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Angry Birds 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Levels 1-15! 3 Stars! Feathery Hills! (iOS, Android)

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Angry Birds 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Levels 1-15! 3 Stars! Feathery Hills! (iOS, Android)

Angry Birds 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! Thanks for every Like and Favorite on this Angry Birds 2 game! Part 1 features gameplay and 3 star completions of Feathery Hills levels 1-15 including boss fights!

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Thanks for watching my Angry Birds 2 Gameplay and Walkthrough! I could play this game for hours, you must download it! I'm playing on Android, but it's also available on iOS! You may have seen a trailer or review, but this playthrough will feature hints, tips, tricks, and 3-star completions! If you're a fan of the Angry Birds series, then let's play Angry Birds 2! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes of Angry Birds 2 today!


The Angry Birds are back in the sequel to the biggest mobile game of all time! Angry Birds 2 starts a new era of addictive slingshot gameplay with stunning graphics, challenging multi-stage levels, scheming boss pigs and even more destruction.


It’s the ultimate slingshot action strategy – YOU choose which bird to fling next! “But that makes it easier, right?” WRONG! You’ll need to choose wisely if you’re going to stop those eggs from getting scrambled. Plus, crush those pigs and blocks to fill up the Destruct-O-Meter and earn extra birds!


You’ve never seen Piggy Island like this – jaw-droppingly stunning levels brimming with exotic plants, quirky details, fun animations and plenty of peril. Those naughty porkies are now experts at building physics defying towers: levels now have multiple stages for an added challenge. Uh oh.


Blizzards, Hot Chilis, Golden Ducks and other outrageous spells give you an added advantage against those swindling swine. And when you need some serious help, guess who’s at hand to make a pork-smashing cameo? That’s right, it’s the sardine loving Mighty Eagle. Oh yeah!


Challenge players from across the world in the Arena to see who’s the best bird flinger of them all! Connect to Facebook and play new tournaments every day to earn feathers and level-up your flock. In the Arena you play until you run out of birds and spells, so get out there and solve the puzzles – you’re only up against the rest of the planet.


There’s some serious bad guys on Piggy Island, and your slingshot skills are needed to take them down. Foreman Pig, Chef Pig and the infamous King Pig will stop at nothing to keep your eggs. Are you gonna let ‘em get away with that? It’s time to hit that pork and teach ‘em a lesson.


