new quality settings and I'm ashamed because I could have used these quality settings for my other Naruto walk things and I didn't because I think it looks so much better now right let me know what you think in the comment section below if you can because I think it looks a lot better so.

Check the friendship level now check the friendship level of characters perform you're currently friends ok so events sometimes occur in response to the friendship levels and I'm assuming we have to clear like events and stuff like that to increase the friendship level but that's enough globulin guys right let's go on to the hokages bench in the middle Tsunade. Like I said I'm very excited for this walkthrough because you know new quality settings new game and I really like how it is for the time being or how it's looking so these are bird feeders are actually the safe points cool I love to ichiraku ramen shop oh.

Man it's not open yet okay nevermind.

Now the only thing I the only issue that I remember was storm two and my personal opinion is how Naruto his running animation look like like I don't know it makes you think that doesn't take years to get to where you need to get to so interaction with objects objects you interact with will be slightly different color from the buildings and other surrounding background objects some objects react just by touching them while others can be searched give it a try okay let's investigate this and we got materials materials can be collected and you know found in the material collection.

Okay so we got ninja pills you already know man because we're better give some Somali to soccer and just you know sorry nah man I don't condone any what I just said all right guys don't get it twisted man please don't report me I would appreciate what's up baby oh man come on all right speech balloon bubbles whatever you can talk to them an exclamation mark indicates the main story events while a what is that scroll and like kunai's I think that is denotes our request events have we met before.

You're a ninja too right now I am actually oh I think that was still again II I forget exactly he might be a tuning now no he's still shooting I think right I forget but I do know that is I would take this girl over sucked or anything man but imma let you know something right now right in this walkthrough series before we continue with the game and I stopped talking so much I'm gonna make Sakura my bitch alright let's continue man.

May I come in lady Tsunade I've brought Naruto hey grandma Tsunade shizune it's been forever huh how you been Naruto it's good to see you again noisy as ever hey Naruto.

So I'm back for my training with the pervy sage it was pretty intense I've gotten way stronger hmm.

Get a load of this I'm gonna blow your mind hmm self-confidence is a good thing but let's not get ahead of ourselves I need to see if you're really as strong as you think you are what do you mean she means that I'll be putting the two of you to a little test huh come on she said say you.

You haven't changed a bit Kakashi sensei you either well your personality is the same anyway um Kakashi sensei you said. Test what test and the two of us.

Naruto and summer we're gonna find out just how strong you've gotten over the past three years and if you're able to carry out a mission together and will do so using these bells do you.

Mean that's right it's the same test you took three years ago the belt test the belt test huh Wow does this bring back memories you couldn't get one then I wonder how you'll fare this time we'll hold the test on the train field come when you're ready got it I'll be waiting. Naruto yeah let's show Kakashi sensei. Just how much we've grown oh man alright so we gotta meet Kakashi.

In the training field and I'm liking this room right now holy crap you know - Sakura but uh Anthony like I said you know such chakra is gonna be mine but then this walkthrough series she's gonna be yelling marrow donor you saw the intro sequence which was like Naruto it she's gonna be like that bruh well I'm tapping it from the back like this alright nevermind umm but y'all do I'm letting you know right now dude like a frickin Jiraiya just step out and the pictu wielding the pig in here I'd be set with just these three girls I'm not gonna lie to you man man I'll be straight alright I'm not gonna read that like if I read dialogue and like I think it's pretty interesting I'll read it out loud after that matter but otherwise I won't wait actually do we have to talk like Jiraiya and like shizune stuff like that maybe they would have given us something damn.

I like that laughs girl now I don't like your life wait wait let's talk to the pig - come on guys oh is this we can knock items over oh that's nice ah look at taunt oh man Oh what is this.

Guy about memory crystals if you get a memory crystal you can choose part one flashbacks by talking to a leaf ninja okay part one flashbacks is a menu where. You can watch scenes from before nettle to return to the leaf village cool so by obtaining certain items you can expand your play options in the Hokage room adding menus like replay main battle store review and part one flashback okay that's really cool this is really neat I'll do them really liking it so far so what's this when he's away so you can use story flashbacks and so on by talking to the leaf ninja in there okay that's what they meant you need something if there's anything you need to check on just tell me well let's see the memory was right we got one Oh neat. Alright so the hidden leaf in the Land of Fire the nine-tailed house okay so what if you play this right what happens.

