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Mega Man 11 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 - Bounce Man Stage! (PC)

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Mega Man 11 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 - Bounce Man Stage! (PC)

Mega Man 11 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4! Bounce Man Stage Gameplay


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Thanks for watching my Mega Man 11 Gameplay and Walkthrough! I grew up playing Mega Man games, so I'm excited to be playing the latest in the franchise! You may have seen a trailer or review, but this playthrough will feature my impressions, reactions, and commentary throughout the full game including all bosses and the ending! If you're a fan of Mega Man, then let's play Mega Man 11! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes today!


The newest entry in this iconic series blends classic, challenging 2D platforming action with a fresh look. The stunning new visual style refreshes the series' iconic colorfulness, combining hand-drawn environments with detailed, 3D characters. To save the day, the Blue Bomber must battle Robot Masters and take their powerful weapons for himself, which now changes the hero’s appearance with new levels of detail. The innovative new Double Gear system lets you boost Mega Man's speed and power for a new twist on the satisfying gameplay the series is known for. A variety of difficulty modes makes this the perfect opportunity to experience Mega Man for the first time! Mega Man 11 also features a variety of extra modes including time trials, missions, global leaderboards, a gallery of concept art, and more!


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Name: Mega Man 11

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Platforms: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows PC

Release Date: October 2, 2018



#MegaMan11 #MegaMan #ZackScottGames #Capcom

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What does a guy Zack Scott here playing Mega Man II Levin and turns out the bounce man is week two impacts man's Piledriver I think I said that right so we're gonna choose bounce man the bounce man stage to go into hopefully we'll have some fun oh my gosh is big of course all of these guys have some like big form it's a really cool you know feature for these games here so I solve one life left let's see what we could do.

Thank God I'm oh whoa I don't seem to be.

Able to use that to like jump like I was hoping that like I could jump like it would boost me but it doesn't boost me it just makes it hard to do oh so if you if you jump on it then it becomes an issue okay and then if not though it's fine I can't bounce off of it believe it or not for being bouncy here what about these though now these you can bounce up so you also bounce up the side okay.

There's no way I can get that not in time yeah wait what do I do.

Oh okay I see now I see what I have to.

Do okay okay I understand that's such a. Cool thing okay.

Wow okay super cool feature yes you got.

Balloons awesome and then man we're.

Gonna watch out oh I thought it was a spike for a second I was like I gotta watch out for spikes what's that slap thing all about.

Okay. Jeez oh geez there you go three two one.

Bazooka slap me it is okay these are all interesting features all right good I'm.

Glad I'm here to kill them thankfully all right no Ivan really use any special.

Abilities yet.

There's a pink slap.

Here we go bring it.

Slap me oh there's a life well how do I get that I could use that.

I'm not quite sure let me go ahead and just destroy this guy right now I have free reign in this town here oh wait.

All right here we go.

Okay I really don't know how to get over there I don't know if I like the feed like oh you know how you know what this move no means I felt like that was close.

Okay let's go regular style sorry to.

Save me forever all right okay just by.

Nature be a longer episode all right so.

I'm gonna be this got it got it.

All right that's pretty cool got an extra life I too need them hi this is actually yeah.

This thing's might take me a long time just to navigate some of this stuff all right here we go slap me silly thank you. All right geez.

We're fine we don't need to fight.

Man it's actually making.

There we go.

Ow what the heck.

Sheriff pick this up.

I'm actually doing pretty darn good here oh no probably a respawn nope.

All right where we going where we going okay here we go.

Oh wow he's up there now okay.

What do I do what I do slap oh no is.

This what is this what is this what the heck okay okay where's this weak spot eyes.

No no no more no more blowing up the Frog okay great I was actually really. Useful okay that was fun this is a really really really really really fun stage. Uh really really no okay okay.

Alright here's that here's the here's the thing what the heck go away what the heck okay nope I'm so dead okay.

Nope okay I'm taking my time with this.

One this one.

No no dang it now I think it's a bounce oh hey this is the continuation point very close this is a right wow this is actually the Check Point awesome come on now this is hard.



Please work oh no it's any backwards what's Happ jeez I didn't think about it.

Okay I thought I was gonna slap me forward obviously No. Okay we're safe for now what the heck no okay okay we're fine.

Drop it in on them like that excellent push them back the stage man this stage is really awesome but oh my god okay so yeah.

No there we go yeah you know what.

Please go away.

Okay I need some more help please.

Dang I don't know about these balloons.

I didn't know I need that either.

I make it no okay don't worry well good let's go all the way back up here this is probably the most probably the most what's the word I'm looking for.

Probably the most mentally stimulating stage like I'm always trying to figure out what I needed to do here like which.

Way I need to jump and I'm not like really taking my time for this one this is awesome.

All right that's taken care of now let's just go please no okay sorry I'm really taking my time.

On this one no okay okay.

Thankfully there's no time limit in Megaman and I'm not a speed runner so. There we go goodness gracious how long is this stage this is like the longest one yet oh great here's another no oh my god. No no what's that thank you thank you.

Rush spoil what's gonna be behind here this guy again.