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Name: Angry Birds 2

Developer: Rovio Entertainment

Publisher: Rovio Entertainment

Platforms: iOS, Android

Release Date: July 30, 2015


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What's up guys axe Scott here playing Angry Birds - I played a ton of Angry Birds games on my channel and I'm so excited for a proper sequel to the classic as you know these games constantly have updates so I'll be making videos of Angry Birds - for quite a long time thanks to you guys the first episode of Angry Birds transformers has over three million views the first episode of Angry Birds epic has over 4 million views and the first episode of Angry Birds go has over 6 million views this is all thanks to you guys leaving thousands of likes and favorites I'd be thrilled that this video got anywhere close I promise you I'll have more videos of those games coming soon as well especially Angry Birds transformers also thanks to your support we now have over 1.7 million subscribers at zackscottgames that is incredible I cannot thank you guys enough and I will do my best to bring you guys even more awesome videos just leave a comment letting me know which games made you subscribe and which games you like to see me play in the future but for now without further ado let's play Angry Birds - this is gonna be awesome here we go alright and here we go in right now. This looks like the first World cobalt plateaus feathery Hills and yeah it looks like we have 15 main stages here oh wow look another 15 probably over here or so or it may be even more up to 35 egg chanted woods I'm just taking a sneak peek at what lies ahead let's not focus too much on what lies ahead let's focus right now on level 1 let's see what we got we have 5 hearts 70 gems let's dip right into level 1 here we go and I'll connect to Facebook and a little bit but here we go smells are disabled - in tutorial level so I guess this is a tutorial level let's play hope we can get 3 stars on these and let's have some fun right now with Angry Birds 2 oh nice I'm like in the art style right now and of course this is kind of a tutorial for players who may have never played before I've played before I played a lot of Angry Birds and I do think I want to line up right there that looks like an ideal place for me go take that love the graphics great fluid motion - and what is that I got some sort of a card okay I got a card. It's like a multi-stage level that's interesting or maybe the first one was just a one tutorial now this level has two rooms okay that's very interesting so let's see that's a new mechanic that I'm not familiar with the course that's not saying too much I'm often up there with a lot of things let's just blast in there there we go red okay Reds ability oh wow that's like a that's like a building I'm unfamiliar with whoa I love it a pigs flew out of the screen like that that was really really cool uh-oh oh they're gonna grab the eggs no surprise they want those eggs they want some omelets in the morning all right but we did it three stars on the first level again I'll connect to Facebook probably next episode or so and that way then I can see all my friends I've had at some of you guys on my facebook to play Angry Birds games with in general so he's moving on over to level 5 we collected a treasure just click and open what's inside the blue is cool with ice there we go so yeah that's really cool I like how it shows that we all know what the blues can do let's go to level 2 and play read spell crack and topple buildings there you go let's do that then let's topple some buildings with Reds battlecry oh hey we're gonna having a little a little cocktail here well guess what the glass is made of ice my friends so let's bust through and yeah we know that we can tap them boom shredded there we go there we go an extra card I think these cards again I haven't actually played this yet but I think the cards are gonna be four possibly yeah you can just like swap out yeah swap it out boom there we go that's awesome maybe I'll fly up this way maybe it should be good oh I can't believe I did not hit the TNT oh well we still decimated them there goes the TNT strike. Nice and that's three stars for me next level coming at you this is gonna be fun I can already tell you gonna be fun Oh a daily gift I receive some gems very very cool remember to collect your gifts every day that's a good idea number three level three the Blues are great against ice I knew that already thank you uh-huh let's see what we got going on here on level three I can't believe it's a true sequel oh here we go fill the Destructo meter to get an extra card it does sound quite awesome let's see what we can do how do I want to just drugged o meter these guys here we go I maybe could have used oh you know I forgot I totally forgot about the battlecry already but I got the extra card anyway Destructo meter I love the 3d effect sort of you know when it blows up things fly at the screen as a there's a beautiful flower there I don't wanna mess it up but we got blues here let's see what we got we're gonna try to reign supreme there we go yes did we feel the Destructo meter whoa you said flower swing that that was really interesting well there we go three stars again next up this is great is it not this is wonderful Angry Birds - can't believe it's a real sequel and of course I'll be playing somewhere Angry Birds games I'll be making my return to Angry Birds epic Angry Birds transformers all that stuff very soon these games are the type of games they can last forever as I probably already said before so there there are some stuff on you know epic that they've added since I have last played same with transformers good with wood okay so chuck is good with wood okay got your buddy you'll see what's up pain is temporary anger is forever alright.

Anger is forever alright so shot if it's Shuksan to be up here then then we're gonna get to use his ability this is basically a tutorial I like how the tutorials are built in at the moment so that's really cool let's play boom look at that oh wow wow I love the. Graphics the graphics are stellar very phenomenal graphics all right and what do we have going on over here well I think yeah I think.

Chuck might be where it's at here we go there we go look at that look at that that is this beautiful is that not a thing of beauty did I get enough destruction to get a another car not yet but we'll keep going but we did get enough destruction to get three stars there we go very very cool and then.

What's gonna be up next level five you got a reward for completing a quest did I I'll pop 30 pigs yes and collect ten stars as well yes I haven't quite got to the arena or sent a gift yet but hey that'll be another quest to do in the future especially once I connect Facebook which I will do later level five spells are disabled - yeah we knew that thanks for the tip red can't forget this type of building ability it's raining man the graphics in this have been seriously upgraded all right so what do we want to do I kind of want to push that cart if I can if I can push that cart like that works maybe maybe.

Sort of oh yes yes there you go watch those pigs fly haha when pigs fly.

