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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Live Walkthrough Part 4

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Live Walkthrough Part 4

Finishing the initial Cordon missions, acquiring a special pistol, machinery scrapyard battles, huge cache of 9x19mm PBI rounds.

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All right take two yes yes there we go microphone wasn't picking anything up for some reason the sound card had it set to line in he notes on the same slot anyways cleared up some hard drive space by uninstalling ARMA 2 I'm gonna have to get back to that game at some point in the future so I should be able to get 35 or 40 minutes of recording in before having to transfer files trying something a little different here look just let me turns down little bit.

Okay just the the little junk up there is because I remembered that I can't be recording this game Walla messing around with options otherwise it crashes when I click the use these options button at.

Least it did out of my laptop I don't know if it does it on this piece of hardware.

Yeah trying to load it something different for this session of videos starting with part four obviously as you can see clearly I'm trying out not using.

Noise reduction see how it works see how it sounds is uh I hate the buzz but the.

Buzz just kind of shows up in the noise reduced version as well and it's a really it's annoying we don't have to go.

There yeah there's definitely some sort of hardware-level mouth smoothing that you you can't disable during in the endgame. Options.

These fucks is still alive for the time being unfortunately thank you for apps unfortunately yeah he tends to die shortly after you leave the area he may actually survive this time because I killed all the dogs up that way sadly you can't go down here.

Unfortunately there's nothing here it's.

Unfortunate you know as the capability of being a nice place to explore let's see me. So our destination well should stop by here pick up some stuff in the stash destination is up here at this little cord and outpost so.

Skit armed and uh get moving.

Views stalkers have killed in this area.

And bandits so I'd say it's a bit of a firefight with the bandits out here and again it's always a good idea to pick up. Weapons up off the ground and place them on the body gets their counted in as physics objects and they will waste processing power calculating you know.

Physics effects another 74 you. But get a little more wind confused here trying to open the inventory with a bright trigger well somebody just stepped into it an anomaly and now you might be wondering why I'm carrying around these mp5s when I've got a 70 for you with me well there's a reason and it wasn't to hit the take-all button.

Shit okay so maybe I should have kept some vodka hello maybe I can do this quickly got.

Here risk versus reward yet in there you get some a lot of radiation but you also get three military first-aid kits which as far as I can tell they basically function like the regular ones but they also have a bit of a bandage functionality tacked in.

I guess I'm gonna have to radiation does slowly slowly very slowly drain away eventually and the things.

That's drop it down our anti-rattle.

That gets.

He doesn't have anything.

The driller isn't then isn't much sense in trying to conserve nine by 18 millimeter ammo you'll just find tons of it everywhere which is the main reason.

As to why I'm running around usable right now.

Now as you could probably hear we've been spotted at this this is a bandit checkpoint for the time being move up to a better piece of cover.

Now that.

As with any firefight in this game there are quite a few ways to go about taking care of business right now kind of burst. Firing with the mp5 not going very well.

There are key bonds for that I know but sometimes the game decides it wants to use one of these when a regular one would suffice.

Call these up now if I remember right we shouldn't have to worry about bandits spawning here anymore.

Still got a wasted mmm ways to go before really having to worry about inventory space doesn't hurt.

I'm gonna swap over to us after Matt Kalashnikov a lot more ammunition for it.

Yeah there is definitely something going on here at the GPU level because I don't.

Remember vanilla soccer ever having know this much bloom now for another bit of a veteran see showing through here for the walkthrough I don't know if you can really see it from this angle but there is a pistol up there.

And well it does take a while to actually get it I think it's worth trying to show physically. Basically we have to fight with the game to climb up here. First and foremost climb up here without it's treating it as a ladder.

All right now this is this is pretty.

Much the trickiest part.

Jumping over here and navigating your way through this tree.

The collision box for the tree is a bit.

Confusing at times and annoying at all. Times.

This is gonna take a while so I'm going to a possum it you okay that's going to.

Take a little bit of editing I imagine um yeah so for some reason the first time that I am hits the record button in that attempt to get over here it was successful so now that the hard part is done you just kind of walk over here.

Um actually that's not supposed to happen son of a bitch.

Okay then just going to walk over here now here it's really easy because there's an invisible wall right here given the existence of this invisible wall you may wonder are we really supposed to be able to go here and it is questionable aya.

Admits but at the same time.

If you weren't meant to go here they went and left these weapons this is a Walther p99 I think that's what I think the real name is keep forgetting to turn on by a headphones Audio Enhancer yeah. You get this into 40 rounds of 9 by 19 millimeter ammo I don't think I'll use it right now at least might but not.

Right now.

Let's just run around here real quick save just in case yeah invisible wall there so you can't go there either it's not the demo record no just a move it's all a bit of a questionable level design since as you can see here there's no ladder this really no logical way somebody couldn't get up here and access this room you know in a sort of a storyline universe sense I think I'll take this time to uh.

To inform you about a little bit of a other game history from earlier builds and in earlier build you're supposed to be able to walk up these these little level changer paths a lot further than you can in the final game obviously they wouldn't let you walk all the way up here and see the edge of the world but used to be able to walk a hell of a lot further down before it's prompted you for the level changer and if I remember right the entire game as a whole was a bit more open in a earlier builds or. Some of us have what the GSC community calls twat The Twilight Zone where you can get outside the normal map playing area and visit all sorts of crazy things it is really cool I think I'll actually show some of those when I get to a level I know how to get to them.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any in a cordon which is this level so the only way to get outside the normal boundaries is to a look around in demo record mode and here we have a level.

