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Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link by Error72 in 49:31 - SGDQ2017 - Part 105

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Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link by Error72 in 49:31 - SGDQ2017 - Part 105

Runner introduction starts at 6:10

This speedrun was recorded live at Summer Games Done Quick 2017, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2017, find us at:

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All right welcome back so there's quite a few donations are in that run so I'm gonna go ahead and read off as many as I can here ten dollars from Barker who says hey all longtime watch her first time donator had to donate for the pure comedic value of this run thanks for all the laughs and good luck to the rest of the runs props to everyone for keeping this going PS potato puns are appealing.

One hundred and seventy five dollars from koi is that the ribbedkilla aka Ribbit's on on the ones and twos hosting during one of my favorite games of my favorite series so proud that he finished alt CP this year but watching Andy play this game well is a great contrast one hundred fifty dollars towards whatever RK wants and twenty-five dollars for anybody on the couch that doesn't like Pepsi or fireball I believe everyone loves Pepsi and fireball $20 from Marx who says Andy his couch and this run are easily the most entertaining thing I've watched thus far in the marathon just take my money love watching your streams Andy hey announcer bro tell patty hurry up and come up with a pun and stop being such a couch potato I am tailoring on the edge of my seat during this entire run even though it got off to a rough start I don't hit more but I'm a potato we poke poke potato ah get it but this put this to Patti's choice very nice $300 for Mets.

Nine one a little luck $150 from game.

Quota one nine eight was in the audience for all of Tetris but had to drive back home after since 1:00 a.m. is a bit late sorry I couldn't be there for lttp money's going to the bonus game of Kingdom Hearts 2 cuz let's keep this going as long as it can to break more records $10 from anonymous who says ten out of seven best thumbs 2017.

$150 from calera 47 wow this is silly. Ridiculous after my first introductions to a lttp being friends streaming randomizer races this is a whole other level good luck with the rest of your run and good luck to scooty and mojo for a necrodancer alkylating $1 of this to the necrodancer seed praise for ham for the memes and the other 100 $14 to family jewels soundtrack for a necrodancer $150 from.

TQ 135 Andy and his couch has always been entertaining thanks for providing some great laugh-out-loud moments donation goes to runner's choice $20.

From shortfall greetings all from australia loving this run and the highly entertaining couch thanks to all the runners supporters and organizers for making a very entertaining week $10 from.

Towelie brain dude long-term viewer long-term donator watching the gdq events for a few years now and always having a blast of a time zelda is my most beloved video game series so many great memories keep up the great work with this event and a huge thanks to everyone contributing in any possible way greetings from Germany $25 from.

Anonymous who says such a hilarious run thank you for redefining an essential game from my childhood shoutout to the great commentators and Andy with the suite glitches money goes to runner's choice $50 from Nezumi who says one of.

My favorite streamers playing my favorite game of all time also ribbedkilla 2020.

150 dollars from surreal 1 to 9 Andy and company are making me laugh a lot was waiting for good time to donate can't think of a better time than this donating - khaliv Olinda - for another one of my favorite games alright and.

With that we're gonna go ahead and send it over to air 72 for the Zelda - The Adventure of Link run nice I'm here if.

You haven't figured that out on the couch I've got diesel and people and scavenger and this is all to any Pacifico lock so I'm going to reset the game he'll quick we had a donation. Incetive for a file name sure did and the winner was lunk that's capital Lu and K all right I think we're ready so.

Let's get started in three two one.

