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UNCHARTED The Lost Legacy Walkthrough: Chapters 1 to 4 (1080p)

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UNCHARTED The Lost Legacy Walkthrough: Chapters 1 to 4 (1080p)

The first four chapters walkthrough of Uncharted the Lost Legacy DLC on PS4 Pro in 1080p. No commentary.

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Uncharted Lost Legacy Playthrough

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That's when it's my favorite it makes your eyes doing good does it no half.

Price if you buy - Wow.

You again is this your store hidden or may fathers how much it's hundreds of.

This place 800 rupees okay I'll care for you by 50 incredible.

So does your father usually leave you. Here alone no he's away fighting the Devils the Indian army called him out.

Today no he volunteered really well.

If it was my choice I wouldn't leave you here alone all right that's 300 bet the del 400 noobest bless.

Garnish huh you don't want this it's broken see you don't know this story goodness what producer ron was then he got at his father's yes to defend the honor of his father Shiva and got his tusks hacked off for his troubles hmm interesting.

Anyway it's not for sale right on time.

Okay look 600 rupees it keeps changing hey wait hey you need the guys Oh.

And what will that cost me.

Need to be on that truck before it goes. So you can list how much fun is did not. For sale.

Da da and by the way that.

What don't get me wrong decent technique on the knife but I'd like my Ganesh back please.

A for effort kid.

Too many soldiers shit wait a minute.

You're not a tourist body hello lady great prices we're busy here oh I've already got what I need Thanks do you like the CIA because that will be very cool.

People aren't allowed across the bridge it is too dangerous listen kid it's been really fun you need to make yourself scarce I have a spare bed in the store 300 rupees best deal in all yeah okay no thanks I need to get on this truck bad idea the rebels they hurt people listen I.

Need to help my friend okay tell you what when I get back pizzas on me deal dear.

It's okay.

He's poor bastards.

Okay Red Dog that's it better than.

Nothing here we go it's just an active war zone nothing you can't handle.

Hey hold on what's your rush how do I.

Know you're not smuggling something in here arms up hey dangerous to be out so.

Late hey where do you live what are you.

Deaf I'm thinking I said where do you.

Live I'm in the middle of something yes sir.

Right understood you with me man that.

Gun sir what about her just let it through you heard him get going.

Okay for them I got somewhere to be.

Red Door check.

Young mistress I can tell it.

And that's that.

Come on yeah I need sleep you can sleep.

In the truck no the last of them almost there's a.

Couple more yawning pink lotus the hell.

Does that mean.

Long enough to build a substance even on small trinkets all over India.

None of these small operations when do we take the fight to the tyrants many.

For weeks.

The enemy's not messing around.

Yeah I think Lotus not what I was picturing.

These two targets one was the warehouse the other you're in the wrong place girl.

You're late Fraser I see you too foolish shit did you put the first one.

What the hell was that I thought you are professional Oh you should relax you'll live longer relax it took me weeks to track down us off the mans is unpredictable as they come it's just another warmonger with no water fight now you don't know him like I do he changes location and routines by the are we'd be foolish to take unnecessary risk we let's get one thing straight this is my gig you want your share we play by my rules.

What's it gonna be.

He's the one with a beard that's the spirit. Hmm handsome if you're into Psychopaths nobody's perfect where's Basecamp top floor balcony.

All right. Let's do this hejdå street route all. Planned out but they'll be looking for us what do you suggest I'll think of something come on. I'll give you a boost up follow me that.

Wasn't so bad know what patience I'm.

Here really.

Come on this way you realize we're moving away from us often yeah we're taking the long way now see why you're always late.

I'll take them out no copy that cooler.

One where to now that's where we need to.

Be but not getting through here without a blowtorch so now we improvise.

Just exploring our options sit tight.

Well she certainly lives up to her reputation sorry about that.

How about we avoid crates okay.

There's some cheap office supplies if you wanna you always this talkative on the job yeah.

One last problem it's just a bottles see.

That wasn't so bad.

So just take a moment there's one.

Or that works it's fine that disk.

Thank you very much watch our backs yeah yeah go through an.

Antique shop he's been a busy boy how much you for this woman enough to keep his little insurrection going for quite some time Oh horrible.

Lots of curious cats here speaking up good point it doesn't bother you these. Are all India multiplet it's not my fight.

