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Saints Row 2: Remastered - Cinematic Movie As Female Boss (4K)

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Saints Row 2: Remastered - Cinematic Movie As Female Boss (4K)

Celebrating Volition's Saints Row 2 for it's 10th Year Anniversary (2008-2018) Saints Row 2- Remastered on PC (Release, October, 14, 2008) This is a Movie Style edited video of Saints Row 2, character female boss with height mod enabled. This includes edited Intro + Activity / Mission Cutscenes, DLC from Xbox 360 and Remastered Audio along with upgraded textures and reshades from Masamaru & FusionH2o in 4K ULTRA HD!

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Gentlemen of the Row

Gentlemen of Steelport

Sandbox+ for SRTT




Following the events of Saints Row, the Third Street Saints street gang dissolved and three gangs took its place: the Brotherhood, a heavy metal gang that specializes in arms trafficking and demolition derbies, the Sons of Samedi, a Haitian voodoo gang that controls drug trafficking, and The Ronin, a Japanese biker gang that controls casinos and night clubs. Following the disbanding of the Saints, Johnny Gat, the Saints' trustful enforcer, was arrested and awaits trial for mass murder. Aisha, his girlfriend, has faked her death for her own protection but continues to sell records. An earthquake leveled much of Stilwater, and as a result, a corporation named Ultor began renovating the city and became very powerful in the process, taking over the Saints' old slum territory and turning it into Stilwater's big financial district. Dexter "Dex" Jackson has reformed and is now Ultor's head of security, while Troy Bradshaw is the city's chief of police.

Contrary to the belief of many, the player is actually alive, and has been in a coma at the infirmary of Stilwater's high security prison for five years. Having sustained major injury following the explosion, he/she is given extensive plastic surgery and finally wakes up. Another inmate, Carlos Mendoza, gets himself stabbed in order to see the player, and pitches a plan of escape. After shooting their way through the prison, Carlos and the player successfully escape in a boat. Upon arriving in mainland Stilwater, the player frees Johnny Gat from his trial, sets up a new headquarters for the resurrected Saints, and recruits Carlos and two other new lieutenants, Pierce and Shaundi. They plan to reclaim the city and restore the gang to its former glory.

The leader of the Brotherhood, Maero, initially wishes to make a truce with the Saints, and meets with Carlos and the player (now known as the Boss) at the Brotherhood's headquarters. Maero, knowing the Saints are weak, offers a ludicrous deal; upon reclamation of the city, the Brotherhood will control 80% while the Saints control just 20%. The Boss, offended by the offer, boldly refuses and starts a gang war. They first kidnap Donnie, Westside Rollerz member turned Brotherhood mechanic, and force him to blow up several of the Brotherhood's trucks. The Boss also laces Maero's tattoo ink with nuclear waste, disfiguring him. In retaliation, Carlos is kidnapped, tied to the back of a truck and brutally dragged through the city at high speed. By the time the Boss comes to his aid, his injuries are so severe that the Boss is forced to kill him out of mercy. Seeking vengeance, the Boss kidnaps Maero's girlfriend and puts her in the trunk of her car at a monster truck derby, and is crushed by an unknowing Maero. Following a police crackdown, much of the Brotherhood is arrested. Maero threatens Dane Vogel, the Ultor CEO, to release his imprisoned allies, only for the Boss to kill them before they reach Stilwater's streets. Vogel then attempts to seize the Brotherhood's shipment of weapons, only for the Saints to snatch it from both of them. Now heavily armed, the Saints launch an assault on Brotherhood's dockside headquarters, but Maero gets away. Some time later, Maero attempts to ambush The Boss with the remaining members of the Brotherhood. The Boss kills them all, and finishes a critically injured Maero off with a shot to the head.

As the Saints take over Stilwater, Vogel plots to wipe them out so Ultor can renovate the rundown district of Shivington. Once the Saints are the only gang left in Stilwater, Ultor's private security force attempts to take them out, but the operation fails. Under pressure from Ultor's board of directors as the company is targeted by the Saints, Vogel leaks their location to the Boss, who proceeds to kill them. Vogel subsequently takes over as chairman of the board, giving him unlimited power in the corporation. At the press conference where he announces his takeover, Vogel is targeted by the Saints in an assassination attempt. He escapes to Ultor's headquarters, only for the Boss to track him down and personally kill him, leaving no one to challenge the Saints' control of Stilwater.

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