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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void - All Cinematics & Cutscenes

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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void - All Cinematics & Cutscenes

When I played the StarCraft II expansion Legacy of the Void, I was wondering: Could these be the best cutscenes of all time? I mean there are other great ones like from Final Fantasy or Halo, but Legacy of the Void has really hit a spot. I decided to compile all cutscenes and cinematics including some ingame scenes.

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The swarm brought ruin into our world.

Our proud people became refugees.

And yet they could not shatter our unity.

For we are bound by the color the sacred.

Union of our every thought and emotion.

Today we retake our homeworld.

And with it legacy as it was foretold aim on the.

Dark god lives again if any halt remains.

For our galaxy it lies in the hands of the cell naka only one piece of the prophecy remains unfulfilled that on the world where Maimon was reborn the last light will be revealed there is one.

Location of creature own as Samir Duran wore to the terrace. As Leroux in the system hides a.

Long-forgotten mobius facility I must hope his secrets still rest within its walls.

Zeratul uses a great honor I am prey tort Alice and I humbly request your aid an unknown force has been abducting Templar from our colony worlds my forces and I have managed to track them to a Tarrant facility but we are under attack by the swarm swarm I'm. On my way Tallis they are doing hide you until I arrive.

At last the prophecy has been fully realized and through a great sacrifice. We have been given both a vision from. The cell naka that may aid us in averting eternal desolation now I must.

Return they will not understand my actions but I will face their judgments make them understand for only our Tannis young higher arc of the Protoss can unite how scattered factions as one before a man's wrath engulfs the galaxy.

Voila at long last we stand at the threshold of destiny for today we will restore the glory of our legacy today we will retake what we.

Have lost and reclaim our homeworld and.

May the colors light guide us the. Invasion fleet stands ready we await only your command higher.


We will hear him out the end war has.

Come aim on the dark one has returned. Cannot be trust this invasion is a distraction from the true battle ahead Damon's fury will engulf the entire galaxy will not forgive as it was his interference that brought ruin to our and that burden weighs heavily upon me.

Martinus I have found a way to stand against the coming darkness you must believe me we have been through much.

Together serrator but far too many have sacrificed in the hopes that this moment would come to pass etcetera commence the invasion.

It seems the end war you warned us has begun tell me old friend what is it you have learned I have witnessed the end of all things horrifically jhin's a hybrid raising world upon world in the darkness lording over them a shadowy form a mom yet you.

Spoke of a way to stand against him this vision was a benevolent one as if an ancient voice called out from beyond the Keystone II shall usher you onto Oh Keystone I saw a burst of light revealing the Xel'Naga artifact on the Terran world of course it is the keystone of decision the prophecies speak of Xel'Naga standing against a bar in the end ties I believe this Keystone will guide us to them.

And I have always trusted you zeratul but the burdens of leadership demanded much of me there are times I am uncertain whether I was truly ready for such weight your doubt is unfounded young heart Alice you must embrace what you have become if you are to be the leader we now need.

You me go to James Ray more encore Hall and receive this Keystone I will marshal our forces for the war ahead when you return the Templar will be ready antara tacit our old friend and taro or Tanis brother.

Janice do not let a mantra sue you. Unending each he has corrupted the kala.

Change to his will they must be removed.

The Keystone will guard you.

To sell Naga.

Sara too.

With me.

They Smith Care Act's I have been looking for you are Tanis freeze donor fluids they must be removed it was done by the Dark Templar I'm free of the collars corruption are there others I have saved all that I could come we must escape this world before time runs out an escape how the spear of adun still. Rests beneath the wounds of course a call it's generators are ancient but a face made of your ability will know how to bring them online the spear of adun i i am honored to have the opportunity this is fortune we cannot ignore indeed come we must go at once.

The spear of a doom a marvel of kalai engineering at last of the three great art ships each created to ensure the continuation of our culture in a dark time within its chambers rest contingents of zealots templar bravely sacrificed and entering suspension so that they may serve as this vessels army though it pains me greatly I have begun severing their nerve cords the ship's. Lower decks contain a star Forge capable of constructing weapons of war there is much to learn about this vessel its technology is ancient yet highly advanced we are aboard a relic.

From a glorious time when our culture shined as a constellation.

The celestial array has been updated hierarch from here you may select our next point of travel.

With this vessel we will avenge what has transpired Care Act's and we will free the Templar.

A preserver released from stasis she still bears her nerve quartz she's tethered to the collar hold.

I am rohana grand preserver of the Volare and your war council advisor you must be the executor in command you are not possessed by the dark one how is this possible I feel darkness lingering in the edges of my every thought owns but I am NOT corrupted preservers of my station have trained to control the collars every reward I assure you I will stave off this evil and serve you better by doing so as all preservers I hold the memories and personalities of Protoss prior to my submission to stasis this will allow me to contrast your tactical decisions with those of passive executives from this chamber you will be able to make all military allocations I know more Tanis.