So this is Ella to any person no score lock we start with the sword sorry guys but we're not gonna get the boomerang go to hook shot or the bottles or any of that kind of stuff I'm gonna get a hammers open I'm gonna start off with a double frame perfect' trick that while I concentrate on the guys on the couch will tell you what I'm doing so yeah by talking to the Hilo lady here are two specific frames one sixtieth of a second window we're going to cause a race condition and what she does basically she's willing to try to do two things at the same time turn around fly up into space and go Hawaii second try very nice yes very fast so we're now in glitch town which is a map that actually doesn't exist anywhere in the game this is probably just garbage memory not sure and so we've warp past the hammer bounder get past the boulder so now we can actually get the hammer we're skipping the hammer to get the hammer because it's just much faster that way now this looks slow killing his enemies it's because we need attack three experience as soon as possible and in a marathon yet to be safe so you have to avoid requiring luck to get that experience so this is one of the most dangerous parts of the run because I'm so weak something to fill pick up this extra life and this is all the getting extra lives and experience points and all that good stuff quite a bit different than most Silva games so and this Bridger is on right now normally you would be at about level 5 and attack and the rustier stats as well so going through here at your bare minimum levels is extremely difficult so I just picked up in an attack level attack levels are really important it's begin to get a game it lets me do more damage lets me kill bosses quicker let's go enemies quicker I'm doing a technique to jump over these guys the game cheats a little bit in how some of these enemies chase you around the screen and actually read your d-pad movements but you it doesn't actually you don't actually lose momentum while jumping so I take my hand off the d-pad when I'm jumping over them and then it prevents the enemies from backing on so the screen is dark but there's enemies on normally you would have the candle at this part but we don't have that yet probably not going to get it but it's probably hard to see on stream and in the stream room but the the enemy.

Sprites clip into the floor just a little bigger and for some reason you can see orange enemies yeah we think that's because they use the same palette as the items such as the trophy and the medicine and such that appear in the caves that are meant for you to see in the dark we think that's what it is yeah and it just never mattered because they never imagined any would be crazy enough to get this far with that we can right you'd have to get pretty far into Death Mountain before you ever saw an enemy that would be colored that way since this is the hammer came almost narrative the hammer nice red beans so coming up is a drop there's a drop counter based on the number of enemies of killing their type of enemies I'm hoping for a specific job called a teabag or points bank that will allow me to and I actually got it that allowed me to skip a couple of enemies that I would normally have it back up to kill so.

Coming up is the hammer one of the required items to beat the game after that we're going to force a we're gonna do what's called up a and that's basically forcing a game over we're going to leave that mountain go back to the beginning of the game do that by pressing up a on the second controller while the game is paused and as you can see file name it's in if you're gonna see lunk a whole bunch of times when nice side effective up a is that when you restart like that the random number generator resets back to the beginning position so those over old encounters will do the same thing every time as long as we get to there in the same way every time and so we can we end up thanks to a feasel rerouting the game we be able to find a lot of ways to make use of that then I have to thank Arctic Eagle for coming up with a lot of that really clever stuff other thing that you get is all your lives back and all your health and all your magic back that's a very helpful makes this a very safe category and pretty reasonable to skip the life spell in any category that has uh paid you do lose your experience any experience that hasn't been spent on a level is gone so right now we're doing a whole bunch of Red Square stuff because I need a few spells to beat the game and so I what I just picked up in that one dark cave is the trophy which is required to get the jump spell and I'll be doing a couple more just fetch quests like that so if you have any donations to eat now's a good time you sure do $25.00 from central Blue's got a donate again to one of my favorite Zelda games error you are real hero.

Twenty-five dollars from anonymous who says good lunk.

So we picked up the hammer in Death Mountain and it does two things it can chop down trees and it could break boulders why a hammer can chop down trees is beyond me but.

Good question so since the orangie starts at the same time coming up a there's many counter manipulations will the encounters on the world map are this two different counters there's a time counter and then there's a step counter so starting at three seconds and then every eight seconds after that a random encounter will spawn if I'm not on a road tile and and the counter will spawn every sixteen steps if I'm not on a road tile either so I try and manipulate my steps to.

Avoid as many encounters as possible and. It looks like the enemy's movement is sporadic and random on the overworld but they actually follow a pretty fixed set of rules we can kind of get the sponsor where we want a none side stepped up knowing how they react to Lynx position in relation to theirs yeah there's a really interesting picture you could probably find by googling that shows a vector field that that determines which way the monsters move based on where they are relative to link but the nice thing is with this off a route we can get really favorable patterns that just happened to run away from links to the toward link so we skip a lot of that time syncing over all there and this is neato town where are we gonna get the most powerful sword technique in the game the downstem I'm told it's strong and smash brothers and it's even stronger in this game it's the second worst sort technique big leaks a.

