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Humble Slaughter | Dungeon Siege Legendary Mod | Diabolish | 2 | MineCafé

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Humble Slaughter | Dungeon Siege Legendary Mod | Diabolish | 2 | MineCafé

MinCafé presents: Dungeon Siege Legendary Mod. Dungeon Siege is an RPG made by Gas Powered Games. You play as an adventuring hero, out to save the world from the evil forces that want to subjugate everyone. The main modes of attack are melee, ranged, nature magic, and combat magic. The Legendary mod combines several DSI maps and the 2 main DSII maps into one game. This includes Diabolish, Kingdom of Ehb, Legends of Aruana, Return to Arhok, Utrean Peninsula, Yesterhaven, DSII's main map, and Broken world. Some aspects of the original game are lost or changed in order for it to work, but it is well built, and organized.

We are starting with Diabolish, the land of Diablo, so I'm told.

This episode is filled with lots of death. (a lot of it is me.) oof WE DONE GOT SLAUGHTERED! ...but we slaughtered in return.

Intro by: IraelianEnergy


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Well howdy everybody this is cough hi welcome back to Dungeon Siege two legendary mod got coffee and dry honest so far nice party starting if I do say so myself since last episode I got a couple things fixed I got rid of the equity background noise that was really annoying also got rid of what was it or no I didn't get rid of I lowered an audio options the sound effects no ambient volume yes there was just too much background noise for it to be all that enjoyable anyway last round or last episode we explored the town so now it's time to go do some fighting in these crypts over here for our entering go ahead and walk around the periphery in see if there's any zombies hiding on the edges oh oh oh was that you yeah I.

Think that was you trained militia think - oh yeah incantation shrines don't have.

Any spells to use there though spells. That's not what they're called oh well yeah instant instant cherry juice.

I roll goodbye.

What does he think he's doing he were.

High in the box ghost yeah okay good for.

You huh yes critical strike level five.

Yeah one more upgrade four brutal attack Criers level the aid of critical strike that's only three levels away get there pretty fast yeah oh yeah Rex nubs I say.

That while they kill my mates character that wasn't too worried about focus and you she's leveling up soon so yeah.

Alright what do you need you need critical shots there we go.

There any hiding among the gravestones. There's one back here but not for long.

No the one bites dust I.

I think he was a little late to the party there ah you too oh my goodness.

Hmm I don't think his digestive tract worked very well anymore I'll probably. Have a headache when he wakes up later as well poor guy life's rough pot. It's my pot three gold from the pot.

There's another pot well it's his urn whatever it's an urn and adore and another urn.

Thanks iron burner and another and the.

Lever which controls the giant pizza board so we can go down to the lower levels of the crypt and dress up in fancy Halloween costumes yes that is what the intro was saying right i scowling we love you Phil gets one goat.

That one oh no they're going after her dang it oh.

I wasn't pay enough attention well I'm a genius.

Well now all our gear that we were.

Wearing his back where we died just got some potions left our inventories so yeah be back shortly oh no here we go again with no equipment.

Because I refuse to use the deaf person because I don't want to spend the money on it Greg get the stuff back oh okay this way.

Oh Oh attack her you jerks shoot I'm so.

Dead come on that's not even fair.

Seriously what a load of baloney come on.

Be back again welcome to the new craft.

To the new craft hi skellies all right.

We got our stuff and almost no potions yeah what the heck why use heal spell oh.

That's dangerous Oh at least they're after her for once. That was a good thing yeah I might need.

To travel back to the town and use or.

Purchase some potions must I can get. Some out of these oh there's a health potion but it's only one Oh two more yay.

You've done good you're nothing in the Webb's well I wonder be something to Webb's oh well let's go this door Oh scary stuff shoot it witness that.

Dude what how did they deal that much oh.

Never mind here we go again huh what do you know it we're on the elevator again how's that happen through.

The hallway around the corner much.

Better let's just get down on the first. There we go yeah you guys suck all right hurry up.

And finish healing him Thank You Joanna I appreciate you but I don't want you constantly doing that okay thanks family gold my gold and my.

Urns and my nettle cluster and it's also.

My sarcophagus oh there's the things I expect to be in the cobweb yes I remember seeing these back when I recorded that footage I had to delete there's scorpions and pushes we got okay.

I'm going to save the game go in this.

Room and if we die I'm just gonna take a break.

Destroy them all no no no no no aah.

You're not gonna kill us all right.

That's more like it there's a hallway mmm small potion rejuvenation potion which. We don't need more urns these ones look. Different they're kind of brown perhaps they're made of clay well I assume the other ones were clay two different kind of clay who knows hello I recluse spider whoa that's bloody and they're very weak another rats I felt I bailed rat die urn again just.

Over here just play some maze I don't want to deal with the maze right now oh I just well that was a waste all right.

How's it going skeleton survivor turn at.

The fun files on the ground or as I imagine.

There we go that's how it's done.

Okey-dokey artichokey yo city skeleton.

Thought he could best me he's here right.

Oh yeah of course that happens as soon as I say a thing easier ah shoot I don't.

Want him to die okay well this time I'll.

Walk a little farther 67 gold at tombstone you know whatever and yeesh.

That's better Oh yo yo oh it's just not.

Oh someone giant rat oh that could be.

Fun does that do six we got for ya take.

It she even wearing anything oh she is it was better than that all right then magic damage resistance in health gyration that's nice mm-hmm.

Well I guess I might as well put that in a spell book no sense in leaving it out in my inventory to take up space weapons.

We do hi how's it going fam it's not i just died I mean I have a massive headache all.

Right there's no level this is good what.

Could be down here all right I see oh.

Wait that was a waste of a power this. Drought is feeling good damage there Bo oh well speaking of Triana level up. Would you.

