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STALKER: Call of Pripyat - Spill the Beans! | STALKER: Call of Pripyat Gameplay part 1

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STALKER: Call of Pripyat - Spill the Beans! | STALKER: Call of Pripyat Gameplay part 1

Let's play STALKER: Call of Pripyat! After finishing STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, this was the next logical one to play! I'm going in blind and basically vanilla, but will add mods if needed for stability.

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Ladies and gentlemen stalker Call of Pripyat having just finished stalker shadow of Chernobyl a bit ago I thought this is the next logical game to play maybe I do clear sky after this maybe not I'm not really sure few things before we get into this though this is on modded because the popular mods that are out there for those change the gameplay way too much and completely fuck it and I don't want that but the game on itself has a really buggy shitty crappie engine which is really impressive but insanely unstable so it could be that the extra engine crashes constantly includes me out the desktop and if that keeps up I'll try plenty go around at the video settings which I have set down a little bit so it's not too too overloaded and if if we keep.

Getting crashes then I will play around with that and maybe I do end up using a mod that perhaps fixes some of the issues I'm not really sure the only mod I do have on as one that adds a gamedata folder to remove the head Bob because it's absurdly annoying and there's no way to remove it otherwise and besides that I'm going.

Into this basically blind because those x-ray engine crashes that I mentioned they they always stopped me from getting very far in the game at all so I do know a little bit I know about blowouts I know about your armor has slots for the artifacts and and I know that I know the basics but that's that's about it so without further ado let's get into it I'll go on what did do last time master.

Let's go veteran see all that goes wheres kiss I change it if it's too easy.

At zero 123 on April 26 1986 the reactor.

Of power block fall of chernobyl npp is destroyed following a series of thermal explosions the resulting radioactive cloud moves across the European part of the USSR Eastern Europe and Scandinavia eventually reaching America these subtitles are totally our sources of the disaster are so serious that the government is forced to begin evacuating the residents of nearby towns and villages a 30 kilometer exclusion zone is created to stop residents from returning to the contaminated area despite the disaster the chernobyl npp continues to operate the existence of a power station as well as the fact that the area is no longer inhabited leads the council of ministers of the USSR to set up a network of secret laboratories in the exclusion zone June 11 2006 11.

Their tents the dark zone lights up with a flash of blinding lights as clouds can be seen evaporating in the sky after a moment of complete silence the peal of Thunder shakes the ground most of the government forces guarding the perimeter are killed instantly 2008.

Scientists are still unable to explain what happened rare expeditions into the zone usually end in tragedy the survivors telling stories of mutated animals with incredible abilities were the end according to various estimates by 2010 the zone is home to between one and three hundred unknown individuals they call themselves stalkers and make their living by collecting anomalous formations known as artifacts which they sell for considerable sums of money 2011. Despite military court dues the stalker phenomenon is growing in numbers however stalkers traveled primarily around the zones edges with the central remaining terra incognita the few attempts to penetrate deeper into the zone have all ended in failure 2012 a stalker called.

Strelok solves the secret of the brain scorcher a man-made emitter that had blocked the way to the center of the zone for years after the brains culture is disabled all stalkers rush for the center of the zone some in hopes of finding a treasure trove of artifacts others in such of a wish granted the government decides to launch a large-scale military operation operation fairway as it came to be known involves using maps of anomaly fields to maneuver helicopters to the CNPP despite meticulous preparation the operation is a failure and none of the helicopters returned from a mission major dick Tyler's a USS special agent is sent into the zone to investigate the disappearance of the helicopters disguised as a star equipped with the regular assault rifle two weeks worth of supplies and the radio to communicate with HQ the major begins his journey towards the center oh right into it okay so that's us and.

This is our a K with a decent amount of ammo it has one shot or auto fire modes we also have the knife oh yeah. The handgun sure couple grenades the.

Binoculars and the bolt binoculars yeah.

Same as before pretty much okay and flashlight is uh L you know which this. Is the bigger fatter flashlight yeah what I use you what I was using in Chernobyl because I was using this on reclamation project was I was using their flashlight which penetrates further but is overall a bit dimmer so it might take a little bit two keys to this flashlight but we'll see how am I going actually do we no not really.

