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The Division 2 - 2nd Boss Raid Guide (Weaver, Dizzy & Ricochet) | Dark Hours

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This video from: MarcoStyle.
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The Division 2 - 2nd Boss Raid Guide (Weaver, Dizzy & Ricochet) | Dark Hours

In this video I'll explain how to best beat the 2nd boss encounter in the Dark Hours raid for The Division 2. In this encounter you will fight 3 bosses: Weaver, Dizzy & Ricochet.




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So you made it best boomer finally it can be somewhat proud about what you achieved here but things are about to get just a little bit more difficult not too difficult yet we'll save that for at the end of the raid but things are about to ramp up a little bit here once we get to the second boss encounter we're going to have to defeat Wiesel and his two companions dizzy and ricochet so you ever going to have to take down three bosses in total however the two companions the two smaller bosses they're not gonna be a stanky as boomer was but we are going to have to deal with some more complicated mechanics this time around other than just get on the turret and shoot the backpack so yeah let's get to the encounter we have a very big room with a plane in the middle and the plane is separating the room into two parts two sections and you probably already guessed it you guys are going to have to split up one squad goes to the right side of the room and the other one goes to the left side of the room and as soon as the encounter starts you cannot swap sides anymore you're basically stuck there now how do we start the encounter well it's very simple if you know the play in the middle it's not just there doing nothing it actually has a purpose you'll see these three panels in the middle there's one on the left side middle and right side and I actually already set that wrong because we're not going to be using left middle and right to name these because on the opposite side of the plane there's also three panels and the other squad is going to look at that but if you're going to say oh it's the right panel well whose right is that gonna be my right or your right my left or your left so that's going to cause quite a lot of confusion so what I would do is I would just say it's it's the front sight at the front of the plane it's the tail sight or the back of the plane you know or it's the middle one that's the best way to name them at least in our experience if you've got a better name for it be my guest I'm just sharing what I know so yeah what are these panels what are is for well it looks a little bit complicated but it's actually very easy one of the teams will have one panel with a green light on it it's either gonna be the front one the middle one for the back one the teal one the teal side one and the other team will have no panels that are active so basically the team that sees a panel that's active will have to say which one it is and then the other team will have to listen and they both have to press that panel at the same time so if it's the back panel that you see light up you gotta tell that to the other squad and then you have to press the back panel at the same time if it's the middle one you both press the middle one at the same time and the same for the front so yeah I know rocket science is pretty easy pretty straightforward then two of the bosses spawn in each room the two friends I guess from the big boss ricochet and dizzy they both spawn as well as you're going to get gas now yeah yeah that's that's that's this encounter one half of the room will be filled with orange gas and the other one will be filled with purple gas and both of these gases have a certain debuff that they apply to the player and you can actually see which room gets which gas because the panels will start to flash orange if you get the orange gas and the panels will start to flash with purple if you get the purple gas so what what do these guys is do well their debuffs the orange gas gives you an arm or debuff which means that you're going to take a lot and a lot and a lot more damage and the purple gas makes it so that you're going to deal a lot less damage now you will not receive the full effect of these debuffs instantly there's actually going to be a counter underneath your help bar underneath your arm or bar and all that stuff to you I think that will actually tell you how much stacks of the debuff you have the longer you stand in the gas the more stacks you will get off the debuff now why do you have to worry about stacks the more stacks you have the more severe the effect gets basically if you get 26 of the purple gas you're not going to deal any damage anymore I mean headshots are going to deal maybe a hundred damage so you're never gonna be able to kill the boss anymore oh another bonus is instead of if you're on 20 stacks you will start to take poison damage as well which goes directly to the health which time basically puts you on a timer no matter what so now you're thinking alright so we have to kill the bosses super super super super fast to be able to basically beat this encounter and that's actually what we thought as well but you would be wrong because while it's completely possible for one team to kill the boss fast it's simply not possible for the other team because they're stuck with the purple debuff right because they're doing a lot less damage however if the team that is attacked with the arm or debuff so the team that still has full damage kills their boss then the middle of the plane will actually open up and you know both teams can move around and the gases will also combine with each other and they'll kind of rotate around so one minute you'll have the the armored debuff and then it slowly starts to go down and you'll get the damage debuff and it just kind of goes up and goes down flipping in between so you would think all right the strategy is obviously for one team to kill their boss fast open up the middle and then you know use their combined damage to kill the second boss when they're not on the the damage debuff but that's not exactly how it works because once the plane opens you'll also see a lot more ad spawning and the last boss also spawns which happens to be a lot more tanky and also deals a lot more damage so that's something that you actually want to avoid I believe there's a