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Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness (Part 1): Magnus is Missing

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness (Part 1): Magnus is Missing

Part 1 of 20, of a video walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness. In this video, the game begins with Nancy arriving in Iceland and talking to her new boss, Dagny Silva. Dagny wants us to find her missing partner, Magnus.

Nancy needs to explore Magnus' ship, so she goes to the cultural center and gets permission from Soren. Soren is a sassy swordmaster who fears being murdered.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hey there Nancy Drew clue crew argyll funky row with a video walkthrough for Nancy Drew 32c of darkness these videos.

I will show you how to beat the game from start to finish I'll show you how to solve the mystery and how to solve all of those difficult difficult puzzles. There are two gameplay modes in this game we have amateur sleuth mode which is a little easier and master sleuth mode which is more difficult I will show how to solve all of the puzzles on both difficulty settings but I will primarily be playing on master sleuth mode so this.

Is how the game begins we have the ship which is sailing into the harbor and it has no grapes.

Yeah that was crazy destructive and here's a letter here's a letter explaining what's going on this is a letter from Dagny she's a woman in Iceland she actually helped pay for the ship and she's kind of mad that it got crashed and destroyed and everything.

You finally made it to town oh it's freezing out here and the game will begin with us actually talking to the stag Niemann hi there are you miss Silva. Finally she arrives I think I'm half made of ice at this point so you're Nancy huh I'm Dagny I'm part of the ship restoration team the one who called you in you can call me boss lady if you want or my queen or Dagny whatevs uh let's go with Dagny for now and work our way up to the big stuff can I help yes find my missing skeeving backstabbing business partner Magnus I'm sensing you're a little stressed out about this oh I'm so mad I've been an inch away from setting this town on fire on fire are you okay what just a fire comment I thought metaphors Nancy keep up with me here so listen right now I'm focused on this town ski brought there's this ship in town that was being rebuilt real old 18th century I offered to sponsor the rebuilding project to get the ship floating again mostly because I'm super nice and cool like that but also because there's a rumor about treasure on board worth millions Magnus the man in charge of the project and my business partner promised we'd find it and split the earnings but he's gone missing now yep and left me looking like a fool mmm did Magnus find the million dollars mmm.

Was there any proof that he disappeared intentionally he disappeared sometime before our ship crashed into the harbor they say he must have fallen in the water but the guy sails for a living you know what sailors don't do drown all I know about sailors comes from watching Donald Duck cartoons so I guess I can't argue with her I get it you think he ran off with a goal then after enough time in the biz a girl knows when she's being backstabbed if he did find the treasure I need you to track down Magnus and make him play fair okay sounds good to me so he if he found a bunch of money and then left he's probably in Hawaii right now so I'm going to leave Iceland and go to Hawaii sounds good and if I find a treasure I'll find Magnus yes the key to finding that treasure is learning about that ship so everything's interconnected sounds like I've got my work cut out for me can I take a look at the ship technically yes awesome how do I get on board by not being me apparently Elisabet controls the ship and she hates my guts she removed the gangway to my ship that I paid for did she give you a reason Oh something about her family line in ancient blood feuds and murders and you know normal boring stuff talk to Sauron the festival organizer he'll make sure she lets you on okay so it looks like we will not be. Going to Hawaii we will stay here in cold cold Iceland well at least there's a cool treasure for us to find what do people in town think about Magnus's disappearance they're all like whoo the ocean is super dangerous in the winter and ooh hypothermia and blah blah blah you know Icelanders stuff but without a body you're still convinced he faked his death yep which apparently doesn't take a lot of work in Iceland faked his own death huh crazy how do you meet Magnus I.

Heard about the rumor of the treasure through my connections then I approached him he's a hard guy to pin down that Magnus turns out he's been looking for the treasure for years I just happened to come in at an opportune moment what would Magnus do with a treasure desperately wants to buy his own ship he's a ship guy ship guys are like that so the ship he helped rebuild isn't his we funded it but its town property bye bye toodles okay so it's technically not your ships then Dagny I have a space bubble you're violating it whoa whoa whoa whoa okay um yeah fine so at this.

Point you can go over to the ship but there's no way to get on board the gangway is missing there's no way on board gangway oh come on Nancy you can get on board just run and jump jump Nancy jump jump jump oh she's not gonna jump fine fine let's do it Dagny sad Dagny said we need to get permission from the person over here everybody say hello to Sauron the man with the tiny little baby beard hi there I'm looking for Sauron you must be Nancy I'm Sauron the organizer of the ancestors festival I run the culture center here in skip run nice to meet you can you help me get onto the ship ah the hair look hide is Elizabeth not manning the gangway the gang Ray's missing unfortunately oh dear well that's highly unusual I'll take care of it straightaway for you Elizabeth is a rose truly but she does have thorns what do. You think happened to Magnus I admit I haven't the faintest idea that man's mind is a hive of mysteries an enigma an impenetrable den his mind is a mystery wrapped in a riddle contained within an enigma it's really really hard to figure out so you two never really talked an understatement why the man hardly spoke ten words to me the entire time I knew him I do hope he's all right though if he were to turn up say less than alive it would spell bad news for me I'm already disliked and it would only show the others how easy it is to make someone disappear so you hope Magnus is. Still alive because you're afraid of being murdered weird what is this place this is my battle station the place where I endeavour to fight my way through the thickest mysteries of Icelandic history here confusing ancient shipwrecks and obscure writings from millennia pass are converted into knowledge and truth also I have swords hmm next time lead with.

The sword thing swords are awesome sword master Sauron you should put that on your business card that that would be a great business card so you're a historian archaeologist a bit of both I dabble I spent some years at Harvard pursuing my doctorate in Viking history before returning to skipper taught for research I'm one of the only few to ever travel in this town everyone here should try it sometime really shakes up the old bag of prejudices I guess that explains why you don't have much of an accent oh quite tell me about your research sharp.

Things ceremonial sharp things wedding Spears funeral Spears new baby celebration daggers birthday axes Congrats bows turns out Vikings have a lot of weapons for every occasion nothing says I love you like a new murder tool most of these can be found on shipwrecks or near burial sites luckily there are no lack of those in these parts so I've got plenty of work to do old Gudrun over there is my favorite of all she's a replica not an original I use her to knock icicles off the roof I'll let you go by now happy birthday I got. You a sword happy wedding I was gonna give you a battle axe but I realize you're already marrying one so I got you a sword is available for purchase and this is cool we can buy something in the gift shop as a present for Nancy's boyfriend Ned so what should we get him should we get him some candy maybe a teddy bear or a puffin leave a comment on this video I will I will pick whichever gift is most popular we have a Viking doll we have shoes we have a shirt which probably would not be good for Ned we have batteries postcards yeah should we get him something cool should we get him something romantic maybe what else do we have we have an awesome sword happy birthday Ned I got you a sword we can buy Soren sweater he wears sweaters that he sells at his own gift shop seriously Soren not cool we have a coffee mug and a puppy dog so. Those are those are all cool gifts and like I said leave a comment letting me know which gift I should get for Ned

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