Over there's the boiler anomaly the burnt farmstead skadovsk dredge station.

Shevchenko oh that place a sawmill swamp.

The Krug antenna complex hey and these.

Are these Dhingra crash lights that are around we have to investigate those for the main mission and I can filter and all that kind of stuff - nice nice nice I think maybe I leave areas on that seems kind of helpful stats sure.

Hello Bradley howdy-ho.

Howdy-ho Slovak loser Wow hi yeah hi he's like yeah I know it's a dumb name what do you want mercenaries camp I'll upload the coordinates to your PDA skadovsk is guilty major camp around here okay.

Goofed totally different screen uh I think that's our stuff yeah this is me that's him okay okay I don't really want anything what do you what are you up to just taking it easy oh okay can you lead me somewhere for a fee how nice just cut offs 350 never.

Mind get the fuck out what do I even have for money to 1,500 yeah so we have.

The gas mask standard deal the Sun Rise. Bodysuit which is basically garbage but it's very customizable there is modding in the game like whopping money an armored modding and stuff like that so you can upgrade stuff and make it a bit better although it requires a little bit of a question to unlock the modding and you have to do certain things to unlock certain tiers but we'll handle that later on and our echo detector which is just the thing that beats constantly when we're near an anomaly a loser mr. loser and these are our artifact slots which we only have two out of five and our general average protection down here whether or not we're poisoned radiated okay that that's all fine we. Are heading it was this way to skadovsk right yeah.

Yeah okay this PDA is significantly better than the last one oh my got the map drove me insane last time there's a bit of micro starter that occurs if you didn't notice it then I apologize you will notice it now a bunch of dogs and I.

Need to change my key bindings okay so see is control it is not toggle control I'd like to make it toggle control and then I see and control for super crouch or I shift to sprint which that's toggle.

That's probably okay is there a toggle for Crouch there is no toggle for Crouch. Oh okay okay so little do-right you have the.

Stutter it's it's a thing there's not a whole lot I can I can do about it it just it is what it is if it gets too bad then I can play around with the engine settings we're currently using just the default I believe dx9 with the full environment lighting I can still switch to the x10 and also dx11 so we've got some options and if anybody knows any suggestions or has already maybe done a bit of trial and error to see what I can do for the stutter help but that would be greatly appreciated but for reference I'm using a solid-state drive with plenty of resources I think that's just like.

Swampy ambient noise I'm not sure and it's already looking like it's getting dark what time do we have 10 in the morning and we got a hell of a storm coming through then jeez.

Little clips happening 10 12 14 people you must be getting near town hello town.

Those dogs out there reach a safe spot.

Arrival let's could ask okay oh and. Speaking of a 5-4 quick save f9 for a quick load yeah yeah it is Hardy they got that right this time yeah we're good all's.

Fine okay not those where they're abanda.

Remember I'm Sultan everything that goes down here is either under my control or will be soon if you want to live the good life you got a trick for me if you don't you live the shitty life that's how we roll bro I keep you in mind I'm.

What do you need you see I hit some loot and old Poros at scar but then an earthquake hit and the fell Carter ground dammit I hate when that happens I checked it out and the car seems to be within reach only this means there you know Snorks really damn believe it or not I ain't scared of controllers but those damn Starks are just too creepy and disgusting from me if you get ahold of the container with the security lock we'll split the loot fair and square. Sure but snarks like right off the bat fucking hell I'm just singing cuz this.

Thing's garbage right actually it's not that bad okay granted we are using just the standard ammo for it Sebastian yup.

You two enjoy the bread hello hello I have no idea beard uni here that's alright you'll settle then soon enough you know the zone is the tough teacher I am beard the local bartender got any questions you come to me ya year do you jave work too cuz other dudes have banded I don't know about him got a little something last night stalker saw some kind of weird glow at the dredge station too weird even for these parts why don't you check it out okay make sure to watch yourself there I'm warning you that place is full of radiation don't forget your meds you'll thank me later do I have meds so some I have a. Anti-radiation drug and a sausage and some food and food uh uh-huh.

Okay and you don't really sell em or anything so sure what's hard to you what.

