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DOOM - Mission 4: Argent Facility 100% Walkthrough - ALL SECRETS/COLLECTIBLES & CHALLENGES

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DOOM - Mission 4: Argent Facility 100% Walkthrough - ALL SECRETS/COLLECTIBLES & CHALLENGES

DOOM - Mission 4: Argent Facility 100% Walkthrough - ALL SECRETS/COLLECTIBLES & CHALLENGES


0:09 - Walk the Path: Interact with a Rune Trial Stone

16:24 - Bird's Eye View - Acquire the Automap for Argent Facility

2:25 & 4:16 - To Be Knighted - Perform 2 "Death From Above" Glory Kills on Hell Knights.


00:09 - Rune Trial #1

01:21 - Data Log #1 - Exterior Oppertunities (Environments - Argent Facility)

01:46 - Secret #1

03:35 - Elite Guard #1

- 5:27 - Argent Filter #1

05:40 - Data Log #2 - Vega II (UAF Personnel - Vega II)

06:23 - Field Drone #1

06:55 - Elite Guard #2

07:45 - Argent Cell #1

- 8:38 - Argent Filter #2

09:16 - Rune Trial #1

10:30 - Collectible #1 (Hell Knight Model UACguy) & Secret #2

12:35 - Elite Guard #3

12:58 - Field Drone #2

12:58 - Data Log #3 - Hell Razer II (Monsters Hell Razer)

15:03 - Collectible #2 (Rocket Launcher Model Stealthguy) & Secret #3

15:42 - Secret #4 (Super Shotgun)

16:24 - Secret #5 & Automap

- 18:30 - Argent Filter #3

18:30 - Data Log #4 - Hell Knight II (Monsters Hellknight)

21:17 - Elite Guard #4

DOOM 100% Walkthrough Playlist:


This walkthrough contains progress of the story achievements/trophies, as well as the following:

Specialist - Earn the Mastery for a weapon mod [20G]

IDKFA - Earn the Masteries for all weapon mods [50G]

Hot Swapper - Acquire all weapon mods [30G]

Historian - Find all Data Logs [25G]

Every Nook and Cranny - Find all Collectables [30G]

Argent Overload -Fully upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo capacity [15G]

Argent Fiend - Fully upgrade Health, Armor, and Ammo capacity on a single campaign run [30G]

A Gift from Beyond - Earn a Rune [15G]

The Circle is Complete - Earn all Runes [30G]

Momentum Shift - Upgrade a Rune [25G]

IDDQD - Upgrade all Runes [100G]

Tinkering - Fully upgrade a Praetor Suit category. [15G]

Overclocked - Fully upgrade all Praetor Suit categories on a single campaign run. [50G]

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Additional Credits: Kevin "Nighthawk673" Hollenbeck, Carlseh, MclovinLegend & CultGamerAlliance

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Maccas guides hey guys Mackey here continuing on with our 100% walkthrough of doom this is mission number four and in these walkthroughs I show you the best way to get through the level as fast as possible while also making sure that I show you every single thing you can miss including challenges as well as secrets collectibles data drones data logs elite cards everything could possibly need will be in this video from the very beginning you should see right in front of you in plain sight your first ruined trial go up to it interact with it start the ruined trial there's a bit of a loading scene in and out of these ruined trials but essentially there are small challenges in which you need to do a certain task in order to unlock the rune as some people say ruins some people say rune I'll probably end up saying ruin even though it is technically rude anyways for this one you're just gonna have to kill fifteen enemies and you get two seconds back on your clock if you kill them normally four seconds if you do a glory kill I recommend just doing glory kills because they're really fast and just basically use your shotgun shoot them and automatically melee if you kill them with a shock and you'll get the time anyways if you get the melee and you'll get a glory kill so it's pretty easy at the very end you'll be awarded with arune and you'll also unlock your first achievement for getting a room.

Upon unlocking the rune you're probably going to want to equip it so make sure you quip it and after you upgrade it make sure you go around the circle I'll be doing that during my playthroughs and leveling up my runes as we go from that rune go to the left if you were looking at it up this hill and you should see a data log right on the ground right here they may or may not be an enemy in this area next to that is a lever pull it these levers as you've probably come to know by now open up secret doors which allow you to unlock the retro levels and play inside of those retro levels if you want if we go forward down into the hall and to the right-hand side after entering you'll notice the door just go inside until the secret unlocks and then you can either go through it or come back out like I do.