All right here we go again what kind of structure do we have now oh this looks mighty complicated what's he doing the boss is tough be smart I will try to be smart I kind of want to use red you know just kind of push this out. This way maybe you know if that'll work I think it'll work there we go nice and. I'm just kind of dancing on him right there am i doing a little bit of damage here and there I think so I'm just gonna sitting there on them very cool and I think I'm gonna need to use blues here just to do like cut right through that ice let all the rocks I think this will work if I just buy a macare philippe there you go look at this boom oh wow I like the bus fights I like how they have yes God of love the 3d effect as well I think this is gonna be a great game Bernie I guess I had an extra bird or two I'm sorry I'm sorry not sorry three stars that's what I'm talking about and next up so that was the first five levels we'll probably do the first 15 in today's episode get the whole world done first this looks great I am pretty happy about this all right and he's moving on to ten I mean while I got a few levels to pick up here let's play see if I starting level six things get a little more difficult I know you're feeling those first ones were just kind of a whoa what is that a golden pig poppet two instantly feel the destructive meter okay I can probably do that and I'll see why not I'm gonna try to basically cut through this if I can.

Did I get it me and I almost got him you know I almost got him I really want to just get him can I just redo that really quick and give up I don't know if I want to give up should I play Angry Birds fight let me know I do have it downloaded let's not give up until I know for sure that uh I'm telling know for sure that I can't get you know you know I'm saying right I know for sure that I'm not gonna get three stars so there we go destruction birdy we'll see how it works oh wow oh wow we'll send in red.

Here we go this topple some buildings Wow Wow would they all go that was awesome let's see if that's five so three stars I don't know if it will be I will find out and it was nice three star that's what I'm going for next on the list please let's find out early-bird offer you were selected for a major discount exclusive avatar Oh exclusive leaderboard avatar exclusive tutor bird uh I'll go to the store and get this stuff and pick it up at a different time I'm not quite sure I fifteen minutes to get that special offer let's play this maybe I'll get it after the video I don't know we'll find out I haven't really checked out to see what the store actually has to offer yet so this is I'm gonna try to make this pure gameplay right now I don't think that's gonna be like an offer I just totally miss out on that would be terrible let's use blues for this I mean I miss out on the offer but I mean I don't think I'm in some of the item you know I mean so wow wow I love the.

Flowers catch those blocks and shoot them forever away very cool strike.

Mm what do we got here what do we have here I kind of want to use red and just kind of pummel them but you know just kind of knock these guys over you know I'm saying there we go that's the best I got whoa you see the rocket launch that was really cool I'm.

Certain I got three stars because that was just way too awesome there we go next up please let's see.

What we got next level eight is next all right pain is temporary angry is forever so what do we got going on here no balloons all right well I.

Can't really think of any other way to do this let's just send Chuck right in I don't know what that piece up there is that's a really interesting piece it looks like a collectible or something if maybe if I don't get it right now then I'll just you know so I didn't get it it's up there I might redo this stage and get that collectible and then it makes me wonder have I missed out on any others is that just the first one I've encountered or is that just the first time I've noticed rad looks like it's gonna be his duty here to just take this these guys on knock him over. I did my best there we go love those rockets very awesome strike so three stars let me okay I'll do next but I'm gonna go back into that level and check out that special item in I don't know if I missed any other special items or not so friends I will do that I. Will do that in just a little bit I want to go back into level eight though let's skip out in level nine for a second go back into level eight let's redo it let's play I'm just really curious what this is and if I if I miss something let me know in the comments oh it's not there anymore okay well I should have gotten it the first time maybe they show up spontaneously and they're like little gifts or something let's just go and give up I don't need to retry let's go back to the map I've already done it so yeah should have got it the first time I wasn't in the right mindset I guess here we go level 9 play if we see one of those we'll make those that a priority we can always come back and get three stars but looks like we cannot always come back and get a gift alright yeah remember to activate the birds abilities especially Reds who you may not be used to having an ability so.

This might take two birds to pull off I don't know that's my that's my thought here.

There we go look at that nice and then.

We have these guys to worry about as well probably some blue right in hopefully.

This might work cuz when I line up just right got it got it beautiful with an extra card as well very cool how would I.

Take this on I would probably want to use I would want to use red probably.

Right let's see what we got here oh well.

Yes got it alright that's exciting I think I. Did it strike and I did it three stars there we.

Go next up let's see what we have up. Next my friends level 10 maybe another boss fight right here I am excited okay so I think the obvious.

Choice would be to use Chuck take out the little block right there and then.

Let these things kind of topple over on him there we go nice nice very cool that.

Made me happy and I guess the boss is coming in over here where's he gonna fly into hello boss oh wow so you know one.