Do you get all humour yup what kind of job the money-making kind now think well I'm asking you you're the new guy with no connections to speak of but if you play your cards right you could quickly gain the locals respect want to know what I'm thinking I'm thinking you're thinking you're gonna use my lack of reputation to do some shady work because nobody would suspect me all right then listen up we got a mind to shake down a few of beard stalkers hurts right over there it's a real cinch late at night you and your guys come up to Shevchenko and before these tourists figure out what's going down you take them for a ride I like driving we get the dough you get the props catch my drift all righty then see an uncle standing over there he'll give you all the details I think not hey beard beard oh nice.

I didn't know you could do someone's planning to stick up a group of stalkers our own guys - oh man we got Bennett's multiplying like rabbits and now we're fighting amongst ourselves I got an offer to attack the camp near Shevchenko at night assholes it actually be nice if you took up their offer see what I'm getting at that way I can tip my boys off so they prepare a warm welcome for our guests okay.

Go see those douche bags and tell the but I'll tell the boys all right all right cool one second though let me do this over here whatever this does besides dark lights.

Pretty badass honestly this is very very nice.

Yeah I can't even pull out my knife here personal box okay I'll throw in her.

Bread and sausage nice.

And I can sleep here aha aha I'll be are.

You Cardin yeah I think you're the mod guy right or are you the mod guy all so.

Did you find anything out about me I've asked everywhere but it's useless nobody knows the thing it's like is a poltergeist or something that son of a bitch is going to regret running away.

Hang in there buddy the doc said you'll be up on your feet in a couple of days you might as well use this time to rest up and chill Hey stalker come here I got a question for you is it about magpie I don't know magpie dude do you seen this magpie guy know him no well if you come across that scumbag feel free to put a bullet inside where he can tell me where he can be found I don't make it worth your while ahh what happened ok he comes up to you.

Once and he says he can't get his loot out cuz of a controller my crew is the one man short your crew my crew was one man short right then our Pathfinder denilla went off to track bloodsuckers to their leashes you guys are John's mysterious stuff so we decided to help magpie get his loot and took him hunting with us all he had to do was keep a lookout for the chimera near the lair. What happened next was the bastard run away taking his loot in pocketing ours - it was a hell of a surprise when the chimera finally showed up our mother for one had no time to wreck I mean who would instead of hunting our game I ended up defending my crew in the end I wouldn't at that chimera but it managed to rip crap a good one and made off lost a full week of preparation damn I'll let you know.

Stocks outside suffering from radiation.

Sickness is it cool to take this stuff I.

Well if you're doing badly that must be debtors okay what's this venca uranium.

Via console on an artificial equivalent of vitamin K the main purpose of this drug is to increase blood coagulation speed in great demand among stalkers who want slow healing wounds and lacerations inflicted by means to close up faster the effects of the drug are long-lasting +30 wound healing lasts for 20 seconds all right oh my god those dogs out there they're nuts so I can see for medical stuff it's attached okay are you not it.

Gets information maybe you want to sell information yeah you're the you're the dude with the stuff detector bear what's mine just I could detect your what's this sixteen hundred are you this lost generation anomalous activity detector detector can be used to locate anomalous for missions and has the color diode panel which is which not only indicates the direction of artifacts but also measures the distance to them it just which the artifact search mode opened the devices front cover unfortunately the device is programmed with a somewhat outdated list of detectable artifacts and there's a lot there trench coat if I'm gonna look like a band-aid a gas mask if I need another one I'll steel helmet selling various.

Ammos and a couple guns okay uh do you also have a job need. Information from a merc camp notice how does that sounds tell me about it some kind of mercenaries appeared at the processing station and I'm dying to know what they're cooking steak into their camp and dig up whatever information you can about their plans PDAs paper documents maybe whatever you find you got me go it's nothing but kid stuff if you keep it quiet well tonight they're making some Robin and tomorrow that we're thinking about putting together a pizza and I'm not that kind of cooking okay anything else nothing else okay so he's the general mo and weapons guy the dude down below also has jaws but he gives food and stuff and I'm pretty sure you're the guy I talked to for weapon mods a wise choice my friend got to keep her gun in mint condition and if you got a bottle or two on you I can make it upgraded galore in here want to parachutes tone to your shotgun I can do that except he can't I'm pretty sure maybe he can I'm not I don't know so he.

