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Dungeon Siege Legend of Aranna (Alberto Blaze) Whit Mods -Walkthrough- Part 2

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This video from: Alberto Blaze.
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Dungeon Siege Legend of Aranna (Alberto Blaze) Whit Mods -Walkthrough- Part 2

i Decided to play it whit mods because of So Much memories of Zone Match Back in 2002 Alot of ppl whit tons and tons and tons of some Great Awesome Mods. and because i want to make it a little bit fast

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You. Arana an ancient land whose once great glittering kingdoms have been ravaged by war and have fallen into ruin.

The slaying of the sect leader gone was the first step in restoring these lands to their former glory but now.

Chain for centuries by the ancients it rains the shadow jumper has broken free and far away however in a small peaceful.

Village the next in a great line of heroes idols away the time unaware that the clock has already begun ticking.

Have you heard about the attacks several trade caravans have been ambushed and now dark creatures are coming right up to the town walls the mayor's locked the town gates for safety and he's looking for someone to clear out the monsters it's time to prove yourself get all of your equipment from the basement and head over to the mages guild in the center of town.

Someone ought to take those creatures to task teach them that our hawk is not a town that tolerates evil I do it myself if it weren't for me bum leg I already told the mayor I fashioned a special help as a reward to the one that would rid us in this threat need anything.

As you may have heard monsters have taken over the storage cave and are guarding that is I've ordered the north gate to be unlocked for you clear out the monsters who have been attacking the trade caravans and come back to me for a reward if it is the power of the healing.

Arts you seek I have potions aplenty as well as a scroll or two.

I am sorry until the vile creatures have.

Been dealt with I cannot open this gate.

Don't be wasting your time talking to me go deal with those monsters.

I thank you stranger for fighting your way here my name is John dar I was tasked to guard the staff of stars and I was traveling with the trade Caravan of kale Fenster who is I am sad to say no longer among the living we were ambushed several days ago by an army of creatures whose leaders a thing of massive size a giant to be sure we fought hard but many felon were devoured on the spot worse as the monsters attacked the caravan a dark skeletal creature appeared us from nowhere and destroyed the cart where the staff was stored it stole the artifact and fled into the woods those who survived the attack were dragged into the recesses of the cave I managed to escape only moments ago allow me to join you and help recover the staff I thank.

You now let us journey forth and rid these lands of evil.


Dangerous present show no mercy.

I shall uphold my oath.

With honor I shall try we will fight I will a fine.

Plan show no money at the ready.

Very well.

Very well.

Let's hack.

Very well.

Do my best.


Very well honor await us I will do my.

Best never let up take them down.

I will do my best.

With honor.

I will do my best.

Show no mercy.

Right away never feel.

Bye aha I have it the secret of the you train route huh very well I'm happy to.

Hear that the giant has been slain lar knob and Kira have fashioned these rewards for taking care of the monster menace seek them out to purchase additional supplies now I have to ask you if you found something the missing caravan was transporting a powerful artifact that was to be given to us for safekeeping the staff of stars this staff of stars can control the elements themselves you didn't find it did you. You must find the staff of stars and return it here if it fell into the wrong hands chaos would ensue the West Gate is now open for you.

Right away.



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