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Shrek The Third (Xbox 360) 100% Walkthrough - Part 13

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Shrek The Third (Xbox 360) 100% Walkthrough - Part 13

Level 13: Forest Ambush

Difficulty: Normal

Characters: Shrek

Shrek and Arthur have been walking for a long time to Far Far Away. Then, Captain Hook and his army show up in a forest to stop Shrek and Arthur from proceeding any further.

In this level, while Captain Hook sings and plays the piano (ok...), you fight three waves of enemies, one wave harder than the last. Two cannons show up on the second wave, and three more cannons show up on the third wave. Destroy the cannons on each wave that they show up (they contain souvenir mugs and a coloring book page). Then, defeat the enemies. Try not to take too much damage. Those leaping pirates can be annoying and dangerous.

-During the last wave of enemies, there are three cannons lined up horizontally in front of Captain Hook's tree stump. The left cannon contains the coloring book page.

List of how to complete Quests in the level:

Quest #1 - Complete the level without dying.

Quest #2 - Find all of the souvenir mugs.

Quest #3 - Complete 5 finishing moves.

--Captain Hook really needs to get out more.... -.-'

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