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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 13

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 13

September 13, 1888

17 Wharfdale Rd

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Given the layer of dust accumulated in the square this door must rarely open.

Closed this lock is solid but very old I should be able to force it this wheel is.

In good shape but it is impossible to remove it the pin holding it is stuck hard cover there.

This piece of tarpaulin is very thin but solid enough for our purposes but what the devil are you doing Holmes.

There by sliding this piece of tartar pollen I was able to quite simply force the lock let's go in incredible these.

Little metal instruments are rather curious I'll take one some makeup applicators.

These bottles contain chemical products I have no idea what they are for.

There's something here a trapdoor we.

Must find a way to get down through one side be incredible excellent now on to.

The next step I will go down alone Watson try to cover for me if someone should happen along understood Holmes.

Rings wedding rings guilty I didn't imagine where they came from princess hammer I'll take it a pointed poker but.

This is sure to come in handy it was an electrical mechanism turning the handle should supply it with energy it would seem that there is a broken connection Excellus it's now on to the.

Next step this bust is broken the wires must be reconnected pray think.

And a mentoring I need something it is a.

Stretcher that can be dismantled into two pieces I have to find a way to take it upstairs I think I'll be needing it.

That's good homes I don't know why you brought this thing back up but I can take it perfect what's this Bend key just needs.

A little repair job to make it usable.

This may come in handy numerous.

Footsteps apparently this passage is used frequently it's hoped that it.

Really is the key to this door and so homes.

This little instrumental surf perfectly as a pin punch but what the devil are you doing Holmes hmm look if we lift a.

Board from this window we should be able to pass through but first we have to get ourselves up there you are joking Holmes.

Elementary but what the devil are you do this stone was blocking the wheel this stone was blocking the wheel excellent.

Now on to the next step.

I hope this ladder will support my weight.

Let's go my god Holmes where are we for.

Us to find out my friend this woman is dead Watson yes several days ago Holmes but the body is perfectly preserved no odor no visible decomposition look Holmes a label from the London hospital it must be a corpse stolen from the London hospital strange smell what you. Think Watson a zinc chloride solution without a doubt a product had generally injected into cadavers to help preserve them someone made up this corpse the.

Lips have been colored and the rings around the eyes carefully camouflaged yes somebody wanted to give the impression of life to what end some makeup applicators.

If this old photo shows a young man dressed after the fashion of an employee in front of a shop.

I'm using the man in the photo taken in 1883 and the one on Prince Raskolnikov's leaflet are one the same and no more prints or a Russian than you or I Watson.

Look at this photo it is inscribed Ethel Broome Street 1851 to 1878 this young woman who died 10 years ago looks like the one stretched out on this table these clothes are new just like the deceased stress I imagine her clothes were changed Watson this corpse was embalmed and made up and dressed to look like a woman who had died 10 years earlier all is clear Watson a charlatan passing himself as a prince making the Dead come back by using corpses as puppets which explains the disappearance of corpses at the London hospital it was to fuel this sordid entertainment this may come in handy this door was recently reinforced impossible to open it as cheap jewel must be an accessory of some sort glass eyes in all shapes in all.

Colors it's a puzzle box let's see if I can open it.

There we are magnificent.

A square object is very unusual.

This letter speaks of a sign of recognition interesting.

Holmes I hear a cab stopping on the courtyard someone's coming it is probably the dealers Watson but instead of running what if we were to meet them if we managed to win their trust you are joking Holmes I'm missing some information.

Well then you best tell me why you're here otherwise I'll make you talk myself. Well then you best

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