Smart guy if you you know stick your sword underneath you this to stab enemies below you what happens if you stick your sword above you.

He needs a hint so there's one other item in this or one spell in this town we're going to get we picked up the medicine from the last dog cave we were in to give to this old lady tree to heal her sick child and would.

Vodka pick up the most broken spell in the game does the fairy spell which turns blinking through a fairy welcome to obey. Nor even link moves around he's got momentum he takes some time to speed up take some time to slow down but fairy doesn't have any momentum doesn't take any time to accelerate just instantly moves in the direction he pressed with full speed and that ends up breaking the game several different ways depending on that music most importantly you can ferry through a door without a key and you can pick up items without an item pick up animation which is why he doesn't do this earlier but I can't thank the cast fairy without the item in this game that's true which is a magic container so he finally finished all of. Our fetch questing and now we can go start doing palaces so our base which of the dungeons of the game most players that have done this would normally do what we would call Palace one first which is in the northeast corner of this continent we're not going to do that we are going to go do Palace two first because we still need some experience from kills and it's not a lot of enemies of Palace one there's a ton of enemies of Palace to help us get some more experience together increase our attack level kill bosses faster that double back he did on the road there that was an intentional manipulation preventing an entire spawn of a world enemies by staying on the road just a little bit longer when that when that timer was going to hit yeah he had to make a decision right before going into the palace it didn't work out in his favor there was an enemy in his way so he did have to go back and take a path encounter this is a fairy spell don't.

Have a key doesn't matter we don't like to go out of the way to get keys it's just such a thing but he's finally good throws in a way best room in the game. Any combination of bots and lava is going to give you some real trouble this is our first tire nothing gave me trouble as a kid but just so happens you could just hit him in the visor a whole bunch of times and they die.

That's that's your head as a guaranteed drop palaces 1 2 & 5 all of those locations that can have a job will always be a red jar which completely fills my magic and other palaces palaces 3 4 & 6 it has a 50/50 shot of being a red jar or an enemy those blocks are.

Completely random if I get extremely unlucky it could block me in and basically sat me to where I have no way. Of getting out and have to die because if to get past them to get the item that lets break blocks the handy glove right here and there he didn't hold up the item the fairy just saves you time in so many ways and that's not even the biggest save yet that will come later.

So coming up on another six count drop a.

50-50 shot of getting a red car or a points bag and I'm hoping for the points bag in this case so I don't have to kill as many enemies kaleriya jar instead that's okay.

You may see me when going down elevators you may see me slash the wall gives me a little bit of to push me towards the direction I want to go I can't normally walk while going down an elevator so I slashed the wall to push me in the direction I want to go this room is difficult and very just painful to have to fight those enemies which can down stab you at any time this is what he would have skipped probably if you've gotten the pee bag yeah that's that's exactly what you want that lucky drop there.

Making a way to the boss of Palestine here still need a few hundred experience for attack for so we got another job coming up I hope it's a points bag never.

Like. That's okay we'll clear out the palace of basically every single enemy that's great they brought it on themselves they only had themselves to blame one HP.

Strats it wouldn't be a zealot without beef strats skeleton money son.

So we do need this extra attack level so we have to back up kill these enemies so.

Most of these iron knuckles have to get on top of them quickly they don't have enough time to react it takes a little bit for them to actually wake up this is home ahead so it taken kinda safe he was.

A jerk and walked off screen on me so we'll just bounce to him on the side of the screen what he feared did there at.

The end was a jackhammer he actually got on top of the enemy and just mashed down on the d-pad every time you push down on the d-pad Moyer in the air it counts as another attack with the sword so you can just mash down and just hit him again and again and finish off the balance so you may notice I was at 228 out of 2,000 experience points when you finish a palace in place to Jim you immediately get enough experience to go to the next level and you may have noticed that I've been skipping like four magic levels and that's because I want this big a bonus before the end of the gym as possible in this case around 2000 points so now we're on a way to actually do Palace 1 and because of reversing the order of Palace 1 and Palace - now the palace 1 gem bonus this is going to be enormous. Palace one's fairly straightforward isn't really a bad time for some donations sure $150 from hell free good lunk save.