Hierarch of the day long I made all that is left of our civilization your memories are indeed of you sir Ohana but I make no mistake if you fall to this corruption I will not hesitate to destroy you it is understood I am prepared for the firstborns darkest hour come let me show you what may be here.

Alone it is said that those of our kind.

Suffer separated from the glory of the.


But none of us are ever truly alone.

Tradition battle this way.

The brain moves generation after generation choose the mantle of. Dark Templar.

Face of war.

Protoss vessel this is commander james ringerman our tennis man ain't you a sight for sore eyes friend Rhema you seem rather occupied just another day at the office.

Who are these insurgents call themselves Mobius Corps an Elite Guard that used to work for dr. Neruda they've been striking worlds throughout the sector leaving a few survivors each world attached reported hybrid leading them them truly no world is beyond Damon's reach reinforce those.

Bulkheads reposition to mark 7 alpha we need to form a battle line they've overrun sky shield our orbital defense platform looks like they've destroyed its atmospheric stabilizers it's fallen fast if it crashes it will obliterate August Craig we will ensure that does not happen commander engage their fleet and keep their assaulted bay like old times buddy like old times.

Did you know this warrior. Now but I know his story I know all their. Stories none of them ever think it'll end like this reports been coming in from all. Over Dominion world's overrun outpost.

Destroyed lot more dead boys out there.

Warriors death is the fate of all warriors fate.

We too may soon embrace 18 written our.

Tennis why I see it zeratul believed you could make a difference in all this and this Speights just begun it is your custom to shake the hand of a friend.

Give malar Dennis.


Preserver harness hey I see your doubt.

From the suffering of this life the.

Infinite cycle of strife and anguish is. That it your words are little more than poison a bond your actions bring nothing but death sacred purpose handle.

Actually all assistance will be needed.


It it has passed hierarch do you see now.

Why you must separate from the caller its light has faded I will keep him at.

Bay I will endure I have felt his range.

Seen his truth if you will not sever your connection to the caller then you will be contained kept in stasis I will preserve the color however I must.

If I must endure imprisonment so be it.

Hierarch I see the master construction of this el Naga now their understanding that energy essence and information are all one each interchangeable each mutable then you uncovered the information zeratul foresaw within this key stone I have from what I understand it will lead us to own our own aah it is a place of myth.

Around whispered of in our legends the whole world of the cell Naga I believe the Keystone can project its location he. Show me a Care Act's.

It cannot be I must be in error the alt.

Arigon rift that is impossible nothing could survive within such unrelenting forces it appears I have failed you I Iraq I do not believe so Care Act's it is said that the Xel'Naga came from a place where no life should be this aligns with zeratul's prophecies we will go in make preparations at once.

This defies reason we should be shredded. Into our base particles yet here we stand between universes zeratul was right it is all da think of it matriarch. The cradle of all life in all these years yes but why.



Feet of blades.

Again our tennis wait I'm not your enemy.

I have come seeking this dog.

It seems fate has drawn us together.

You should not tempt it further.

I see now.

The Xel'Naga were the first born within the void their sacred purpose was to cultivate life and perpetuate the infinite cycle at a new universes creation they take a physical form if destroyed they are thrust back into the void all of this time they have waited for us to assemble the Keystone and find our way here it was here from orlimar that.

The Xel'Naga began to seed the universe with life they created us just as they gave life to a numberless assembly of races in other universes every time they observe and identify the potential of their offspring never interfering the infinite cycle will always be the same two races are destined to emerge one pure of essence an indomitable spirit capable of great change and one pure form of being capable of vast psionic potential able to house the essence of a cell murder.

Ahead of us within the chamber of Ascension the Xel'Naga have slumbered as civilizations grew fell and formed again.

They will awaken when the tune destined race is arrived then the elders among them will give their lives to bestow their essence and. Pure form and pure of essence will be reward as Zell naga shepherds of the infinite cycle.

Something's not right here mr. Daaga.

No they're dead our tennis.

A month.


My bill it's not so easily broken Ava the firstborn shall fear you no longer.

Matriarch there's a massive output of void energy spiking from the temple below target the epicenter.

I do not come as your enemy doc Templar.

You must listen to me matriarch a monster this from your leader is in grave danger you think us fools yes but. That is irrelevant what is relevant is that a mom is open the gateway to the void dark energies pour from within and they will burn through your precious leader and any who will close a mom I can guide you to our Tanis before this fate befall him if we are bullied and we can stop the Dark Gods assault am I to believe that the moment you released your blade will not be in my back you waste time lower your blades.

I am pala back-first descendant of the taldor leave a Mondas betrayed by people retribution will be claimed for this and if your hierarch survives will aid in it make your decision.

You will take us to our tennis most wise.

Johanna Johanna you thought.

Life boats your beginning.

Release her a Mon yeah let go ah ah.

Floor against release. Silence.

Zurk biosigns disappearing the surface of Indian has been cleansed of life it is over.

