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Tomb Raider (2013) - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 - Rope Arrows (XBOX 360/PS3/PC)

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This video from: Chris Smoove.
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Tomb Raider (2013) - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 - Rope Arrows (XBOX 360/PS3/PC)


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All right let's get to work wha what the.

Hell happened this storm it came out of nowhere these clouds they just surrounded the plane a lot of listen I saw the crash from here so you must be close to my position just get back here safe all right oh my way I finally can take control of.

Laura again gotta get all that loot can't be making me miss out on the loot that's some cheese Oh what oh this is.

Bad this is very bad headshot headshot double headshot Oh give me a diamond camo give me a diamond camo right now uh. Uh but what is that new equipment rope rope.

New equipment she's discovered a new technology rope what is she gonna oh never mind oh-ho that rope is beastly that rope is the.

Real deal I didn't know it was going to do all that I gotta take that guy out I can't allow him to throw fire at me get down to the ground gotta use the rope again knock him off that thing oh that time I didn't do anything it's just going to take away their cover where's that guy running to guess I got to pull out the rope again take away his cover.

Look at these destructible environments that's got to be a way out again this.

Game hitting me with some random of faints I wasn't expecting that I mean the coach looked clear and all of a sudden I'm upside down headshotting news this game is fun I am having a lot of.

Fun yeah I guess I gotta use the rope on.

That that looks like the up and now I. Need to jump hurry up got it that.

Waterfall looks so good the graphics this game has really good graphics how did they do that on these old gen consoles I don't know how come all the games didn't look like this who knows it. Makes you wonder about those new consoles right because if they could have the games right now looking like this then maybe they just weren't they. Just weren't really working hard on the games that we've had I mean I don't know how do you explain this but when you think about it maybe this is good news for the new consoles because maybe they'll blow these graphics out of the water that looks like a good spot token - and.

You know what that looks like a good spot to hook into over there as well and there's some loot and I just found out. Something you can't have to rope arrows up at the same time because it'll just magically disappear okay doesn't matter I'm still where I gotta be and I got the loot so it doesn't matter which way I go now you know they probably hit something in the grass so we got to go and investigate the grass okay there's nothing in the grass that's shocking that's a very shocking hmm that's odd oh.

There goes some food some plants this.

New equipment is really interesting because I've seen a lot of doors just like that and I had no way of opening them so I just left them but now when I'm exploring I'll be able to go pretty much anywhere now this is great I can't wait I'm really glad you moved.

You and me both girl one moment they were fine the next there was this storm it came out of nowhere are you fault Maura I called them here wrath Hey find another way need a meeting copilot just of Americans no one left every day hello hello can you hear me yeah badly hurt when I met it he'd been aided anyone there captain Jessup do you read the point of no signal please damn it he can't hear me I have to get temple they said Moses over there we've got our own people to worry about we'll need to regroup as soon as they find sir I can't just leave him out there alone I need to get to him sometimes you've got to make sacrifices Lana you can't save everyone I know about sacrifices no you. Know about loss sacrifice is a choice you make loss is a choice made for you I can't choose to let him die wrong.

Why not go to camp upgrade use that plus one in skill it's time to get back to work no relaxing for Laura we got people. To kill we got stuff to climb we got.

Stuff to find I like that you can just.

Make your own personal zipline now it's hot less clear we can find anyone up here you're probably right we gotta work I'm gonna head down and join the others of the plane you keep checking these ruins another headshot oh look at that.

Guy why did he turn around that was odd.

Normally those guys never turn around what made him turn around maybe up here these guys are smarter anyone out there huh used in traditional Japanese herbal. Medicine these are probably maitake mushrooms used to boost the immune system also known as dancing mushrooms I'm here at what's your situation we followed a group of me into some kind of City this place is saying Rock what the hell are they doing here I don't know and I don't think I want you know Eddie sign-ups I'm a weapon nothing yet are you with Rama yes we'll be heading. Down the mountain soon to meet up with you okay go try to get in a bit closer this channel over let me add a rabbit to my. Collection of animals killed we just go over there and bang it if it's gonna stay in there Oh looking silly yeah let.

Me stop fooling around no reason to do. That really other than XP oh wait let me try one more time haha the rabbits are just disrespecting me right now okay I'll just leave him alone I don't even need them don't think I left any loops time to go forward another one of these things I'm just.

Completing all kinds of optional objectives left and right that's what I do that plane just exploded again that.

Crash was really recent that thing is still smoking you already know I got to go explore that so where am I have I. Been here before I think I have actually.

Yeah I think well no I haven't been over there I don't I don't remember being over there but I think on my right I think that's where I got that pack from the wolves in the cave but over there I don't think I've ever been over there I.

See some loot so why not go there first I know I haven't been there yeah I'm just gonna go get that Luke oh that's a long drop ooh she can get hurt.

But you can't die though she can't die we already know that the first episode first the second one she took some mean Falls so we know that she can't die by that this is interesting it's like that plane crash opened up another area over here that wasn't here before and I think this. Is that one crate that I couldn't get that I saw last time yeah oh I didn't.