Yeah yeah that's what I'm talking about.

Well there we go much better yeah I.

Think we'll go this way first probably a side room yep is just a side room that's all it is.

Oh yeah that's right squash them how.

Much gold that we have 293 can't do much fat over bear that's right I was planned taking that path with my main character yeah I want to do two-handed weapons usually I take the shield route so I want to do something a little different in dual wielding just well that doesn't make a whole lot of sense so I'm taking the two-handed weapon route yeah I feel.

Like I missed something over there that's probably a short dead end if I did I'll come back later oh yeah I probably did or maybe I didn't.

I don't know I'm gonna move back a little these guys can you know walk up to me there we go yeah I'm just gonna.

Walk this way and go check out that court all right time check that corridor is going Pham he has a headache and his.

Torsos on the ground y'all wimps in comparison to how you were earlier.

I'm liking your lease though ooh what's this hello bronze gargoyle Oh neat.

Bet there's some fun stuff behind these doors let's see what's behind door number one oh boy yeah let's just do.

This real quick oh okay that's rough.

Yeah oh shoot it's going to rip Triana.

Come on Durant oh shoot there we go and. Coffee doing a nice job there's some. Leather gloves how good are they five four she probably can't wear either one yeah. Requires mailing thought so all right let's go back in here that was.


Yeah well got my stuff back and they didn't chase me for some reason just fine yeah oh we're getting them.

Aashish what's that would I just pick up.

Dena's serenity I remember that set yeah okay cool save since I picked that up let's just.

Run past this guy shall we yeah that's great coming back that works.

Surprisingly well also I'm not so sure.

This is a dead-end pass anymore I'm kind of thinking about our end this session teleporter dungeon seats level one or dungeon level one okay yeah that's probably actually what we're supposed to get to then so we'll just go back the way we came and check out the other end or actually there's a room here well now now I'll check that in a bit we'll go fight the group we saw at the other end first hello there Pam you're wandering a.

Little far from home.

Yeah. Oh boy this is a death trap.

Let me get much farther let me just do that yeah it'll probably help the fight feel better no stop following me around I want to.

Live well thing - oh that's rough lovely.

Just lovely ok here we are again oh jeez.

Don't take that much damage right away that's just cool Oh lovely.

Please follow coffee please oh thank you spirit right there oh no he's following.

Us that's great all right before anything stupid happens.

On portal ah totally certain on how that works but I'll use it maybe inviting you to they'll certainly make things easier.

Yeah no more skeletons leather hell Oh.

Might be better is how does a dexterity.

Bonus and the slight armor bonus cue.

Play I don't laugh at you yes.

Entertaining damn it's chill would you.

Good grief spiders I can't believe I.

Just one shot them coffee is increased.

In strength okay.

Oh there's stuff to bring was that the Alissa's though from then a siege - yeah it is okay six to ten damage does have.

The dexterity most it does that's fire damage magic Feingold fine yeah let's take it ten is the meter radius fast attack.

Speed fast attack speed ten here yeah yeah definitely plus it looks really nice water boxes.

Ugly cobwebs they didn't give me anything that sucks what is this some books that I. Apparently don't have a use for also there's stuff down there now I feel like.

This is the way I'm supposed to be going oh that's dungeon level two okay so I am supposed to go to that teleporter thing another end first all right time to backtrack again and here we are back at.

The other end ready to check that room finally and it's full of skeletons but.

Doesn't have a boss okay works for me.

Oh boy we maybe get this used before you. Die nope oh well I tried well crud.

There we went again well now I know.

Where that thing appears when you summon it way over here which one isn't that far away oh let's click it there we go yay back.

To the crib so we go back to the dungeon we go yep that's exactly where I spawned.

It so our stuff is gonna be way the heck this way I got her stuff back really easily.

There's coffee stuff oh sheesh oh I have.

No health potions dang please don't kill. Me seriously please don't all right.

Let's just put this in there all right.

That's more like it and eluting time and.

Skin that's a reagent right yep plus two armor I already went in there alright I.

Clicked it and I'm dying lovely.

He's killing before you died Rihanna please please thank you.

That was worrisome session teleport.

Dungeon level one alright then.

Glad that's there let's grab some loot.

And then test out where it takes us which I'm pretty sure is gonna be on top of the tower goodbye you know I'm starting to get the. Idea that die abolition have anything to.

Go in these question mark slots even though they're there thinkin maybe it's just get to the end beat loss and I feel.

Like I'm already a third of the way through it even though it's.

Not pen very long see where this takes us no it's already active that's right Direct Connect dungeon level one oh I. Think I get it we can't go through it this way but we can go through it from the town that's probably how it works okay wait a minute did that change color it shows up as red on the map usually they're blue or green no it's not.

Changing color alright whatever also what does this do why is their statue here that I can randomly click.

It's a secret room I see a couple of.

Special ornate chests in there okay let's go hopefully they want to slaughter us hello take over bear this time so I can wield two-handed weapons and deal a staggering blow that's four to eight and.

That's three to five I don't know whether or not it's worth it but I'll go ahead and equip it should be fun oh.

Shoot yeah it does look pretty cool.

Though so that's neat 140.

That number keeps arising all right well let's see if that thing works how I think it does I go to the tower at the back of town here's the tower see what.

Happens when we go up the shield.

Displacer look what does it say Tristram.

Hell cave dungeon level 3 dungeon level.

6 so I can't actually using it as okay. Well I was totally confused I not really sure how to use that one teleporter then oh well we'll just walk back again.

Basically everything has respond like.

All over the place see all those red dots yeah now just go I'm gonna go ahead and save and exit they'll still be there when we load back in or they'll reload through the reload process so it's whatever I'm gonna take a break and do some things see you guys in a bit

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