Thing that I'm gonna want to do is probably just I don't like well okay here we go I'm gonna use blues I really don't know man this seems like the best choice extra he's gonna make a fall.

Oh he got grabbed up by the flower oh my gosh oh my gosh Wow and blue he's.

Getting tossed up there too boom well I.

Kind of wish I would have taken out more but we have let's just use red send them in knock them out the whole thing over maybe I guess I don't know there you go Foreman pigs you're gonna to deal with this you need to roll down the hill boom goodbye alright I think.

We're done with them is that three stars nice and if you knock him off the edge yes three stars very cool is upset he is.

Upset we have five more levels of this world all right having fun yeah I will.

Write the game but give me let's while we're doing the video let's not worry about that right now let's focus on just the video and the levels here we go yes. A new chest tap to open it a golden duck wow that's cool I've never seen that before let's not use it quite yet maybe we'll use it in a pinch when we really need it but not yet I'm so low a spell okay so.

Maybe I will select one it wants me to I think this is gonna function as a tutorial in a way so what does a golden duck do my friends we have a spell it's ready to go I guess we'll just use it right I don't even know Oh weird oh that is so.

Cool I like it I like it a lot I got an.

Extra card it's another duck I guess we'll keep that in our in our stockpile achievement unlocked art wizard right there casting spells and I think that uh red will be a really good choice here obviously Chuck would be too but I think red oh you know what it's being it might be held up by balloons so what we might see here is that red may not work let's. Test it out you know we'll never know unless we actually test it out oh no stop being held up by well so that works that works just fine that worked amazingly nevermind why would it be I thought I I thought surely it might be being held up or something anchored through the sky in some fashion by balloons with the balloons fell downwards as well thanks to gravity and well it wasn't the balloons that fell it was a platform that fell thanks to gravity the balloons just were not strong enough to pull it upward so alright that's your little physics lesson today and we have another treasure chests opening oblivion spell nice turns blocks into ice which would be great if you plan on using the blues let's try that out maybe he wants me to use him right now I like the spells is a cool new feature as well select some spells being this yeah we'll turn that totally and ice I guess and spells I guess don't count against anything so let's just oh wow wow it is so cool well blues got.

Some news for yous all right got it.

Just decimated I got another extra card holy moly well what's here let's find out who interesting there's a little pig up there I don't know that I like that but that's okay Wow what do I do with that yikes it's so weird there's just a little guy there oh you know well maybe what I do is I just go over here and I just kind of do my thing oh wow I got picked up by the flower.

Weird oh my gosh that's crazy. He's flower mechanics there let's go for. It let's send shuck right on in there.

Yes got them being picked the book being.

Picked up of flowers is really interesting I really interesting mechanic was that three stars I hope so it was excellent next up this is fantastic I am enjoying this immensely this is great what else we have going on here let's find out I'm liking the spells the spells are really cool and level 13 then play here we go.

We don't quite have the arena unlocked yet that's okay I keep getting notifications that if we complete level 25 we will unlock it select spells no spells this time let's go in cold see what happens it looks like a job for red right there honestly so we'll just send him in see what. Happens man what what about an umbrella you've got to be kidding me what the heck was that an umbrella I did not even see that coming oh my gosh I'm embarrassed to know you took him out.

Directly an umbrella oh my gosh I cannot believe that was a thing all right well we have a bunch of ice here looks like we only have one card left too which is disconcerting but I didn't even get the TNT there well there you go there we go it's falling but who knows extra card thankfully it's the Ducks oh they didn't do anything man I guess we'll just have to use this duck card I guess I don't know let's see what happens. Man no he's protected no we got him okay I'm really curious how this is gonna play out I don't even know if that's a three-star performance but if I get three stars I'll be happy of course but I don't know that it way it was wow so cool all right now that makes me happy because I really thought that I would have to redo a level for the first time right level 14 play let's get three stars here as well.

Okay now I see no no spells I see one of those gifts or whatever that is so I'm gonna get it I'm gonna send red right up there is he gonna hit it I think you will hit it there we go please hit it now I did my best I think I got a gift maybe what well that kind of works not to my benefit though I don't know what that was that I picked up let's try it. Though let's see what what's next you know what I mean.

