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The Sims 3 Developer Game Tour

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This video from: The Sims.
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The Sims 3 Developer Game Tour

A developer led tour of actual gameplay footage!

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Hi i'm ben bell i'm the executive producer of the sims 3 and we're here to show you the game today we're gonna load up the game we're gonna play a little bit and talk about some of the cool new features so check it out hi I'm grant rody Ben has asked me to take you guys through some of the coolest features in the game in the sims 3 you will have the freedom to enjoy endless creative possibilities players will be able to create unique Sims and immerse them into an open living neighborhood outside their door today I'd like to show you a little bit about the game including the new personality trait system and how the new trait system effects your Sims lives. So here we are in create a sim where it's really easy to create any sort of sim that you can imagine in the sims 3 you can create different age groups including toddlers kids teenagers young adults adults and elders tagged and alter your sims body shape you can make them really heavy then oh muscular or anything in between you can really customize your sims to look like anyone you know hey this looks like Ben ok. Let's create an actual Sam I'm gonna name him Herman let's give him an average body shape maybe he can be a little on the skinny side one really cool feature is how you can customize the hair color of your sim you can choose from any of our preset hair styles and then go in and change the root color the tips or even give your sim some highlights you can really go crazy with this tool hmm I don't think term ins a mohawk kind of guy you can modify your sims facial features and create a sin if you're just getting started with the Sims the tool is really simple to use you can choose from various presets to create the sim you like if you want there is an option that allows you to tweak these presets further it's easy to create just the look you want alright let's pick some outfits hope maybe not oh there that's what I wanted so our Sims look great but what about their personality traits in the sims 3 we wanted to give you the ability to really define the personalities of your sims in this menu you could see that we've come up with dozens and dozens of drinks that can be combined to create 1 million truly unique since each sim is defined by up to 5 tricks I've made Herman brave and clumsy oh oh he loves the outdoors he's a vegetarian and a bit hot-headed bark nets let's give Herman a roommate we'll name him Arnie he's a conversationalist ambitious materialistic a schmoozer and a party and our last step is selecting a lifetime wish for our sims Arnie wants to rule the free world later we'll see how these lifetime wishes will present challenges for both short term and long term gameplay now we're ready to place. Them in our neighborhood Sunset Valley let's check out this new neighborhood and find a home for Herman and Arnie maptags mark points of interest such as workplaces places to go hang out in homes of friends and family more maptags will fill in at your sims meet their neighbors and discover new places to visit you can choose where you want your sims to live whether it's a rustic home along the cliffs or a modern home nestled in suburbia remember you could build a new home on an empty lot take control of an existing family that we've created are moving to one of the many cool houses in Sunset Valley I've always wanted to live by the beach let's move Herman and Arnie here Arnie has a lifetime wish to become a leader of the free world because of that wish a new goal for Arnie is just a peon he wants to throw a campaign fundraising party this will be a good time to connect with his new neighbors and do a little bit of networking which could definitely help him in his political career you could choose to ignore any wish or promise it to your sim along with their lifetime wish these wishes are influenced by your Sims personality traits their career their skills or what's going on in their environment if you fulfill a promised wish they gain lifetime happiness you could spend on lifetime rewards that help you out and again you can eventually buy rewards like the steel bloggers so that your sim never has to use the bathroom again there are many many other lowers to choose from as well these wishes are rewards all new grill system that gives you more control over your Sims destiny the party really seems to be jumping let's check on our knees he raised major samolians for his political campaign by keeping his guests entertained as for the hot-headed Herman all this political chat really put him in a bad mood dalek happening worse a wealthy widow has been leaning on him all night douwe to me in The Sims 3 your Sims can now take care of their own basic needs allowing you more time to focus on achieving the bigger things a lot or to just move around Arnie's chasing his political dream and now he's headed to work at City Hall Herman is gonna ride his bike into town he's still a little miffed about his roommates political opinions turns out there's a protest outside City Hall Herman decides to join in this hot-headed trade is really showing us full force it looks like there's about to be a brawl on the steps of City Hall nice.

With the sims 3 you really have the freedom to make any sim you can imagine and take them anywhere you can explore the ever-changing neighborhood and take your sim to meet their neighbors visit friends in the parks can do a whole lot more your sims can head out to the Art Gallery the graveyard the gym and other interesting destinations in town you might be surprised by what you find in who they meet you never know what to expect because what happens on one side of town might affect what's happening on the other side of town there are endless possibilities for creativity humor and of course mischief so check out the sims 3 in stores february 2009

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