So once you're in this area you're gonna be battling a whole bunch of enemies and they're gonna be spawning in waves during the last wave you will spawn your first hell night the helmet is basically this big dude he kind of looks like the Berserker from Gears have you ever played that he's essentially the dude that runs around and just tries to like melee you he kind of looks like he's a monkey in in terms of his movements he's the dude with no weapons he's slightly bigger than everyone else and you will try to run and melee you that is a hell night so if you look at the challenges we have to get to death from above glory kills on the hell Knights so all you're gonna want to do is I would imagine you'd clear out all the enemies and wait for this guy to spawn which is directly in front of me after that all you're gonna want to do is damage him slowly in order to get him into the glory kill position you're gonna want to make sure he's in the glory kill position somewhere near an object that you can climb off and jump down from also you can might have a rune upgrade a little bit later on in this mission in order to let you have them in glory stay a little bit longer than usual but basically that's how you would get the curb stomp on the hell Knights we're gonna need two of those for the challenges and I think there's about five or six of these enemies total three or four of them in very easy spots for death from above kills from then on there we can climb the fence and go around the left hand side you might notice a field drone flying away just let it be until later go to the left hand side up into this little side cave where you can find an elite guard.

From that elite guard you're gonna want to go to the nest which is in the middle of the area pretty obviously and as soon as you pull like the little heart thing out of the nest that will spawn a hell night there's like three or four nests and each time you pull out the heart it spawns a whole night sometimes it spawns - but that's my other hell night and that's where I'm going to get my second death from above glory kill because there's a lot of ledges and boxes in this area it is quite easy if you don't get all two of them in the first two don't worry you have a bunch of other chances to get these guys a little bit later on just make sure you get to death from above glory kills to do that you're going to want to do a glory kill from above them clear out the clear out the nest and continue towards your objective.

Upon killing all of the enemies you will receive a checkpoint this door will now open upon coming into this door if you go to the left-hand side you should see the seed the objective marker feel free to interact with it you're going to need to kill a total of three of these filters or damage them or kick them in whatever you want to call that there's three of them on the map I'll be going through them obviously as part of my main objective and using them as reference points for some of the collectables directly behind you after that first filter you should find a data log now we will be coming back to this area so feel free to skip this if you want it would be a little bit faster without this data log at this exact moment but it shouldn't be too much of an issue pick it up and now we can continue forward to a few more collectibles from that data log we're.

Now going to go get the field drone that you might have seen fly away from you as we entered the area to do so jump down and go to the left of that big blue shield with the vehicle in the middle and jump down to the right-hand side and keep right again and basically underneath that vehicle spawn you'd find the field drone just go to the back and continue through the door it's a little bit hard to see this door but you should find the field drone apply whatever upgrade it is that you like I do like lock on target for the Rockets as well as mini missiles or the heavy assault rifle from then on there we can get an elite guard so what we'll want to do is follow this path that's kind of down below on the cliff side except go the other way instead of turning right once we drop down you'll want to basically continue forward at the end of this hall you will find three enemies as well as an elite guard.

Now from this elite guard we're gonna kind of continue back to where we were previously in that open area near the very beginning at that nest and from there we're gonna go into the kind of manufacturing facility and we're gonna get an argent cell so you'll see you might want to reference that Blue Shield as a good point firm for where you are go to the right hand side of it if you're approaching from where we were for a previous collectible inside of this room where you'll notice that there's like a few kind of lines on a monorail at the top of the room and go behind these generators to find this argent cell pickup now this one I'm going to put into my health slot because I noticed I was getting shot a little bit more than usual and it wasn't that I was dying I just wanted to make sure I had a lot of help at all times so that's why I chose health instead of ammo for this one personally but again choose whatever you're comfortable with from then on there you might want to kill some of the enemies and then hop on top of those yellow generators in order to get on top of the monorail that line the top of this room so you'll see that there's multiple ways to cope there's a little bit of a glitch there on screen but there's multiple ways to get this next area that I'm going this is the shortcut way I tried to use this box and then I realized I can't use the box instead use the generator right there to get on top of those lines follow the lines to a jump up where you can get into this area up up and you'll notice that directly in front of me to my right hand side is the second filter you want to pick up that filter or rather destroy that filter as part of your main objective it's also a good reference point as there's another collectible very close by if you go around behind you and go into this room make sure you pay attention to the ship that's flying across and then instead of going and following it make sure you go here jump up onto this middle platform where you'll find your second room trial in this one we're going to need to destroy a total of thirty explosive barrels in a matter of time we have to destroy a barrel to get two seconds back on the clock and our maximum time is six seconds so I would actually recommend not going as fast as you possibly can unless you know where the next series of explosive barrels are take your time finding barrels before you shoot them unless you're running out of time again there's a couple here that might be hidden just get through them and at the end of it you'll be awarded a new room.