Salah and the tiger maybe he's closer than I thought.

No one will miss this.

I'll just borrow this. Frasor mm-hmm now looks promising it's locked not for long.

Was that member western ghats whistle ah poetry no it's alright nothing we didn't already know.

It's beautiful it's time to go.

Nadine Ross what a pleasant surprise.

Ah careful brothers this Tigers got claws myself oh these yes and you haven't aged a day.

You can't hmm are you looking for work.

I hear that shore lines under new management temporary said Bank nothing I can't handle of course of course pity though my men and I could use someone of your caliber.

Lying to him and this this isn't your area of expertise it is a nice collection I must say Chloe. Fraser collector of Antiquities a thief.

You're working for a thief sir we have a situation.

I'll be right there the disk oh right about that at first I mistook you for just an average rebel but you have managed to.

Find the voice of our Empire that's not bad their greatest treasure the task of Ganesh now that's not an easy fight what are you doing three Persian invasions three separate Wars and all these years later no one has found it we're closed you're lost and the only chance you have of even narrowing down its location is to find someone who can help you crack this.

Artifact someone with an extensive knowledge of Hoysala society exactly an.

Expert in their culture and history my rates are reasonable a parasite who.

Exploits our struggle in order to fatten her pockets.

So that's a no felt like you've got.

Balls I like that but I don't need any more so-called experts shoot them throw their bodies in the river no need we'll throw ourselves out.



Messy bit effective you were going to sell me out weren't you it's called improvisation God who's being unprofessional now what the hell is that specimen it means you let us all get the jump on us I'm starting to wonder whether you're worth for 50% knew it you were going to give me up this Olympic can't change her spots you know about me fair warning lost person who betrayed me wound up dead there's your River yeah and your guy better be there.

Oh that's a dangerous job.

How we going out there on schedule should hit land in about an hour great let us go Ganesh no wonder the.

Horse solar capital was ransacked look at this thing any luck I don't need luck I'd say we can use all the luck we can get are you still hung up on a serve so-called expert don't worry if it solves not in the gets already he'll be right on our heels plus he's got weapons transports hundreds of men like I said.

Don't worry.

Looks like some kind of key maybe let's see.

The Trident was Ganesha's weapon the bow.

And arrow was Parrish Aramis and the axe.

Was a gift from Shiva.

The great battle what the battle in which Ganesh lost his tusks I bet we find these symbols we find the. Task not bad Fraser yeah you like my dad for that Hindu myths with his thing they'd have rubbed off he must be proud sons almost huh I'll go get ready.

Nice work.

There is a long way to go to settle an argument just for my peace of mind all right well nice view.

And look how weird.

I'm sorry I doubted you close Miss Ursula Ursula it's not a modern structure so we're definitely on the right track what I don't like it you don't like anything no we've gone nearly a hundred kilometers with no sign of a soft glass half full maybe we got the jump on them unlikely I'll find the tusk ourselves on. You understood.

Meet you back at the car yep. Amazing landscape.

Working on it I'm fine by the way.



Cut down down yep still here great just checking.

Yeah give me your hand I'm good actually okay want me to drive nope I don't mind.

I do it's a control thing sure.

Let's just enjoy the serenity shall we got a dumb question so much for that how do you know the Tusk is still there it would have turned up in a museum or something by right plus I haven't seen any more salar exhibition this job yeah well that's the fault of their last came really young.

And then there the Persians write to their daughter Hey look the Mingo convention.

Refreshing could have warned me well where's the fun in that so what a nice to be outdoors isn't it wave from the city quiet if you come back here often no not really.

We sell our ruins can we get through that gate I'll check it out your capitals what do we got hala Badu and velour I thought these. Were Ganesh and Shiva someone's been paying attention Ganesh was the guardian of halebidu the newer of the hoisin are Capitals Shiva was the guardian of the former capital below the stonework is beautiful but this isn't much of a defensible mmm sculptors quarters by the look of it we're still on the outskirts didn't take you for an archaeologist that would be my dad actually I'm just a thief remember Hey the rental equipped with a.

Winch looks that way correct how to make short work of these gates what you're just going to pull them done that's the plan unless you've got dynamite mrs. York take that as a No.

Right that should do the trick right move it's an ambush shit.

