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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough - Part 3 Let's Play HD (ACR Gameplay & Commentary)

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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough - Part 3 Let's Play HD (ACR Gameplay & Commentary)

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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let's Play Playthrough of Assassin's Creed Revelations with Live Gameplay and Commentary.

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This Apple it is a remarkable piece of work feel the material are to steal the bearing light you really want to be fluent that thing I - I absolutely do I have been waiting a long time to get my hands on one of these okay you're making me nervous bill don't be I don't think I have the right genes to properly wield it oh but Desmond if the key does.

What the hell just happened you were snooping wandering outside the desmond partition so once the Animus located you would pull you back here it's just following orders like a fail-safe program trying to keep your poor head intact whether you like it or not what are you doing here exactly playing learning waiting. A lot of waiting. I keep the Animus distracted as best I can for you so you can explore otherwise it might hunt you down like little virus septa delete you well my guardian angel there's no such thing yeah hi thanks.

Alright welcome back guys my name is Nick and we are once again playing Assassin's Creed Revelations and we're once again walking towards the light yeah their sister Masyaf is overrun by a battery of Templars and the motive is clear they desire the secrets locked away a lot is library secrets they believe will lead them to something called the grand temple whether or not this is true I do know the library is real I have seen its door for myself but none can enter not without five keys which were sent to Constantinople II with Nicola polo almost 300 years ago klaudia I must find these keys the Templars have already located one and they do not know how difficult it will be to find the others only time skill and maybe the block will tell.

Miss city is unraveling before our eyes kontin Appa Li.


A magnificent sight it is a work in. Progress most city on a robot has a skyline quite like this well to be precise that is Europe and that is Asia ah some border is even the.

Ottomans cannot move very few you are. Italian by the sound of it but your outfit is not have you been traveling long see come although then I love to draw much one months ago looking for inspiration and that search brought me here when I was a child my father told me stories about the fall of costantino Polly you must mean the conquest of constantly I suppose the moral of any story matches the temper of the man telling it that we can agree on gazelle.

Constantini is a city for all kinds and creeds students like me or travelers.

Such as yourself.

I have so much work to return to but it is good to be home work when I was your age my interests were mainly Salva.

I'm Ted oven I am surprised you got anything done as was my mother it was a pleasure speaking with you they offend you I hope you find something to hold your interest I have faith I will garden.

At the balunians honey Grazia dear boy a scholar and a gentleman you are full of surprises very few my friend exit all mine Oh Sheldon Kardashian unless the legend.

Is alive you are the man unknown to meet renowned master and mentor it's your auditory de la da la grecque. Oh it forgive me I have a hard time remembering that Italian gibberish da Firenze the city where I was born ah yes so by your custom I would be.

Yussef Kassim the eastern world I like that Easton yet another name for the city Emmett it's a local favorite I come mentored a fiance I will show you around.

Welcome to Gallaudet history for centuries it has been a home to orphans from Europa and Osceola you won't find more diversity anywhere else in the city and for that reason assassins may get their hand I would like to see we're guessing legally the Brotherhood is always needed to meet the man who put the Borgias out to pasture guess her.

Famous does everyone in this city know I'm here already well your Holy Land tussle with the Templar they do not go unnoticed when I.

First set out violence was so far from my mind I saw the wisdom the contents. About a year's library not realizing it has been seen for three centuries no I assumed as much but I never expected to find Templars guarding it very troubling no five years ago Templar influence he was minimal a small faction with dreams of restoring the Byzantine throne but the growing in number day by day a new suit and base it on his way out they may try something he's there no heir to the Ottoman throne not just one - angry sounds it's a familiar pattern with these Royals when the Sultan cost the pleases draw his sword great another city we have to.

Liberate why can't we just grow old.

Between the Templars and the Ottomans you must stay busy hey zo I barely have time to polish me oh nice.

Got some scale this one yes we're making.

Break for now that's you there another way Oh No watch Santa mistake as are you the.

Whole city wakens to welcome you as you first the regions now their ass Ottoman soldiers have a special noting for these Byzantine thugs that gives us some breathing room how much yeah just a little there's still kill you should look at them wrong but they will feel bad about it later rushing it's not so bad really for the first time in many decades the assassins have a strong presence here it wasn't always that way under the Byzantine Emperor the assassins were hunted down and killed on the spot the view.

Everything has like a shiny classic feel to it kind of reminds me of a a little bit of the gloss from the Unreal Engine of gears me obviously as a multi-platform room it doesn't look as good as Gears of War 3 but looks pretty good already.

And if you're wondering this is on PlayStation 3 well probably no but because of the buttons up there I'm wondering how good it would look on PC though this way.