You so from there we're now going to get our first collectible and a secret area we're going to drop down where it says stand clear and there should be a box on top of this other box right here this is where the first filter actually was but this box won't be here unless you watch that little machine as I entered that previous room it carries the box and puts it here if that box is not available for you go back into the room where that rune was and wait for that machine to drive down here and then you'll even be able to climb back up into the room if you so desire you might have to wait for him to do two trips as well so that there's enough boxes for you to climb back up and climb on to there now we're going back and right behind me is the second filter that I destroyed behind the second filter we can find this is a nest and this is kind of the highest nest out of all of the first couple that are available there's a fourth nest that is only available once you destroy the first three but this one is the highest one in an open area there's one that we began with there is one in a Blue Room and then there's this one after you kill all of the enemies just use the middle as a reference point for the next collectable.

Feel free also to get a death from above glory kill right here curb stomp that's my third but if you need them here's another area to do one.

So now that we've destroyed all of the enemies and gotten a checkpoint use the middle area as a reference point find this kind of curved dome jump up on the platform next to it run across and you'll find this elite guard from that.

Elite guard we're going to run back into that area we just were and we're going to jump up a box and onto a catwalk which is directly across from where we just entered inside of that room there's actually two or three ways to get into this room about to show you but this is the fastest way and I'm showing you an optimized path once inside kill all of the enemies do not try to pick anything up until you've killed 100% of them check all three floors.

Upon killing 100% of the enemies on all three floors inside this laboratory area go to the top floor turn to the right-hand side and there should be a fuel drone here if your field drones not there it's because you still have an enemy left or you might want to leave the room and come back in order to trigger it to fly here right next to it you can find a data log so make sure you pick that up now go to the bottom floor of this laboratory and exit outside the door once outside turn right feel free.

To skip the enemies if you don't want to shoot them jump across the gap and continue forward once we jump across the. Gap you'll want to hug this vent that runs along the side of the building eventually leading into a room that you can jump through in through a window to get into and at the very end of that room find a secret as well as a collectible from this collectible we can. Actually go to our next secret we also find a new weapon that we wouldn't have had otherwise jump directly down through the window that led into that room we were just in and you'll spot a door right next to you as you fall there's a small hidden path right next to that door if we run to the end of that path and kill a few enemies will actually trigger the secret additionally inside of this area there is the super shotgun the super shotgun as previously in many of the secrets it's not the secret itself but I recommend you pick it up if you're already here anyways.

Now that we have that weapon feel free to equip whatever you're comfortable using and go through that door I was just pointing at which will lead into a large blue room with the nest in the middle and then after you clear out that nest it opens up a door with the third filter in it before we pull out the heart of the nest and spawn all the enemies I like to run across the room into this room that's locked you have to pry it open using your hands the room itself is a secret I recommend you pick that up and at the back of the room there's an also an auto map now Auto maps aren't actually necessary for any achievements or trophies particularly specifically but in this case collecting the auto map is actually leveled a challenge for the mission so obviously you want to pick up that auto map from here on out go pull out the heart of the nest kill all of the enemies to neutralize the threat and open the doors inside of this room.


After killing all of the enemies you'll notice the door is open feel free to also pick up that little powerup I picked up as well inside of this room I believe you can find a rocket launcher as well as your third filter which you want to kick in right next to the filter is also a data log make sure you pick it up I don't remember if this is the third or fourth data log of this mission upon.

Killing that filter and exiting the room you'll have another small battle with a few enemies including a new enemy type which is this floating like Angel hell angel type thing I like to use my lock-on rockets for it as it seems to do a lot of damage against it I cleared all these enemies and then proceed back to that open area that we started with our first nest and that's a good reference point in order to progress through the mission to net towards our objective.

We've been decades reflecting the science selling it to humanity we balance their Hill energy with our science make me usable and safe we solved an energy crisis so we're going back in through the same door we would have used to get to the first filter now we're jumping up the boxes that we would have used to get one of our collectibles and we're jumping up to the top to now be able to open this new door I think this door was actually here before there was just nothing here for you to kill if you were to have come here upon coming in feel free to take over the nest by killing all the enemies ripping out the heart and then finishing off the way I do believe that there is no Hell night in this area which means you hopefully already have your two out of two curb stomps.


Upon killing all of the enemies you'll want to continue towards your objective by coming up this ramp and then inside as you come in the path will lead you to the right-hand side but instead look behind these boxes to find your Elite Guard this is the last miserable collectible and anything all your challenges should be done as well as we've already curb stomp some enemies we've gotten the actual Auto map in the level and we've activated a rune trial our calendar should also be done coming to the room now to open up the airlock interact with the computer console at the very end to start a small short cutscene or after that a door will open on our left hand side which we'll want to go through and then we can end the level thank you guys so much for watching if this video is helpful feel free to share with a friend put it on some websites you guys like to go to and hopefully I see you in my next video special thanks goes to Herron giggles as well as doc cupcake 84 for pouring the show on patreon hopefully I see you guys next time peace.

You have no idea what you have just died.

Olivia is still alive I've detected her life signature at the Argent power she has removed one of the accumulators from the power base it has a unique energy signature that we can track well that's.

It then there's nothing else to be done.


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