commendation for beating the rate encounter that way but it's a lot more difficult than doing it in the way that I'm about to explain right now so what you do is you activate the panels in the middle of the plane then each team is going to have their boss drop in each team is going to have their guests come down and the team that has the orange guy's the one with the armored debuff actually wants to try and damage their boss as much as possible basically just hit him as hard as possible as fast as possible until he's almost dead but then you don't want to kill him what you want to do then is have one of the group members one of each group members go back to the middle of the plane and basically repeat that same process of activating the right monitor at the right time again only one monitor will be lit up for one of the teams so you got to communicate on which monitor it is and then press it at the same time and if you do that then the gases will actually flip so the team that had the orange guys will now get the purple guys and the team with the purple guys will now get the orange gas what this allows you to do is to also weaken the second boss that's in the other room because the other team now has the or debuff but they do not have the damage debuff anymore so then you're gonna end up with a situation where both squads have their boss be very low that's when you want to press the buttons one more time you go back to the middle and basically do it once more to make the gases flip and then as the gas is flipped there's this little transition time where you're not on 20 stacks of the purple gas but you're also not on 20 stacks of the orange gas which means that yes you're doing less damage but you're still doing some damage and yes you're taking some extra damage but you're still not super super weakened you're still not taking poison damage over time it goes straight to the health and within this transition time you can actually kill both bosses at the same time if you do this then the middle of the plane will also open up but the difference this time is that you already killed two bosses instead of having to deal with one of them which is a super big help because remember the moment that the middle of the plane opens up that's when the last big boss also drops out and that's when the adds also combine of both rooms and start to get really annoying that's what you want to be especially worried about that you want to look out for are the sniper ads they actually hit very very hard especially if you have the armored debuff and if you only have one bus to deal with well that just makes the encounter so much easier there's the thing with the gases though that as soon as the middle of the plane opens up the rooms combined so the gas is kind of combined as well and what this basically means is that you have you know that transition period that I talked about when you just flip the gases when you're not on 20 stacks of either well that's basically what you're gonna experience the whole time now one debuff will go up from 0 to 20 and then back from 20 to zero while the other debuff does the same thing but sort of in an in a pattern where if one reaches 0 the other reaches 20 and if one reaches 20 other reaches 0 it's not exactly that but it's it's sort of that now because the last bus is pretty tanky and because you're going to sit through multiple phases of these debuffs if you're not fast enough there's basically a period where you just want to try to survive which is when you cannot deal any damage it's just not worth to attack any NPCs because if you shoot them they can still shoot you back and you just take you just take so much but then in the period where you get the orange debuff the orange gas that's when you actually just want to try to kill the boss and try to kill the ads justice in the first encounter you can see on which player the boss is focused with the red eye basically the red eye mechanic you can see it above your name or you can see it on the site on the UI if the boss is focusing you and you have two or more debuff be very very careful I sometimes don't even try to shoot at the boss you can try the head glitch it if you know how to do that that still works that also works right here but he also has a grenade launcher and generally you just want to run a route if he's targeting you and that sounds very weird in a cover based game but the grenade launcher actually staggers you out of cover and the rate of fire on the screen a launcher is crazy if you get staggered once you get staggered twice you could stagger three times and you're basically dead so when you're targeted just run around the room try to hype maybe if you can if there's no other NPCs around but do not sit next to your teammates because if you get made it because the boss is shooting at you and your whole team gets nated well you can imagine how that goes that's how he wiped a few times actually also if you feel like you just keep dying all this and counter to that to the poison damage for whatever reason you shouldn't ever but if you have a very small health pool and it just isn't working maybe try to equip something with more health on your bills because it's not percentage based it just damages you for like a flat's value or you can try to equip something with hazard protection I've got this one glove which has the hazard protection talent it has hazard protection as a stat role it's overall pretty good if I ever feel like I'm just dying to the poison I could just quickly equip this and it should mitigate a good amount of damage this room is just a matter of execution knowing when to swap the gasses around when you're dealing with the smaller bosses and not panicking and basically running into your teammates when you're being targeted by the boss there are again no weird surprises at the end no curveballs that the game tries to throw at you so if you execute it well and you managed to kill the the final boss then that should be it that should literally be it I think that's going to do it the second encounter I think that's all there is to share really so yeah I'm gonna work on the next video now the wall for the dual robots because that's gonna be a fun one that's also that's a pretty difficult boss that's where things start to really ramp up so yeah I better better get to it I guess I'll see you see you in that video all right bye

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