Okay we're clear where were we.

You were about to pull down an ancient gate yeah there we go.

You're awfully quiet you surprised us all figured you'd be more of a leaving at rest type when it comes to India nice sentimentality in this line of work get you killed.

What it is large flying rodents actually no they're not yeah they are they're closer to primates and lemurs okay well I look it up there we go.

Right it. Stop Asaf.

Well well spotted it's brought a whole.

Battalion with him what he would be more inside already hey I'm flattered that he's taking us so seriously I need to get through that gate all right well slow down you got to take care of these jokers first you have a plan yeah sure.


So don't you don't like it.

Beaten by a girl.

We're clear just like I yeah.

This looks to be it.

Okay bring her up.

Careful always right back to shotgun I'm.

Perfectly capable of driving into I'm sure you are honey.

It's a lot of grandeur cover true but unlike your boy Asad we've got an advantage for three symbols let's have a look at the map okay let's see we are right about here I can mark it up as we go.

Check out that tower bitch you could get the lay of the land from the top maybe.

Wow. Okay not that I'm too worried about it.

You should be we won't have the advantage of surprise again don't think he was expecting much for you wait was that a compliment that sounded like a compliment his guys are idiots but a saugus we just need to stay the hell away.

Never understood the appeal of people that start easy he finds men who are weak and office on purpose sounds more like bullshit to me how'd.

You get tangled up with the sub anyway perfect rather not go into it you certainly seem to have a thing for you don't remind me proved useful at the time but do tell rather not.

Maybe over drinks not enough alcohol in the world.

Where are you going want to climb it with me I really want to but so much good coal up and away he doesn't yeah so.

Far so good.

Aha Ganesha's trident let's see here.

Aimed right at those hoysala ruins it's an old fortress just beyond those waterfalls try to mark on the map for you and behind the one on the two huh wonder.

What that could be for future reference let's see what's.

Behind the axe door another old fortress tucked into the mountainside I'll just mark that on the map with an axe.

Last but not least the Bodil and another.

Old fortress sitting smack dab in the middle of the lake bed so jot a bow on the map in that spot.

Whoa guess I should look for a call button before climbing up.

Well was it with a clan and then some found the face in books really yep each one was pointing towards a different fortress those will be the best places to look perfect.

Right you're the military expert lots of sad strategy here he spread out his men hoping to stop us in our tracks not what I would do so what would you do if you were a son besides lose the beard let you do the heavy lifting then swoop in and grab up the tusks once you've done all the hard way practical mitigates a lot of risks lucky you're on my team well I'm gonna surprise the swords not doing the same thing maybe its ex bitch knows more than we think right all the more reason to wrap this up quickly then look there one of our.

Subs trucks looks clear out here interesting circular motif like the disk we're definitely in the right place.

It should do the trick look up there parish Rama's bow matches the symbol in the tower so Horace Sharma Pyrrha sure Anna who was higen okay six.

Avatar of the god Vishnu a fearsome warrior right.

What do you suppose this place was hard to say a fortress not the right layout for a temple.

Nice to be under that shithole finally I was starting to think the boss was all talk I'd watch your mouth sorry soon it won't matter once we have the task that people will follow like.

That's it boy Kenya can't be helped come.

On here come the others you boys really.

Don't we're all clear won't be the last.

Of them we'll keep our eyes open would.

Have preferred a head start over itself not much we can do besides doesn't matter who starts only who finishes.

What is it a shrine don't think so don't see any day as he's hanging about find a way up.

No I see them but they don't see us amazing All Things Considered I'm.

Keeping my Savior just in case go check it out.

Nothing over there we're all clear.

Besides to cure yes it is let's press on just what I was gonna say.

So near yet so far must be a way to open it around here somewhere that's a sure bet let's go on.

Okay up on that tower and Garcia another one of this crank mechanism something.

Kind of mechanism here we got perfect.

Do it sit tight stand stand tight your.

Pardon I'm fine okay guess this isn't.

The way in oh there you are.

Having fun Oh nearly there.

Bayliss impressive Thanks come on. Looky here what are you willing to bet probably it's some kind of key Gold Star for you now let's see what it does what does it mention Tyson our jigsaw puzzle.

Of course I'm making a bow varnasrama.

