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10 video game bosses nobody can defeat | HARDEST GAME BOSSES #4 |

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10 video game bosses nobody can defeat | HARDEST GAME BOSSES #4 |

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0:30 Hellblade

1:30 Shadow of the Colossus

2:28 Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

3:40 Dino Crisis

4:36 Deus Ex

5:35 Super Smash Bros Brawl

6:28 Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

7:28 American McGee's ALice

8:20 Mega Man x

9:22 Bioshock 2

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10 video game bosses nobody can defeat. There are many kind of different bosses in the world of gaming. Some are easy, some are hard and some are just plain unbeatable. The bosses in this video are all impossible to take down, no matter how hard you try. This makes fighting them a frustrating ordeal since not many gamers like to lose. Get ready for 10 video game bosses nobody can defeat! And spoiler warning of course.



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There are many kinds of different bosses in the world of gaming some are easy some are hard and some are just playing unbeatable the bosses in this video are all impossible to take down no matter how hard you try this makes fighting them a frustrating ordeal since not many gamers like to lose get ready for 10 video game bosses nobody can defeat and spoiler warning of course that can kill.

A god the final battle in hell-blade sinew is sacrifice makes you fight hella and her army this is not a very difficult battle since you have a powerful new sword that slashes through enemies like butter however after a while you start to wonder when the fight will finally end well it doesn't the enemies just keep coming until you stop fighting and die.

Let go of your battle that golf Dillian you're going to die it might seem like a very sad ending but it's actually supposed to be hopeful it shows that Sonora finally comes to terms with loss and death.

The remake of Shadow of the Colossus is a great way to experience this masterpiece all over again and if you've never played this game then please stop watching and go fix that this epic game also has an unusual take on the unbeatable boss fight at the end of the game you turn into the final boss you're invincible and can attack the armed group that just tried to kill you.

While this might feel awesome it's actually pretty hopeless the soldiers will sell you away no matter how hard you fight however don't let this rather depressing ending stop you from playing this beautiful game.

Lovely day in flame rock refuge a far cry 4 wait didn't you just say the sorcerer messed up the town why would things be lovely whoops what I meant to say is it's a total night and hole area kind of smells like buzzin baby we love the tiny Tina DLC from Borderlands 2 in this content you essentially play a game of Dungeons & Dragons with the crazy Tina as the game master this means she can make up the rules enemies and story as you go you get close to the entrance to flame Rock refuge but suddenly it doesn't take long.

Before she goes way overboard and summons an unbeatable dragon this dragon can also kill you in one hit which makes the fight completely unfair luckily your party complains about it and she's forced to summon a much easier boss start your campaign with a boss.

Fight players can't win Touche okay everybody back up wanted to.

Kill sir.

Dino crisis did a great job of adding dinosaurs to the survival horror genre it has very scary Raptors but nothing is more frightening than the Tyrannosaurus Rex this boss is unbeatable throughout the series and every time he shows up you need to run for your life.

Although he cannot be killed he can be slowed down with gunfire we're both equally scared and excited every time this bad boy showed up nothing gets your heart going like running away from a huge dinosaur.

Are you sure you press the right button I do not make mistakes of some kind your hand might have slipped no I wanted orange it gave me lemon light the original days X is one of the best first-person shooters ever made it provides players many different options to tackle a situation however the same cannot be said when it comes to Gunther Hermann the first time you encounter this boss you're supposed to surrender when you refuse you start a fight against him that cannot be won.

However you can kill him very easily later in the game there are many ways to end his life and they're all pretty funny you can even kill him with words I know.

You're you not come kill phrase the putin machine I am NOT a machine sticks and stones.

It's kind of weird that the pokey statue is a boss in Super Smash Bros Brawl this unbeatable enemy originally appeared in mother 3 a game that never came out in the West in Super Smash Bros the porky statue targets Lucas and chases him down.

After being chased Lucas trips on a branch and is about to be crushed when Nessa Pearson destroyed the statue this reveals a spider robot that you can actually kill it's quite a strange boss fight but we enjoyed it anyway.

This is really beneath me square-enix.

Clearly doesn't like arrogant gamers judging by the feral chaos boss if you say that you mastered the game in the tutorial you will be thrown into a nightmare the developers make you fight the final boss feral chaos while you're still level one. To the promised land you're completely. Out of your league and pretty much guaranteed to die they simply didn't give you the stats and equipment necessary to have an actual chance of winning what a cruel joke by the developers at the expense of cocky gamers.

You've kept me waiting Alice have you. Never heard that punctuality zuv virtue you and my dentist's assistant have much in common American McGee's Alice is a psychological horror game from the year 2000 it also has the infamous Jabberwock as a boss he's completely unbeatable the first time you encounter him your only objective is to survive long enough before help shows up.

If you manage to stay alive long enough you'll be granted a very powerful weapon now that will come in very handy the next time he shows up.

Mega Man X has another boss that's invincible the first time you encounter him vile is the first boss in the game and he's supposed to beat the crap out of you there's literally nothing you can do to stop the beating when you meet him again at a later point in the game you think the exact same thing will happen.

However this time things are a little bit different zero sacrifices himself to pull vial out of his indestructible robot now you can finally hurt this very annoying boss and finish the fight for good.

Sister doesn't want you clean Big Sisters are the exact opposite of Big Daddies in BioShock two where the Big Daddy is slow and powerful the big sister jumps around the place and hits you with lightning fast attacks you won't be able to defeat the first big sister you encounter in the game she does take damage but she will simply run away when her health gets too low.

The big sisters you meet after that are killable however don't expect an easy fight since these girls are just very tough enemies.

Which of these unbeatable bosses did you encounter let us know in the comments and don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel the machine will do not make a mistake it's the maintenance man indoors I like orange so you think the staff has some kind of plot

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