Can repair this little cost uh 717 which.

Is actually quite a lot and for the rifle 536 not quite as much and he can. Do some upgrades.

But he needs not only vodka but also some special tools for the fine work and this is for calibration and this is basic work so this is like the three tiers of stuff that you unlock and I think some guys are only okay at doing certain things like this is just a basic 8 K so it's not a big problem but if I were to get just hypothetically speaking some sort of crazy laser Gatling gun saying I would need somebody else to do it because this guy wouldn't be able to handle it at all I think I'm not sure an additional returns spring the installation of an additional spring with a reverse coil to reduce recoil without sacrificing flatness minus 10% recoil or replace standard magazine with a bigger one for +10 back sighs I don't know.

Install the return spring - ten percent recoil sure and then it turns into.

Improved fire rate okay I'm not sure if that was really wise or not probably not polymer pistol frame to reduce its weight a bit cost two hundred ten percent accuracy soft release or increased mag capacity let's go for the soft release make it a little more accurate our armor can also have upgrades plus ten percent armor with polycarbonate plates or an installation of an oxygen tank for plus ten percent chemical and radiation protection and our helmet also some stuff but nothing he can currently do our detective he came out there do you get any work oh.

Sure I did a few tools but I have no time to go look for them hardware's like that takes up all your time if you bring me a few useful gadgets I'll show you what upgrading is all about you can also make a buck or two keep an eye out brand Carden tools nice and the dude did the radio PDA thing about the emissions and that's just something that happens periodically I don't know if I can actually get a view of it you know like what happened.

At the end of Chernobyl though where the timer started and I had to finish up and get inside quick basically that happens outside and think of literates everybody maybe turn some into zombies listen find cover it's.

Absurdly bright this thing Jesus.

Can I have that howdy-ho.

It can't really get a good view there's some rays you can get a really nice view of it while still being safe.

I don't think there's a spot I can get to here though but this is what M this.

Is what causes I think the artifacts to sort of switch places or at least respawn in a different spot everything gets staticky the sky goes wacky colors Thunder goes apeshit and you take immense damage out there basically dying it's and you can see up there on the radar at the top some people hauling ass trying to get to some cover they may or may not make it it's hard knowing.

There's nobody shooting a magnum I think they're still fighting dogs out there or something.

You can see I'm losing health here it's not exactly safe and massive amounts of.

Health being lost now but that's why I. Save stuff it's just super fucking red.

Out there some of the divers that's a.

Thing that's something that's just kind of sort of always happening that I have to watch out for so if we haven't had an ambition here in a while it's probably best to just sleep for a bit when you wake up it'll let you know that inhibition happened overnight so you know that ok the inhibition just happened we're probably okay I think there might be at that time like it happens every three days or something but I don't really know it better really care to know it because I like the I like the mystique and danger of it all. Ah canal that's we're just hanging out.

Joking and laughing okay so let's do.

What we can here oh it's you bro so did you insult what did you insult and agree on says you're planning to fleece the stalkers counting me in get your ass over to Shevchenko after midnight will be wedding for you I.

Better stay with you the promise to ground taking to the bar chain to problem okay why do I have a grenade out.

Suddenly pockets dark we love that.

Because I uprooted and I think so it's like the mo out great this as well we'll. Have a tourist delight alright so let's.

See one two three four of them tiny so bad knuckles lots bought the strain will give it to them good stay cool it's gonna be alright let's rock.

Am i doing it oh my god that music.

Very fast fire rate on this nice you.

Guys cleaned up good job okey guys were.

Ready camp it up here with the shotguns got the bastards thanks for your help what's that supposed to mean I don't like the way you said that oh that's me right okay I'll say he's got a lot of stuff although he does have a lot of stuff I'll take all of it cool and it'll take all that cool.

Please stop shoving me stop it okay.

That's just there for appearance I guess but me still loot okay you guys already.

Looted him huh bastards okay I'm the.

Dude a grenaded down here I guess that.

Was Tim there okay so they already looted most of it I got some though

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