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Overlord: Dark Legend - Part 1

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Overlord: Dark Legend - Part 1

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Now how does it go ooh once upon a time.

In the land of green veil in Castle grimeguard a young Lord was born I remember it well. You will have a life full of questions young master but I know what is in your blood and on your 16th birthday you will have your answers evil always finds away. You know as the years went by troubles. Emerged for Castle drum guard the surrounding lands became politey the crops died halfling stole from the villages bandits and wolves terrorized the countryside young Lords father Juke grimeguard embarked on an epic quest to foreign parts one which would restore the fortunes of his land.

But in his absence Duchess krom'gar ran away with a strong bridge no blooming from a neighboring realm floozy to make matters worse the Jukes quest proved fruitless he returned disgraced without a fortune and without a wife poor old devil and then one day on the. Young Lords 16th birthday his father brokenhearted and consumed by his obsession to restore glory to gram God set out on another quest to save the land leaving him alone with his rather unpleasant older siblings Lord Grenville and lady Gerda this is. The tale of what happened next.

Finished your nap young lord fancy helping me with a bit of scrubbing.

Pure blow me that brother and sister yours are in a foul mood today launching good in a foul mood mouse dice I have.

Matters to attend to an Alerian Garda you're in charge of the bread I'm off out I'm not babysitting while you Swan off to see you're spineless pointy air friends mail business in the Golden Hills run to who can look after himself.

Well fine looks like you're on your own little brother he'll try to mutilate yourself heartedly.

You better come down to the kitchen young lord our birthday present has arrived for you.

How does he expect us to keep working in nosey Lika it's been in storage for years came with specific and very mysterious orders to deliver on your 16th birthday.

Very fetching seems familiar somehow. Whoever sent it someone's looking out for you Lord don't you think so jinkx oh.

Don't mind Jakes he's been a bit down with all the anti halfling feeling around here but he's okay in with a crumb guard family for years having a fella the halflings have stolen most of.

The food and Greenvale little players least I still got some fun caves in a few old potatoes.

Oh this place is falling apart I keep finding nature in my boobs.

This give back to me work for Grendel.

Welcome master to your new home drinking it's dark and dank aroma for that is the smell of evil and it is in your blood Lord crowd garden I have been expecting you for a very long time I've been having a little snooze since your christening and a little snack I am now.

Your adviser and if you teach servant of Darkness your armor suddenly suits you master disguises all that nasty human skin of yours now I admit this place has. Seen better days but all it needs is a splash of new evil to really dark in the place up now your brother and sister.

Have left it's time for you to take tarsal drum guard for yourself I suggest you start with your sister's room and rid the place of her precious trophies.

Sigh find your sisters bedroom there's little chaos that needs doing.


There is a dark joy in the act of breaking things so try striking some of your sisters precious trophies with your weapon ah music to my old evil is now you may.

Continue to break some other things if you wish but I have some friends I can't wait to meet you there in your brother's room across the corridor.

Control yourselves minions Scali don't you start whittling these are your brown means much to look at but loyal fighters little bash what have you wish sack.

Call them to you sire see how they.

Flogged to you stupid he really is bliss now get a moving.

Sweep the minions across the crown toward your brother's beloved bore Vols minions love destruction and will smash anything they can get their little claws on well done master you're a natural.

See how happy they are when they don't have to use their tiny brains thinking only slows them down there seems to be a commotion coming from the kitchen I suggest you see what that racket is all about boy give that back

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