Once upon a time there lived a fox spirit with nine tails he was so powerful that whenever he shook his tails it would cause landslides and tsunamis the suffering people called forth the great ninja clans to fight this menace finally one ninja risked his life and was able to imprison the spirit having defeated the demon brave ninja died that.

Ninja was the fourth Hokage.

Okay so these are pretty cool we can actually wait it says we 6% oh there isn't a lot of these there's only 15 while I was about to say we only have one in and already like it's at 6% but um if you guys want right whenever we get one of these I can go ahead and come back here to the hokages mansion and play the flashback memory if you guys want me to do that I could do that you know I'm all for I'm doing you know side missions and stuff like that when they're optional cough cough broken bond but um is that everything all right then see you man a problem bro thanks so much so now we're going to make our way to the training field because Kakashi is located down over there and needed me to a pizzazz real quick so I actually find like a Kashi like really weird in my opinion like when I would go first I'll start it up because I'm like what type of teacher right unless he's a petal right it's gonna give you a test about you know getting two pair of shiny balls from him right all right it gets even weirder right it has a jutsu where he pokes you in the booty hole with two fingers how does that sound to God I don't know bro to me that doesn't sound too good at all let's go through here just to check out if there's anything that we can get through here this is gonna take a second look at the map it's going to take us to a message station Oh what is that I know I am.

Going kinda sorta off on tangents over here by going to these uh areas that I don't need to go to but I'm kind of trying to explore I like exploring oh hey bro calm down man she's your problem bro control your dog bro you wanna get sued you want to owe me some money I thought so man you better control your dog so what is this oh man he's still.

Bumping around somewhere Wendy's getting back for what I don't think I read that correctly but anyways these messages aren't going to send themselves okay a lot of engine work with animals you know from dogs turtles to frogs but I always work alone I don't need anybody never yeah you don't need nobody and yet there's a dude right next to you right anyways I never even thought of teaming up with a bird or nothing really alright yo dog chisel for rizal my boy my boy choking what slang over here but um this was completely useless I don't know why I came here because I thought we were going to be able to like send messages to other villages or something but sup it seems to not be the case.

Now I really want to explore a little bit more but some people might some people might have had it up to here like already trying to like watch the video and see me go to where I need to go to so I'm gonna you know abide by the request that I know they have which is vex and you please just continue the game goddammit and and I'm gonna be like okay no problem bro now there's something I look for here nice we got another memory crystal so that's two to our total collection the training fields just up ahead right I'm getting all fired up hey hang on a minute huh What's Wrong Sakura listen why don't we warm up a bit before we meet Kakashi sensei warm up sure we could but how there are lots of ways but the quickest is Ajo pause what you mean there's lots of ways let me find out Sakura some no-holds-barred sparring that's the ticket don't you think that's a bit much for a warm-up I'm sure it'll be fine though good idea Sakura only thing is if it's no holds barred I don't know if I'll be able to hold back that's perfect this way I can see what you really got well okay let's get this started here I come suck okay my bad I kind of like prematurely jump the gun over there but it's funny because Sakura really thinks she's gonna do something us Oh Oh shorty shorty shorty how am I gonna love it when I promote it he is he yeah so um I don't this should be pretty fun because I could like initially she thought like when Shippuden started that she was like so powerful and she was gonna be greater than Naruto and just she just wanted to show up but ultimately she failed at that right we ultimately find out how.

Much of a failure she is later on guys right now I don't know I think the subsystem in this game yep it's the same still as a ultimately two storm one so. Let's just keep on going with the combo systems here it sets out to see what combos Naruto has he ever Zen gone right off the bat nice well he has like the. Giant Rasengan which is pretty much essentially I believe it's called like the old dhamma hissing gun that's what they called it. All right Sakura get up man I'm just trying to test out my counters real quick please so I think guys you only have two health bars now instead of the v3 health bars we had before god damn man rector ass.

Okay so storm points are points you earn from plane battles with storm points in Zevon log from completing events and ultimate adventure will also become available in free battle and online battle as well not that you've gotten.