Zolda $150 from Sir George sir George.

I stayed up late to watch air 72s run he decides where this goes go shorty $30.

From anonymous hey guys first-time donor many time viewer I started playing Zelda too as soon as I could play video games and after many year long breaks out of rage I finally finished it earlier this week it was the first time I remember playing and I knew I had to donate to the Zelda to run glad to tone it - such a great charity as Doctors Without Borders and watch video games at the same time so you may notice I'm one shotting all of the enemies that's because attack 5 is seriously overpowered for this section of the game another six count coming up I'm hoping for a red jar here and I've been lucky but it's ok we got a magic repo coming up this next stream. Yeah because he didn't get the jar drop he's gonna take an intentional death which will refill is magic allow them to continue on yeah most people don't know that the hammers will refill your magic like that if you just walk into enough the lava does that too.

So this is Horsehead got to hit him in the ears for two times with the tag five and I pushed him off screen he's afraid.

He had to run and hide wouldn't be a.

Zealot without beats trance it would take a good long time to grind up 2,500 experience points and we're just gonna get that for free from the jammer and while we're waiting for that got time for a couple donations sure a thousand dollars from Matthew been watching been watching this event for.

Years but have never been able to donate after saving for a little while I think it can send some change your way Cheers PS kill those animals and so on and way.

To pass 3d island palace arrowroot Oh 10.

Will tell you how to get there if you don't know how but errors right here so he knows the way and what air did right there with the block was a little bit of a an encounter manipulation he waited for a specific audio cue to break the block on and that guaranteed him to get a back spot and be able to get to the king's tomb encounter free thanks Feazell yeah thanks feasel Oh make that up yeah okay we think you did it someone else holy give someone else to credit I don't remember anything else doing it.

So now we're in palace 3 the island palace the first palace we get the sea and just demonstrated there that you know statues can be either 50/50 red to our enemy so.

I'm going to level up my magic and life a couple times in this palace you may have noticed my magic was completely empty and then I leveled up magic and now I have full magic so that's going to get used a couple of times during the run to to refill my magic at key points.

Jumping over the first of those orange Reds they're actually despawn one of the little spike guys the muse there's some of those tiny manipulations that you don't know it's there you don't know how much easier you're making it on yourself.

So one of the few keys we actually grabbed in the room most cases were just buried through the doors yeah. The way this game is designed you're meant to be going room the room the room finding key after key after key they they put keys in so many dead ends so being able to skip the keys is a gigantic time save.

The skeletons are easily one of the most annoying enemies in the game so I have to set a reminder for myself for the next room do not pick up the key not. Pick up the kingdom if you have the key and you try to ferry through a door it will use the key instead of letting you ferry through it so that would be a waste so then we have to go to one of those dead ends we were talking about so with the item room here and we meet a free spool iron knuckle and now it's gone that was the jackhammer technique again there's no limit to how fast you can hit enemies if you just mash down I mean 30 times a second you can do it and the reason for that is your your normal stab attacks have a couple frames of animation whereas the jackhammer is just one static frame that is pretty much playing whenever you're pressing down on the d-pad so by mashing it it's refreshing the hitbox every time you mash down Wow the corner glitched back up that was crazy fine everything's fine totally intentional BOTS they can jump at any time they can change direction at any time most unpredictable enemies in the game bizarre and the designers did a very good job of putting in the rooms with lava a lot it was just subtly very.

Good game design in that so the item we picked up was directed it allows us to reach Eastern Hyrule and normally I try and find a match pixel to fly over at this enemy called the dew knocker but I don't think I'd survive a hit if I missed it so I'm just gonna wait for him to get out of the way another six count coming up this time I'm hoping for points back never lucky I. Think we're up to five or six wrong drops so far I got the most important one in Death Mountain so I guess I'll be happy the nice thing about that is he had a blue iron knuckle which is basically equivalent to it because it doesn't increment your six count last time so this is Revo knack he's a blue hire knuckle on a horse and we're.