Know what now I guess we turn this crank and see what happens next I think it's safe you know that treasure hunting is not a good gig for the risk of us right neither is being a mercenary difference is when I pull the pin on good night I know what's going to happen next my way is much more fun did you hear that.

You feel that.

Look at that holy hell.

There's a massive relief carved into the side of that mountain and you were worried that we were going to turn that crank and die I guess it's good I've got an archaeologist daughter with me it must have been fun growing up eh it had its moments I learned to live. Where Salar empire was kind of his thing.

Took up a lot of his time though me if I.

Go digging for treasure I better make a buck or two you know sure I don't take big risks without a good payday I imagine so I like running an army huh that's a big responsibility second nature it's my father's company you retired I took over family business hmm.

Made a real mess of it not you should. Know heard you and those Drake brothers are close.

Yeah well it's conversation for another time so where to next there's the fort above the waterfalls with the Trident and there's the fort in the mountains sporting the axe suppose I should have.

Asked about the drakes before I took the job not much to tell I know Nate pretty well Sam less so he seemed to just appear out of thin air let's find a way to get back.

Down to the car sounds good.

Ah this is open now.

Waterfalls are not check.

Hey just so you know Nathan Drake is no longer in the picture you don't have to worry about I had my concerns why'd you accept my offer I'm not one to look a gift or two more especially with everyone wanted to see me I hear that but on the plus side oh there's a plus on o when people have low expectations it's much easier to take the basic back as far as I'm concerned this business is tough enough on your own you have to take any advantage you care.

You always good for those mostly how old were you when you started young learn quickly enough I needed to let people think they were getting their way and then I could get the upper hand too subtle for me I always preferred the direct approach yeah whatever works okay.

Watch out the rebels might be here already.

Hey look she was acting spotted this on the tower - it was the god of destruction yes there maybe not the way you're thinking not literal destruction that.

But also in a more positive sense like losing the evil bitch in bad habits shitting all detachments exactly once. More.

Here we go okay.

In the verse Salah versus the tiger cell.

R1 actually he was protecting his guru and killed the animal in one blow it's where the name Hoysala comes from boy meaning strike in their language.

Okay come on in what is fine I mean don't drink it.

They have left their climbing gear come.

In handy yeah.

Correction our climbing gear yeah Oh God.

Bit hard on the wrists.

I'm smaller than most men.

You okay but I'm good good let's keep.


Oh my what's that okay let's see what.

This does. That statue moved.

Well I'll be going to hell that's elaborate huh oh shit just removed again.

Oh turns out getting them all up by an axe that's a little hey you want to give it a shot not nearly enough.

What you did last time I think you're right.

That was good.

All right I think that do this come on over.

Oh for goodness sake three statues with.

Two different symbols.

Right got it come on over nice right behind you everything always comes.


Not pass it up.

Let's say halfway there.

Oh fresh air.

Here we go yes this will be a picture of an ex good guess.

Oh this one's a bit trickier nice to see.

You Shiva right miss turn the water on well what's to say it's not different this time what if it's fire or something you're messing with me I'm totally messing with you here we go.

Another waterfall yeah two out of three now boss and I went to an absurd amount of trouble to hide the tusks well the Tusk was the symbol of Hoysala dominance representing their wealth and their might the nice trophy for the Persians yeah my dad always thought that the Tusk was something even greater do what your dad was after the Tusk oh my dad was obsessed with it he. Spent every day and night researching it all our money wasted on fruitless expeditions there that wonderful so what.

Came of it. I don't know well he sent me my mum away he said it was no longer safe and off to Australia we went and now here I stand on the.

Outskirts of Hollywood do.

Pretty funny and the last sports nestled above the falls the one with the trident.

Australia nor exit makes sense no yeah praise is not exactly an Indian surname either it was my mom's let's head back to the car.

Gotta love a shortcut glad we don't have to go back the way we came I would have made you dodge the axes.

One by the Falls left alone.

Makes more sense you just wanted the money like us bill user to rally people to his coal it's like all the other times this has happened before oh yeah the young cream lost to the post everyone's wanted to lay claim to it to this land here I thought we were just pulled up over there the neck fliped walk see that archway looks intact coming with you like stretching my legs rightio what does this place you got me.

Well will you look at that no keys you seem excited I like monkeys.

What have we here let's see is it just me or does that.