Way stronger to Sakura it looks like the Bell test should go alright I'll be counting on our tune I'm counting on you too Sakura leave it to me alright now that we've warmed up let's get over there we'll show Kakashi sensei exactly what we're made up darn right. Hey hold on huh here you go oh my god she gave us some.

Ointment bra somebody has to be paying up these like you know these references that socrata is doing right now like you know that she's pretty perverted in this game and I like it don't get me wrong I love it cuz she's older now so it's okay for me to be a perv back you know I'm saying in the other series you guys were like yo back to you're a perv they're so young and I'm like chill what you read if they 12 I'm 12 okay that warm-up we.

Did cost you more than a little help didn't it heal up with that medicine I gave you okay so I'm assuming that in this game to make it a little bit more realistic what happens is that if you have a battle and you know you lose.

Health and stuff like I'm trying to find the right words to say here I don't know I bring for I guess is that what they call it we lose complete track of your of your thought process but anyways uh if you have a battle let's say right where you fight an ex opponent right after you fight ex opponent and you want to fight Y opponent then when you're fighting why your health will be at the state Awards at the end of the battle with X if that makes any sense so but anyways ichiraku and recover your items you can you know just get those recovery items at the item shop and stuff like that now sometimes your health will automatically be replenished after certain story events but when you finish a battle it's always a good idea to restore your health yep so I was actually correct and what I was thinking and your paper mom will definitely come in handy against kakashi-sensei be sure to equip it okay alright no problem you can change which items you use in battle at the items in the Start menu press the start button and select an item gotcha thanks Sakura right let's do this yeah it was like yeah I'm ready. Okay so now that now that we got the item let's go over here let's go into items and you know we have the action items and stuff like that in the battle tab you can customize a palette which is your d-pad by assigning you know combat items ok.

The material items are the material tab shows you materials that you can use as delivery items and stuff like that to deliver or order or just craft items at stores now the valuable tab shows valuable items now we need the paper bomb because Sakura's like you're going to need it for the fight were Kakashi let's equip that I don't know why I headed out of there but we lost a little bit of help I don't think we really won't we have 60s why not right let's just use the Hyneman out of them hey now.

What else I'll do what are these oh these are all the items that we picked up are you well we got a lot especially the ninja pills man none of those really yeah then I'm gonna say never just gonna be the Bill Cosby oh now I take it back man I don't want anybody anybody to be upset with me but y'all all these pills man gobble girl oh my god I can't even do the Bill Cosby but um you know what guys we're gonna end this video here now what is this confirm event the hell is this one alright a confirm event you can check the progress of various events view summary will show you the progress and main story events confirmed mission shows you the progress of your missions check request shows you the progress at your request okay okay so we can like. Meet will not meet but read a brief summary of like what we're doing at the moment will be done in the past and all that jazz so that's rather unique and nice I'm really liking this game so far and I hope you guys are as well and we're just going to take a look at the item like I'm exploring a lot and I apologize because I know some people find it annoying when you know you explore or you do a lot of other stuff aside from going on to the main story missions but I'm just trying to absorb all the game content right now so and get myself familiar with like the environment now these are ninja cards or these are ninja cards and they can be used for like profile pictures and stuff like that online you can edit them you can view what you have bought at the card shop and I don't think we have anything because these must be rare these these like for example number six right here they're like diamond what is that like a hexadecimal type of what am I saying hexadecimal come on man let's call your I'll color orientation right but anyways well not really color orientation because hexadecimal can be used for a bit but anyways anyways before I get into technicalities and stuff like that this like it's like a hex print essentially is what I'm trying to say like diamond and stuff like that looks nice they must be rares we don't have any of them I'll do they change color and everything look this is a big photo collect these now we have titles as well okay let me get let me get the ultimate juicy one we have a couple of them online nice so now that we have that out of the way we have the tutorials that's for that what's a collection I think we checked this out already ring in collection you can view collection items alright okay. So this is nice I just wanted to showcase that before we end this video but like I said we're gonna have this video here guys thanks so much for supporting my channel thank you so much for your awesome support on all my Naruto walkthroughs and hope you guys are again enjoying this game in particular I really am liking it so far and I hope it's a lot better than ultimate ninja storm one because that game was horrible so uh thanks so much guys I'll catch your next one is always much love Steve last

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