Gonna pounce on his head up a bunch of times and he gives as advertised 301.

Experience box that's right all the enemies that say there were 300 or actually were 301 this for some reason when they brought this game out of Japan they went and changed up a bunch of the experience value to the enemies and when they changed that one from 200 to 300 they type out it so you got time for a couple of donations sure $25 from makeva.

Awesome job everyone way to go glad I caught the Zelda to run this year $25.

From Kitty Rae took the whole week off to watch the event with my girlfriend and we've been having a great time doing nothing but watching and playing games shoutouts to error for making me look bad since Zelda 2 is the only Zelda game i never beat don't die to thunderbird I can pretty much guarantee that yeah that's not gonna happen you'll see so I missed the audio queue there but that's okay might end up with a couple of extra encounters here but this shouldn't be any problem to get to make the way I need to go to clean dodges.

So another dark cave one of the few places beam sword is useful if you use it to cover our heads just in case the the akemon which are the dragon bats decide to swoop down on my head and as.

Far as overworld encounters go fairies are the most randomly moving encounters on the overworld and normally in a casual round you'd want to see them but in a speedrun you can't manipulate them at all completely random so it turns out most enemies if you're one tile above or below them they will actually try to move left or right so you can use that to your advantage and just like sometimes walk all the way across the continent with one right below you the fairies nope they try to help you and that hurts the speedrun so on Mays Island now and we just rescued two kidnapped kid and we need him for a required spell called to be flexible because the next boss can't be defeated without it there's a problem with actually getting it right now though is that you need as many magic containers. As the slot where the spell is is located so reflect this in slot 6 at the time we picked up the kid we only had five magic containers so if I had gone to darunia which is the town way to get reflect the wizard would have told me that I'm not ready for it I'm going to attempt our first glitch for why this category exists and it's called faith and basically what era did there is he he transformed into a fairy and he did a series of one frame taps which put him past the actual screen transition boundary but not off of the screen completely allowing him to hit the transition trigger from the wrong side and essentially just skipped the whole forced encounter the game is programming's lazy they don't actually check what exit you left from to know where to put you on the overworld they just look which direction you were moving so by going through the the exit from in the wrong direction they thought he exited in the other side of the screen and it only works in the overworld it doesn't work in palaces like this otherwise I probably using a lot more yeah so while we're here we've got the magic container we might as well get the item here which would be a water walking boots yes and these will save him time. Walking to the town to get the reflex spell and also walking back to the dungeon itself this palace is very. Neatly split in half the boots are on one side the bosses on the other so getting the boots and doing enough a is saves a good amount of backtracking so.

It got a little bit of backtracked ahead of us so if you have a couple of donations sure do David Pitman donates $50 says got a donate during a great run of one of my favorite childhood games zelda ii best zelda $50 from dupit two four five who.

Needs sleep when Zelda's on twenty five.

Dollars from David tki well what would you get if the king of evil were smaller Ganon dwarf just as bad as the potato.

Puns I kind of hate myself for laughing at that so this sign error did get the. Manipulation this time breaking the boulder at just the right part in the song so that's why a lot of this has been pretty easy going in the overworld so he's so what happened there is that you're normally supposed to walk onto that square and then you have this lengthy encounter with water pits and everything but if you get a random overworld encounter as you walk on to that tile the random overworld encounter takes priority and those are much shorter and even in their fairy feet and now we're in darunia town some of these names may sound familiar to infinitive 64 fans so there's a couple things in this town one of them is up stab you have to go down that chimney in the house that just jumped on I just did that swag yeah this is actually a one frame jump that he made up onto the roof just for fun had this been a run where it actually mattered it would have probably taken about 12 tries because that's how that trick goes except you can ferry down the chimney if you were ducking if you cast.