Alright took everyone out next up we almost have another card unlocked birdie. Alright so what's this all about oh my gosh this is about it's about time huh oh wow this is gonna be a trick shot.

Indeed I did my best I honestly did my best let's see if it's enough yeah it's an extra card and that was enough to take out all the pigs as well well-placed shot strike will it be three stars though it will be fantastic and I got a gift give it to a friend I can't keep it myself alright well whatever Oh like I said by next episode I'll have Facebook connected and maybe I'll just start tossing them to my to my friends level. 15 probably the last level of today's episode which by the way I do want to thank you so much for stopping by and tuning and thank you for every like and favor and all of your support not just on Angry Birds too but all of my Angry Birds series I love this series it's so fun let's play level 15 and see what's up you know let's do it. All right oh my gosh a lot of pigs a lot of pigs how we're gonna deal with these guys how do we typically deal with them I don't know I think I'm gonna try to send blues in kind of like I did last. Time if I can get the trajectory right.

Edie pop it wasn't enough to I was.

Hoping to throw some items into that flower and break down that tower didn't work out that way though we'll send red in man wait wait.

Alright yeah whoo and the 3d effects of. The pigs awesome as well and we got an extra card perfect you know I didn't I.

Forgot to check if we get to use spells this time around hello.

So he's in a cart I'm gonna probably use red then to send him on his way there.

You go good luck good luck driving that.

Was it he was happy for a second but.

Well I mean see I'll send Chuck in I don't know that it's gonna do much good but I'll send Chuck in really quick oh I missed I thought I should have double-checked that trajectory that's a real shame all right well let's go again yeah oh wait he's still moving and he's still moving I guess are we done here yeah we're done watch out of cards continue for now no I don't need to continue right now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna redo this stage they lose a heart rather than lose some cards and let's see what we have here see I guess I don't get to pick any spells initially right am I going crazy here maybe I want.

To try this again I want to see if I can get this right I feel like I could have gotten this right if I would have just I don't know if it was things would have just played it a little bit differently head pop okay that's it that's it right there look at that that was beautiful of course they're missing this whole thing over here all right well trying to figure out what.

To think about this.

I'll just do it here we oh my god really I did not activate his abilities okay okay sorry sorry give up I want to go to. The map and see if it lets me choose any sort of spells or power-ups for this because this is gonna be something that that is tempting here if I if I can use spells it'll be great all right play I don't think it's gonna let me I think it knows it's a boss fight and it doesn't want me to to cheese it all right well let's uh let's do what we do best then let's try it from a more formal approach coming up this way there we go.

Yeah man only one left the two left what.

Well that's a real shame so I thought I could get them all darn it I don't even.

Know how am I supposed to do that darn it I was hoping they didn't even die all right give up retry again I'm sorry I'm sorry for my poor performance I thought I had it nailed but I didn't it's bound to work with red. I think it's bound to work with red doing this maybe like once right come on let's do this all right look look we're. Just pummeling them right that looks beautiful right all.

Right we're just shooting those things now all right now we'll send the Blues in all right there you go head pop all.

Right we got the extra card it's a blues it's not a Reds boy how do we gonna do. This how we're gonna make this work.

I don't even know let's send in blues I guess maybe this is tough I broke.

Through that what's that gonna do for us basically nothing all right send you and.

Then you know I should have started with that so then the stuff what am I seeing what was I thinking I really should have started with that because then the stuff could have fallen on top of him I'm an idiot all right I'm not gonna continue I'm sorry I'm gonna retry like one more time surely this is gonna work right all right let's make.

This work please I do want to see this work is this like different each time what the heck.

All right do it do it.

It's really interesting holy moly that could have almost worked and kind of that could almost have worked and got them all but we're missing just one unfortunately all right.

Who do we want to send then man let's send in sending this guy was targeting direct there you go blast into oblivion.

I didn't get as much destruction as I wanted no well next time around I'm sorry the second me multiple tries I really feel like the one red strike you should be sufficient but it just hasn't happened like that yet alright so let's. See what we got ma'am you just got blues to start out with that's not cool that might barely work there we go you.

Might get the extra card yes extra card that's what we need perfect we're gonna hope for luck and hope that this works we're gonna send red like just right in there no oh my god oh my god that didn't even happen man okay come on I can't keep.