Nice easiest mission ever.

Mentor say hello to your extended family salute they avoid us I see it is an honor to find such fast friends so far from home you see brothers our mentor is not afraid to we open front of people's do not worry I will not make a habit out of it SEO and I were ambushed on the way here I'd like some of you to do a sweep of the area amen got candles like this you your weapons and armor are in a beautiful state we find some money in repair with you can there is a black space is fine he's a friend what idea the CAC if you look at him.

Closely he kinda looks like the main character from Prince of Persia he looks like the Prince come on tell me it looks like the prince would make sense because.

Prince of Persia was made by Ubisoft.

Talk about a series that kind of just died Prince Persia series geez instead.

Of making new games - just started making games based off the movies which is always below Sasa's Creed borrows a. Lot of elements from Pittsburgher though it's noticeable.

That's repair this stuff.

What do you mean nothing requires repairs.

Next time then yes okay maybe try this.


Weapons nothing nothing nothing indeed well solo alright after those two sync.

Points I did a bit more of just wandering because I wanted to explore bits but I pick pocketed some people and now we're back at the blacksmith again to do some shopping.

Since Boulder's.

The prices in these plants here we go.

Debauch took get back.

Praise the heavens we feel we had lost our mentor to the vices of the Beach City I am content with my own vices Grazia so what's on your mind it's you tell me more about the Templars you call them Byzantines the Byzantine Empire was overthrown 60 years ago these men are remnants of a line loyal to the cause of the last emperor constantine xi who leads them now however i cannot say capisco I suppose it is up to me to find out it's you where is your hook blade my hook blade you've never seen one I grew up using these hmm show me how it works.

Hook blade I feel like work too old for all the new stuff that these young uns are using pump to climb faster.

Finkle the hoop blade as an extension of yourself it's your.

Huh that's robbing come on.

It's pretty sweet oh collectible what is.

This I know what they are in this game.

Animus fragment there are a hundred of them something for roosterteeth to look after for a guide uh-huh Oh miss ooh so.

Far ever miss my target I can you think.

I cannot make this one didn't break a sweat huh. Whoops come on.

Press circle in the day before layup expertly log off sweet.

Oh I can.

Come on there we go that's fun. Anything else I can do with this okay what I do in battle with this that's what I want to know how can I kill things with it I guess we'll find out on.

All the sir sauces watch and learn Ezio we call this a hook and run sprint at your opponent and just.

As you reach him use the hook play to slip by oh yeah that's gonna make escape.

Bodies here ha tikka nice.

Shop on a pot Iike.



Oh no I see huh.

We got to keep our eye out a lot more this game people gonna be stabbing us all time the standard Ottoman book blade has two parts you see the hook and the blade so you can use one or the other an elegant design how about the bigger challenge.

Hmm Bob Andy let's go.

All right let's do it press and hold are.

Wanna press X you launch yourself with cook blade having fun wow that is so.

Much faster haha that's right let the hoop blade through the work. Cheese where is this where I first got a sink for the snap or this tower.

Easter boil a throw yourself into it. Come on yeah nice nice ice.

Welcome to Constantinian at Co the crossroads of the world many generations of men have ruled the city but they have never subdued her she always bounces back it seems a fine place to call home it is.

Race you to the bottom.

I'm impressed yourself my brothers in Roma would like this just give credit where it is due you saw Chavo Puri again huh an attack on two fronts gotta end the Grand Bazaar every day the same bad news how is your appetite for swordplay I do what I must good man ha ha all right let's do it.

Who is zipline supply assassination I.

Like it oh well it's like.

So fast.

When the e tires of running an assassin must take to the air watch.


Ma'am I'm Steve and moving by pressing r1 a Templar scalp and another there.

Watch this.

Yeah I do it.

Assassin help.

Okay Oh gotcha nice.

Time to part company I'll head to the bazaar you stay here do you see that tower see beg a lotta then have it I can't be in two places at once but with you here I don't have to be hider Escalade.

Let's see here take the non-conflict route.

Is there a fragment here all right I saw fragment that's not.

Oh boo. Oh no shit can't get to my destination. Time lose lose the heat so Lucy's guys.

With fuzz. But uh-oh it's fine that could be heat.

Best I might kill oh I should shouldn't use that stupid thing climate.

Whoa yeah okay I wasn't a smarter some. IDs.

Oh there you go lost them.

Nice okay we're here.

Oh he's my has seen thought might our go is the tower guess not a chaga was a guy.

Darian projectile miss weapons No.

When I puke sheriff Wooster its Yousef with you an attack in this city demands his attention what is our situation we beat back the Vanguard but they are sure to send more troops are your men ready for another fight they are now ah sweet.


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