The fairy spell which is actually something we recently found out I'd say within the past year maybe yeah with the Zelda 2 randomizer out there there's a lot of new runners coming into the game and finding all these glitches playing the randomizer which is why this category exists because we want to use all those foot named glitches so you may have seen me swap back to the fairy spell every time you cast the spell you have to open the menu to cast another spell that keeps you from accidentally catching the same spell again and just. Blowing all your magic there's no benefit.

So this is showing off what the boots do eat at one time you hear the over world loop so enjoy it pick up another one up here we might need it later and because.

We have a boots we can take a shortcut to the palace instead of having to do the maze again this is a really weird. Order for Palace for most Zelda rounds won't do this but because no scroll locks give some magic containers the acquirement to get reflect error has to do this in a very weird order and having up a that boot the boots are so far out of the way because this dungeon is divided in half with the item on one side the boss and the other that in most of the categories it can pay off to just uh pay after getting the boots getting that key you're supposed to have up stand but if you cast jump and jump into the blog you can clip just enough into the block to build the stab it but an ordinary side stab. Ah I fell in the lava but I needed it to.

This hot ass cleanses the soul.

And we know this game wounds air or soul so many times.

So as I said earlier we needed the reflux ball to beat the boss so we're about at the boss and it requires intense concentration to do so need to be a little bit quiet for for the next room Kerrick.

All right serious how are you guys doing back there I am getting the worst.

Pattern ever this is the best strat it's.

The only thing you can do so Tarek's teleporting is effectively random so you could theoretically learn.

Each individual pattern but no one wants to take time to do that so basically you just sit in the corner and let him kill himself and that may have been the worst fight I ever had that didn't die so.

Notably we didn't actually uh pay out of this palace I'm gonna try not to uh pay again to reset my lives except in one very specific point so we're on our way to the ocean palace.

In Palace five we use my big bonus of experience to give me some life levels so I don't die so easily since I don't have basically any of the safeties of the run I don't have the shield spell I don't which increases my defense I don't have the life spell which restores my life I haven't picked up any extra heart containers and right now you're supposed to have seven hearts not four.

So my apologies to all these Ella to all Keys runners we're not doing the Eco key there's a Damon screw strat for picking up that key without having to cast fairy and it saves a whole bunch of time because she keys are one of the items you actually can't pick up with the fairy spell have to hit him with your sword and you can't use disorders are very so but we don't need that key so we don't have to take that risk.

Here's where that high magic level magic six is really doing some work it reduces fairy spell to its lowest possible cost so we can just use it freely and just pick up red jars of the palaces what we know where they are. Like in the very next room so this key is too far out of the way we don't have time to pick that one up we're lazy you got a jump spell for it.

So Palace 5 is one of the palaces where all the drops are guaranteed to be red jars from their statue locations.

The enemies in this palace are a bit random and very punishing if you get unlucky enough so those orange disappearing and reappearing ma goes serious business but they also give you a lot of experience and don't mess up your six count that's about as Adams way out of the ways we ever want to go for a key that was almost too far it's too far really seriously that there are dead ends all over the place that it would like double the length of the run to kill all of them and most of the half keys let's see if he gets the frame perfect trick he got it that wall Clint their dilemma.

Counts for you that that won't speak it's even a hit for it but we're in the wall you can see it okay it's not framed.

Perfect it's a two frame window yeah you have to hold right when you're standing next to the wall and then you'll walk into the wall you have to jump to.

So I'm grabbing that jar for safety i if i play ideally i don't need it but there's one enemy in this palace that are called skull bubbles and when they damage you they don't only lower your life they also take away some of your magic and I don't want to die in this palace and I have to backtrack a little bit to reach the boss after picking up the flutes with a plunger whatever you what they call it and if I.

Get hit by one of those skull bubbles I can't cast a required fairy spell so I pick up that jar for safety only takes a couple seconds to pick up because he would have casted two fairies casts and one jump which is just about his entire magical moment not enough room left for the bubble to take any and that jar is right in the way so we might as well get it.