Great really am i doing whoa. Holy gosh okay could definitely use some.

There it is health that's gonna slap me backwards. What do I do.

All right do it here we go oh that's semi forward okay nevermind slap me the. Other way please what oh man was died alright let me try.

Again let me sit on the very edge there.

We go.

Gosh scared me dude.



The shooting stars in the background are throwing me off a little bit why would I.

Want to slide under I don't know what's.

Over there but there is something over there oh wow oh no no no no no okay.

Well we're fine we're fine so I got a I got one of those weapon think Oh God okay I got one of the weapon things which is awesome because I can actually use that during a boss fight.

All right come on now come on now.

No no okay.

Okay there we go super awesome good lord.

This is a pretty intense stage.

So we have to do some jumping there.


Oh wow is this you never know what it is. Until you pick it up I guess so we have to jump the way down.

There it is all right.

I mean what am I doing here I guess.

Okay so we're gonna jump all the way down and then line ourselves god I. Missed okay fine. Okay we've done to line ourselves up.


I had two screws all right here we go.

Nice I mean as much as I need that I don't know oh here we go we're gonna fight though right.

All right we got some health can I keep respawning this guy to fill up all the way let's see so I know that we have this I don't really want to risk that though I know I could rush over there.

The earpiece I'm seriously just wondering like how long this will take to fill up my health so I can fight this boss that's like literally all this is.

No help there okay let's see maybe I can.

See okay you know I wish if I'm gonna do this I want a sure thing I don't think it's trip thing is gonna be okay I don't know maybe I just have to take my e-tank that I got right I hate stalling how many.

Lines do I have so I have two energy tanks one life maybe this I could pull this off regardless you know so I'm gonna probably have to use energy tangling real soon I'm gonna be this guy impact man this has been one of the longer stages oh my gosh bounce man no so what do I do okay he's gonna try to punch me all right hey buddy missed that work pretty.

Darn well.

I pounce man ow.

Actually I'm gonna go into I'm gonna just take it this actually worked pretty well ow I hit him in that forum that's actually really useful Oh God easy got him.

Can't you and alright and yeah I mean.

For those of you anyone curious what you witness was my absolute first try through that stage so that was just like as me taking my time and learning the mechanics alright.

Pretty cool it looks cool this is actually a longer stage because I felt like that the the bouncy took a lot more precision than anything before oh that's cool now that's good you know why don't you have to try it let's try it that's really cool I like that a lot Wow.

All right I love the super moves that Megaman has this time all super cool very awesome let's go ahead and continue onwards in oh here we go little story. Doctor is something wrong the double gear system it was so very long ago it.

Was on that day Wiley and I had a falling out he quite literally threw a wrench in our gears we were students then each pursuing robotics research in our own way each of us who is passionate about forging the way ahead to a future where humans and robots might live together in harmony by giving robots.

Independent thought they could be true partners to humankind at last naive is.

Always even robots that think for themselves will never be anything more than tools but with unstoppable power insurmountable speed it's only when we build robots with the power to outdo humans that people will truly accept robots for what they are it's okay and with my double gear system we can make that dream a reality with this installed any robot can instantly become a hero. All right I mean it sounds awesome however and I would strongly opposed Wiley's ideas and research as auto-enroll over there the double gear system it puts an incredible strain on the robots that use it I'm fine and if it fell into the wrong hands it could be used to cause terrible harm at the time a committee was convened Wiley's research was cancelled in favor of my independent thought research Wylie never forgave me and his views have grown ever more extreme since then how ironic that. My efforts to quench Wiley's hotheadedness before it led him astray only ended up fueling the fire.

Doctor I never knew if only I'd shown him there was a way to work together instead of just telling him that he was wrong maybe we'd still be friends maybe but you never know till work together even the double gear.

System can be a tool for good if used properly that's fine me I remember seeing it properly requires proper judgment Wiley's dream of developing technology to make any robot into a hero could become reality if used by you I'm trusting you Megaman I'm always the hero oh I almost forgot something very important I've just finished giving rush a good tune-up he's all ready to head out with you nice is he a jet what is heat rush. Help make a man and keep him safe be a good boy now roof we've got this rush I.

Already been using him what can he do now let's go I don't even know all right.

Oh yeah I do get the rest yet I don't need an explanation now I know I know what rust jet it's all about so let's go see the lab the reactor is running unusually well today okay well so let's.

Slip on icy surfaces I don't know speed gear boosts no I never want this one I love the slow motion i powered mega but I don't know there's some more parts over here increase the maximum number of Eddie calls and beats you can hold a number of energy tanks special bonus when you complete the stage in a short time I'm probably not gonna do the speedrunning type of things in this game so I don't know let me know if you want me to spend my items my you know my my screws what are they're called on any of these items here let me. Know in the comments below this has been a bit longer episode than normal but that was a very fun stage thanks for watching goodbye I'm Zack Scott subscribe if you have not if you liked this video and want to help this channel grow all you got to do is click the like button below thank you so much for watching check out these other awesome videos follow me on Twitter and Instagram join my discord and if you want cool shirts like this visit Zack Scott dot shop

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