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Splinter Cell: Conviction CO-OP Walkthrough | Realistic | GHOST | Mission #1 "St. Petersburg"

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Splinter Cell: Conviction CO-OP Walkthrough | Realistic | GHOST | Mission #1

Splinter Cell: Conviction CO-OP Walkthrough | Realistic | GHOST | Mission #1 "St. Petersburg"

Full Stealth Walkthrough in CO-OP mode played on Realistic with SC Ghost Ninja

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What's up ladies and gents synastry no one your host here and i am so so happy to finally bring you Splinter Cell Conviction co-op story this was a series I did back in 2010 but never had the time to finish it I deployed just could not get it done in time and I'm so excited to bring this back with a good friend of mine I'm gonna allow him to introduce himself and take it away Steve the event aka the.

Ghost ninja and I'm really excited to be doing the co-op knitting with pedestrian 0-1 here so we're gonna try to do this with healthy as possible let's get started alright so as he said we're gonna do this as stealthy as possible I do apologize if it might be a little hard to hear him but I'll try to you know do whatever I can to make it as best as possible so what we're doing here is the first map which is st. Petersburg Vanya really really fun mission the goal of this is obviously complete stealth never to be caught also the goal of this is no knock outs except for one I do believe that there is only one knock out that we're going to do during this we went through it and figured out how to get through each and every section without taking anyone out except for the mandatory parts but there is one guy that we need to take out in order to do a mark and execute on some soldiers that need to be killed that's the only person that we're gonna actually be taking out that's not part of the story that you have to take out really really fun mission to do if you want to check out I'm gonna have some videos on my Facebook fan page those videos are going to detail how we went through this how we learned each section and the process that goes through in order to make this as stealthy as we can so with that being said our main goal is to pretty much only use the pistol if we ever need to take anyone out or CQC we really don't need to use any other gadgets or anything like that if we can help it so are you ready mr. SC ghost ninja I am ready it's go time.

Conn's Jack go for Archer guess I'll call all right gentlemen we have a situation over the last 48 hours Third Echelon has learned that a rogue element within the Russian military has obtained a small number of advanced warheads and is preparing to sell them on the black market Third Echelon has shared this information with the Russian government and they're determined to prevent the sale at all costs Andriy Kobin a third echelon asset with contacts in the black market has identified a Russian gangster named Valentina sauce is the broker for the sale according to Covent Lesage he makes most of his money trafficking drugs and young girls but recently he's been using his military connections to corner the illegal arms market Archer Kestrel we need you to shut him down before he finds a buyer for those warheads our orders are to terminate Lisowski and his associate or a site gem and to obtain Lisowski contact lists that we can determine who he's working with inside the Russian military.

The zovsky likes to entertain a few Chiefs his bath house will be growling with potential weaknesses big risk taken care of the st. Petersburg police had been instructed by the SVR to move up a planned raid on the bathhouse battle divert Lesage skis people and provide a cover story for the operation so what is this handsome we're cleaning up trash for the Russkies now no you're not cleaning up trash for the Russkies you're helping us maintain regional stability guest roles right Archer those warheads in the wrong hands are a threat to us all that's precisely why we've agreed to this joint operation between Third Echelon and boron our counterpart in the SVR can go down have to take him out he is scripted these guys need to. Complicate things they must be neutralized but we can get by these guys okay you want to grouse plain what we're gonna be doing in the next area windows understood so we're just going through without stop these guys noticing the building you should be.

Able to take out the whole network with a pulse from your EMP unit so basically we don't want to hurt anyone out we don't want to evening so we got to watch.

Out for this guy up ahead you will be entering the room that we're gonna be inside we'll disable their systems fine.

So I'm gonna take this guy out again we have to we could tap the feelings of power and then we're gonna hide this is so that when he enters through this section he doesn't see anybody in this room and then he keeps going then we can set off the EMP because he does look into this room very slightly right there and then he turns so now we're good.

And what's the MPO set and done we need. To quickly get back out to my railing outside your first target is Boris side.

Chef's the SVRs file on side chef notes that he spends most evenings in the steam baths proceed to the saunas locate side chef and terminate understood about time we get to do something interesting and that's how you.

Can get through that first section without being seen and only taking out the least amount of enemies that you come across like a glove exactly.

Watch out for that guy up there good all.

Right we're gonna wait on this guy here jump through these windows go okay good to go it's very tricky because you don't have a lot of time okay yep we're just gonna.

Wait I'm gonna go want to go on the.

Other side of him here now sometimes you. Might not be there if you have to restart the checkpoint so as you can see starting the checkpoint pretty much deletes the guy or like he's no longer there here's the.

Only guy that we have to take outside that door the story related stuff goes together we will have no problems because we need to mark and execute chief hueber's and you.

Want to do it in this corner so he doesn't see it that's why I don't leave the body wherever it is cuz he looks right in that area and now we can take.

These guys out winter store Archer.

Kestrel you need to locate Lesage skis contact list according to surveillance his bag man Sergei oversees things from the kitchen whenever there are guests he'll know where the list is hang on we've got a slight hiccup sigh chess entourage is showing up early to pick them up they're heading for the sauna now you want to explain what we're doing here but we're marking these guys so that we can see them but we're not actually going to take them out there is such a small area that we have to go to that we need to be able to see where every flashlight is looking in order to be able to sneak by everybody.

