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Garfield Gameboy'd COMPLETE

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This video from: Lumpy Touch.
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Garfield Gameboy'd COMPLETE

Cutscenes from an alternate reality Garfield horror game on an alternate reality Gameboy.

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This animation contains Garfield Gameboy'd Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, + additional content. My longest animation! Lots of hard work. Thanks for watching! No, I won't make a 'happy' ending, and yes, this is the canonical ending.

Inspired by the artwork of William Burke

Ending Theme (melancholy ver.) composed by MelonadeM

Vocals by Phoebe Tsen

Lyrics by myself and mastering by Karl Reef.

Additional Music:

Clock Tower - Dark Premonition

Clock Tower - Don't Cry, Jennifer

Clock Tower - Kerosene

Clock Tower - I'm Looking For Mary

Clock Tower - Death in the Elevator

Clock Tower - The Return of Scissorman

Clock Tower - Scissorman

Clock Tower 2 the Struggle Within - Truth

Clock Tower 2 the Struggle Within - Yellow Blood

Earthbound - Giygas' Intro

Super Castlevania IV - Dracula Battle

Final Fantasy XIII Lighting Returns - Overclock

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