Doing this no I need a little bit more time for lives I'll be back as soon as I get some all right I got an extra life I watched a video that's get an extra life it was a fantastic port trailer let's make this happen I know I can do it the pigs are often situated differently which makes it a little more difficult than before I mean I'm having like pigs all over the place all right.

But here we go trying my best again.

Nice we'll see now it's not good even to happen wait wait wait no no it's not.

Gonna matter it just keeps shooting those things it's not even mattering at all but what do I want to do then.

I guess I wanted to just target him direct and I was really hoping for the. Card we might get it though still nice he got another car - what no we did it oh yeah we did yes okay so this could be. It this could be the victory that we've been wanting this whole time I've been trying these lucky shots and sometimes it works and then to this nuts that.

Should be enough to start toppling him there you go get a good start there you go nice okay now it's up to the blues to.

Really get in there here we go all right.

Please tell me this is enough to damage him yes we got him finally after all those lives lost after all this struggle but was it enough for three stars let's find out let's find out oh just shy of. Three stars we'll get that third star though it's just a matter of time and patience and retrying let's do it let's make this happen you know we want to all right having fun I will rate that later just let me let me do it later so up next will be a brand new world here and we will continue playing next episode in new pork city open up the treasure chest Matilda is here nice and we're not gonna go to 16 yet but next episode we will I do want to go and get that third star on level 15 if it will let me I hope it'll let me I think it'll let me I have three stars on every other one and it'll be great to finish off this video with the third on level 15 let's see if I can make that happen and maybe I can I don't know if my cards are pre-selected right now or what if I get to maybe try out Matilda at this point in time I don't but it looks like I have an extra there's an extra card back here what is this I can't even really tell anyway we're gonna start out with this set up again which I think could be useful let's make.

This happen please I've been meaning to make this just happen.

Oh boy come on shoot it out oh that was.

A well-placed one there we go we might.

Actually do it this time all right we actually took out finally finally everyone on the first strike here which is fantastic and then now if we do the same strategy as before then we should have just a fantastic time and hopefully complete it with three stars even have Matilda here I'm not so sure that's the right solution but we're gonna send Chuck in and send this guy on his way.

There you go pigs okay he's gonna yes he's gonna roll he's gonna lose his crown he's all right extra card great well we're gonna send in blues then and we know how to do this right we've done this before yes here it is.

We got him that's gotta be three stars that has got to be three stars we did it perfectly we did it just like last time but with one less move let's see this there we go what still not three stars oh my gosh I. Guess I got a retry maybe I will use Matilda this time I can't believe it okay okay I see they want to put up a little bit of a challenge and so uh I I accept I'll do that soon I'm not ready to move on there yet I want to get this third star level 15 let's make this happen let's play it it might just be more about the destruction level that we can do instead of I don't know we'll find out here we go I'll try it again what do you say red.

Needs you buddy all right here we go.

Now look at all this destruction I love it all right look look we cleared it again all right this is great maybe it's great I don't know I feel like this is wonderful it may not be enough points is that what it's telling me I don't know I hear it still maybe breaking stuff on that side I don't know. All right maybe you know weeds just isn't what we need it's not what we're gonna strive for boom get on a roll.

Right there you got that extra card.

Again I'm well I'm gonna stick with the same strategy if this strategy doesn't work this time oh crap I can't see man.

We got it we got it.

I don't know what my score needs to be that's the real thing 169 is that enough it may not be enough we'll find out star collector I just got a yes three stars yes I saw the achievement before I saw the stars so that's how I knew we did it guys alright three stars on the first 15 levels the first world here of Angry Birds - I really do appreciate you guys stopping by come back next time we'll tackle the second world to your new pork city starting with level 16 and you know I'll do a few other things to collect you know do the face book look at the store all that stuff in between now and then three stars on every single level hopefully I can keep that up I'm not guaranteeing it but I hope that I can I'll see you next time for more Angry Birds - goodbye I'm Zack Scott subscribe if you have not if you liked this video and want to help this channel grow all you got to do is click the like button below thanks so much for watching check out more my videos and if you want to find me on your favorite social network check the links in the description and here's Otto. Let's see God those are my cats

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