I'm preparing to engage the enemy quiet.

All right be careful here don't I think.

It's safe to go nope oh you got lucky there that wait for you yeah you gotta.

Wait sorry his flashlight was looking right in my area at that time so well. I'm in a corner slam babe okay don't worry I'll find my opportunity all right.

I'm good perfect I'll allow you to open the door well again a scholar and a gentleman.

All right clear that room is not too tricky as you can see to get by just stay away from lit up.

Areas and they won't be able to see you here at Parc William PACA gazebo is a little bit trickier yeah but they automatically disappear.

Once you do get to that point so.

Very very careful here okay wait they're.

Probably gonna meet up and talk as soon as they separate that's when we want to go ahead and go through the window that he is facing it I'm gonna forth hopefully this guy to my left there it goes okay go. Together series lock the doors and I'm heavy are we have to interrogate this guy in here help with this door I'm gonna let him do the first interrogation.

There we go but we're fucking with you hear me you're a dead man spare me the empty threats Sergei lets us keys contact list.

Hey Dennis trains gonna grab the guy that okay down in his office ah and the.

Office is where exactly.

Ah downstairs it's in the VIP area where.

He entertains the fat cats and keeps an eye on the girls that's it I swear ah look for a single reinforced door leading from the kitchen to the VIP area right now Lesage keys in another part of the cellar so you should have any problem snatching the list. Motherfuckers open the door Sergei what do you die I have no choice but to shoot.

This guy I'm gonna shoot him I'm gonna execute him here we go.

Alright next section we're heading down into the basement area all right looks.

Like we're clearly this guy is in a good position for us he will be in different positions guys so you just have to kind of adapt and overcome you never know no snitch is gonna go ahead and mark the guys downstairs.

This is gonna allow us to be able to know where everyone is downstairs when we need to head that way and we're just waiting on this guy here this could take. A while when we try to head downstairs it just depends on what the guy beneath the railing does he'll do different things so it's really hit and miss again always try to be flexible when you're playing stealth games things don't work this secure breathing instructions the cut that guy softly now proceed to the.

Atomium we're outside and cureless Oskie then await further orders nice that.

Doesn't always happen that way so.

Alright ghost go and explain what we're gonna be doing through the next area alright we're coming up on this pipe here to the right be careful when you try to jump on the pipe because sometimes you'll accidentally jump over the box then over here when you drop.

Down do it with the left bumper instead of the left trigger so that you'll drop into a crouch and it'll be a lot quieter stealth is the key my friends and then in this room that we're coming up to again we're just going to go up on the pipe and then we'll drop down behind the guy that comes to the door be careful not to drop down too close to them because you don't want to do a death from above.

Okay that guys at the window that's perfect I think right patch them and go through this room when you roll you can.

Actually move a lot faster and you'll be really quiet both alright so I'm gonna.

Get the guy on the left and ghost is gonna get the guy on the right hold for.

Kill order repeat hold for kill order a call is being routed through the office phone now when it rings buttless offski on the line pick up the phone the zovsky.

Somebody wants to talk to you.

Cobin what the hell how did you know no you.

Listen to me shit I don't care who you new friends are when I get out of this I'm going to hunt you down and cut off your fucking fight you hear me listening.

To me see if you can hear this son of a bitch Archer Kestrel what's your status.

It was nothing it was trouble but now it's over the st. Petersburg tactic as wide as moving it now all objectives have been completed there's a freight elevator running from the basement to the street level that's your ex-girl Ravel avoid detection by the police at all costs.

All right so head this way it's the only way you'll be able to get through without having to deal with all of the guards there's a lot of guards right here but as you can see you can get through without taking any of them out and do it with them we're gonna head up the pipe and we need to move very very quickly through this next section well actually you just shut the door on me dude if if the other character gets close to you when you're opening a door it shuts the door it's just hilarious so I move quickly through here so they don't see you and then we're gonna slow down a little bit and I'll let you explain how we're gonna get out of here okay so we're gonna go through just like we came before we're gonna go through this window but we're gonna wait for this guard to move so that we can get to the elevator without being seen and the.

Reason you want to wait is because of him too because now he turns around all right go go.

He can really feel how close we were to him right there I was really impressed with his skills thanks for watching guys hopefully you enjoyed alright so first mission is complete st. Petersburg unrealistic hopefully you guys enjoyed it has been such an honor and pleasure to play with se ghost ninja again and we're gonna be going through this entire co-op game with each other and hopefully be able to give you guys good strategies on how to get by each and every mission do you have any last words mr. ninja I just wanted to say I had a lot of fun doing this and I can't wait to get to the next one tomorrow we're gonna be doing one mission per day so looking.

Forward to that exactly so again thanks buddy and hopefully you guys enjoyed the video don't forget to leave a big like because these are not easy to get through the way that we're playing remember this game is not meant to be played the way that we're doing it so all those extra likes really really show your appreciation for the determination that we have to get through as much as we can without taking anyone out so thanks for watching guys and of course we'll see you next time peace out

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