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Overlord : Raising Hell (Good Path) walkthrough Part 3

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Overlord : Raising Hell (Good Path) walkthrough Part 3

Overlord : Raising Hell part 3 walkthrough gameplay (pc/xbox/ps4)

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Well it appears Mildred the halfling hero is all grown up and out pity doesn't have the tasty music he doesn't fool.

Looks like Melvin is making a run for it well a waddle for it your minion seemed be reached it does have a haunting Beauty to it perhaps we should stay a while in turn led the great die before their time.

You are not flameproof faster.


You won't be following that tub of blood until you fix that wheel shy.

- that.

All this for one bloated halfling hero they could feed a hundred minions the Reds those halflings must be using them to start the cooking fires must use that wheel to control the flames.


Although sweet fermenting link is an on. Fire and screaming loudly.

Blast him like a balloon master.

That is concentrated evil sire it. Accumulates in those of an especially evil disposition now you tell me.

To find our fiery friends look after you.

Just like one big evil family explained.

Reds are finally noon but they also have a powerful ranged attack summon some red. Sire if you've reached your maximum minion horde with your browser select.

Your red threats brown you choose wrong with your race to that fire barrier over there.

Great this is red lifeforce sire it will.

Allow you to summon more words that's the red minion hive Master summon enough raids to carry it to the waypoint gate.


Yeah the perfect opportunity to test out your reds on those are please require your Reds for the red hi and connects the Brian dice.

Which bag.

Dr. zakir naik oh yeah you cannot reach.

Them from here for maximum flaming. Carnage grits.

Seiyya you can hold the position of your minions by placing guard markers for them.

See now they are holding off the cooks you can sweep your Browns to that fire wheel red Brown.


There were flames there was carnage well done sir.


Let's you choose all.




Seiyya there seems to be a surge of evil energy coming from the mellow hills your peasants are being drawn towards it.

Leader of the firestarters exploder of.

Melvin if you're feeling in the mood to practice your combat skills sire then this is the place to do it the tower can recreate many of the enemies you've conquered so you can kill them again at your leisure.


Welcome to the spawning pit master the teller heart is not only the main source of your towers power but it also contains information on your minions touch it and see.



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