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Far Cry 3: Co-op Walkthrough(HD)

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Far Cry 3: Co-op Walkthrough(HD)

In-depth walkthrough of Far Cry 3's co-op multiplayer

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PEGI 18.

Hi I'm DeeDee and I'm a game designer for far cry 3 at Ubisoft massive and this is coop for the very first time we're bringing you the opportunity to experience the Far Cry universe with your friends both split screen and online you get to take on the role of 14.

Characters that's made just for co-op as they make their way across the island searching for revenge yeah so what we doing here often a carlo the Diamonds a I like it it's our best bet of delaying the captain if you doesn't finish the deal he's not going anywhere and we don't want him leaving without a bullet between the eyes bullet by the time I'm done you won't be able to tell his face from a squirrel in a wood chipper I set commit come on convoy still a ways off this way so far cry has always been. About playing the game the way that you want to play it that's why in co-op and multiplayer you can create countless of load outs with all of your favorite gear gun skills attachments and let's have more stuff now co-op takes place six months before single-player and these four strangers have teamed up and come to the island to hunt down the man who betrayed them and get back the money he stole and with their backgrounds they're just a sort of people who can tackle the island head-on players have a choice. Right now going quiet a going hard we're going to use a brutal stealth kill to take down this patrol game over there.

So we worked to create a unique campaign with combat scenarios that encourage and reward team play here for instance the players cover their teammates back while he fulfills the objective and as you can see the player is taking a lot of hits but a teammate uses her battle cry to help them out the battle cry is a brand new feature tailored for online play and it's just one of the many additions to the Far Cry 3 co-op mode.

So the key to co-op his team play but we also want to give players a chance to compete a little and that's why each chapter has its own unique event where you get to show off your skills and compete for bragging rights among your friends.

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So the mission here is to plant the explosives and blow up the bridge before the team gets wiped out it's easier said than done luckily when a teammate goes down you have a little bit of time to get him back on his feet.

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So while a player is carrying a box he is completely vulnerable so it's up to the rest of the team to keep him covered it's one of many missions that we have that's made just for co-op that one player can't tackle alone so on this island of insanity only the tough to survive but you got the advantage you've got teammates and we've taken that opportunity to make unique challenges that only the toughest team can survive and it's a part of the island that you won't see anywhere else with all new features skills and levels made just for co-op stick together and play as a team and you might just make it.

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