There's a route through this palace that lets you avoid this backtrack kill the boss first but err doesn't want to obey so he is it actually takes the same amount of time but just you backtrack in different ways basically it's almost to the boss any this is the most dangerous enemy in the game Boston called guma and.

He's got a big mace in a hurts and his. Head is covered so I can't just so I can bounce on his head but I can't actually damage him from above so I have a very tight window to actually hurt him so this fight is slower with the jump spell but I'm gonna cast it for safety to give myself the best window for avoiding the space and that mace the sprite is big it.

Will hit you it seems like it's even bigger than that.

Nice clean fight this the key we said.

So I forgot to do this in Palace forward but time still continues on while the fanfare of placing the gem happens so I actually select the next spell I want to cast at that while the Chamber's rising up and the fanfare is playing to save her maybe half a second or so.

So with a fine plunger we're gonna flush this river devil down the river man he's gone I'm gonna try and get a skip. That's why he ducked into that cave setup the timing for that he took that random encounter on a square where a forced encounter would normally be in a lot of to skip it these fence encounters you're supposed to do 3 but he skipped that first one these are pretty nasty they're almost guaranteed to take damage in them so it's best to try to skip as. Many of them as you can so one encounter skip 130 feet and they only act actually had to run under one set of rock throwers so I don't think.

It's pretty common for roots to go this way normally you would go up to the hidden town next but he doesn't need to go there because he doesn't need the magic jar or the spell spell or the any key yeah playing casually he would normally want to get all the spells and to get all the spells you have to get all the magic containers but we're skipping one magic container which means we actually now can't get the thunders valve so skipping you know those two screens of fade means that I actually needed to hit my 50/50 for a jar and I got a iron knuckle first time so I could have been told much much worse because if I get a higher knuckle from the statue I have to leave and come back and try for another jar and note that door that door at the entrance there are no keys in Palace 6 none at all you normally will exit losses by three except for the except for the boss killing me killing me so you're normally required to get the magic key but we're just gonna ferry through everything except for the boss doors I was trying.

To go for ceiling walk there basically if I time I fall just right and clip under the floor and I'll actually end up on the ceiling of that room but I missed.

It so I had to pay through the door and I'm now out of magic we know what that. Means I've got a Bart master now.

Blue jars daily six count for the small enemies they happen seven out of eight times restores one bar of magic that's not quite enough of what we need so we're gonna take a little dip in the lava here and restore a magic in this game red potion use you a magic refill.

So one of two required fairy casts in the in the palace no other way to get by the screen although I'd be impressed if you somehow bunch up bounce off of all the bubbles to do it we need to find.

Some intrepid tosser to try that.

So this palace throws a little wrinkle and decides to give you a Basra fight and so we have people not to get mad and I actually didn't move forward enough for the right so we're actually going to have to mule fight them and that's dangerous because if you push him too far off screen as you kill him the key will not drop and then you have to uh pay to get out yeah the reason why there's keys even though there aren't any doors after this and keys aren't needed anymore once you have the NE key is that there's really no way to unlock the screen that's the way they've built it when you fight a boss or a mini boss the screen stops you hit the key and then the screen starts moving again so they give you keys unnecessarily the same thing at Thunderbird so normally I.

Wouldn't come over here on this screen but there's an extra life over here in the next section of the game is super dangerous so I'm gonna grab this safety.

You'll see why in about two or three minutes link finding doll of himself scattered throughout Hyrule where he happens to be going is someone sending him a message once he enters the screen. He's gonna continue moving he can't stop moving because otherwise he won't know where Barbara is gonna spawn lost son hid away Tech six.

Jackhammer it's very tough oh here's one hit away that's all your fault yeah after that first cycle he doesn't know where where Barbara's going to appear.

And that's the last the six gems needed to be placed to unlock the great palace guarding the Triforce of courage so you may have noticed that uh when I loaded the game to start off with that I had to save files called soft walking dreams there's actually way too soft walk today and that is by levelling up on the same frame that you leave a screen app and basically the game enters a state where it's expecting me to select the level up but it's on a black screen transition and you won't be able to do any inputs you can't even up a from it which would be a you would lose all progress so I.