Ready our ships for assault by arc. Mobius course vessels are not moving into Attack Position something isn't right our ceiling has been punctured I'm detecting Terran clock signatures on the lower decks heading toward the bridge.

Templar to me we will not let the spear of adun fall care act's we cannot let this assault interfere with our plan mobius core will not expect a counter-attack though you are not a warrior you know their defenses better than any other i entrust this task to you faced with lead our carriers against the facility while my warriors hold here as you command high rock.

In your taxes you'll strive to maintain this flawed existence not stop me hey.

Mon I have destroyed your Terran army eradicated your hybrid facility and turned your servants to my side all that is left is your destruction.

You are insignificant in the face of the salvation higher.

He he is gone he is so arrogant.

Just as he could look into me so I have looked into him his form is almost complete and now he waits for us to return he plans to bring the great fleet down upon us there is a way around this we have to eliminate the sacred sign matrix powers fire where we are all doomed if he intends to use the golden armada to stop us from destroying his body when you are right destroying the Sai matrix is essential it seems this connection of yours has proved worthwhile but it is time to free yourself from Amon sever yourself from the kala I would relinquish all that I.

Know it is the only way unshackle yourself from the pastor Ohana and step into this new age.


It is time for attribution we will set a course for iron.

Your actions have muffled in my gaze our. Chalice your plans have not hidden from me Oh God the culmination of a cycle set.

Into motion when the stars were born as. I was your beginning so shall I do your.

Endless new people your beliefs new.

Everything my there is nothing left.

You are wrong we are finally free to become something more and you will not stop us brace yourself for the full night of the First Lord.

My brethren hear me for there is little. Time left all that remains of our race our civilization are those that stand beside you now and those corrupted on the surface below our kind once stood as stewards of a galaxy full of promise in our pride and division we failed that sacred charge and fell to ruin the. Collar designs to bring unity ultimately only aid in those divisions its hope was a lie today that lie must come to its.

End and with it our prejudice and arrogance must become a thing of the past fight in the belief that our kind has not seen its end that we Protoss can.

Stand bound by a belief in unity and that we Protoss will forge a great and mighty new civilization trust each other.

In the fight ahead strike as one will let our lust and burn a memory so bright that we will be known throughout eternity.

Cilenti's Templar break yourselves of a.

Mont Segur corn without the comma.

What will we become free.


In taro.

The dark one has been banished back into the void for now we are free all of this.

Because of you.

I will bring our great dream of a unified Protoss to bear we will gather.

The survivors rebuild our cities.

We will reject our old divisions and forge a new society.

Together we will shape our destiny.

Amongst the stars.

How can this be the hierarchy we are receiving an unauthorized transmission it is from Allah it is Kerrigan.

We have waited long enough within this accursed realm if the Queen of Blades truly wishes to speak she would be here now she ain't gonna stand us up so Linda's if she says it's important you better believe it is trusting this deceiver is not an act I am accustomed to command her such little faith for a Templar our tennis gym so what's going on Sarah. What's so urgent you got us all here for a mom lives his hatred Fester's in the void and he already plans to return even now I hear a voice calling me neither great enemies trickery this voice is not his there's something else in there something tormented and desperate but. It's been evident a once strength grows by the moment he may not return during our lives but he will return and what is. It you suggest we do Kerrigan there is a gateway to the void within all Mar I intend to go through it and destroy the Fallen one once and for all I need your help.

Sara's right we can't kick this can down the road this burden is ours like it or not zeratul foresaw that this day would come you have our blades Kerrigan.

It is TAS adore on my mentor how can. This be honored one to see you bring. Such joy to my.

Tessa's are for my trades to inspire action is the one called desert old in you the prophecy is preservable followed the results of my psionic extension into the minds of primitive engines you are they'll knock the one who called me who are you.

It is an extension of his rule binding. Me as prisoner why have you summoned us here the cycle must not unbroken the. Merchants of purity of essence and purity of form must continue.

Paragon converge with my essence now.

Fulfill your destiny ascend as Xel'Naga.

Continue the infinite cycle cell Naga.

You wouldn't change her into one of you damn it Sara no Sara.

You don't got to do this you don't have to let yourself be mutilated again together Jim with all I've done the. Lives ruined world's destroyed there's blood on my hands I need to cleanse it this is my destiny.

With the last of our essence darkness.

She is sound agha.

These moments together they will always.

Be with me darlin we have to go around.


A mistake.


It is over a month.

For him helping your existence you know nothing.

About me I care little for the cell mother's is in its cycle or you're toast lives you know I choose something. Different I choose freedom for all of us.

Stud camera valerian max no mental celebration in the capitol wing of office Brad heralding in a new age of peace and prosperity within the Terran Dominion on the Senate yet Admiral. Matthew Warner reaffirmed the military support of a new Dominion government.

Our minds now just like you always said you know Matt someday you're gonna wind up leading this bunch of misfits. I made a deal with the devil Jimmy you will hold her life in your hands.

You about ready to get out of here cowboy now it's about time.



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