Look like of that looks like almond.

Interesting some kind of choice salah token what about the symbols up there.

Symbols there's a slot just the right.

Size for a token let's give it a whirl. One of the spots on the map yeah wonder what happens if we find them all those figures must be the old hoist of our kings 11 all in all look at that.

Bracelet it must have belonged to one of their Queens.

Looks like there's something in the structure there yeah monkeys besides monkey.

Hey no hitchhikers shoot no you're no fun what you shit overseas look safe smell say let's go. All right and we were talking about you were saying something about it's our visit us all right I thought we were just going on a treasure hunt we are let men like a star fight over it's none of our concern fighting wars was my concern for a time good point but you did it for the cash usually what about when you worked for a start definitely a cache trip hardly worth the trouble out why do it then needed to establish my rep they figured I'd stop with the worst of the bunch nowhere to go but up after that.

Beautiful out here this your first visit to India yeah not a lot of perks in this line of work but travel is definitely one of them where have you been where haven't I been whichever question works for you well I haven't been to the States really yeah well the stuff I'm looking for is usually oh one sec.

What pick it back up oh right yeah well the stuff I'm looking for is usually old right the US was only found at a couple of hundred years ago shipped the site's. Compromised.

Check it out it's gonna just ride it man glad I climb that Tower.

Let's just keep this quiet.

What someone took him out we're not alone I won't then phone no.


Such every inch of this place.

That's it besides clear not bad forever there's hope for you yet hmm okay that's.

Not it no this what's the trick here.

What look like a button yeah I just wanted you to have a go at something.

What's this that's a good sound one of.

The spokes on the wheel just turned around huh the locks are retracting when.

I turn the wheels so then there's probably five in total four to go then.

And how about that's too.

Hey here's another I'll get it.

Found you only one left.

Last but not least that should do it.

Okay back to the big wheel thing big wheel thing whatever the archeological tomb for big wheel thing works.

I don't did oh come on.

Looks like we're going under I do.

One Trident coming up what the hell.

That's not fair Ganesh hello sir.

Come on let's get this over and done with yep see I told you it was dangerous.

You hurt just my dignity here we go baby.


And now that's three you know you're.

Pretty good at this whole treasure hunting thing I'm a quick study mm-hmm one question though I reckon that you could pretty much do anything you want why you so keen to get sure that I'm back seriously.

My partner tends my own men against me my lieutenant makes off with a bounty Nathan and Samuel Drake get off scot-free and you ask me why I'll watch your language yeah.

Was on my watch.

I lost it on my watch.

All right what the hell is that thing you keep playing with it's my stress toy.

It showed up in the mail a few weeks after we got to Australia all right better get a move on you don't want us all to get ahead of us. You know I've had my fair share of screw-ups you just pick yourself up and move on I don't like to think no one does not.

Right alright let's find a way out that.

Went back to the car buys dinner I brought MREs no no fan.

Where are you you're sweet. Ross and Fraser might still be here.

Go down over here watch yourself.


What things does.

Need to learn what should I show this means lobst wearing red in a jungle combat City you want to look anywhere else.

Hey easy a swordsman.

Think we've lost them she who fights and drives away lives to fight another day.

Here we go coming.

Magnificent. How long you're supposed to text to call something like this yes decades even I saw last certainly could have a knack for stone work and the war it seems that.

Do they must have made these to commemorate their victories against the Persians looks like they put up a good fight it is pity it didn't last their loss is our.

Gain right that carving looks familiar. That carving is an exact match for the disk so what does that mean I don't know yet but I'm guessing we should give that a. Try.

So we danced try not to break at this top sassy.

That's what I'm talking about don't say I was expecting that you ready yeah just um taking it all in.

Welcome to downtown halebidu last known.

Resting place the task of Ganesh spectacular.

Huh what doesn't it look like there's a dam or something between the two Ganesh statues must have been eroded by the false so how do we get in.

Yeah look at the crown it's not wear and tear you're right maybe it was a watchtower but that's how the patient's got him.

I have heard about this place for so long.

How little makes me looking at it should take a picture send it to your dad great idea what you're one of those cultures who can't work a computer just take the picture show it to him in person then no it's a just a few decades too late to them.

You know come oh god please no that's fine so we head over to hell of a do.


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