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(34:51) The Legend of Zelda - 100% First Quest speedrun (world record)

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(34:51) The Legend of Zelda - 100% First Quest speedrun (world record)

I understand your definition of 100% is better than the Zelda 1 community's. Please keep that in mind when you comment.

100% = all *permanent* inventory items: All Heart Containers, Power Bracelet, Red Candle, Recorder, Raft, Stepladder, Magical Sword, Red Ring, Silver Arrow, Magical Rod, Magical Book, Letter, Magical Boomerang, Magical Key, both bomb capacity upgrades.

That means that the following are not required to own when beating the game: Wooden Boomerang, Wooden Sword, Potions, Magical Shield, White Sword, Blue Candle, Meat

The Magical Sword and Red Ring obsolete the Wooden/White Sword and the Blue Ring respectively.

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