Changer and I really don't want to risk crash here so I'm going to pause the recording until I get to the garbage alright and many thanks to somebody on doom world for pointing out the usage of the pause key which I've kind of subconsciously started using all the time now we've got a bit of a mission here kill the Bandit leader.

Okay I think that's just one of the randomly selected and assigned side quests.

You know what I I like these people.

That's been a weird.

And then here's the games gold less-than-perfect ballistics module was at work when did you get up people this.

Is the commander of the neutral squad.

Expecting a counter-attack with lower numbers so everyone's welcome to give us a helping hand that could have went a lot better that that actually went really poorly are really honest but fortunately our friend here is still alive so I think it's gonna pick this back up.

Oh no don't tell me.

Oh there we go it's afraid of one let me give your ik here at first-aid kit.

Okay just had to fix a key bind there.

Why he isn't using the weapon I don't know there we go there we go.

So let's gonna move on here.

It's getting nighttime that's used that's normal pretty much we're at getting to this point in the game so here we've got bass they stalk you you're just in time we could really use your help those bandit bastards are trying to take control of the garbage we had a shootout - you're helping our goal and men should take down three of the dogs the others retreated but I'm dead certain they are going to come back with reinforcements anything in now there aren't too many of us left another man wouldn't hurt go on we set up an ambush for them here they'll be coming from the west from the eager plum Research Institute help us destroy the reinforcements and you won't regret it okay LLB.

As usual it's advisable to take this.

Mission improve your reputation among the stalkers let's see one around four.

And seems the bandits around away.

So I'll take this opportunity to get myself some good cover since this is.

Indeed a tactical one you know the.

Police fix pretty terrible you had to take away two tactics it's very advisable take.

Again I can't think of any fear but any design where it isn't advisable to take cover.

This is a pretty big firefight and I had surgery to get to this whole thing without losing a single man or getting hurt yourself.

Certainly level and you're not going to have a weapon stronger than this unless you pick up that grows up in an earlier part then you're a separ put it mouth.

And that fella needs to shut up bloody.

Sketchy don't run out front which put your rifle submachine gun okay he was.

Far enough away that I didn't really have to worry all that much.

Well my dear.

Alright let's just watch this not a big asteroid.

Yet part of the a life system well before luteum let's just run back here talk to waves did best die.

No it just seems like everybody's up here okay great job boys we wipe them out everybody here summarized and here stalkin come over here let's get a chair.

Thanks man you really helped us out there we've accept some cash the small token of my gratitude sure here this should pay for the medical treatment to recover your health to thousands of rubles and fast complete thank you and not quite a lot I could share some information with you tell me about yourself this is my name I came to these parts three years ago like many of the girls in the zone I'm a fugitive water for two murders in a GP age I don't know what that is to be honest a few years ago a friend of mine converted pretty bed we here to literally stitch it back together to hospital so they paid the base deals who did it a little visit when the coppers showed up I had to shoot one of them he did you got your courage got your beer Oh counter-attacks before I can talk do.

I have any grenades no.

Well let's hope best survives through all this so I can get up give the rest of the conversation.

Yeah this is still up.

Maybe if I attract their attention they'll ignore baths so we can survive to fight another day.

Not doing too well on the old ammo here.

You can see on the mini-map that's my reputation with these fellows is high enough that I'm considered friends with them okay there's only one bandit left.

Alive bullseye okay so that's best is still.

Alive yes yes okay so uh.

Okay I've got all that's in the thing in the PDA I'll read through that Slater artifact now to do a bit of looting. Finally got myself a grenade and a. Little bit of looting and some damage controls another friendly contact.

But the looks of it's our old friend year Rick is uh dead.

Most unfortunate.

Okay so basically yeah a big firefight but not too difficult if you know what you're doing generally the hardest part about that is trying to get your make your way all the way through it without losing best you. Kind of need him to get all that storyline information.

He has some ammunition.

Just put them there.

Promotions trying to get all this moving done as fast as possible.

Oops Oh yet here's a muscle it's advisable to take it.

So by the looks of it. That killed the bandits is done got a few little blips on the radar here.

Actually don't remember them being in here in the vanilla game. So let's just our rush back over here actually hold on later take a look up this way real quick.

This is the area where Urich was standing.

Now it's too dark now can't really look all that well.

The ones called.

Right decent handful of grenades now got this fellow standing out here.

Here BES over here yeah no idea where Urich went but a lot.

Of ammunition and general supplies here and it only gets better the main reason that I still have the nine by nineteen millimeter weapons see these boxes up here speed Ericsson might be hard to see him.

Oh yeah.

Haha I just look at this.

Now there's some on the other side yeah I want to take a real quick look up here you know given the location that it was in yeah it looks like if you got stuck up there unfortunate you really can't do anything about it Bandon having a little bit of a walk out there and talking themself.

Let's take a few potshots at them.

Alright he's definitely her.


Now you probably could just kind of rush up there and take them out real quick with an automatic weapon or a shotgun but where's the fun in that.

Now probably running probably in that Russia up there taking about quickly with an automatic or a shotgun I'd imagine so right now just look at that.

I actually no I think it likes to keep this as a backup right now I'm going to swap over pick this up I'm gonna keep the pistol a lot of standard I'm going to swap this rifle over to the PBIS.

Look at this it's an improved round for. The Walther and viper-two hollow-point.

Okay and before I can do anything else we're under attack oh there they are.

Well that was easy well unfortunately I.

Think I'm gonna have to pause off here and start transferring

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