Set up a couple save files to prevent banner so this is toughest part of the run right here it's gonna do it an overflow cast of ferry oh nice really nice this is the valley of death.

Encounter spawned very close they spawn very fast and they have an invisible flying enemies that come back that luck that was amazing yeah skill but we can't actually see the hard part here because the heaps no idea he's so this normally.

Be debris might be most likely to die and still might but this room is full of invisible enemies even if I could see because I did not pick up the item in Palace six which is to cross but it's dark anyways so it's really not much you can do about that room but just keep holding forward and hope that the enemies supply in a way where they don't just wreck you by the end of the room scoping and max taking the toll there I.

Got sniped by an enemy there and I couldn't cast faerie to save myself but that's okay we got X lives unfortunately once you get to the Great Palace you can obey and you'll start from the Great Palace that's the only place in the game where you don't start back at the normal starting location yes and the reason for that is this game was originally released in Japan for the Famicom disk system which used floppy disks to store the game and all of the game is on side a side B while the Great Palace and the file select screen around side a so when you enter the Great Palace it has you flipped the disk over and they probably had an up a or a game over restart you at the entrance of the palace so you didn't have to constantly keep flipping sides every time you game over.

So this is a great palace every single one of these enemies is super hard and they all have nicknames like that one guy I just passed what we would call a spicy chicken and the reason why they all have nicknames is the proper Japanese name is could potentially be.

Not PG yeah it definitely can't say it on it just sounds like something very different in English so by all means if.

You look it up if you want but I don't want to be banned from the event so.

If all we got time for a couple of donations while we I make my way through this palace sure $25.00 from anonymous says hello fellow Zelda to runners this is cantaloupe glad to see the whole gang there on stage and back couch error if you knew ba goo that would be swell plus why do you not have the fire spell since it's the best spell runners choice for donation well we did leave the red candle and Palace one for you cantaloupe that was me.

That's a little in jokes between the solitude runners I'm casting the fairy.

Spell actually getting by these spicy chickens on stairs is more difficult than you it would think they had to high ground don't try it easy to take a lot of damage there so I spend some of my magic to skip by them and he's not going.

Back for the red jar there's a 50-50 shot at a red jar in that statue systems so this might be the second most dangerous room in a game that is a nasty.

Beam pattern though he's only going to.

Be chasing me through here because I actually gave him a block to actually jump up here the Jukes.

That is not the way you want to do that room I'm actually pretty lucky I lived through it that definitely looked way better than it would have if you would have gotten it the right way though yeah it was better for us that knight's name. Is Scott Bakula you made a quantum leap at errors face.

Scott vehicle his twin-brother other Scott those guys part of why they're so dangerous is they can fire beams at many different heights and sometimes you can't actually tell how to block them whether it's high or low Paul this patterns terrible yeah they're just not being friendly this run at all.

That's be done with that guy look at how many beans are on screen it's unreal so yeah a lynx hitbox you know how is killing the iron knuckles by hitting them in the visor a link actually has the same weakness it's just that most enemies can't take advantage of it.

So we're getting close to the final two bosses of the game and one of them is Thunderbird and you need a certain spell called thunder to beat him and as I opened up my spell list I I don't have that I also say hi to the cross-eyed big BOTS so I'm gonna have to find an.

Alternate route bye. So very spells broken and if you fairy in the hood it wraps around and you actually fall and we just skipped Thunderbird and we're on the first link so Dark Link.

He's usually really hard if you try and you'll fight him but we're just gonna stand in the corner and stab a whole bunch of times we've recently found some.

Manipulations to make it even faster and hers using those pretty well and that's.

A good time well my time 4931 that's a.

PV visit Wow nice PPR marathon stress world record was I.

Think 40 907 on not marathon strats so I'm coming for you simple.

But uh we save Zelda we real hero and.

We're going to lower the curtain for an awkward hug.

But that's l22 thanks for watching stay.

For the Link's Awakening with grace

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