Even know there was a GPS thing there I was going to get the arrows and I just got lucky let me go get this loop give.

Me that come on I know I know you got to give me that just had to change up the angle orders a big there's a big one right there yeah that's going to be a lot of sausage right there it's going to be 50 at least let's see plus 65 mm-hmm gonna be upgrading those weapons all right so I.

Think down here I think this is normal but up here this is totally different I didn't have access to this and look at what we find another plus 65 is it going to be plus 65 yes it is all right I'll definitely be able to upgrade something with 381 and I'm not done more more.

Stuff wow this probably going to be a whole bunch of loot over here I'm saying more I'm saluting more maybe the comments section will say more when I upload these videos are going to be like post more post quicker post faster I'm a post fast I'm gonna make a splash that's what I'm gonna do you're gonna be like it's my sub box broken quit smooth dropping like 20 videos probably not 20.

Videos that that'll be too much for one day but I know oh why not why not take. Out a pig oh that pig is strong look at this wow wow that's it like how many arrows was that oh look at his cheese the pig hit.

Me with shot clock cheese it it went into an area where I can't skin it that's the pig version of shot clock cheese haha that is hilarious oh look at this look at this maze let me go and get that I.

Can't allow I can't allow loot to be looking at me like that I have to take that down but first let me light this up mmm-hmm four of ten of those I'm making.

Good progress well here's some more loot wow this is just this is beautiful all this loot this is unbelievable how much stuff I'm getting I normally never find oh I know you saw that flash I normally never find this much in this short of time this is like a gold mine the funny thing about what I'm doing right now is this is all optional I don't even know if I should release this ray I don't even need to cuz this isn't really on the main story I mean what do you guys think leave it in the comment section below let me know if I should show stuff like this or should I just skip it do some smooth editing because this is purely optional and other people might not even post these parts you never know all right so I'm pretty sure I know what I got to do here I need to pull actually.

I need to get rid of the the pistol I need to pull this to that and then that's going to get on fire or actually that was a fail that thing didn't even move let me try it this one we throw this maybe this thing will move yeah there we go or actually no it doesn't go it doesn't go enough look at this okay let me hop.

Up there maybe if I do it from up here it should work if this doesn't work this is some cheese all right come on all. Right let me send this that way or actually I didn't even have to do that it's on fire okay all right so now I. Need to yea that's pretty self-explanatory I just need to do this uh-huh that should be it right there light it on fire ah that's bad any look at that that is. Bad aim okay let me try this one maybe this will be easier here we go that's gotta get it right there oh that's bad aim as well Oh maybe I should do some smooth editing.

Let me try this again here we go here we go that's gotta be it that's got to be it perfect yes alright now I just got to get this one I don't know why this one doesn't want to cooperate uh-oh uh-oh.

I might have to wait for it to stop moving look at this my aim is way off oh.

Oh actually look it's perfectly lined up Wow this has to work if that doesn't work I'm gonna do some smooth editing okay there we go no smooth editing needed all right I've.

Got five hundred salvaged I can definitely upgrade something wow there's still stuff to find I hit the jackpot this.

Must have belonged to a u.s. Marine were they on the island in force or just an advance party do these marks represent friends lost or enemies killed either way he needed a drink I've got to almost be done with. Everything here I mean I can't imagine me just opening up hundreds of or not hundreds but dozens of oh there goes another one hold on you're going down to the ground you've got no grass to hide in this time where you going yeah that's time it only took three arrows give me that plus sixty XP Wow I.

Need to find more of those I'll have all the skills unlocked if I find more of those now that makes me feel bad that I. Got cheated out of that other one that I killed it just ran into the grass that's a glitch there was an invisible wall preventing me from going in that grass I think that games on the next gen consoles I think there should be no more invisible walls if you don't want us to go somewhere just put up a brick wall or something don't just have an invisible wall there that's a new move I think.

That's finally it I think I'm finally done with everything in this area Wow I felt like I've been here for a long time it's crazy there was so much stuff here though so let me take the zipline back and I'm out of here it's gonna be a long. Climb uh-oh oh wait I see some loop down there uh-oh it looks like they changed.

Some things down here as well because I don't think that was there before oh wait oh another bad fall but you know. Shelby I oh and there's another yeah I couldn't get that before uh-oh oh there's more exploration another place to explore alright I already know.

What I got to do here cuz I just did that like crazy first try come on now J.

Now let me take that now let's see what.

That's all about right there or actually. No I can't go there yet look there's some kind of barricade and I've seen those barricades all over but there was no way for me to get by them so maybe there's going to be some more equipment that I get that's going to let me bust that down right there because nothing lights up it's red look at that okay so.

Let me or actually there's a there's a camp right here and there's another one of those books let's go see what I can upgrade with all that Salvage look at this the bows been upgraded already okay let's see what should I buy yeah I.

Definitely I think I'll go with that but let me check and see what the other guns have before I make my decision yeah let.

Me do that because this is a very important weapon you need it for distance so let me pick that and I actually still have some points left so I can still upgrade the bow fionna have enough for the pistol so i can still upgrade something on the bow let's go

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